16 year old Omar realizes how hot the female members of his immediate family are. Chapter 1 of 4.
Omar. I've always wondered why my parents would give me such a name. I mean I'm not arabic or muslim at all, but my parents always told me it meant some sort of divinity or something beautiful in arabic. That being said, people would always ask me if i'm of arabic descendance, even though i'm an all american guy - well, sort of. 'All american guy' can be interpreted in many different ways. For instance, one may think i'm the head of the football team and all girls wish to date me, or I could just be an average student with a couple of friends who's just doing his thing. I was neither. I've never really fit into any social class, and I don't really know why. I hate friends - or people I talked to - in most social classes, but throughout high school I never really fit into just one social class, unlike my older and younger sister, Pearl and Angela. We lived in one of the many suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Evanston. I never really went into the big city that much, I was more of a calm and reserved individual. The population of around 70 000 people seemed enough for me, but if I ever needed anything rare or something that's not so easy to get, I could always catch a ride to the actual Chicago. I lived just near downtown Evanston, close to the "big" (which, of course, look tiny compared to Chicago's skyscrapers), with my family. The Stewarts had been settled here for quite a few generations, and our family had a bit more than a few contacts across town, my dad working for the town hall. I guess you could call us a pretty typical family, save for the fact that my dad wasn't around too much (not that he was never around as if all that mattered was his career, but he had many friends and didn't really spend that much time with his wife). Very typical american house painted white in which 5 people resided in: (in age) My dad, Robert, whom I just mentionned, who was working at the town hall; my mother, Natalie, 43, who was working as a secretary in some sort of business enterprise; my older sister, Pearl, who was 17 at the time, and who spend all her time locked up in her room; me, Omar, a pretty normal 16-year-old who wasn't very extroverted, and finally, my 11-year-old sister Angela, who was a pretty precocious little girl mentally who always wanted to know more and more about everything, whom my mother aptly nicknamed "my little curious angel".

We were a pretty silent and routinely family. Natalie (whom I called "Mother" for most of my life) always got home at 4:30 and cooked dinner, while the rest of us, who were home from school at around 3:15 (even though my little sister, Angela, went to grade school and came home a little after me and Pearl), doing our homework in our bedrooms or watching TV. Now, I'd be lying if I said there weren't any tension going on at that particular time between my little and big sister. Pearl was a very successful girl in school, winning a good portion of prizes and what-have-yous throughout her high school years. She was very silent and reserved, like me, but even worse. She would rarely chat with us during dinner, and she basically acted like a grown-up. Angela, on the other hand, was always excited and was always trying to get Pearl's attention one way or another, given the fact that the rest of the family was pretty cold. Pearl, however, rarely gave in, which resulted in Angela being often jealous of her older sister. See, Angela was pretty much the opposite of Pearl. She had a lot of friends in school, had average grades, but wasn't being treated the same way as Pearl. As an 11 year old, she had problems understanding that. She could not grasp the fact that with age comes responsiblity. In a way, Pearl was her model, even though the two were completely different in terms of personnality. Angela would always ask questions about this-and-that, how this was made, why this exists, etc. Angela, on the other hand, always kept everything to herself, and she even barely talked about the prizes she won. This ongoing tension became more and more prominent night after night during dinner, in which, by the way, we were 4 most of the time (our dad was gone most of the time). As for me, I never really talked to Pearl. I mean we didn't hate each other, but we never really talked to each other, in fact she was almost a stranger to me. It felt sort of weird. Angela, however, I got along with fine. When we would both be done our homework, we'd just sit down and talk about everything and nothing. She asked a lot of questions.

Things actually started changing around the Stewart household around May when I was 16 years old. Angela was showing more and more signs of sexual maturity, but it still remained pretty taboo. Sex, in our household, was not the sort of taboo that was 'in the books', but it's just never really been an issue. Natalie explained to Angela in a mature manner what 'growing up' meant for girls and how for some girls it happened before others. Angela was one of these girls who started pretty early, but she handled it very well. In a couple of days, it was all in the past and things were going smoothly again. I, for one, started to notice a change in her behaviour towards me. She was borderline trying to flirt with me, but it was obvious she knew what growing up meant, and it was no question she would start getting into sexual things with boys pretty soon. It all started on a Monday morning.

"Mom!..." says Angela with a tired voice.

"What is it, sweetheart?" replies Natalie. "What's wrong?"

"I can't go to school today. I'm really feeling sick."

I thought that was a bit odd. She didn't look sick, but she sure acted like it.

"Ok, then, I'll call school and tell them you won't show up today. You can take care of yourself, now? It's nothing too serious, is it?"

"Of course not. I just need a little day. Thanks mom!"

Sick or not, I knew she'd be getting away with it. Angela was a good girl that rarely missed school, and her grades were in the average. Whatever that meant, I started getting ready for school and packing my bag. Just as I was going out the door, I remembered I didn't have any school this morning. Well, not really, sort of. My two morning classes, Law and English, had 2 supply teachers, and our teachers had told us we needn't come to school on monday morning, because they would both be out for some school activity and that the supply teachers would not hand out any work. I turned around, and as I was always the last one to leave the house (I took the yellow bus, Pearl always wanted to take the car with Natalie for some reason), Angela was standing right there.

"Did you forget something?"

"No...I'm not going to school this morning. I just remembered I have 2 supply teachers this morning, and they won't be handing out anything important"

As soon as I said that, her face illuminated. She looked very happy, for some reason. I guessed that was just something I'd never notice before - how much she appreciated my presence. I just ignored it and went into my room. Besides, it was little Angela, she was always happy for a reason. So, about 45 minutes lately, at around 8:30, she asked me to come in her bedroom.

"Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure.'re not sick. What was that all about?"

"Ok, let me explain it to you. But first and foremost, I want you to know that this conversation is going to stay between us both. Promise?"

I started to panic a little bit, but I promised. After, it couldn't be that bad.

"Ok. As you know, I've started getting my period. I'll get right to the point. I'm a really curious girl, Omar, and you know that. I've been really thinking about having sex lately. I'm no kidding."

My mind was thinking about 100 things at once. What was her point?

"Well, what do you want me to do about it? It's not like I can just get you a guy to have sex with, Angela" I said, nervous.

"Hey, that's not what I meant."

"Well then, what did you -"

She put her hand on my leg and slowly started moving up my crotch. I understood all of it instantaneously. This is why she started acting different around me in the last couple of weeks. She was a horny beast, and she knew that I was. The only difference between me and her is that I never expressed myself sexually. I could have this huge erection during dinner but I wouldn't do anything about it. Last week, when we were talking, she saw that I had a boner. I mean I wasn't thinking about her, but sometimes you just get a boner like that, by thinking of other girls. I guess she thought I was thinking of her. Not that my little Angela wasn't sexy...

"Whoa, whoa whoa...what the hell? Don't do that. Are you out of your mind?"

"Come on, Omar. Think about it. We're completely home alone. Dad is gone to New York, mom and Pearl are gone for sure. What do you say?" She sounded as if she was giving me a simple proposition, as if she had just proposed to me ordering pizza for lunch.

"What, what, what? Do you even know about sex? This is totally insane. No. Please, stop that." I said. I had never felt like this before. I wouldn't say I was horny, but I was excited in some strange way. I started to see Angela in a different way.

"Yes I do. I've been getting a lot of porn lately, Omar. I know all the least I think I do. I can do anything. And hey, I know you download a lot of porn too, huh?"

She gave me an innocent yet very sexy smile, one she had never given me before. At that particular moment, I realized how much I not only loved her, but had an extremely huge sexual desire towards her, and all of a sudden we both understood each other. It was a perfect moment. She could tell I was folding.

"It can be our little secret, honey" - She knew I liked it when she called me honey, or any of the other sweet names she has. "We won't have to tell anyone in the whole world". She sounded like a big sister who was telling a secret about dinosaurs to her little brother. Thing is, I was the older brother and I was in charge.

In a second, I folded. She was then looking at my erection, which was getting quite big.

"I never thought it would be that big...even some guys in the porno-"

"Are you sure you know everything, you really do?"

"Hey, i've been spending a lot of time in my room lately...just studying porno movies and waiting for this moment"

"Don't tell anyone. Just remember, it won't be like you think. And you know how morally wrong this is, right? You can't just have sex with your brother. And you'll see a side of me you've never seen before. I love you, sweetheart, but please, for the love of God...don't tell anyone. Because if you do, we're both in deep shit."

"Sure...Hey, I understand. I've seen some stuff on TV where brothers and sisters sleep together and end up making babies. But we're smart, it won't happen to us" she said, with a sexy look on her face.

I was far from a virgin. I had had a girlfriend last year who was very much of a sex fiend in bed, but was like my sister Pearl on the outside. My guess is I had done it at least half a dozen times before in my life, but all with the same girl.

"I know you did it with Charlotte...I heard you once" she said, and I wasn't all that surprised. We were quite the noisy couple when we were having sex, and every saturday night I was alone with my little sister. For some reason, for the last 5 years, every saturday night my mom was out with her friends and Pearl had her night out. She just hung out with friends or something. But we, Angela and myself, were always home alone every saturday night. There was no issue with security, seing as we live in a closely-knit neighbourhood where everyone know everyone.

"Alright. I'm only doing this because I love you. You know this will be strange at first"

Why, oh why did I say at first. She probably thought we were going to have sex again some other time. She kissed me on the lips. We started making out. At that point I started realizing how sexy she really was. Her soft young lips and the fact that she was a very good kisser (which was unexpected) made it even better. She started to moan a little bit already and directing her hands towards her crotch and mine. She always said stuff like "I want to make love to you" and "'re such a good kisser". After a couple of minutes, she took off my shirt. We kept on kissing while simultaneously taking off my underwear, and in a little time I was naked. "I knew you have such a fucking sexy body, Omar...I can't wait to have it on top of mine". That was the first time I ever heard her cuss, and it made me even hotter. We both saw the need to have sex in each other's eye. The fact that we were brother and sister did not even matter, to us it just felt...normal. We felt like our entire lives had built up to this exact moment. I took off her shirt and her bra. Her boobs were starting to grow, and they were just big enough to grab and lick and suck, which is exactly what I did. Her pretty small body was extremely sexy. She was not fat nor skinny, but there would sure be plenty of stuff to hang on to while we were having sex. Her legs were very soft; she wasn't a hairy person. Her pussy was shaved, and I knew I wanted to eat her out. We kept on touching each other erotically and making out.

"I know this isn't always how it goes in porn, but I want to you eat me out know you want to, honey", she said in a very romantic, innocent voice. And that's exactly what I did.

I laid her carefully on the bed and starting eating her fresh, 11-year-old pussy. It was the taste and look of a virgin, and I felt honoured to be the first one to do so, because by the looks of things she'd probably have a very exciting sex life in the future. She started getting all excited and became more agitated. "Oh...I've never felt this way before...but it feels so fucking good, you're good". I started fingering her, and she liked that even more. I was doing things I never thought i'd do the girl who, 2 weeks before, was asking me about life in junior high and grade 6 maths. This was a sort of dream becoming true, but a dream that i've never admitted to myself. I had been raised by society, and it has taught me not to think. Well, for now, I wasn't thinking about how society would feel or useless garbage. I was thinking about making my unadmitted dream come true, and that's what I was doing.

"Alright...enough of this. Now, it's your turn. I'm pretty nervous, it's my first time"

"Don't know i'll love you no matter what", I replied, to which she gave me that very innocent smile.

It was her first blowjob. I think I was as nervous as she was. I didn't expect her to be good at first. She got on her knees and looked at me, then she put my cock in her mouth. It was the best feeling ever (although it was nothing compared to what was coming up). She didn't stop looking at me and her tongue kept on sliding up and down my cock. She stopped occasionally to suck and lick a bit my balls, and then it went right to the action. She tried a little deep throat but it didn't work, but everytime she tried I said "I appreciate the effort". Around this stage of our experience, we were a bit humorous. For instance, when she tried to deep throat me and it didn't work, I said "Alright. Get back to sucking my cock, bitch", which she did find a bit funny, and it also turned her on. After about 8 minutes of sucking my cock (the clock was right in front of me on the wall...not that I was checking it because I was bored), she said:

"Ok, I'm ready to have your cock shoved down my young pussy...let's fuck". She never talked like that but I loved dirty talk.

Before we did so, I was sitting on the bed and she turned around and bent down to let me stare at her ass. She had one hell of an ass, even for her age. Then she looked at me and said "We should really try that sometime". She was already thinking ahead....but I, on the other hand, was only thinking about what was about to happen. She got on the bed on her back, and stretched her legs open while softly caresseing her pussy. "We don't need a condom", she said. "I want you to cum all over my little face". I didn't care. The moment was too perfect to be ruined. "Here we go..." I said, and we were both nervous. All signs of nervosity were gone though, as soon as I was put my huge cock in her pussy.

"Oooohhhh...holy shit, that feels so good", she said, and we both started moaning like wild beasts. I started slowly, and then went up faster and faster, up until she was screaming really loud. The feeling of well-being got more and more prominent. I became euphoric.

"Ohh FUCK! FUCK! That's what I'm fucking talking about..." was just one of the lines we often repeated. Talking dirty made the whole experience ever better. After a couple of minutes, which seemed like eternity because she fucked so well, I said:

"Yeah? You wanna change position you filthy slut?"

"Yeah...fuck yeah"

I got on my back and she got on me. She looked like she was riding a horse through texas and seemed to be having a lot and a lot of fun. She bounced up and down ceaselessly and endlessly. At some point she bent down so I could squeeze her boobs or she would lick me all over my face. My penis was like a pole, stiff and hard. She didn't say anything, but she occasionally said stuff like "Ahh...ahhh!", but it was obvious she was enjoying herself. We were having sex like pros, and we didn't think of anything else. The moment was perfect, but not in a 'we love each other' way, but in a filthy, lusty way. Then I don't know why I said what I said. I didn't care. I knew this couldn't be ruined.

"You want that cock up your ass? You do, don't you? Answer me, you fucking cunt"

"You fucking bet that I do. I've been wanting to try that ever since I started watching porn"

She got off me in a matter of seconds, and 2 seconds later she was correctly positioned on the bed. I got behind her and she turned her head around, and by the look on her face, she couldn't wait. "Shove that huge cock down my ass, you fucking sexy beast" she said. She couldn't wait any longer. I very slowly got it in her ass, and then, little by little, I started going faster and faster, until it looked like I was stabbing her in the ass. At that point, she started to moan and scream louder than anytime before. I didn't know why, but it turned me on. It almost looked like a competition to see who can scream louder. We didn't think of the neighbours, because in this type of neighbourhood, every house was empty by 8 sharp in the morning. She even screamed "Fuck!" about 20 times continuously at one point. We had been having sex for about 25 minutes, and I really had to ejaculate now.

"So you want all that white shit in your face, uh?"

"This is what all the fun builds up to", she said.

In a matter of second she was back on her knees and 2 centimeters in front of my cock. I was breathing heavily, and it all finally came out. It was the best feeling ever. There was more than I think there would be. It spread all over her face, close to her nose and mouth. She swallowed some of it. Then, she said "That was good", and she sucked on my cock a little bit and spread my sperm all over her face. We had just had sex, and nothing really mattered. We thought it was normal. She did a little laugh, said "Thanks...I love you" and went in the shower. I was still high from having sex with my own sister. Instead of panicking and trying to cover the little evidence, I was cool about it. I saw absolutely nothing with it, and I knew I'd want to do it again. I became someone else, someone who wasn't afraid of doing what he would want - at least sexually.

After she came out of the shower, she gave me a smile and thanked me forever. She was back to the little girl I had known all my life, my 11 year old sister.. She said, however, that we should surely do it again, and not to tell anyone. We made sure we were on the same wavelengths about having sex, and how we couldn't just have sex at any given time. After our little friendly conversation, she said she was going to watch some TV and said "I'm looking forward to saturday night...but don't feel pressured." I didn't really know if I wanted to have sex with her again that soon, but as I was cool about the whole situation, I just hung around the house for the rest of morning, and gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving. She said she loved me, as usual.

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2015-11-11 18:50:41
I get caught, I'm sitting on the floor eyes closed rubbing my cock and Katie says Chris what are you doing. I saw everything I told her while jumping up. Come to my room Katie says, you can't tell mom, I told her I wouldn't as long as she put my dick in her mouth. Katie is a little sex pot, she's got my pj's down and my dick in her mouth in no time, what a feeling. She got me off in no time and took all of me in, she didn't want to stop but I was so sensitive I had to push her off. She jumped up on the bed with me and asked if I felt good, well yea. I asked if I could see her privates, I was curious, sure she said and off came her pj's with legs spread wide. Her privates were bulging, red and really wet. She opens her hole with both hands-it's really pink in there. She starts rubbing a little spot and moaning, I asked what she was doing, she told me I could help make her feel good, just rub where she was, as soon as my fingers touched her she stiffened and screamed oh god.

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Hi, Chris again,
With his cock now past her throat dad told Katie to be still and breathe thru her nose, she composed quickly. Dad started pumping short strokes and told Katie when he tells her to swallow she must swallow and not stop until he says so. Within 2 minutes dad is telling Katie to swallow, his hands on the back of her head his hips thrusting up hard he's screaming I'm cumming I'm cumming baby swallow daddy's cum swallow all of it. Katie has no choice in the matter but to try to take it all, she can't, it's running out her mouth and down dads cock-I can see it! I have such a boner I need to go rub it, I always use one of Katie's Barbie dolls, I rub the hair up and down my shaft to get off, but not right now, my pj's are down to my ankles and I'm rubbing feverishly, I'm thinking I need to get Katie to suck me. Meanwhile dad has pulled Katie up and finished wiping her face with his boxers and tells her to go downstairs as mom was now out of the shower.

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Awesome story, Hi everyone my name is Chris and I live in Colchester VT. USA. When I was 8 my 6 year old sister Katie watched mom give dad a blowjob and dad called her out after mom got in the shower, dad was still naked, this is where I was being sneaky and was watching thru the door crack. Dad was explaining to Katie about two people loving each other and making each other feel good and what mom did made him feel good. I could see him getting a boner and Katie was just staring at it while dad spoke. Without saying a word Katie dove for his now hard cock and engulfed the head in her mouth, dad screamed "oh god Katie" and let her continue. When Katie broke off she asked dad if he felt good, dad told her she couldn't ever tell anyone and pushed her face back on hos cock. It wasn't long before dad told her to swallow and when she did he pushed her down hard on his cock to get his cockhead down her throat, she gagged bad and pulled off, do it again he said and this time it worked.

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don't listen to these fuckers YOU ARE AWESOME they are just assholes in need of fucking


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Humm I have to say good story you have potential but there are parts that simply cannot be over looked yes you are focusing on the main character but to make the story better focus on the girl you say she felt good but only went that far what pain did she feel when her hymen was br

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