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The end is near!
They put Sasha on the blanket and got right to work at her. Tim layed next to her on his back and pulled her on top of him so that her back was on his chest. His prick was pressed against her ass crack. Her head fell back onto his left shoulder. Sasha, weakened, opened her eyes breifly to see Pete kneeling behind their heads with a grin on his face. Pete was kneeling infront of their heads so he could grab both of Sasha's legs to bring them back and spread them wide. Toby groaned at the sight of Sasha's cunt exposed again as he kneeled infront of her and Tim's spread legs. (Author's note: Are you readers following me. LOL.) All three men continued to become erect. Their pricks pulsing red and veins throbbing.

Sasha was weak, very weak. She had NO strength to struggle or to even say NO. Her legs and arms were like rubber from being tied in the van. Her tits, cunt, clit, and asshole were throbbing and sore. WHAT THE HELL MORE COULD THEY DO TO HER SEXUALLY???????? She kept asking herself this question constantly.

Pete held tight onto Sasha's ankles as Tim squeezed her tits and nipples from behind. Toby spit on her cunt to moisten her up. He rubbed a big black hand roughly up and down her entire twat.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmm", she groaned pathetically. Not from pain or even pleasure, but from sheer devastation.

" That's right. Sasha, bitch. Now your coming to life again. I'm not going to fuck some rag doll. You better start getting some energy, because you will CUM HARD again by the time I'm done with you. When I fuck my bitches, I expect them to be grateful fuckers by showing me that I can make them cum with my big black dick", said Toby as he kept rubbing her cunt. He started to finger her again.

"Tim, shove your prick up her ass," said Toby. Tim grateful for the encouragement and the ok from Toby gladly flexed his pelvis and ass to slide his prick up Sasha's ass. Toby helped spread Sasha's cheeks.

"God damn, SHIT!!!", cried Tim as his prick slid all the way up her ass.

"You better fucking hold out this time, you fucker. I want this bitch to experience two big dicks at the same time" said Toby.

Some life did, indeed, come back into Sasha. "Stop, you fucking animals", she screamed. She started to flail her arms and legs. Pete held her legs tighter and Tim grabbed a hold of both arms. She could not move any longer.

Toby moved around to be by Sasha's face. He grabbed both her cheeks and brought his face very close to hers.

" I'm glad your starting to fight again. But you better shut the fuck up or I will bitch slap you. I want you to yell, but your not going to call us fucking names. Now, your going to start licking Pete's prick while he holds your legs. Understand?" said Toby. Instinctively Sasha new Toby would not hurt her seriously, but she was scared enough to listen. She shook her head yes.

Pete groaned and smiled as Sasha started licking his dick. She was crying hard and loud as her sweet tongue came out. Toby went back to his position and shoved his prick up her cunt. Tim had been fucking her ass the whole time. Sasha let out a hardy scream.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh," she scream. " No, NO, No, Please, I can't handle you both", begged Sasha.

"Bitch, lick my prick." said Pete. She licked his prick again.

So the double fucking began. Sasha was in a fuck sandwich and they were starting to slam fuck both her holes. Toby and Tim were starting to sweat from their effort. Toby reached between Sasha's legs and started to rub her clit hard.

Sasha started to dread the sensation that started again in the pit of her stomach. After the initial shock of them both being in her, she started to feel shit she never thought possible, mostly from her ass. Now her ass, cunt, and clit all tightened at once, hard and intense.

"STOP FUCKING ME, STOP FUCKING ME, OH OH OH OH OH, I DON'T WANT TO CUM, I DON'T WANT YOU TO MAKE ME FUCKING CUM AGAIN" screamed Sasha. But as she said the words it hit her like a bag of bricks and her head flew off Tim's shoulder. She screamed so fucking loud an owl took off from a near by tree. Her scream echoed down the mountain.

Pete cummed and let his jit fly from his prick as he heard Sasha screaming. Tim lost it next and Toby , who always had more stamina, pounded into her cunt one last time before exploding.

For once all was quiet. They were all finally exhausted from all the mind blowing fucking, sucking, licking, and fingering.....

Sasha had finally passed out. They wrapped her in the "cummed up" blanket and put her back in the van. The men dressed and drove back down the moutain.
Sasha woke up on her front porch still wrapped naked in the blanket. Her father opened the front door. A worried and horrified look seemed to cross his face. He went to her and held her in his arms.

"OH Daddy," she cried and melted into his arms.

"There, there, sweetheart" he said........

" So how many times did the sick fuckers make you CUM??" he grinned. " I paid the fuckers well to make you cum" he laughed.

Sasha sat back horrified.

"You needed to learn a lesson, you fucking rich princess, I spoiled you too fucking much....................................................................You won't be able to prove anything........!!!!!!

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2013-12-23 01:59:15
The ending ruined it. It was good, the first one I mean but the other two were lacking but all in all an alright sex story. I also pictured Sasha as Sasha Pieterse.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-08-11 01:43:42
yeah the ending was stupid. . .


2007-04-17 01:11:10
Great story! Could work on it with Grammar, but who reads these fro grammar, right? 10/10 I think you should write a sequel involving her father!


2007-04-02 16:49:56
That is the dumbest ending I di hav a hard on and then that eding shit so stupid


2007-03-05 18:46:41
Bite me to the previous reader. lol

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