This is 99.9% true, the only thing changed is Bill's name to protect his privacy.
Beth’s Big Night.

The night started like any other. When Jim got home, he asked his wife if they could get a sitter for the evening. His wife Beth told him she might be able to get someone, and wanted to know what he had in mind. He told here he wanted to take the bike out, and if she could find a sitter they could go riding together. She made some calls and told him her mom would watch them.

A few hours later the kids were at her moms and Jim was getting the bike out and ready. Beth changed into her tight pants and skimpy little top. Beth was a very good looking woman, 5' 9" 110 lbs, blond hair, 38 D tits, and always kept her pussy completly shaved smooth. They soon got on thier Harley and took off. They rode for a while, then when it started to get late, they stopped into a small local bar for a drink.

The bar was a little packed and there were no stools left so they decided just to stand at the bar. After they got their drinks and were starting to relax, Beth noticed one of the guys in the bar checking her out. She looked him over and noticed he was a very good looking guy, and nicely built. She took a glance at him when she could, not wanting to make it too noticeable. Jim got up to go to the bathroom and while he was gone, the guy came over to the bar to get another drink. He came up and stood beside Beth, and as he slid by her, he brushed his crotch against her ass. She knew he meant to do it and was very surprised by what she felt. He had a very large bulge, he slid along her butt. He looked at her and smiled and then glance down her top at her large tits. Instantly she felt a tingle in her pussy and her nipples hardened slightly. She was very attracted to him. He got his drink and slid back by her as he left. This time he really pushed his cock against her ass as he went by.

Jim got back from the bathroom and noticed Beth was very quiet. He asked her what was up and she said nothing and took another drink. She could feel the guy looking at her, and wanted to look back but didn’t want to be too obvious. She glanced every now and then and every time he was looking at her. She could feel her pussy getting wet as she was thinking about what she had felt on her ass. After some more drinks she decided the best thing to do was to tell Jim what was up. She knew he liked her to play around and would not be mad and he might even have some ideas on what to do next. She explained what had happened and could tell Jim was very excited. He asked how big it had felt when he pushed it up against her. She told Jim that it felt very large. Jim put his hand on her leg and slid it up to her pussy and rubbed slightly. His touch felt electric on her pussy. She could tell she was getting very wet. Jim told her that he was going to the bathroom again and if the guy came back over and did it again, to push back against him as he did it.

Sure enough as soon as Jim had gotten up and left the guy came right back over. Just as before he rubbed his cock against her ass as he slid in beside her at the bar. Only this time, as he did it, she pushed back and rubbed her ass on his cock. This time instead of getting in beside her he kinda stayed partially behind her, and kept his cock against her ass. She continued to grind her ass against his cock and she could feel it growing in his pants. He leaned down close to her ear and told her if she kept that up he wouldn’t be able to walk back to his table. She smiled and said, then stay up here. He laughed a little and told her he didn’t think the guy she was with would like that. Beth told him that actually it would be ok, and told him that Jim wouldn’t mind. He looked at her a little funny, so she decided she better explain a little. She told him about her and Jim’s feelings on her playing with other guys. He was totally in shock but told her he thought that was hot! Beth asked him what his name was and he told her it was Bill. Jim came back from the pisser and slid in on the other side of Beth. He looked over and asked her who her friend was. Beth told him his name was Bill and she whispered in Jim’s ear that Bill had a huge dick and she wanted to fuck him very bad. Jim got a huge smile and noticed the guy had his cock pressed against Beth’s ass.

They all talked and joked for a while and got to know each other a little. Bill continued to rub on Beth’s ass, and Jim was rubbing her pussy thru her pants every now and then. She was so wet, she was worried that she would start to show thru her pants, and told the guys it was time to go. Jim told Bill to follow them and they all left together. On the ride home, Beth told Jim how exciting this was, and he told her that she could do anything with this guy she wanted as long as she followed the rules. Beth knew what the rules were. She could let anyone she wanted fuck her, and she could do anything she wanted as long as he wore NO condom and she made sure every drop of cum went right up her blad pussy! She told Jim she loved him very much. Jim told her he also loved her very much and how much he wanted to see Bill's big cock cumming in her shaved pussy.

All Jim could think about was how fucking hot it was going to be to watch his hot little wife fuck the hell out of this stranger. To watch his dick slid into his wife’s waiting cunt. He hoped that the guys cock was huge and would stretch her out good. He loved her cunt to be sloppy with cum and really stretched out. This may seem weird, but it was the hottest thing Jim ever thought of, and he thought of it often.

As soon as they all got to the house and parked the cars, they went in. They were barely thru the door when Bill grabbed Beth and kissed her full on the mouth. Their toungs swirled in each others mouths as Jim watched. Jim’s cock went instantly erect. Beth and Bill removed each others cloths as Beth pulled Bill to the bedroom. Once inside Beth and Bill continued to kiss and fondle each other. They were both fully naked now. Beth had one hand around Bill and was rubbing his ass. Her other hand was wrapped firmly around Bill’s growing cock. Bill had one hand on Beth’s bare ass and the other behind her neck, as they kissed and pawed at each other. Jim stood at the bedroom door and was in total aw at what he was watching. He stayed fully clothed and rubbed his rock hard cock thru his pants. Jim watched as his wife stroked Bill’s cock to fully erect. Fully erect, Bill had the biggest cock Jim had ever seen. Beth’s hand barely fit half way around it, and it had to be at least 11 inches long.

Beth couldn’t believe her luck, she was out of her mind with lust as she stroked Bill’s enormous cock. She felt it continue to thicken and grow as she played with it. Once fully hard, it was bigger than anything she had ever seen let alone touched. She was so excited she could feel her wetness seep from her pussy and actually drip down her leg. She was excited and scared at the same time. She was actually not sure if his entire cock would fit in her little body. She remembered Jim telling her once that he had worked the better part of his entire hand into her pussy before, and figured that she could take the thickness but had no idea if the length would fit.

Just then she remembered where she was and who was there. A little feeling of worry shot thru her as she remembered her husband was standing there watching her drip with excitement over the new cock she was playing with, while she kissed her new boyfriend. One look at Jim cured that though. He was standing in the bedroom door, rubbing his cock thru his pants and just about drooling himself. He smiled and winked at her and gave her the biggest thumbs up ever. She knew in that instant that Jim wanted her to do this as much, if not more than she wanted to do it.

Beth laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide, her bald pussy was so wet it was actually dripping down her ass. Bill took one look and wasted no time crawling up on the bed between Beth’s legs, his enormous cock bouncing between his legs as he moved. Looking down Beth watched as his cock moved closer to her pussy. She noticed the end was covered in pre-cum from stroking his cock. She watched the tip of his wonderful cock touch the tip of her clit and his pre-cum was being smeared all over it. She reached down and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy and then aimed it right into her sluty little pussy. Bill instantly started to push forward. Beth felt her pussy open farther than she had ever felt it open before. It actually hurt at first, but she was so excited, she ignored the pain and pressed her pussy down at his cock. Once he had about 4 inches in her, they stopped moving and let Beth adjust to his huge cock that was invading her tight pussy.

Slowly Bill continued to apply pressure and his cock continued to sink into Beth’s pussy. Within about 10 minutes Bill had most of his cock pushed up her cunt, and was slowly pushing in and out. Beth’s pussy was on fire but it felt so good she could stop moving her self. She wanted all of his huge cock in her tight pussy. She knew Jim wanted her to take all of it and was determined to get it all in her. She decided then she had to get on top. She made Bill slowly pull his cock out of her and told him she wanted on top. She took a quick look at Jim as bill was pulling out of her. Jim’s eyes were fixed on Bills cock coming out of her pussy and she was not even sure if Jim noticed her looking at him. She looked down and watched the cock pull from her pussy. Her lips were stretched to their limit around his cock and her pussy was pulling outward as his cock came out. When it was fully out of her, she took another look at it and couldn’t believe that it was just up in her. Looking at her pussy, she noticed that after he pulled out of her, she was still gaping open and hoped it turned Jim on as much as her. His cock was still leaking pre-cum and was excited to know a little of his cum was already in her body.

Bill laid on his back, huge cock sticking straight up. Beth straddled him and slowly started pushing her pussy down his long thick shaft. Once he was in about 3 or 4 inches, she pushed him in and out a little, and then thrust her self down his shaft. She got him in about 9 inches in the first push and then sat firmly against him, continuing to press constant pressure. His cock slowly slid into her. She had never felt anything like this. If felt like he was moving up into her belly. She managed to get fully seated and her pussy lips were pressed tightly against him. She sat totally still and enjoyed the feeling as Bill played with her breasts and nipples, sucking on one then the other. She leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth. Savoring the feeling of his gigantic cock in her sluty little cunt. She could feel Bills heart beat in her pussy as his cock pulsed. She started to slid her pussy up and down his shaft, and grind her pelvis against his. She fucked him hard, forcing her self up and down his cock. Jim had moved to the foot of the bed and watch the amazing sight of his wife’s cunt taking this huge cock. She moved faster and faster feeling her orgasum cumming soon. She felt him tense up and stopped moving instantly not wanting him to cum yet. Beth told him to calm down, and could feel him throbbing in her, on the very edge of shooting his baby making sperm right up into her belly. After he relaxed some she started to move again. It wasn’t long and she felt her pussy tighten and her orgasum started. It felt like lightning shooting thru her as she had the most intence orgasum ever. After ward she was totally spent, but Bill was still forcing her up and down his cock. Beth felt his cock thicken even more and stretch her little cunt a little more. His face tightened up and then she felt it. He shoved her all the way down his cock and it swelled and throbbed. Instantly she felt his hot cum spray against the very deepest part of her pussy. She felt it again and again, over and over she felt the hot spray at the bottom of her cunt, knowing his sperm was being forced into her belly because it had no place else to go. She pressed her self to the bottom of his cock as hard as she could. His thick cock throbbed over and over, injecting more hot thick sperm into her than she had ever felt before. She knew this was just what her husband wanted. Jim watched in aw as Bills cock throbbed in his wife. The thick vein along the bottom pulsing as he pumped his sperm into her. When they were both done, Beth laid on bills chest breathing heavy. When they had both caught their breath, Jim told them he had an idea. He told Beth to sit up and try to turn around without taking Bill’s cock out of her. He was so long and thick, she did this easly. Once turned around, Jim told Beth and him to roll over onto their sides, so Bill was spooning her from behind with his cock still in her. Once they got in position and comfortable. Jim told Bill he could stay as long as he wanted as long as he kept his cock in her. Beth knew instantly what this was about. Jim wanted Bill to keep his cock up in her to keep his sperm in her as long as possible. Bills dick was still throbbing a little and Beth could feel it every time it did, but it was starting to soften. She could feel all the thick hot sperm in her and kept her totally excited, she wanted to fuck again but decided to lay still and do what Jim wanted. His cock was so thick and long even soft, that it stayed in her easly. It also kept every drop of his Bill's cum right where it belonged. Deep in her sluty little cunt. Jim slid in bed on the other side of Beth and she put her hand on his chest and told him she loved him. Jim asked if she liked the idea of sleeping with Bills cock buried in her cunt. She said ya, but there was no way she could sleep, she was too excited. After 20 miniuts or so Bill said he had to go, but wanted to see Beth again as soon as possible. She kissed him goodby and he crawled out of bed. His big cock came out of her pussy with a light popping sound and Jim told her to stay right where she was with her legs together. Niether Jim or Beth actualy wanted her to get pregnate by another guy, but they both loved the risk of it. The more the risk, the more the turn on. So beth never used any birth control, other than not fucking during her most fertile times. So Beth Layed there in her bed waiting for Jim to return. Her unprotected pussy full of potent sperm, Bill had injected it so deep in her, it was very risky. It turned her on so much, she was actualy on the verge of another orgasum, just laying there.

Jim seen Bill out and got his number for next time. Beth laid in bed with cum slowly seeping from her now very loose and slightly sore cunt. Jim came back in and told her he got his number and asked if she wanted to fuck him again. She said with out a dought! Once in bed with her Beth forced him on his back and stradled his dick. A little sperm dripped out of her cunt onto his very hard cock, most of the sperm was so deep up in her it would not come out for a while. Beth reached down and rubbed the sperm into Jim’s cock, all over the shaft and right into the tip. Then she guided his dick up into her well fucked pussy. Beth was very loose and very sloppy wet. She knew Jim loved her like this and would not last long. She quickly forced her self down his dick and fucked him very fast. She cam quickly, grinding her pelvis against his. Knowing she was cumming with Bill’s cum up in her excited her very much because it made it go deeper into her belly. Jim couldn’t believe how loose Beth was or how wet she was. It what the hottest night of his life. Jim came as Beth did, injecting his hot sperm up into her along with Bill’s and she laid down on his chest and told him how awesome it was that he liked her to do what she just did. She told him it was the biggest dick she had ever had. Jim told her he almost cam just watching them fuck, and he couldn’t wait for her to fuck him again. She couldn’t believe Jim liked her pussy loose like this but was glad he did. Beth rolled off Jim and drifted off to sleep with two guys sperm in her cunt. As she drifted off to sleep, she couldn’t help thinking of how much she wanted to fuck Bill again, maybe with Jim up her ass next time. She loved Jim very much and knew he loved her too.

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I liked the story a lot. Please use paragraphs next time to make it even better. There is nothing more erotic than watching your wife take another cock.


2008-03-12 10:01:41
Most mens happy dream, How i Envy you would have loved to have been Jim


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Great story,hope to read more of your stories and wish your next story will be about how Bill impregnated Beth


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I have been fucked by countless numbers of big black cocks that measures up to 9 and 10" long and as thick as a beer can for the past seven years till present. nevertheless, i always comes home to my beloved husband. our love for each other is very pure and i felt very lucky that he understands that my relationships with those men are just sexual. nothing more than just a lusting, sensual and mind blowing satisfying fuck. i have to admit that the huge cocks gave me heavenly pleasures that my husband couldn't provide but i will never trade our love for it. i am always ready to stop if he asked me to but till today he never complaints. his love for me is so deep that he wants me to be happy always. seeing me come home to him with a satisfying smile makes his day. thank you love.


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