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It had been a week since my cherry was taken by the mysterious man in my room. Yet
nobody seemed to be acting different around me. My father wasn’t avoiding me, my
brother was still trying to peek at me, and John was still acting like any boyfriend would.
I, however, have been forever changed by what happened. I've started masturbating at
least twice a day. When nobody is home, I would sneak into my parents bedroom and use my Mom's dildo to help me recapture that night. My mom would certainly kill me if she found out I knew where her toys were. I knew for awhile she had them, just never
thought about using them on myself. Fingering your pussy could only do so much, and I
needed something inside of me.
Still, even using her dildo wasn’t the same as feeling that raw, warm, flesh pounding
away inside. I needed to feel that again, and soon. That's when I decided tonight was going to be John's lucky night. If John was my mystery man, I would soon know as I felt his own manhood inside of me. And if its not him, at least I'll have another man that I love giving me what I need.
When Friday night finally arrived, I couldn’t wait for the date to be over. I still had a
good time with him as we ate and watched a movie. But once in the car, I immediately
started to seduce him. We had both sat down in the car, and just as he stuck the keys into the ignition, I rubbed by hand across his thigh.
"Thanks for another wonderful date John" I said to him softly.
"Your very welcome" He said while looking down at my hand.
"Are you ok?" He looked at me curiously.
"Yes, I just don’t want our date to end yet" I replied while still rubbing his thigh.
He smiled at me and then leaned is body over to mine. I too leaned in towards him.
Before I knew it, our lips was embarrassed in a very soft, yet loving, kiss. My pussy was
instantly wet, and my own body felt electrified as we kissed. But several moments later
he pulled away and moved back slightly.
"You are one amazing girl, I do love you" He said to me.
"I love you too John" I said happily back.
Just then his hand was reaching for the key again, but I still didn’t want this to be over
just yet. Eventhough we was in the parking lot of the theater, it was dark and nobody was
around. I gave up waiting for him to make the next move and rubbed my hand over his
crotch. This immediately got his attention again, and he took his hand away from the key.
"What are you doing?" He softly moaned while asking me.
"What does it look like?" I said back to him since it was very obvious to me what I was
"Are you serious? Shouldn’t we wait awhile before..." He started to say with a slight
hesitant voice. He was interrupted by me unbuttoning his pants and lowering his zipper.
"What has gotten into you?" He asked me.
"I want you to get into me" I giggled and said back to him.
By this time I saw the bulge in his underwear and immediately started to rub it with my
hands. Id never had a chance to see my mystery mans cock, but now I was going to see
my boyfriends. My hands pulled down his underwear, he raised himself out of the seat
enough to allow them to slide down easily.
He remained quiet while I had a chance to see his shaft in its full glory. It looked
incredible, yet possibly smaller than my mystery lovers. This was troubling news, but
still I wanted to make love to John, so I proceeded. At first I touched it with my hands
gently with a slight stroking action.
He responded with soft moans. I liked how it felt, but I also had the unresistable urge to
taste it. Without warning I went down on him and took as much of his length into my
mouth that this rookie could do. I've sucked on many things in my life before this, but
nothing ever felt this satisfying.
"OH FUCK!!!" John shouted out as he felt my mouth on him for the time.
"Damn.. That feels amazing!" he gasped and shouted out again.
Wanting to pleasure him more, I began to go faster. Bobbing my head on his manhood.
"Noo.. Nooo... OH GOD.. WAIT!!!" He said while I was continuing to enjoy him.
"Ack... Stop.. Im.. Gonna..." He started to say, but then stopped just as his first rope of
cum shot out into my mouth. The salty taste was something I wasn’t ready for, yet
quickly swallowed it as he continue shooting more into my mouth.
"Oh BABY... OH GOD YES!!! AHHH!!" John shouted out as his cam in my mouth.
I swallowed every bit of it and continued to suck on is manhood. I was surprised he had
cum so quickly. I was ready, and willing, to continue sucking on his cock.
"I’m sorry... Oh love, that felt incredible" He said to me while trying to catch his breath.
As I finished cleaning his cock, I looked up to him.
"I’m surprised you cam so early" I said to him with a curious yet happy look on my face.
"I’m a virgin, even Oral, until now that is" He said to me with concerned look on his face.
"Then I’m glad I could be your first" I smiled happily back at him.
Still, this confirmed that John was not my mystery man. Abit disappointed yet still glad I
was able to pleasure him.
"Get in the back seat" He said to me now.
"Why?" I asked, but with a good idea what he had in mind
"I need to return the favor" He said grinning at me.
Didn’t take me long to do as he asked. I moved in the back seat and laid down on my
back. John followed me and moved so he sat in the floor of the car next to my legs. He
sat up enough so his head could be right between my legs. I was glowing with
anticipation on what was coming. John took off my pants and then my panties. He must
have been lost in a trance as he looked at my pussy for the first time.
"Well, are you going to do anything or just look" I said to him once I was tired of waiting.
Without saying a word, John moved his face very close to my pussy and licked it abit. His
first touch against my folds sent chills throughout my body, causing me to softly moan
out for him.
"Oh John!" I said in a soft loving voice to him.
He continued to lick at my pussy, but stopping in-between licks as well. I think he was
unsure what to do or was still admiring his first good look at a real pussy. Either way, I
was getting anxious and wanting more.
"Don’t Stop. Lick me more and faster!" I moaned out to him.
He started to lick deeper into my pussy, It was feeling great, but nothing like my mystery
lover had done to me before. I started to rub my own clit to help out.
"Mmmm... not bad for a rookie" I said to him.
Still even rubbing my clit, I needed more than what he could provide. It was then looked
down at his cock and saw that it was hard. Once I saw that, I couldn't help but yell out.
"Fuck me John! I want it inside me now!" I shouted to him.
He instantly stopped licking my pussy and looked into my eyes.
"Wow, never thought I would hear my sweetie say such dirty talk" He said curiously and
lovingly to me.
"I love you John! Now take me!" I again commanded to him.
"You want my virginity, right here in the back seat of my car?" He questioned me again.
"Yes... Fuck me now Damn it!" I shouted and moaned, so horny at that point.
John then lifted himself up out of the floor of the backseat and into the seat with me. His
kissed me briefly and then looked down at his cock and then looked at my body. He was
such a rookie, it took him a moment to position himself ontop of me. He adjusted my
body so I was on my back with my legs completely spread eagle. One leg on top of the
back seat, while the other was going downwards into the floor. Finally, he was inches
away from my pussy.
"Stick it in me love, Please!" I begged him.
Finally with a moan he slid his shaft into me.
"Oh Yes JOHN!!!" I said as I finally felt that wonderful thing inside of me again.
He started thrusting slowly at first. His hand rubbed over my shirt covered breast.
As wonderful as it felt having my love inside of me, I was so aroused that I needed more.
My pussy finally had a cock inside of it again, but I needed to feel it pounding me hard.
"Mmmm... go faster baby! Give me all you got" I said to John, trying to encourage him.
"You dont like it slow?" He questioned me.
"I want it all. Don’t hold back" I answered him.
He instantly began to thrust very hard into me.
"Oh YES!! YES!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about!" I shouted in pleasure to him.
I loved feeling a cock inside of me again. His hard pounding was heaven. I never wanted this to end. His cock worked my pussy over, pulling himself almost all the way out, and then all the way back in to me. My breathing began to quicken, as well as his own. All these fast motions must have been quite a workout for him. He would look down at his cock pounding into me from time to time. And I loved hearing him softly moan out. I too was moaning for him, loving the intense pleasure of having the man I love fucking me. It was finally with his hard pounding that I was finally getting close to having a orgasm. I wrapped my legs around his waist, resting my feet on his ass. My feet bounced around as he kept pounding into me over and over again. His rookie cock kept thrusting in and out, very deep and fast, just as my mystery lover had done. I was finally getting what I needed, and enjoying every moment of it.
"Oh John! I’m so close to cumming! I love you!" I shouted out in ecstasy
"I love you too baby" he replied back while moaning and starting to breath hard.
When he said I love you, I lost it. I began to orgasm hard, covering his virgin cock in my
"OOOHHHHH GOOODDDD!!! YESSS!!!!" I Shouted out in pleasure, wrapping my
arms around my lover.
He continued to pound into me like a pro. Even as my pussy tightened up around him, he continued his efforts. It felt so incredible, his words that started my orgasm, kept
echoing in my head and I enjoyed the moment, "I love you too baby" I must have heard
50 more times as I cam.
"Don’t stop, baby.. don’t stop!" I said to John while my orgasm continued.
"Oh YESSSSS!" I moaned out as I enjoyed his cock for all it was worth. My orgasm
coating his virgin meat.
He didn’t stop pounding, even as my orgasm was over. He continued thrusting into me
like a wild dog. His own moans began to get louder. I was glad he could enjoy himself
after cumming so fast before.
John pulled up my shirt to my shoulders and began to suckle on my breast while he
continued to fuck me. This sent even more chills throughout my body. Almost making
me squirm to get away. Still, I enjoyed the sensations of feeling his lips and tongue on my rock hard nipples. My whole body was on fire, and everything felt so incredible. It was then I heard him speak.
"Oh god!! baby.. I’m getting close" John said to me
"Close?" I asked him curiously while still moaning from his actions.
"Close to cumming." He answered back.
"But you already did once?" I questioned him again. Never thinking that a guy could
actually do it more that once.
"Yes, and I’m about to again" He said back to me very assured.
"Your going to pull out of me?" I asked him.
As much as I loved feeling cum in me last time, I still had no protection at all. I didn’t
want to risk getting pregnant, even as much as I love him.
"You wanted my virginity didn’t you? That includes cumming in you." He replied back.
He was right, If I was going to pop my mans cherry, I should at least allow him to do it
properly. This frightening idea actually aroused me even more. To know that I was John's first, and he loved me. I couldn’t turn him away now. Despite all the risks, it had to be done.
"Oh god! Yes John.. Your right. I love You!" I moaned out to him as I was getting so
close to cumming once more.
"I'm there baby.. are you ready to feel it inside of you?" He asked while moaning and
breathing hard.
"YES!! I want your virginity... I want your cum.. Cum in MY PUSSY JOHN!!" I shouted
out for him.
No sooner than I said that... I felt his first shot of cum in me. This instantly pushed me
over the edge and I began to cum with him.
"OH JOHN! I feel it.. I CUMMING TOOO!!!" I shouted out again.
"YES Cum with me.. OH GOD! Its so wonderful!!" John shouted out as he continued to
enjoy his first ever real orgasm.
I did enjoy feeling his hot juice shooting out into me. Knowing he would always love me
and be around to keep giving me more. My own orgasm squeezed he cock tightly, as well as milking his cock for every last drop. I love him so much, it felt 100 times better
having his cum inside of me than my mystery man's.
As he shot his last into me, he quietly laid ontop of me for several moments. Finally he
raised himself up off of my body abit, and looked lovingly into my eyes.
"That was incredible baby!" he said to me.
"I know! You were amazing" I replied back to him.
"We must do this more often?" John said to me curiously
"OH YES! Definitely!" I happily replied back.
It was then he finally slid his manhood out of me. My pussy instantly missing it. But at
least I now knew the man I loved was going to keep me sexually satisfied from now on.
"You can drive us home now" I said right after kissing him on the lips and giggling.
He smiled and put his cloths back on. Moving back up to the front seat to take us home.
I remained in the back seat, very satisfied and content. I began touching my sensitive
nipples. Then rubbing my pussy slightly as I reflected on today’s events, and from before.
Finally, I returned to the front seat once the afterglow had started to fade.
"You was putting on quite a show back there, I think I almost wrecked us at least twice"
John said somewhat jokingly to me.
"Mmm... looking back at me to much was ya?" I questioned him.
"Yes... why wouldn’t I. Your very sexy" He answered happily.
"Don’t worry love, you will get to see all of me again" I smiled and kissed him on the
cheek as he drove.
The rest of the drive home was uneventful, the standard things dating couples do.
Although his final kiss as he left my house was much more passionate than any other.
His hands was even rubbing my ass. It felt amazing, so I didn’t object. Hopefully our
relationship has changed for the better.
But the question still remains? Who took my Cherry? Since it wasn’t John. That means
it was either my Brother, Father, or some lucky robber? This now made things abit more
creepy, but I still had to try and find out.

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2013-07-03 16:07:45
Incredible! I love it! 10/10 Two thumbs up!

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2008-07-16 11:08:09
great fuking storyy...i love the backseat.


2006-09-13 15:40:41
yeh gotta love those backseats


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You need to remember she is a Teen and so is John. Its one thing to give John a Car for the date. But to give a teen an Apt is not realistic. Also having two teens check in at a motel seems odd. This is still the way teens do things unless they are lucky enough to plan ahead for when parents arent home. heh.


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i love a good story the back seat still is here after all this time . i thought everybody had apt or went to motels now . imust be getting old willie t

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