THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE IMAGINED BY THE AUTHOR TO BE ANTHROPOMORPHIC - TO HAVE THE BODY SHAPE AND FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate pokemon related media.
FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate
pokemon related media.

Having departed from the brothel once again a few days earlier, Cynder had managed to make his way up and into the
rainforest towards Fortree city, home of the bird tamers. The agent had slept heavily after his session with Eevee
and had left early the next morning feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.
As he walked up over a crest in the path, the agent reached a large wooden bridge spanning over a small
lake. In the distance to the north, the tips of buildings could be seen penetrating the tree canopy. Cynder smiled
to himself, he'd finally arrived at Fortree city.
Following the path on the other side of the bridge, Cynder noticed the forest growing slightly thicker once
again. The path was quiet, until all of a sudden, a light moaning drifted towards his ears on the wind. Following
the sound lead the agent off the path and into the trees. After a few minutes of searching, Cynder stumbled across
a small clearing amongst the bushes.
A man in a pokemon centre uniform - the apparent source of the moans - sat on a rock, an absol kneeling
between his legs, her mouth suckling enthusiastically on his hardened member.
"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Cynder joked, stepping into view. Absol spun around in shock, and
the man jumped to his feet, his cock smacking the pokemon hard in the face as he did.
"A pokemon centre employee engaging in oral sex with a wild pokemon... now, I don't think that would go
down very well with the Fortree police, do you?" he questioned.
"No! Please, don't tell them! I'll do whatever you want, here, you take her" the man said in a panic,
pushing the Absol towards Cynder. The pokemon turned around and glared at the man for his betrayal, before
fearfully returning her gaze to the rocket agent in front of her.
"I wish I had the time" he joked, "But I don't right now. What I want is something else"
"Anything! Just keep this secret" the man replied with a sense of urgency.
"Tell me who this is" Cynder demanded, holding up the grainy security camera screenshot from the transport.
"I don't know" the man lied, but the flicker of recognition in Absol's eyes gave it away.
"Unfortunately she just gave away that you do, so I will ask one more time before I start to get angry"
Cynder growled, "Who is he and where can I find him?"
"ok.. ok... His name is Zuka, Zuka Morina. He's the son of the mayor..." the man replied, his head
bowing in shame.
"Wonderful, thank you so much for your help" the agent said, grinning maliciously as he began to walk away,
"Oh, and mention this little encounter to anybody, and I shall reply with this" he continued, turning back to them
and holding up his camera. Both of them remained silent, simply nodding their understanding, and Cynder
disappeared into the trees.

Fortree city opened up in front of him. The buildings seeming to grow almost out of the trees. Being so
far in the north and away from any other settlement, Fortree had been the one place in Hoenn that Cynder had never
been able to visit; his work had simply never required him to come here before now. But then, he had a target this
time round.
Keeping to the evening shadows, the agent sculked across the city finally reaching a grand building where
the public files on the city that he had managed to obtain in Lilycove had luckily stated that the mayor resided.
Two guards and their Pidgeot stood by the main entrance to the house, barely a challenge for the practised
agent, who managed to leap the wall like a cat before scaling the building and entering through a high window.
Cynder found himself in a sizeable bathroom, but had barely managed to move when he heard noise coming from
the other side of the door.
The door swung open just as Cynder concealed himself within a large cabinet against one wall; a large and
slightly plump man, presumably the mayor strode into the room and proceeded to relieve himself with use of the
facilities. Cynder let out a breath as the man exited the room once again, noting with disgust that he had not
washed his hands.
The agent weighed out his options. He had not been able to obtain floorplans of the building since the
knowledge that Zuka resided here was information that he had only obtained very recently, and so exploring the
building to search for him could prove risky. On the other hand, the only other occupant of the cabinet he was
concealed within was a dusty old broom. It therefore seemed unlikely that he would be discovered in his hiding
place by accident.
With a sigh at the long wait ahead of him, Cynder quietly arranged himself into a comfortable position
and began his long wait.

A few hours had passed, and multiple people had entered to use the bathroom during that time, with the
mayor himself returning once again for a shower; something that Cynder did not particularly enjoy seeing.
Eventually however a young man matching the security footage strolled in. He had barely closed the door
before he hit the ground unconcious; the sleep dart having been fired from the opening cabinet door.
Minutes later, the room was empty; the thin silk curtain waving in the breeze from the open window.

Zuka could feel the cold breeze washing over the head of his cock. His eyes slowly opened as he came round,
revealing the small clearing that he was in. Night had fallen, and the sky was dark above; the only light coming
from the stars, and from the dim lantern that had been placed a few feet away from him. Realising that he was tied
down, Zuka began to struggle to free himself from his bonds.
"Struggle all you want Zuka, you're not getting free" Cynder said , sighing at the boy as he wriggled.
"WHo are you? What do you want?!" Zuka shouted angrily.
"You were in Johto recently. You met a girl on the transport back. I want to know where she is"
"What? What girl? I was by myself on the flight!" he replied, but his eyes gave away the truth behind his
lie. Cynder held the photo to his face, crushing his story before he had managed to continue.
"Don't lie to me" he said, and pressed a button on a small remote control in his hand.
Suddenly Zuka felt a tightening embrace around his cock. They boy had barely noticed before, but he now
realised that while he was unconcious his cock and balls had been pulled out of his clothing. A small device was
now attached to him, wrapped in a sleeve-like structure around the shaft of his cock, with another ring looping
around his balls.
The device began to vibrate lightly, and zuka jumped at the unexpected pleasure.
"what the fuck is this thing? Why is it on my dick?!" he shouted
"Where did she go?" Cynder asked once again.
"I don't know! I told you!" Zuka replied, looking back down to his cock.
"And I told you not to lie" Cynder continued, pressing the button once again. The vibrating increased by
a large amount, and Zuka felt his cock pulse and shake as he started to cum; but nothing came out. His cock simply
carried on pulsing, trying to squirt, but was unable to do so.
"What's going on?!" he raised his voice again.
"You're not going to be allowed to cum until I get a good answer from you. This is a very special
invention you see, it vibrates as you know and can bring a man to climax very quickly, but once you get to that
point, it prevents you from going back, and won't let you go any further either" Cynder said with a sinister tone
to his voice, "trust me, the urge to cum is going to start getting very uncomfortable soon"
Zuka could feel his balls becoming uncomfortable already. It felt like his cum was building, and he
would explode soon!
"Where did she go?"
"I swear I don't know!" and the vibrations grew more intense. Zuka cried out.
"Please! Stop! Let me cum, please!" he screamed
"Where is she?"
"Lavaridge town! I swear!" Zuka cried out, his cock pulsing violently, every vein standing out on it.
"Are you sure? You wouldn't lie to me would you?"
"No! I swear she's there!"
"Because you know what would happen if you lied and I found out don't you Zuka?" Cynder threatened.
"Yes! Yes! YES! Please!" he screamed. Cynder pressed a second button on the device and it unlocked, falling
from Zuka's cock onto the ground.
"Oh my fucking Arceus fuck!" Zuka shouted out as his cum burst forth in an almighty torrent. His dick
pulsing violently, over 20 spurts of cum flew up into the air, splattering down onto the ground and his body.
"hey! Untie me!" the cum splattered teen shouted after Cynder as he walked away.
"Don't worry, I'm sure someone will come by and set you free! Either that or you can wiggle out" Cynder
laughed as he disappeared into the night.


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