THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE IMAGINED BY THE AUTHOR TO BE ANTHROPOMORPHIC - TO HAVE THE BODY SHAPE AND FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate pokemon related media.
FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate
pokemon related media.

Continues from A lead in Fortree city

The night was dark, the moon and stars obscured by clouds, and so Cynder was relieved when the light of the rest
stop on the road down towards Mauville from Fortree came into view. The sign outside was worn down and the
building itself has evidently spent an age being beaten and battered by the weather; with cracks in the wood of
the decking outside and a rather poorly patched up hole in the roofing. But light was streaming out from the
entrance, and the bitter night air persuaded him to walk hurriedly in search of its warmth.
Stepping into the warm interior, Cynder observed as a few people sitting in darkened corners looked up
briefly before returning to their drinks and games. A small sign indicating a restroom hung above a door at the
back of the room, and it was at that moment that Cynder realised just how full his bladder was.
Making his way through the door, he found himself in a slightly grotty room lined with stalls. Graffiti
covered the surfaces within with phrases such as "For a great time, call Caesar - " followed by a contact number.
Cynder entered one of the stalls, and unzipping, pulled his cock out into the open.
A minute later he had finished, and feeling relieved, grabbed his penis to stuff it back within the
confines of his clothing. Writing on the wall all of a sudden caught his eye however:
'Lift up the paper - you know what to do ;)' was scrawled in red pen. Curious, Cynder proceeded to remove
the toilet paper that was covering the wall behind from view. A hole was revealed, through which the agent could
see a pair of bright pink lips that quickly moved into a broad grin when the eyes above them spied the man meat
on the other side of the wall.
Cynder could feel the mystery pokemon's gaze on his cock, and he began to grow hard. Cautiously, he slid
his manhood through the small hole until the base met the wall and he hung free and in the open on the other side.
He jumped as a pair of small, soft hands wrapped around his shaft and began to massage him.
"mmm, oh yeah..." Cynder whispered, resulting in a playful giggle from the other side. Cynder felt
goosebumps rise on his skin as the lips he had seen before parted around the head of his cock, welcoming it into
a warm, wet mouth.
"Go on... yeah, deepthroat it.." he said as the lips crept their way down his shaft. The tip of his head
began to tickle the back of the pokemon's throat and he gagged slightly before regaining composure. Slowly but
surely, the pokemon deepthroated Cynder, wiggling his tongue and rubbing the base with his hand.
"Now have a taste of this... urgghh!" Cynder grunted through the wall as he came without warning, the
head of his cock pressed all the way at the back of the pokemon's throat when he started to squirt.
Whoever this pokemon was, they were prepared Cynder thought to himself as he felt them swallow every drop
as it was pumped down their throat. Withdrawing his cock back through the hole, Cynder decided that he wanted
to see exactly who had just been giving him oral.
Standing on the toilet seat, he grabbed onto the top of the stall wall and peered over. Sitting in the
next cubicle along, a line of cum dripping down his chin was a young Flaafy; his hand wrapped around his pink
cock, balls ready to burst.
Climbing down and exiting the cubicle, Cynder knocked the door on the next cubicle open and forced his
way inside, to the Flaafy's shock. Pulling the pink pokemon out, Cynder stood him in the middle of the room and
took hold of his cock from behind him. The nervous Flaafy went red in the face at the sudden change, uncomfortable
at the possibility of being seen by anyone who came in.
Cynder rubbed the pokemon's dick, reaching around and massaging it roughly. Flaafy moaned out and at
that moment the door opened and two teen boys walked in. Flaafy tried to jump away into the safety of the stall
to hide, but still with a firm grip on his cock, Cynder stopped him from moving away. The boy's jaws dropped
open when they saw what was in front of them, the young, pink electric pokemon having his cock pumped off by
a man. Both boys went into cubicles to piss, but never took their eyes off the sex show in the middle of the room
the entire time, while Cynder and Flaafy kept their eyes on them.
One of the boys exited his cubicle, but didn't seem in a hurry to leave, still watching them as he washed
his hands. His friend was evidently having a hard time pissing with a boner.
"Boy" Cynder said, addressing the teen by the sinks, "Show him your dick"
"what? I don't think I want to-"
"I don't think I was asking" Cynder said, cutting him off mid sentence.
The boy slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his clothing to reveal some tiny, tight, little boxers, out of which he
pulled out a slightly hard penis, letting it flop out over the waistband. His friend hiding in the cubicle slowly
leaned out, his gaze fixing on his friend's beautiful piece of meat; he may as well have been drooling.
Flaafy cried out, staring at the boy's dick as his cum squirted onto the floor
"That's it, good boy" Cynder said, grinning before releasing the pokemon's cock and striding confidently
over to the boy by the sinks, who was now blushing violently with embarrassment.
"You do have a beautiful dick there" he said. And he was right, the penis was flawless; a thin, pale
foreskin partially retracted to reveal a shiny, smooth, purple head. The shaft did not have a single mark on it,
and every vein seemed to be placed like a brushstroke in a painting. Surrounding his cock was an area that had
been shaven clean, with a small tan line remaining from the passed summer.
"I think your friend over there likes it too" Cynder said, indicating the boy in the toilet stall, "is
he a bit shy?"
Cynder laughed to himself, "Maybe it's just because he's got a hardon from seeing you like this..."
Both boys gasped loudly.
"Shall we find out?" Cynder said as he walked towards the toilet, the boy inside slowly retreating away,
hiding himself from view, "Don't be stupid, come on" he said, grabbing the boy's arm and spinning him aropund.
"Well... look at that" he spoke, smiling down at the rock hard cock pointing up into the air, "look at
his pretty dick" Cynder said as he wrapped his fingers around the hard member, "it's got you really nice and hard
hasn't it seeing your friend like that" to which both boys blushed heavily.
Despite having only just touched his cock, Cynder could feel that the boy was going to cum any second,
evidently highly aroused at the sight of the other boy's penis. Dragging the boy out of the toilet cubicle by his
cock, Cynder walked over to the sinks, stopping by his friend, who was awkwardly leaning against the basin, trying
to avert his gaze.
"Watch your friend here cum from looking at you..." Cynder said as he rubbed the hard cock. He felt it
begin to twitch and pulse in his hand, and seconds later the creamy fluid began to squirt from the tip, splashing
onto the floor in pearly streaks.
"All that cum from seeing your cock... mmmm" Cynder chuckled.
Highly amused by his actions, Cynder laughed to himself as he strolled out of the restroom, leaving the
two boys in an incredibly awkward position along with an exhausted, passed out flaafy.

Licking off the dribbles of cum that were still on his hand, Cynder strolled out into the night. He
couldn't afford to stop anywhere for long, and his entertainment with Flaafy and the boys had taken long enough.
The girl could decide to leave Lavaridge town any time; she may well have already done so and Cynder could find
out that he was simply chasing ghosts, but the sooner he got there, the sooner he would know.
The lights of Mauville came into view before the night was over, but the sun was not far from the horizon.
The agent had bad memories of this city, from events resulting in a warrant for his arrest; he would not be able
to stay long, if at all. Deciding that it was too risky to even enter the city limits, Cynder attempted to skirt
around over the cliffs and ledges leading into the hills to the north.
Mauville began to fade into the distance behind him as Cynder climbed his way long a ledge towards the
mountains. The smell of burnt wood filled his nostrils, and moments later he came across an empty campsite; the
firepit in the centre only recently burned out. He wondered what would have made whoever was here abandon the camp
so quickly.
The sound of a twig snapping resonated out from behind him and he spun around.
"Who's there...?!" he demanded loudly, "Show yourself and I promise you mercy..." but all his eyes found was darkness. The light shining out
from the embers of the fire was barely more than a faint glow, and didn't offer any kind of aid.
The hairs on the back of Cynder's neck stood up as the sound of faint footsteps drifted towards him on the breeze; the echoing caused by
the rock walls making it impossible to determine their direction.
Nervously, he guessed a direction and stepped forward ready to attack his unknown enemy.
But it was too late to do anything as the heavy object hit him in the back of the head. He blacked out.

"Wake up you piece of shit" a girl's voice said harshly, followed by a torrent of cold as a bucket of
water was tipped over his head. Cynder gasped for air and coughed, his eyes darting about as he came around.
Standing in front of him, her face an expression of anger and despair, dark hair hanging longer than in
the file photos and bright eyes fixed on him in a steely gaze, was the very person he had come to this part of
the world to hunt down. He had found her at last. Tammy.

"I knew this day would come eventually. The day when Team rocket would find me again" she spat at him, "so
I've been ready and waiting. Team rocket has its resources, but I've managed to acquire some of my own, and I
still have contacts within the team who like me more than they like being loyal to a band of thieves"
"How did you know...?!" Cynder shouted through gritted teeth as he struggled against the ropes that
bound him.
"As I said, I have friends" she said matter-of-factly, "They told me that Team Rocket was sending one
of its top international agents after me. A fine technique under usual circumstances when they're hunting a
pokemon or a trainer" she continued, "But I worked for Team rocket! Every single agent from the bottom up
knows what yours and all of the other executives and leaders faces look like, we've all stood and taken orders
from you all"
There was a long pause where Tammy simply stared at him with a look of disgust.
"I caught you before you found me because you were arrogant" she spat, "So arrogant in fact that you
were never in with a chance, because nobody thought it through!"
"Ok, so you've caught me. Now what's your plan you clever little bitch?!" Cynder screamed back.
"Well, it just so happens that I remembered that you would be carrying on of these with you" she said
smugly as she pulled his personal rocket device out of his bag, "So that you can inform HQ when I've been either
captured or... terminated"
"I'll just contact them and tell them otherwise when I get free! That's not a plan!" he shouted,
assuming that she was an idiot.
"Who said anything about letting you go once we're done?" she asked bluntly, and the colour drained from
his face. Tammy powered on the device and clicked a big red button on the screen. - Bzzzt - 'TERMINATED' - Bzzzt-
sounded the device.
"Wait! What do you mean 'we'?!" he enquired nervously, but seconds later his question was answere as
Tammy waved her hands and the shadows from the rocks around seemed to jump to life. A host of Ghost pokemon
appeared before his eyes.
"Wipe his memory, then send him down in the direction of Mauville" she said as she turned and walked
away, "I hear they are very fond of this one down there. I'd like to see his memories afterward though. I want
to know who has been caused trouble since he arrived"
"no! You can't!" he shouted to her as the ghosts closed in. Then a Gengar touched his head, and
everything was gone.

The Mauville police department were very quick to pick up and detain the naked team rocket agent when
he was reported just outside of the city. And to the north, knowing that there was a chance that she may be
safer once again, and having thanked the Ghost pokemon of the mountains for their help, Tammy relaxed and knew
she could rest easy once again; at least for a little while.

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