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Prologue to Chasing Tales

Lavaridge town had proven to be the perfect place for Tammy to hide herself away. Hidden deep in the mountains,
halfway up the side of Mount Chimney, the town was small, quiet and tranquil; the only travelers passing through
were either fire and rock people enthusiasts or trainers wishing to challenge the Lavaridge gym. It was the
perfect place to start a new life, far away from the influence and reach of either the Johto police or Team rocket.
Tammy also loved the view. High up on the mountain plateau that lavaridge had been built up, you could
see out for miles into valleys with rivers running through them, over the peaks of other mountains and hills that
surrounded them, and even the very edge of the Hoenn desert on the horizon to the east.
Using what remained of the savings that she had managed to smuggle from Johto, Tammy had been able to rent
herself a small studio apartment on the outskirts of the town. It was small, and she didn't have much to fill it
with as of yet, but the window by her bed stared out over a small but sprawling mass of traditional buildings
dotted down the mountainside, and beyond them, the green, lush expanse of the mountain forests.
At that moment however, the blinds were pulled shut, the door was locked, and the room was almost silent.
"Urrrhhh...! oh Arceus mmmm....!" she moaned, a light, wet beating sound could also be heard as Tammy sat
on the ground with her legs spread open, thrusting the Bayleef dildo into her tiny hole. Her other hand reached
down and found her clit, massaging it gently.
Tammy had to bite her lip to keep herself from screaming out as she climaxed, her pussy squirting heavily.
Slowly she withdrew the toy from her pussy, observing its wet, shiny surface before taking it into her mouth. She
could taste her own pussy on it as she swirled her tongue around the dildo.
"Mmm.... oh yeah..." she whispered to herself as she put the dildo back into its case, giving her clit one
last rub, "I need to find a real Bayleef to fuck someday, see how it compares... Also pay another visit to that
shop in Azalea if I ever manage to get back to Johto again"
Tammy found herself growing sad at the thought of her homeland, a place that she would likely never return
to, but she had resolved to make the best of her new life here in Hoenn. Opening up the blinds, she stared out at
the view in front of her. 'Its not all bad I suppose' she thought to herself and smiled.
Suddenly there was a small, breezy noise as a letter flew under the door. The envelope was blank. Tammy
was concerned about the secret nature of the letter; she never got any mail, and even if she did, it would be
deposited into the slot for her apartment in the building lobby, not put under her door.
Opening the door quickly and rushing out into the hall, Tammy looked around, searching for the person
responsible, but the corridor was completely empty and silent. Whoever they were, they had already disappeared.
Returning into her room, and locking the door behind her, Tammy nervously tore open the envelope to pull
out the paper that lay within.
'They captured a friend and know you're in Hoenn' the letter read, 'Agent Cynder has been dispatched to
capture you, prepare yourself' it was signed 'Michiko'.
Michiko was one of the other lower level grunts in Team Rocket, they had been friends before she left, and
it seemed now that she valued Tammy's safety over her own. She wondered about her friend halfway around the world
and hoped that her sending of the letter had not been discovered. Glancing at the bottom of the page, Tammy
noticed another small section of writing.
'P.S. We have all seen the security footage by the way... Boned by an Arcanine and Larvitar, then double-teamed
by a Buizel and Ampharos... Did not expect that of you sweetie. Looked like you enjoyed it though... ;)'
'I am going to have to get out of the team ASAP once this letter is sent, if they find out I'll be done
for. I hope our paths cross again someday, in the meantime, maybe I'll find a pokemon for me to enjoy x'
The letter ended. Checking to ensure the rest of the paper was indeed blank, Tammy stored it away safely
in one of her empty drawers before planning for the oncoming storm.
Agent Cynder was high ranking. One of the top foreign experts, he was who Team Rocket sent when they really
wanted to find someone in another region. Luckily, this was not a normal situation, and they had forgotten one
very important factor, one that gave Tammy an advantage that many of their targets wouldn't have. She had worked
for Team Rocket, and she knew what Cynder looked like...

Tammy knew that she had a form a plan of action. If she failed to prepare for this adequately, she would be
captured, and after that... well, she didn't want to think about what might happen. The first thing Cynder would
likely do upon arrival - which my well have already been weeks ago - would be to search for leads. If they knew
that she was in Hoenn then they probably would have established how she got here. The security footage from
the transport would have been obtained somehow, and they would have seen Zuka with her.
Tammy hadn't told the boy where she was headed, but there was always a chance he could have seen her board
the train.
If a team rocket agent were trying to find her, it would be unlikely that they would use the public
transports, too easy to be caught. Zuka lived in Fortree city, if they found him, they would no doubt come
directly for her from there, which would mean skirting down through the forests and through Mauville city.
Tammy knew what she had to do. Picking up a small bag of supplies, she closed the door behind her and
fled quickly south from Lavaridge.

A few days passed, and there had been no sign of the agent. Her small camp in the mountains overlooking the road
to Mauville was quiet, until suddenly a large gust of wind blew through and her fire was extinguished. Tammy could
hear noises coming from behind rocks all around her.
"Hello...? Who's there...?!" she called out nervously. The shadows around her started to move, and a group
of Gengar apparated into the air around her. Tammy fell back nervously away from the pokemon, but they did not
move towards her, they simply sat down on the ground relighting her fire with wil-o-whisp and enjoying its warmth.
Judging that they probably meant no harm, Tammy realised that some good may come from this situation.
"Hello...? Gengar..?" she whispered to them, and they looked up at her in response, "My name is Tammy,
and I have a job for you all, if you're interested..."


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