THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE IMAGINED BY THE AUTHOR TO BE ANTHROPOMORPHIC - TO HAVE THE BODY SHAPE AND FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate pokemon related media.
FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate
pokemon related media.

The Gengar had shown her all of it, everything that Cynder had done since arriving in Hoenn, from his sexual
encounter with the Eevee at the brothel and his penile ejaculation torture of the boy Zuka to Flaafy and the boys
a few days before and their final encounter with the Gengar.
The thing that troubled Tammy the most however, was the fate of the girl that had attempted to mug Cynder
in Lilycove city. He had dragged her back to the brothel, where she was likely now being used for arceus knows
what. But along with this disturbing memory came the location of the Brothel.
Making up her mind, Tammy resolved to travel there. It would be dangerous, yes, but Team Rocket now
believed her to be dead, and would have called off the search. She knew that the girl, and all of the other people
and pokemon there that could be being kept against their will needed rescuing; plus, the chance to get revenge
against team rocket by taking down a big operation of theirs would feel better than any orgasm their brothel
whores could give her.
'I can't just go to the police' she thought to herself, 'they would be too eager to know how I learned of
the brothel, and I can not think of a way to explain that without incriminating myself' and with that, she had
decided on a mission oriented around stealth and espionage.
Packing a bag she once again departed from Lavaridge and made her way to Lilycove .

The train pulled into Lilycove station. Tammy could see the sunlight reflecting off the ocean waves through the
window, a number of small boats jetting into and out of the harbour.
The train tracks had passed a district of warehouses that Tammy had spotted not long beforehand, and that
was where she was headed. Somewhere among them was the building she was looking for.
The area seemed nice enough during the day time, just a series of slightly grotty buildings with a few
trees dotted here and there. Tammy recognised that this was not the sort of place she wanted to be once the sun
set however.
After an hour of searching, she had found it, the same building from Cynder's memories. Tammy knew that
she couldn't just walk through the front door, and so found a drainpipe that lead up the side of an adjacent
warehouse. Slowly and carefully, she made her way up to the roof and set up a miniature encampment for herself,
out of site of any windows.
For the remainder of the day, Tammy kept watch from the roof, but nobody entered or left the building.
'Perhaps this isn't the place...' she thought to herself as darkness fell. All of a sudden however, a lamp above
the door into the building flickered to life.
Over the course of the next hour, Tammy watched as over 50 men and women entered the building. Slowly,
she scaled back down the drainpipe and skirted around the outside of the building, searching for another entrance.
Eventually she came across another door, obviously some kind of supplies entrance. The padlock was old and in
need of replacing, and it broke easily when she shoved her penknife into the keyhole.
Quietly she opened the door and slipped inside. Tammy found herself in near darkness at the end of a long
corridor. On either side of her a number of doors lined the wall. Opening one of them, she entered a small office.
A diary of the weeks activities was lying open on the desk, a big red circle drawn around todays date. Tammy
wondered what that could mean, but knew it couldn't be good.
Suddenly, the handle on the door began to turn. Tammy had barely managed to conceal herself before a man
walked in, dragging a small-breasted Mightyena behind him. Seconds later he had his cock in her mouth, thusting
into her face. Minutes later he was fucking her inches away from Tammy's hiding place beneath the desk. Tammy
listened to it, heard him cum before leaving the pokemon lying on the ground next to a small pile of coins and
leaving the room.
Slowly she crept out from her hiding place. Mightyena jumped when she saw Tammy, but stayed silent, sat on
the ground, cum slowly leaking from her pussy.
"I'm here to help shut this place down" she said, "wouldn't you rather work elsewhere?"
Mightyena sighed and nodded her response.
"What is the event going on today?" she asked, pointing to the circled date. Mightyena opened one of the
desk drawers and pulled out a flyer.
'Bukakke night at the Brothel of the Lily' it read.
"Thank you" she said to Mightyena as she crept from the room. Stealing away down the hall, Tammy began to
hear loud cheering coming from a larger room at the end. Passing a flight of stairs, she noticed a sign labelled
balcony, and assumed that it overlooked the large room.
Creeping quietly onto the balcony above, Tammy peered over the edge. Laid down on a table in the centre
of the room, her skin already glazed and shiny with cum, was the girl from the memory. The one that she had come
to rescue.

The men cheered as yet another man pulled out of her pussy and shot his load onto her chest. All around them men
of all ages stroked their cocks, waiting for their opportunity to coat her with their cream. Another cock moved in
and out of her mouth, while the next man slid his dick into her twat. Her hands pumped cocks of men either side of
her, both of whom came at the same time, squirting streams of their juice onto her as the men around them cheered
once again.
Through an open doorway at the back of the room yet more men were entering every few minutes, handing
payment to a clerk on the door. It was too late to act now, the show had already started. security appeared to be
tight, and Tammy very quickly realised there was only one way she was going to get close enough to act when the
time came.
Reluctantly she began to unbutton her shirt, stripping down to the lacy bra underneath. Her other clothing
followed behind until she was standing alone on the balcony in only her bra and a pair of thin lace panties.
Carefully and quietly she snuck down to the ground floor. Instantly men began to turn and head in her direction
when they saw her. She knew she had to get as close to the girl as possible. Hurrying through the crowd she passed
a number of other females, both human and pokemon until she found herself only a few feet away from the captured
Before she could get any closer however a pair of hands grabbed onto her breasts and tore her bra apart,
releasing her firm, bouncy tits into the open; the man's cock pressed against her ass cheek. Dropping rapidly to
her knees, she grasped the hard dick and pumped it hard. The man finished incredibly quickly, squirting onto her
face, but his loud climax attracted the attention of others who then surrounded her.
Hands found their way onto her breasts and she could feel a finger creeping down into her panties and brushing over
her pussy lips.
The mystery man began to finger her hard and rough; his fingers forcing their way into her little hole.
Ignoring his rude intrusion, Tammy glanced over through the crowd in the direction of the kidnapped girl; she was
now suspended in the air, sandwiched between a man and his pokemon, both of whom were roughly pumping their cocks
into her ass and pussy. A small crowd of men suddenly blocked her view however, queuing to have their turn with
the girl's holes.
Tammy was roughly pushed down onto her hands and knees by the man fingering her.
"Nice and wet... should be ready for you now buddy" he said from behind her, pulling a pokeball from his
pocket. Lucario was sent out, and Tammy felt the head of his cock push against her pussy and his head slip inside.
"Maybe another time sweetheart" she growled as she kicked out, sending Lucario barrelling into his trainer.
Very quickly before they could grab her, Tammy hurled Lucario's empty pokeball that she had grabbed across the room,
watching as it soared perfectly through the air, smashing into the fusebox attached to the far wall.
The light in the room vanished and they were all plunged into darkness. Seconds later Tammy was at the girl's
side, she whispered to her not to panic, and took her cum covered hand, leading her off through the room.
"Where's she gone?!" a voice yelled from behind them, "The slut! She just slid off my cock and ran!"
People all around the room were shouting and running around trying to make sense of what was going on.
Tammy jumped and stifled a scream when a hand erupted from the darkness and grabbed her wrist. Expecting to be hit
or subdued, she was surprised when the eyes that met hers were not of an angry patron or team rocket member, but
the fearful, young eyes of a giganticly breasted Miltank.
"We're getting out, come on" Tammy said, and Miltank instantly displayed a small smile through the fear.
Eventually the three of them managed to reach the edge of a room and found a small staircase leading up to
the overlooking balcony. Taking the stairs two at a time they ran to the top, tits bouncing loudly. In the room
below, a mass of team rocket members surged in through an open door.
"Everybody silence, nobody move!"
The room went quiet and still, and the lights sudden blazed back to life, revealing a room full of stunned,
naked men. Tammy's heart fell when the returned light revealed the female pachurisu still in the room below surrounded
by men. She hadn't seen how many girls were there through the crowds. She resigned herself to the thought that at
least she had managed to rescue two.
"we have to go!" the cum-glazed girl next to her hissed quietly. Watching regretfully as a cock was inserted
into pachurisu's every hole, the girls quietly made their way back down into the quiet hallway towards the service
Passing the office where Tammy had hidden earlier, Tammy heard noise coming from within. 'Mightyena!' Tammy
thought to herself.
"Stop! There's someone else I promised to help"
Quietly, Tammy pushed the handle down and peered through the doorway. Inside two young men were lining up
just about to start fucking Mightyena. She stepped inside.
"Well hello there lovely" one of them said crudely, "and how much do you cost?" as he placed his cock head
against mightyena's pussy lips.
"You forget about her and she can leave now, then get out as soon as we're done and I'm free!" Tammy replied.
The boys looked at each other and smiled
"Out you go doggy" the crude one said, and slapped Mightyena's ass. She scurried towards the door quickly.
"Go with Miltank and the girl, I've set up a small camp on the roof of the building opposite, the one with
the blue roof" Tammy whispered to her as she went by, "hide up there, don't make a sound, I'll come and get you all
when I'm done"
Mightyena nodded her graditude and slipped out.
"on the desk love and open those legs" the crude man said, grinning.
"Stop it, be polite" his friend said, punching him in the arm, "Sorry about him, no manners at all..." he
looked Tammy up and down, "although that said, that pussy looks good"
Climbing onto the desk, Tammy waited and prepared herself. 'At least they have nice looking cocks' she
thought, 'and they are handsome'.
She felt a warm piece of meat press itself against her hole, and closed her eyes, moaning very slightly as
he moved inside. The rude one was going first and appeared to have no time for foreplay or anything else but fucking
doggystyle. Meanwhile his friend walked around them, watching. He reached out and caressed Tammy's soft, bouncy
"Beautiful..." he said quietly and grinned.
The rude boy pulled out of her and moved her off the desk before sitting down himself.
"I'm gonna fuck your ass now lovely slut" he laughed as he pulled Tammy into his lap, his cock impaling her
ass. She gritted her teeth against the pain and began to bounce up and down.
Slowly, the other man pushed her legs apart and she watched as he lined himself up and pushed into her
pussy. They all moaned out as the two boys double teamed Tammy.
Eventually the crude boy came into her ass, filling it with his cream with a very loud orgasm.
"Enjoy that man?" his friend laughed, "you know what that means".
"Shut up you asshole..." the other boy growled lightly.
"We had a bet you see" the boy said, pulling his dick from Tammy's pussy, "whoever came first had to swallow
the other's cum!" he continued, laughing as he stood with his dick out in the open.
Disgruntled, the other boy pulled his softening cock from Tammy's ass with a pop, and his creamy cum spilled
out all over his lap and the desk. He then proceeded to kneel.
"open your mouth buddy!"he laughed before turning to Tammy, "do me a favour hot stuff and wank me off into
his mouth will ya?"
Tammy grabbed the cock, slick with her pussy juice and wanked it. It didn't take him long to start moaning
"You ready?" he asked his friend and laughed heartily when he didn't respond, "I'll take it from here" he
continued and took hold of his penis. Pushing it into his friend's mouth he started to cum and his friend gagged
"ah yeah!" he shouted before laughing at the other boy's reaction, "swallow it then lick me clean"
Meanwhile Tammy had snuck away over to the door, she pulled down the handle.
"I'd finish up and get out before the cops arrive if I were you" she said to their surprise before fleeing
from the room and out of the building.

Up on the roof the girls were sat under blankets in Tammy's makeshift camp having cleaned the cum from their skin.
they looked incredibly relieved when they saw Tammy, even if there was cum running out of her ass and down her leg.
Mightyena passed her a towel and one of the blankets and they waited while she cleaned up, wondering what her next
move would be.
Tammy smiled reassuringly to the girlsand turned to Mightyena.
"Can you use Sunny day to make a flare over the brothel?"

Minutes later and Hoenn Police vehicles surrounded the brothel and were marching inside. Tammy was relieved to see
a slightly shaky legged but otherwise ok Pachurisu being escorted to safety along with a host of other girls...

The next day outside the city limits Tammy prepared to bid farewell to the girls.
"be careful now girls" Tammy said to them, "team rocket may well come looking for you, so find somewhere
quiet and safe"
Miltank and Mightyena waved before disappearing down the road. The girl however, stayed, and turning to
Tammy she had a look of sadness on her face.
"where am I supposed to go that's safe?" she asked nervously. Tammy looked her up and down, she was small
and timid, it was easy to see how Cynder had overpowered her in the first place.
"Look, I have a place in Lavaridge..." Tammy replied and instantly the girl's eyes brightened, "it's quiet
and deep into the mountains. Why don't you come and stay with me for a little while..."
"Can I really? That would be amazing, thank you!" she cried out with joy, "I'm Ayra by the way, and I never
thanked you properly for saving me" Ayra said, dropping to her knees in thanks.
"I did what was right, nothing more" she replied modestly, "but now we have to go, it's not safe for us here"

And minutes later, the wind rushing along the empty road where they had stood before, the girls were gone.



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Thank you for your comment! Glad to find someone who is a fan and yes, I'll keep that in mind as thinking about it, you're right! I'm working gradually on the next one at the moment. Not sure entirely what direction it will end up in, but I can definitely foresee Tammy surrounded by and stuffed full of pokecock in her near future... watch this space...!

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It's been a while since Tammy had sex with a Pokemon, hasn't it? The last time was with a Houndour in the second chapter. Yeah she watched and wanked to the Pokemon orgy in the third chapter, and had a Lucario cock briefly in her pussy in this chapter, but I think Tammy deserves some fun after dealing with Cynder and his mess. Would love to see get knotted by multiple Pokemon, or at the least be filled with large amounts of pokecum.

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