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He paid no attention to her as she entered the room. He was used to
the help being around him while he worked. He paid all of them well
enough to do their work without bothering him. The maid would simply
clean the room and then leave.

Her perfume smelled different today, more like that of a young woman
then someone who was fifty years old. This caused him to look up. In
front of him was a very good looking woman, about 30 years old with a
great body. She was wearing a maids outfit with a hem that allowed an
ample view of her legs. Her breasts were held tightly within the top
which was cut to push her breasts up, exposing the tops of them to him.
Looking at her, he felt his cock start to harden within his pants.

"Where's Pat?" he asked. "She's sick today, sir. I'm her niece,
Lois. She asked me to fill in for her. I hope you don't mind?" "No,
I don't mind. I have to stay here while you work though, please try not
to disturb me." he said. He was thinking that he would really
like was to fuck her instead of working. It was a good thing he was
behind the desk. His cock was hard now, straining against the fabric of
his pants. "I won't bother you sir" she said as she started to clean the

There was a large wall-to-wall bookcase directly in front of his desk.
With a smile, he said "there is a lot of dust on the bookcase. Please
make sure you clean all of the books. You can use the ladder to reach
the top." He knew she would have stretch to reach the top shelf. He
started to look forward to seeing her ass as she stretched out while
cleaning. Her dress was too short to cover her while she was up there.

She moved to the bookcase. As she walked, he noticed how slim her legs
were. It looked like she used them a lot. "You have very nice legs.
Do you run?" "No, sir, I lift weights for exercise. I do a couple of
different things for my legs. My favourite type of exercise is squatting
with weights on my shoulders. This helps me keep my legs in shape. I'm
glad you think they're nice." She knew how great her legs looked. She
also thought of how good squatting was for her. Especially if there was
a hot cock for her to squat down on. Should she tell him that? No, she
thought. He was not paying her to tell him what she liked. He was
paying her and he wanted her to clean the bookcase, not fuck him.

She started cleaning the middle shelves first. He was not working now.
His hand was under the desk, rubbing his cock as he watched her. He
wondered what she was wearing under her dress. He thought of the
stories he had read of French Maids as he was growing up. Was she
wearing panties? Did she have a garter belt on? She was wearing white
stockings. He hoped they were not panty hose. He imagined they would
be stockings, attached to a garter. He hoped for thin white silk
panties, thin enough that he would be able to see the outline of her

Looking up, he noticed that she was cleaning some of the higher shelves
now. As she reached up, her dress moved up exposing her ass. She was
wearing a garter best. Underneath it was a pair of panties that left
most of her ass uncovered. The site of her almost made his cum as he
let out a slow moan. He quickly coughed and moved some papers on his
desk to cover his sounds. He wondered if she heard him. Since she kept
on working, he didn't think so.

She knew what she was doing. She had dressed to capture his attention.
She was sure she had heard him moan just now. What man wouldn't if he
was looking at her ass. Each time she lifted her arms, she felt the
cheeks of her ass being exposed. The panties she had on barely covered
her. They disappeared between the crack of her ass and did not reappear
again until they came to her pussy. Right now they were very wet in
front. She knew he was hard. His hand had been under the desk ever
since she entered the room. There was a mirror in the corner. He did
not know that she could see him in it. She had seen him looking at her
as she lifted her arms. She saw him shift in his seat. She imagined
how hard his cock had gotten while looking at her. She had to find a
way to get him up from the desk. She wanted to see the bulge in his

"Sir, I'm ready to clean the top shelves now. Could you hold the
ladder for me? I'm afraid it might fall.". She was also afraid that he
might not get up since his cock was so hard. "I'm kind of busy right
now, can you wait a few minutes? I have to finish this letter." Shit,
he thought, I can't let her see me this way. "Will you please go get me
a cup of coffee" he asked. That would get her out of the room. "I
should be done by the time you get back." Damn, she thought as she left
the room.

She was getting very horny thinking of him. While she was waiting for
the water to boil, she lifted her dress and slid her hand down inside
her panties. She was very wet. The feeling of the wet silk cooling on
the top of her hand and the heat from her wet pussy felt very good. She
slid a finger down across her clit and buried it in her cunt. She
leaned back against the wall and lifted her leg to a chair to allow her
finger to slide deeper into her. She closed her eyes and imagined him
fucking her as her finger slid in and out of her hot cunt. She was
almost ready to cum when the coffee pot began to whistle, forcing her to
stop. If she did not turn it off, someone else might come in and find
her like this. She wouldn't mind if it was him, but she didn't know who
else was in the house.

Thank god she left the room, he thought as he got up. He had to undo
his pants to move his cock around. Looking at her had made him so hard
that his cock had become jammed in the folds of his pants. He walked
around the room, breathing slowly, trying to will his cock to get soft.
Just as it started to get a little softer, she came back into the room.

"Here is your coffee, sir. There is sugar and cream on the tray." She
thought of what type of cream she would like right now. "Is there
anything else I can get for you?". "No he said, nervously picking up the
coffee. You can go on cleaning." Looking at the bulge of his cock, she
knew exactly what she wanted to clean. "Will you hold the ladder while
I do the top shelves?" she asked. There was no way he could evade me
now, she thought. "Ok" he said. "But the ladder slants out too far. I
will have to stand in front of it while you are on it." Moving to the
ladder, he placed himself between it and the bookcase. He held it as
she started to climb. He thought she would only go up two or three
steps, placing her stomach directly in front of his face. He was
pleasantly surprised when she kept climbing until her pussy was directly
in front of him. As she reached up, her dress rose up to expose her
pussy to him. He could see that she was very wet. She was so close to
his face that he could smell the sweet fragrance of her pussy. He had
trouble holding the ladder steady as his cock created a tent in the
crouch of his pants. He had to fuck this woman.

She looked down and saw what was happening to him. "Are you all right
sir?", she asked him. "Is there anything I can do for you?", she asked,
knowing the answer. She moved her pussy closer to his face as she
asked, "Would you like to taste my pussy?". "Yes", he responded. He
could think of nothing else to say. "Don't move until I tell you to"
she told him. "If you do everything I say, you can fuck me. If you do
not, I will leave and you will have to take care of your hard on in your
own way. Is that understood?" "I will do whatever you tell me if you
will let me fuck you." he said. While he stood there, looking at her
pussy, she reached down and pulled her panties up, forcing them between
the lips of her pussy. With her hand, she slowly stroked the piece of
silk hidden within the soft folds, parting them each time her fingers
moved up and down. She was so wet, the juices seemed to be dripping out
of her cunt. "Take your cock out of your pants, and play with it." she
told him. She warned him not to cum as he started to unzip his pant and
take his cock in his hand. She looked down as him as he slowly stroked
the hot shaft of meat. She watched the head as it disappeared each time
his hand moved the loose skin over it. She wondered how long he could
keep it up before he came. Watching him, made her wetter. Her finger
found it's way behind the folds of her panties and into her pussy. She
was finger fucking herself right in front of his. She made sure her
finger was covered with her cunt juice. Taking it out of her, she
placed it in front of him. "Would you like to taste it?" she asked,
offering her finger to him. "Please" he whispered as he opened his
mouth to accept her finger. Closing his lips around it, he tasted the
sweet juice from her pussy. He moved his mouth back and forth, taking
her finger in and then releasing it. He timed the movements to the
stroking of his cock. He was losing it, forgetting where he was. His
hand was moving faster and faster on his cock, pumping it, making it
bigger. He continued to suck on her finger as he jacked himself off.
She was not stopping him..

She had not planned to let him cum. She was going to stop him before he
lost control. But watching him was turning her on more. While he was
sucking on her finger, she moved her other hand to her pussy, burying
two fingers within her. She rested against the ladder, fucking herself
as she watched him. She was so hot. She knew it would not take long to
get herself off. Watching him would only make her cum faster. She
hoped she would be able to outlast him. Looking down on him, she could
see that the head of his cock was pulsing with each stroke of his hand.
There were already small drops of cum clinging to the small slit. His
breathing was becoming fast and erratic as his hand pumped his shaft
faster and faster. "I'm CUMMING" he screamed as the white liquid
squirted out of his cock, pushed by the uncontrolled contractions within
his body. She wished she had been in a position to take him in her
mouth as he came. She wanted to taste his cum. The site of him cumming
was all she needed to drive her past the point of no return. Her finger
was moving faster now, burying themselves deep in her hot cunt with
each stroke. She grabbed the ladder to keep from falling just as her
body was rocked by an orgasm.

It took a moment for her to recover. She knew she was just starting.
He had not moved from under the ladder. He stood there looking at her
pussy which was dripping with her cum. He had let go of his cock, which
was still semi-hard. "Did I tell you to stop playing with yourself?".
He responded, "No, you didn't. I came, so I thought I was done.".
She screamed at him, "Your not done, until I say so. I want to see that
thing hard again. Keeping stroking it until I tell you to stop. You
better not cum again unless I tell you to." She was satisfied as he
took his cum covered cock in his hand and slowly started to stroke it.
She watched it get harder. Thinking of how it would feel inside her
caused her to shiver. "Come over to this side of the ladder." she told
him. "And don't you stop jacking off." As he moved, he said "if I
don't stop, I'm going to cum again. I can't control myself. Please let
me stop for just a few seconds." He didn't like being told what to do,
but he found this woman exciting and he knew he would not stop unless
she told him to. She wanted his cock in her mouth the next time he
came. "You can stop moving your hand, but don't let go. I want you to
keep your cock hard for me."

She slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them without
getting off the ladder. Then, she lifted her right leg up one rung on the
ladder to create enough room for what she had in mind. "Put your head
up here, in front of my pussy." The ladder was wide enough to allow him
to rest against it. He was able to slide his head up between her legs,
stopping with his mouth directly in front of her pussy. Her cunt was
wet, glistening with her juice. Her scent overwhelmed him. If he had
still been stroking his cock, he would have cum, just smelling her
pussy. He was so close to cumming, he squeezed his cock hard to make
sure he didn't.

"Do you want to eat my pussy?" she asked him. "Would you like to fuck
me with your tongue, make me cum on your face?" As he said "yes", she
moved her hips forward, pinning him against the ladder, placing her
pussy directly over his mouth. "Fuck me." she told him. "Use your
tongue to get me off." Her pussy completely covered his mouth. He could
only breath through his nose. Each breath filled him with the smell of
her, made it harder to control his cock. Even thought she told him not
to, he wasn't sure he could keep himself from cumming. His cock was so
hard, straining for release. He realized that his hand was stroking it
again, involuntarily, bringing him closer to the moment when his cum
would shoot from his hot shaft.

She knew how close he was to cumming but really didn't care. The fact
that he was trying to fight it was what was important to her. He was
the type of man who thought he was always in control. She controlled
him now. The mirrors in the room allowed her to see the proof of his
manhood. His cock was very hard. She could see it twitching in his
hands. She saw how red it had gotten when he squeezed it, trying not to
cum. That he was fighting the pleasures his body craved, the pleasure
her body was giving to him, was important to her. If she was right, he
would cum again, soon. She knew how good her pussy smelled, how good it
tasted. No man could control himself with her pussy so close to his
face. She stopped thinking of him and concentrated on how her body felt
as she felt his tongue parting the lips of her pussy, finding it's way
inside her body. She spread her legs as far as she could to allow him
deeper access to her. "Move your tongue faster, make me cum." she told
him. Her command made him work faster. Her pussy was completely
covering his mouth. He could only breath through his nose. This caused
him to take quicker, shorter breaths as his tongue darted in and out of
her pussy. His hot breath fell directly on her clit, exciting her even
more. She started moving her hips slightly, not enough to release him,
just enough to let his mouth slide up and down her pussy. Her movements
caused his nose to slide between the soft folds of her pussy, rubbing
her clit each time it did. She had to time herself, allowing him to
breath. The feeling of her clit sliding under his nose was unique. It
was pressed down, only to expand again into the opening of his nose. It
was just like fucking him. She liked this.

His tongue had not stopped moving. She was so wet that her juice was
flowing out of her, directly into his mouth. She felt it each time as
he stopped to swallow. Each time he did so, his lips closed, creating a
suction on her pussy. She was close to cumming now. She was enjoying
the feeling of his tongue inside her. It was just long enough to reach
inside her pussy and touch one of the most sensitive locations in her

He could not believe what she was doing. She was moving her body,
completely covering his face. He had to time his breathing to her. He
felt her clit sliding across his nose. Each time he breathed, he was
completely overcome with the scent of her cunt. It was like inhaling
pure sex. The juice from her cunt was flowing directly into his mouth.
She tasted very good. His body, needing release was quivering,
completely out of his control. His hand started stroking his cock,
pumping it each time his tongue entered her pussy. The feeling started
in his groin, a tingling that spread across his balls as the twitching
of his cock increased. He had no control now, he was going to cum no
matter what he did. He stroked himself faster, speeding up the flow of
cum from his balls, causing his body to jerk violently as the white hot
cum erupted from the end of his cock, arching up and away from his body.
He was not conscious of what his tongue was doing while his body was
in the grip of his own orgasm. He was brought back to reality as her
pussy was crushed against his face and a flood of hot, sweet juice was
released into his mouth.

She felt the movement of his body. She knew he had lost control of his
ability to keep from cumming. She watched him as his hand started
moving up and down his cock. She hoped his hand felt as good for him as
his tongue did within her. She knew how close he was to cumming. His
hand was moving faster now, pushing the skin of his cock up over the
head, burying it in it's own warmth. It would not be much longer before
she would replace his hand with her own hot lips. His tongue was moving
faster now, ramming itself deeper into her pussy, matching the movements
of his hand. She was on the verge of cumming now. She had to fight the
demands her body was making. She had to hold off until he came. When
she thought she would lose to the needs of her own body, she felt him
tense as a stream of cum shot from his cock. His hand kept stroking his
cock, pumping the white liquid from his body. This was what she was
waiting for, actually, what her body was waiting for. Her own orgasm
had started from all parts of her body, building and concentrating all
the feelings of pleasure at one point near her pussy. The orgasm was
intense and swift as she crushed her pussy against his mouth, against
his still moving tongue, releasing her cum to him as wave after wave of
ecstasy crashed through her body.

After the orgasms stopped and her breathing had returned to normal, she
lifted her pussy from his face and stepped down to the floor. "Don't
move" she told him. "I have a surprise for you." She reached up and
undid the buttons on his shirt, kissing his chest as she did so. She
had him lean forward so she could remove the shirt. Next, she removed
his pants, exposing the full length of his cock to her. Reaching into
the small pockets on her dress, she removed four straps. Using these,
she tied his hands and feet to the ladder. Making sure he was
comfortable, she knelt in front of him and took his cock in her hands.
It was soft now and covered with his cum. She gently squeezed the soft
flesh between her fingers, stroking it lightly as she did. His cock
started to respond to her hands, twitching in them as she felt it
starting to grow for her. She placed the tip of it against her lips and
slid her tongue out to meet it. Turning her head sideways, she slid her
tongue along the entire length of his shaft and under his balls. By
now, he was very hard. Cupping his balls, she took each one in her
mouth, sucking on them very gently. This caused him to let out a very
soft moan, confirming the pleasure she was giving him.

She moved her mouth back up the hot shaft while she continued to play
with his balls. Even though he had just cum, his cock was jumping up
and down each time her lips touched it. She was sure that he was very
close to cumming again. This time, she would have his cock in her mouth
when the cock juice squirted from him. She would play with him as long
as she could, prolonging the pleasure he was feeling. She felt how wet
her pussy was as she reached down to play with herself. She only needed one hand to play with his cock.

Parting her lips, she took only part of his cock head in her mouth. She
ran her tongue around it and slipped it between the small slit at the
end. She could taste the cum that was still in him from the previous
orgasms. She thought of how good he would taste when he came in her
mouth this time. She moved her lips down, over the smooth ridge at the
base of his cock head, sucking hard as she did so. Her sucking caused
his cock to grow harder in her mouth. She could feel the veins pumping
the make him harder for her. Her fingers were on her pussy now. She was
moving them back and forth across the entire length of her pussy, starting
at her clit, slipping in between the pink folds of skin leading to the
hot receptive hole between her legs. She buried her fingers deep
inside her cunt, wishing there was a way she could prolong the feeling
of something sliding into her. When she could go no further, she
started to slide them out, putting pressure against the top of the
rippling walls as she did so. She continued to move her hand as her
fingers came out of her pussy, tracing back up along the folds of her
pussy lips until she felt the hardness of her clit. She spread her
fingers slightly, allowing it to slide between them. She couldn't
decide what felt better, something rubbing her clit or, sliding in and
out of her pussy. She was glad she did not have to settle for one or
the other. Right now, she thought, she could have both as she slid her
hand forward to repeat the process again. She would continue to do this
until he came. She knew from past experiences that the taste of his
cum, filling her mouth, would make her cum again.

She returned her attention to his cock. He was so close to cumming that
he was trying to fuck her mouth. She bid down gently, causing him to
stop. She was in control, she would make him cum when she was ready,
not before. His cock tasted so good in her mouth. She moved her head
forward slowly, taking his entire length in her mouth. She was glad she
had learned how to let a cock slide down her throat without causing her
to gag. She knew how great the tightness of her throat felt on his
cock. She could feel the head as it throbbed in the back of her mouth.
Opening her mouth further, she extended her tongue and licked down
between his balls. As she started to let him slide out of her mouth,
she used her lips to grasp the loose skin that surrounded him, pulling
it up over the head on his cock as he slid out of her mouth. She did
not let the entire length of his cock slide past her lips. She stopped
moving just as she felt the thickness of its head start to slide
between her lips. When she felt this, she released the hold her lips
had on his cock skin. She felt this slide out, across her lips as
his cock stayed within her mouth. She continued sucking him this way,
sometimes moving very fast, sometimes very slow. He was breathing
faster now and trying to control the movement of his cock as she fucked
him with her mouth. He was very close to cumming. She could feel the
contraction within his body each time his entire cock was in her mouth
and her lips were against his body. She had been finger fucking her
self and was ready to cum. She had one surprise left for him. She knew
he would cum when he felt what she was going to do to him.

Reaching down to her pussy she covered her other hand with her cunt
juices, making sure her fingers were very slippery. She reached up and
rubbed his balls, letting her fingers slide behind them, toward the
cheeks of his ass. She firmly rubbed the skin behind his balls, knowing
that his cum would soon follow this path as it shot from him. Her
fingers found the hole she was looking for. As she pressed her finger
against him, she felt his prick move violently in her mouth. Knowing he
was very close to cumming, she pressed her finger hard against his ass,
sliding it entire length inside his body as his ass tightened around it.
She started moving in and out of him, timing her movements to both her
lips on his cock and the fingers fucking her pussy. She felt him
cumming even before the cum entered her mouth. She felt it with her
fingers as it travelled along the inside of his body, following the trail
along the underside of his cock and squirting out of him, filling her
mouth. As she fought to keep his cock in her mouth, while swallowing his cum, she kept fucking him with her fingers. This seemed to make him cum again, as if he were having a multiple orgasm. She didn't care what it was, as long as she could feel him in her mouth.

Her fingers had not stopped playing with her pussy. She was waiting
only for him to finish before she allowed her pussy to contract tightly
around her fingers as the flood gates of her body opened, releasing her
own juices as she was overcome with an orgasm of her own.

When her body stopped shaking, she stood up and released him. "I hope
you enjoyed that sir" she said as she picked up her panties and
retrieved the straps she had used to bind him. "I liked it very much,
especially the surprise ending." he responded as he walked to the desk and picked up an envelope containing $500.00. Giving it to her, he asked, "Will you be coming again next week?" “I might have to convince my aunt she still needs some time off,” she said seductively as she walked out the door.

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