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Dana and her dog, coming to terms with it all.
I’m on my hands and knees, the dog holding me tight around the waist his swollen cock slamming into me rapidly. In my two previous experiences with dog sex once the dogs became fully erect they tried to push as deep into my cunt as they could and they began to come, this one is different. He’s fucking me like a man does, not like a dog; his stiff cock moving in and out of my pussy like a piston, the knot at the base of his dick forcing its way past my cunt lips on its back and forth journey. Each thrust is sending waves of pleasure through me. His erection is huge, the knot even more so, there’s a strange delightful pain involved. I’m loving it. I want more. I know the two of us are going to cum soon, hopefully together. My hands are clinched into fists; my head is hanging down swaying with every hammer blow of his cock inside me. I can’t get enough. I’m close; he’s fucking me harder now, faster. Suddenly I jerk my head up and open my eyes. I am alone in my bed, staring into the darkness. It’s just a dream. DAMN IT!

That’s the problem with sex dreams, they never seem to last until their conclusion; I usually wake up turned on but frustrated and unfulfilled, and this was no exception. Pulling my nightgown up to my waist, I slipped my hand into my panties. I was wet. Half way there, I needed to finish the job. I began rubbing my pussy, pressing down firmly in order to put indirect pressure on my clitoris. I wasn’t looking for a wild frenzied orgasm, but something gentle; relief so I can go back to a restful sleep. It didn’t take long. Within minutes I felt my muscles tense up, then relax as a sensation of pure contentment gripped me. Then I drifted off to sleep knowing I was going to have to call on Dana and Archie once more.

I made the call the next morning. When I said I’d like to get together I made sure to include her dog Archie in the invitation, she got the message and knew what I wanted. She told me her husband was going on one of his business trips Monday morning and I should come over later that day. Funny thing, I’d had sex with dogs twice before, and my attitude had changed with each. The first time, with Archie, while uncontrollably curious, I’d been scared and somewhat reluctant. The second time, I’d allowed myself to be “talked into it” by my boyfriend so he could watch only to find out that I’d really been looking for an excuse to do it again. This time I was neither nervous nor needing an excuse, I was looking forward to it. I guess once you break a taboo it just gets easier. This time I was openly looking forward to Monday.

The day arrived, finally. As I pulled up in front of her house I couldn’t help think of the differences between now and the first time I had an appointment with Archie. Just the fact that it had been winter then and this time was early summer gave it a different feel. As I said, this time I was glad to be there, joyful actually. I knew what was waiting for me, or so I thought. I didn’t know that Dana had a surprise or two waiting for me.

As I came up the walk she appeared on the porch to meet me. I don’t think I’ve said much about Dana before. In her early forties, she’s more attractive than she has a right to be (yes, I’m jealous, meow!). This day she looked positively gorgeous standing there. Her short dark hair parted on one side, combed across her forehead like a bird’s wing above the dark expressive eyebrows that accentuated her deep brown eyes. Add to that a radiant smile. The short one piece sundress she was wearing accentuated her figure; like I said, gorgeous. As a young woman, she married a much older man with money; a typical trophy wife. It worked out well for her. Realizing their age difference, he pretty much let her loose to have her fun as long as she was discreet about it. It was a freedom she was known to exercise.

She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and directed me into the house. This was different from the last time I came to visit her and Archie. We sat down and had a glass of wine the same as before, but with a big distinction; then she fed me the wine to steady my nerves so I could go through with it, this time it was for purely social reasons. I had previously told her the story of my experience with my boyfriend’s sister’s dog, how I had sex with him while Ron watched. I guess it was to be expected that she would bring that up. I was, however, surprised with the direction it took.

“So, now that you’ve put on a show for Ron, does that mean I’m allowed in the room today?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. It was, after all, her house and her dog. I was just a guest and one who had invited herself over at that. Oddly, I didn’t find it all that troubling, sort of like we were sharing some kind of special bond, two middle aged secret sorority sisters.

“I didn’t kick you out the last time, you just sort of left me down there on my own.”

“Well, I thought your first time you should have some privacy.”

“And now?”

“Let’s just say I have a trick or two up my sleeve that you might find enjoyable. You up for that?”

I figured, why not? After all, she hadn’t steered me wrong this far. An advanced tutorial in deviant sex; this could get really interesting. Trying to look casual, I merely arched my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders, then nodded my head in agreement. She wasted no time, setting her wine glass down, she stood up and came around the table. Smiling slightly, she reached down and took my hand. I took it as a signal to stand up, which I did. Then she surprised me; releasing my hand she slid her arms over my shoulders and around my neck and kissed me, her tongue sliding lightly across my lips.

I can’t say I was shocked because I knew Dana was openly bi-sexual and it had occurred to me before that something like this might happen someday. I myself had never had any lesbian experience before and really didn’t know how to react. Thinking that it could happen and having it actually happen are two different things. I was slightly bewildered, but while I wasn’t wildly turned on, it was a pleasant sensation and I decided to go with it. She could do whatever she wanted and I would follow her lead. My stomach knotted up with excitement as she kissed me a second time, passionately, harder, more forcefully. This time her tongue pushed past my lips into my mouth. Now I was turned on.

Slowly I began to respond, our tongues entwined, my hands which had been hanging limply at my sides, moved up and rested on her hips. I was really getting into this now as my hands moved back feeling her ass through the thin material of her sundress. There was an odd exciting feeling involved, the kind you get when you do something for the first time that you believe is not allowed. The kiss ended and she stepped back smiling, her finger tips brushed across my cheek lightly.

“Wasn’t so bad, was it?” I shook my head and silently mouthed the word no.

“Well, come on, let’s go have some fun.” With that she slid her arm around my waist and we went down stairs to the game room.

When we reached the bottom she opened the door and we went down the two steps into the room; the scene of my first canine encounter. There was a feeling of familiarity as I looked around remembering that afternoon. It was all there, the fireplace, the coffee table and, of course Archie. I could feel the excitement building as we walked over to him.

He sat up wagging his tail, glad to see us. We both stooped down and began to pet him, he seemed thrilled to be getting all this attention. I had to wonder if he knew he was going to get laid, it was hard to tell. It amazed me that there were never any overt signs of it with him. I don’t know if it was training, discipline, or just some sort of unusual self-restraint, but it seemed like he never did anything unless he was invited. Like I said, I don’t know if that was natural or learned from experience. All I do know is when I looked down, the head of his cock was sticking out of its sheath about an inch looking back at me, red, pointed and ready. It was like an old friend coming out to say hello. This was what I was here for, I was getting eager, and obviously so was Archie, or at least he was hopeful. I wasn’t sure what “tricks” Dana had in store for me, but I was anxious to get on with things.

Seeing me looking down at his cock, Dana decided it was time to get started. Standing up, she gestured to me to follow as she walked over to the coffee table. She kissed me again, this time softly and gently, no tongue. Somehow, it was more exciting than the passion filled kiss she’d laid on me upstairs. I’d always been under the impression that when women made love to each other one acted like a man, but Dana was entirely feminine, there was no mistaking that. Perhaps that unexpected difference was what was making it so enticing. She stepped back, placed her hand on the side of my face, and looked my smiling slyly.

“Trust me?” she asked quietly. I nodded my head. “Good, go with this now, I really think you’re going to like it.”

With that she began undoing my shorts then pushed them down along with my panties. The shorts fell free down around my ankles while the underpants clung to my thighs hobbling me. I raised my arms as she pushed my shirt up over my head. She tossed it over on the couch, my bra quickly joined it.

“You said you liked it best when you were on your back and Archie was on top, right?”

She was right. I remember telling her the sensations were more intense in the “missionary” position. At the time she told me that was probably because his penis was putting pressure on my G-spot; that marvelous, elusive, much sought after orgasmic trigger. I don’t know if that was true or not, just that I had loved the feeling and wanted it again. I was willing to do whatever she wanted in order to relive it.

“OK then, sit down and lay back”, she gestured to the table. “Just trust me now, this is going to seem a little kinky at first, but I think you’re going to love it if you give it a chance.”

I did what she said, sat down finished removing my underwear, laid back and waited. She went over to the couch and picked up a pillow, a towel, and some strips silky looking material and came back over. The pillow and towel I understood. The strips of cloth I wasn’t too sure of, although I could make a guess. She was right, this was starting to get real kinky, and that was saying a lot when you remember that I’d gone there in the first place to fuck a dog.

“Raise yourself up, hon.” I did and she slid the pillow under my hips. “Now slide down just a little.”

Once she was sure I was positioned right, she took two of the strips of cloth, scarves actually, and moved to the other end of the table. She took my wrist and tied one end of a scarf to it in a kind of half bow. Bringing my arm up over my head, she tied the other end to a table leg. She repeated this with the other arm. Frankly, I wasn’t too sure I wanted to do this.

“Aren’t we supposed to have some kind of safe word? You know, in case I want out of this.”

“Untie me, works pretty well. Besides, if you grab the loose end of the knot and pull it with your fingers until the bow disappears, you’re out. But,” she advised me, “don’t do it. Stick it out, like I said, you’re going to love this.”

Then she went to the opposite end of the table and finished the job, tying my ankles directly to the table legs. There I was, tied down to a coffee table, bare naked, thighs spread, and kind of uncomfortable. I felt kind of like some sort of human sacrifice in one of those adventure stories, about to be offered up to King Kong or some pagan crocodile god. Part of me wanted out but the rest of me had faith in Dana. I didn’t say a word; after all, she had assured me I was going to love it. There was only one way to find out if she was right.

I thought she was going to call Archie over and let him have at me, but instead she stayed on her knees between my legs. Fact is I don’t know where Archie was, I don’t know how he managed to show that kind of control, he never seemed to get involved unless he was encouraged. I don’t know if she had taught him that or if Dana had him so used to human pussy that it wasn’t such a big deal to him and he was willing to wait until it was offered. Perhaps he just wasn’t all that bright.

Then I felt Dana’s hands on my bent knees, they slid slowly up my legs, over my hips and across my abdomen. I sort of knew this was coming, but like the first kiss she gave me upstairs, I wasn’t really prepared for it. She began kissing my inner thighs, then moved on to my pussy, sending a shock wave of arousal through me. Her tongue traced a wavering trail up the length of one labia and down the other, finally moving up and down my slit. I’m sure from my position the lips were gapped open slightly, but her tongue was moving so softly and lightly it hadn’t slid past them to the interior. Finally I felt the gentle pressure of her thumbs as she pressed my cunt lips apart and her tongue ever so softly stroked the sensitive inner flesh. I could feel the orgasm building as her tongue delicately glossed repeatedly over my clitoris. Then I felt one of her fingers push into me. Twisting, turning, wiggling; she wasn’t finger fucking me so much as caressing the inside of my vagina.

Sex with another woman was definitely different from sex with a man. It seemed gentler, more deliberate, and less frenzied. I wanted to reach down and run my fingers through her hair, but my wrists were bound. Yes, this added a surprising erotic feel to it all. It was as if my pussy was on its own, the rest of my body had to lay back and enjoy it but not participate. I could feel my nipples harden, my legs straining to wrap themselves around her, my hands and arms dying to embrace her, but I couldn’t. I laid there helpless as she brought me to orgasm, my hips involuntarily jerking and twisting while the rest of me drifted off into ecstasy. My head turned to the side and I heard myself.

“Oh, fuckin’ damn, damn”, followed by a low whimpering groan as I came. Dana had done her job well.

As I laid there recovering, I heard a soft bark; Archie had become aware of what was happening. I raised my head as best as I could and looked to the far end of the table. Dana was still between my thighs smiling at me.

“Well, look who’s come over to see you.”

She tipped her head towards Archie. I could see him fidgeting around in an agitated state behind her, waiting for a chance to get at my pussy. Raising herself up on her knees, Dana folded the towel she’d brought over in half lengthwise, then slid it under the small of my back overlapping the ends on my stomach. She wanted to minimize the chances of claw marks and scratches. It was a strangely comforting feeling, a warm fuzzy girdle.

Dana stood up and moved aside and Archie rushed in. His wet nose and whiskers tickled my upper thighs as he quickly sniffed around my pussy. Then there was his tongue as he began rapidly licking me. This was the start of what I’d been waiting for; the effects were almost immediate. It was as if every muscle in my body tightened up and my thighs moved as far apart as they could under the circumstances giving him as much access to me as possible. The difference between Dana’s technique and her dog’s instinctive lapping was striking. Her tongue had been gentle and articulate; the tip lovingly and expertly tantalizing me until I came. Archie’s was strong and rapid, forcing its way into my pussy, its rough surface covering every fold and crevice. It was like the difference between an artist’s brush working on the fine and delicate details and a housepainter’s brush giving full and complete coverage; hard to say which was better. All I knew was I was cumming again.

Laying there helpless, unable to move, I was rocked by my second orgasm. Archie started lapping at me furiously, I assume trying to get as much of the juices that had to be flowing from my pussy as he could. The more he licked me the wetter I seemed to get; it was glorious. Then he abruptly stopped and I felt his weight on my stomach when raised himself up trying to get in position. He began thrusting wildly, his cock jabbing at my crotch rapidly, searching for the right spot. Trussed up as I was, there was nothing I could do but wait patiently for him to hit the mark. Besides, I’d learned from my two previous encounters with dog fucking that they will find their way in and Archie was, after all, very experienced.

He didn’t let me down. After a few more moments I felt his dick stab into me. A quick shuffle as he moved as close to me as he could and he began ramming his cock back and forth, going deeper with each thrust. His paws were behind my back clinging to me as his cock moved easily in and out of my soaking wet pussy, well lubricated from my own juices and his pre-cum. I guess it’s one of those things that you’re either into or you’re not, but I got a surge of excitement just knowing that the cock that had just penetrated me was basically “forbidden fruit”. It was something that wasn’t supposed to happen but did and I loved it; breaking the rules made it more exhilarating. This was my third time letting a dog fuck me, and each time it was easier to do, but I hoped that that feeling of exotic, nasty sexuality would never go away.

Then I felt that beautifully precious knot at the base of his cock banging against my cunt lips, finally forcing its way in. I could feel it inside me, moving back and forth, almost coming out then moving quickly forward, stimulating me, arousing me further, if that was even possible. His thrusting slowed drastically as his cock began to expand to full erection. The sensation involved was almost indescribable. It enlarged quickly, stretching my vaginal walls, the head pressing tightly against my cervix, filling me so tightly I swear I could feel every twitch and throb as he came. His erect prick was larger than I’d remembered, larger than my boyfriend’s sister’s dog. I have to wonder if Dana had done some type of “research” on dog penis size by breed, because if it had been much bigger it may have been too painful to enjoy. But as it was it was perfect.

The knot had increased in size also, creating a uniquely erotic pressure in my pussy. I once described it as stimulating my clitoris from inside, and as I said earlier, Dana thought it was pressing on my G-spot. I don’t really know, perhaps we were both right, all I was sure of was that I was coming right along with Archie. The scarves tightened on my wrists as I involuntarily struggled against them as I orgasmed. Unable to move, I had to lay there and let Archie fuck me as he pleased, and from the whimpering little sounds he was making he was very pleased.

The thrusting had stopped, he was now pushing his cock forward slightly in a rhythmical rocking motion. It was as if he was trying to go deeper into me, but that wasn’t possible; he was all the way in, besides, there was nowhere left to go. It may have been some instinctive motion, a way of forcing his cum into a female’s reproductive system. It may have worked; in my mind I envisioned my uterus and fallopian tubes swollen and heavy, filled to capacity with dog cum waiting in vain to fertilize a litter.

That’s when I felt Dana’s hands run down my arms. She’d moved to the head of the table and had decided it was time to join in. Her soft hands continued down to my breasts, her fingertips gently stroking them, circling my nipples, finally pressing her palms down on them in a tender caress. She leaned over, kissing me on the cheek. I could feel her breath as she whispered into my ear.

“It’s good, isn’t it honey?”

All I could muster in response was a moan and a nod of my head. She’d just added the one thing that had been missing in my previous encounters with dog sex, the human touch. Between her and her dog, I was being taken somewhere I’d never been before and I loved them for it. I can never fully describe the exotically blissful feel of Archie’s erect prick pumping cum into me while Dana attended to my needs to feel emotion and affection. They supplemented each other; Archie fucking me while Dana made love to me. It was heaven on a coffee table.

Finally Archie swung his leg across my stomach as he turned around to face the other way. Due my position his leg came down awkwardly outside my leg. He began to briefly struggle to get it between my thighs. I could feel the knot pressing against my labia, stretching them, on the verge of popping out. Once he got his leg untangled the knot settled back into position. Needless to say, all this activity not only refueled my dying orgasm but enhanced it. I was beside myself, shivering with uncontrollable passion. I didn’t think it could get any better, but Dana was to prove me wrong.

Moving to the side of the table she leaned over me, kissing my neck and throat first, then moving down to my breasts. As her tongue tortured my erect nipples her hand slid down my body to my pussy. Her fingertips pressed down massaging my cunt lips further exciting my clitoris, already agitated by Archie’s thick cock, not to mention its swollen knot. My wrists and ankles strained against their bindings while my hips jerked and squirmed uncontrollably. I don’t know what Archie was thinking, since dog sex is different from human sex I don’t know if a twisting grinding pussy is as arousing to him as it is to a man. Perhaps it’s frightening. I don’t know and at that point didn’t care. All I knew was I was in the middle of a massive orgasm; a toe curling, eyes rolling into your head, sweating bullets, crying out loud orgasm. Basically I was in sensory overload. I was close to swooning when I felt his cock begin to deflate, the pressure in my pussy fading away.

Once he pulled out, he turned around and started licking my dripping pussy again. I’m sure there’s a biological reason why they do this after intercourse, but to me it was like watching long distance runners on TV; when they cross the finish line, they slow to a walk, but keep on going. After the series of powerful orgasms I’d just had, I needed to cool down slowly and Archie’s tongue was my way of “walking it off”. It was a delightful finish to it all. I tightened my abdominal muscles as hard as I could to try and force as much of his cum out of me as I could. Don’t know if it worked or not, but it was worth a try.

When he finished and walked away, Dana leaned over and pulled the loose ends of the knot at my wrists, releasing them. Then she untied my ankles. It felt good to stretch my legs out; the strain and the odd position had caused some knotting of the muscles. I sat up on the edge of the table and used the towel to clean myself off. Dana bent down, brushed my hair back from my face, and kissed me on the cheek.

“Well, how was it?”

I looked at her and smiled. Then I leaned over and kissed her. It was the only answer I could come up with, but it said it all; loving gratitude. I wished at that moment I had a penis, so I could make love to her. A dildo or strap-on wouldn’t do. That’s when it dawned on me, that’s probably how she got into dog fucking in the first place, real living flesh in your cunt was better than cramming a piece of plastic into it.

Getting up from the table I took her hand as we went over to the sofa and sat down. I embraced her, kissed her again, this time I was the dominant one. Our tongues passed freely between our lips, rubbing against each other lovingly. One handed, I undid the back of her sun dress and unhooked her bra. When our lips parted, I pulled both off of her shoulders and they dropped down to her elbows exposing her breasts. Dana pulled her arms out, tossing the bra aside. Her dress fell around her waist. I looked at her breasts with more envy than lust. Not overly large, but still plump and inviting. If there was any sag, it was so natural and slight, that it wasn’t noticeable (some girls have all the luck!). Instinctively, I cupped one in my hand and kissed it. I could feel her already erect nipple tighten under my tongue.

I moved to her other breast, similarly kissing it, tasting it. Then moving upwards, kissed her throat, the point of her chin, finally her lips. My hand released her breast and slid down her body, under the folds of her dress and into her panties. I began slowly rubbing her pussy. It was already wet, she was breathing deeply. It gave me a thrill to know I was turning her on. Once again I was doing something that I had never thought I’d do and was enjoying it. It’s hard to explain, I wasn’t turned on so much by having sex with another woman, but knowing I was giving pleasure to Dana, that was getting me hot.

When our lips parted, I knew what I had to do next, what I wanted to do. Getting down on my knees in front of her I gripped the bunched up sundress and the waistband of her panties and pulled on them when she lifted her ass up. When they were off, I straightened out the dress and set it on the sofa next to her. She slid forward and spread her thighs wide. There was a slight hesitation on my part, I’d never gone down on another woman and I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. I thought, however, I knew what I liked and she would probably enjoy the same. Besides that, all I had to do was imitate what she’d done before Archie had gotten involved. It was like she’d given me a blueprint on what to do. I’m good at following instructions.

Bending forward, I kissed her pussy, twice actually, then stuck my tongue out. I remembered the light and delicate touch she’d used on me and tried to duplicate it. Easing her outer lips apart to expose the delicate inner flesh, I ran my tongue up and down the interior. Reaching her clitoris, I let some saliva dribble down my tongue to be sure it was well lubricated. Even though her cunt was already wet, I didn’t want to risk over irritating something as hypersensitive as her clit. I wanted it to be as gentle and pleasurable as possible. I felt I owed it to her; loving gratitude, remember?

I eased a finger into her pussy and began moving it in and out, wiggling it, using any motion I thought would stimulate her. While my tongue concentrated on her clitoris, I slid a second finger into the snug, wet, warmth or her cunt. As I moved them in and out in a twisting motion, I felt her grip my hair tightly. Glancing up I could see her stomach rising and falling as her breath grew heavier and her moans were getting louder, higher pitched. She was on the verge of orgasm and I was thrilled. It had easier than I’d expected. My tongue rolled across her swollen clitoris forcefully and I felt her hips move in a twisting, jerky way as she came. I myself was exhilarated, ecstatic beyond belief that I’d gotten her off. Lapping her pussy hadn’t done all that much for me, but making her cum, that was another matter; it was something special, arousing, stimulating. I enjoyed it as much as she did, maybe more so.

Kneeling there, leaning forward, I had every intention of continuing with my first experience with eating pussy, to try to bring Dana to multiple orgasms. But then something unexpected happened. I felt Archie behind me, his head pushed under my ass, his wet nose sniffing my pussy; he was back for more. I didn’t know a dog could recover so quickly, but I guess the scent of two aroused pussies was too much for him to ignore. I was lucky to be the most available one. A couple of whiffs and his tongue went to work. I raised my hips up to give him free access to my cunt. At first I had some vague idea of continuing to lap Dana, kind of a little daisy chain, but I couldn’t concentrate. I ended up resting my head on her thigh while Archie licked frantically away at me, driving me wild.

Still weak from my earlier series of orgasms, I spread my knees to steady myself. Archie to full advantage of this, his tongue lashing growing stronger, more frenzied. I was crazy with lust filled desire. I wrapped my arms around Dana’s hips, hugging her as I came, moaning out in ecstasy. Then I felt his weight on my back, his paws scratching me as he moved into position and began thrusting. This time only a couple of fast jabs and his cock was in me, quickly and easily. I savored the feel of its back and forth motion, each forward poke taking him deeper. Even the knot, one bump, then it forged in. I could feel another orgasm building. I held Dana tighter and bit my lip. Once again his prick was becoming engorged, swelling and stretching me to that same tight fit. Then the slight vibration as he came inside me. I knew there was a flood of thick heavy dog cum washing through me like a warm semen douche.

I’m not sure what there was that I liked about all this, whether it was purely physical or if it was all in my mind. What I do know is I was cumming and that’s all that really mattered. Dana stroked my head as it lay on her thigh. I grabbed her hand and kissed her palm, then I kissed each of her fingertips. Finally I took each finger, one at a time into my mouth and stroked them with my tongue. I don’t know why I did that, by this point I was functioning on simple sexual instinct. Later, I noticed I’d given her a hickey on the top of her thigh, though I have no memory of doing it.

When Archie turned and faced the other direction, the jerking and tugging of his prick inside me sent fresh waves of excitement through me. This sent me farther into my little world of sensual bliss. I tried to recreate what Dana had done during my first fuck, placing my hand on my pussy and pressing. It didn’t seem to work, I was probably approaching sexual exhaustion. Maybe there’s a point where you can go no further; too much of a good thing. I do know I’d lost all sense of time, having no concept of how long it took before his cock began to reduce. When he slipped out, turned and began licking me again, I could barely support myself. Weak and unsteady I held on to Dana at that point more to support myself than out of passion.

When he finished and wondered off to his bed, I brought my knees together and dropped heavily to the floor. I sat there leaning against Dana, my head in her crotch. Opening my eyes I saw the passion mark I’d left on her thigh. I raised my hand to touch it and saw how bad I was shaking. We’re not talking about excited little tremors or anything, I doubt if I could have drunk a glass of water at that moment without spilling it. I’ve used the term “spent” to describe the aftermath of an orgasmic sexual experience, but I don’t think I ever really understood what it meant until that moment. I was completely done in, worn out. I couldn’t have taken anymore; I was finished.

Dana put her hands on my shoulders and eased me back into sitting position. Then sliding off the sofa onto the floor on her knees, she sat back on her heels. Her arms around me she pulled me to her, my head against her shoulder. It must have been quite a sight; two naked middle aged women clinging to each other looking like she was comforting me after some traumatic event. That’s what she was doing actually, but it had been an extremely pleasurable trauma. When I finally began to regain control, I found my voice.

“Did you know he was going to do me again?”

“I had an idea.”

“But you didn’t get any.”

“I’ve had my share of him, remember? Besides today was your day, you were the one. What’s important is that we’ve found each other. There’ll be other days, honey.”

I felt her lips press down on the top of my head as she kissed me. She was right, there would be other days. I remember telling my boyfriend when he asked about the difference between sex with a man vs. sex with a dog that there was no comparison, it was apples and oranges. I was right of course, but I didn’t go far enough. There were more than apples and oranges; there were also pears, peaches, plumbs, bananas, a whole fruit basket of experiences out there. In one afternoon I’d not only accepted my penchant for dog fucking but added bondage and lesbianism to my repertoire and found them both delightful.

That’s the end of my little saga. Those who followed all three parts followed the tale of a woman who started out trying to live out a sexual fantasy and discovered a whole world of sexual pleasures. No, I haven’t lost my desire for straight “normal” sex, but learned to accept the joys of an occasional walk on the wild side. I owe it all to Dana; there will always be a special place in my heart for her and, of course for Archie.


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Lucky dog!

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It seemed like a true story which I think it was, my wife & I have been longing for some thing like this for the longest, I'm going to get her to read this like I did & see if she'd like to renew our desire for a dog fucking her while I watch & help, thanks !! Looking for dog in Laredo, Tx.

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