she came for a visit but just couldnt leave.
We had noticed her 2 years ago, a friend of my slaves daughter. She was 15, well developed, long pretty hair and a deep tan. When i say we noticed her, thats a little misleading... she had been around plenty.. its just that her body was maturing and it was really her changing body that we noticed. My slave Mary was Bi... but we had never found just the right person to jin in or games with us. Often during our sessions i would whisper in here ear about a former girlfriend shed been with, talking about the possibilities of having her in our bed, tied up, collared... It never failed to bring my girl Mary over the edge again and again.At some point i realized that her daughters friend Megan had become a sourse of sexual interest for my girl and soon after it was megan who slipped into the whispered fantasies during sex. She would get so worked up that she would call out megans name during her orgasms. this went on many times, with me changing the scenarios, looking for what limits she might have in her own dark fantasies. in fantasy we got the grl drunk and took advantage of her unconscious body, we drugged her, chained her and broke her into the world of slavery. We tied her up and waited for her to wake before the rough play began... We let the drinking help us seduce her into thinking we were going to have a good time... Mary took her to the shower, washed her and shaved her... then carefully placed a colar around her slender throat before leading her to my bed.... oh the variations on the theme.. but still they were just whispers in the dark... bedtime stories for the twisted perverts we both knew we were...... .

We had moved away....8 hours away....and Megan sometimes called... but it was a random thing. As time passed megan became a less frequent visitor in our fantasies... we found fresher, more local and more possible subjects for our games.. but still never actually took another into our bed....until Megans poorly timed visit.

Megan drove the whole long way alone... a spur of the moment, unplanned surprise visit to see her fbest friend...She was 17 now, and looking so grown up as teens do these days. in fact if we didnt know here we would have thought her to be several years older. Unfortunately for Megan.. a spur f the moment trip meant no one knew where she had gone... and the surprise part of the adventure meant she hadnt called ahead... and so hadnt learned that her best friend had already packed up and left for college. there was no one to visit but Mary and me. She had often called my girl "Mom" so even though the purpose of her visit had fallen apart, she did decide to stick around and chat awhile. As the girls caught up, the time passed and soon we decided to get something to eat and on the way back home we hit the liquor store and got some "refreshment". Back at the house the little reunion resumed and I opened the wine and poured three glasses. Megan tried to play the part of coy innocense but we already knew she had a wild side and insisted she have a drink with us. Soon there were two empty bottles and a third well on its way and both girls were loosened up. I had nursed only a couple glasses of wine while watching them get drunk and plotting the evenings fun. We put on some music and they danced, mary often rubbing herself against Megan, who didnt seem to mind, or maybe was just to far gone to notice. The combination of cheap wine and the dancing soon took their toll on Megan and she started feeling sick, bolting to the bathroom and the comfort of the toilet. mary went to comfort her and i knew things were going to be great for me.

I told Mary to run a bath and clean up the now nearly unconscious teen, and I lowered the lid of the toilet and sat down to watch. Mary undressed her and tossed her soiled clothes in the hamper and with my help she got megan in the tub. She rinsed her body slowly with a cloth, moving slowly and clearly enjoying it. She squirted a little body wash on the cloth and began to wash megans now glistening body. . Mary stood up and quickly discarded her own clothes, wobbling a bit from her own intoxication,and with a smile i went and got her favorite silk robe for after...

When i returned Mary was in the tub, straddling megans reclined body, washing to teens hair, her own breasts brushing the girls face as she did, her nipples hard and swollen. A little moan escaped her lips and she shuddered, a sure sign that she was on the same page that i was. We would have this girl together. By the time mary was done, megan had passed out completely and mary drained the tub. i noticed that megan had shaved most of her pubic hair around her sexy young pussy but left a shaped triangular patch pointing down like a road sign showing the way. Although it didnt look bad, I prefer a perfectly smooth woman and instructed mary to finish shaving her. She looked at me with an almost evel gleam in her eye and seductively said " yes Master" and quickly did the deed.

Her body was still wet as i took her from the tub. She was limp in my arms as i carried her to the bedroom. She was completely limp in my arms, her breathing steady and slow. mary dried herself and foolowed after mewearing her japanese style kimono. She put on her collar while i secured megans wrists and ankles into the leather cuffs chained to our four poster bed. I directed marys every move then, ordering her to kneel on the bed beside the now helpless teen and allowed her the freedom to caress the girls captured form. " Kiss her" i said, " slowly, softly i want this to take all night.". Again she said only " Yes Master" in reply before following my instructions. the kiss was tender and timid, anxious, like it was the first kiss she'd given another female and the sight of it had me hard instantly. Mary knew she was preforming for me as much as anything, and although she knew that this might be pleasurable now, but there was certainly going to be alot of work training her new slave sister in all the ways of submission. i sat on the edge of the bed and stroked marys back as she softly kissed the girlmoaning a bit into the helpess sluts mouth. I reached into the night table drawer and removed marys old collar. It was course, think black leather with a small engraved silver plate that read 'SLUT IN TRAINING" and slipped it into marys hand. " Once this goes on she is ours Love, We must keep herquiet, and teach her discipline. you and I both know what it all means, the serious side of what we are doing, and if you aret willing to follow through this is the time to stop." mary stared at the collar in her hand.. im sure she flashed back to the first time she wore it.. the fear in her as she gave herself to me, surrendering her human rights and becoming my property. She had survived her training and become an amazing partner, a devoted slave and the most submissive woman i'd ever known. Punishment was a rare thing... in fact she enjoyed spanking so much now that it was not even a useful training tool.. instead i would have to punish her through abstinance.. hers not mine. i would trment her sexually, pushing her to the edge of orgasm and stop.. making her pleasure me without finishing her own climax. I could almost see the movie of our relationship playing back through her eyes and she seemed to be in another world. Then suddenly she seemed to snap out of it, and quickly lifted the girls head and slipped the collar around her neck, slipping the ring through the clasp. I reached into the drawer and drew out a small stainless steel padlock not much bigger than my thumb. removed the key from the tumbler and hander mary the lock. She snapped it shut securing the collar to the girls neck and turned towards me, still on her knees.. then lowered her head to the bed before me. " master i give to you a girl, a simple plaything for your pleasures. in time i swear to you that i will present her again a fully trained submissive house slut, she wil freely give herself to you for your any desire.":

i smiled and nodded in approval, " then lets begin" I said and she turned back to megan and and whispered in her ear.... " Wake up baby, I have a surprise for you." She bit megans ear and then began sucking on her neck. she continued her stimulation until the girl stirred. She was disoriented but quickly came around when she realized she couldnt move her arms.. couldnt move her legs.. and was naked.. and someone was kissing her neck.... there was panic in her eyes and she blurted out " What the fuck..." and mary slapped her face smartly. "Quiet slave. you speak only when Master tells you to!"

oh yes.. this was going to be fun....she had learned so very well at my feet.... and now i would get to watch another side of her... and so many new sides of delicious little megan.

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Captured and claimed ( megans new begining) pt 1


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