Jeff had worked at the local pizza joint for a few years and had made a few friends. He had grown closest to Billy who was into gambling. Billy introduced Jeff to poker, craps and all sorts of table games. Billy had hosted a few trips to Vegas and eventually Jeff was a fan gambling but preferred table games.

Jeff was too scared to make any major bets at the casinos, but when he played with Billy we was never too scared to ‘double or nothing’. He didn’t feel the pressure of reality when playing with friends. Problem was that Jeff didn’t win much, and he owed Billy over $5,000.

Billy liked playing to hone his skills and didn’t really care how much Jeff owed him, but Billy loved it when Jeff hosted the poker games. Jeff’s wife was hot and he loved checking out her curves when she wasn’t looking. She often wore these thin blouses that showed the shape of her C-cupped breasts and the style of bra she wore. The only thing that detracted from her beauty was her attitude. She was one of those bitchy women who always was crapping an attitude. Every time Billy made it over to visit, Tina would yell out to Jeff to do something for her. ‘Wash the dishes’, ‘Put away the groceries’, ‘Fold the laundry’. It was obvious to Jeff’s friends that she was just pushing him around, not letting him have a life to himself.

On his the last visit, during a poker game, Billy got up to take a piss. On his way to the bathroom from the garage, he noticed the door to the master bedroom was cracked open. He walked up to take a peek and saw Tina changing out of her work clothes. She pulled off her blouse and skirt and he saw her standing in her bra and panties. The darkness of her areolas projected through her bra and then moved out of sight into the bathroom.

Billy left the door, did his business and went back to the poker game. The whole night he couldn’t get Tina out of his mind. He was replaying what he saw, imagining what Tina’s bare breasts look like and the red lace coloring of her thong. The rest of the night was a blur to him and when the poker night was over he had lost all his money, but in the background of his mind he was working on a plan to have Tina.

After everyone had left, Billy and Jeff enjoyed one last beer. “You know… You played a good game tonight. Luck is on your side tonight.”

Jeff grinned, looking at the $80 he won. “Yeah, it was a good night.”

“I hate to bring this up, but I am having some trouble paying some bills. I really need to collect on that debt you owe me.” Billy looked Jeff in the eye, hesitantly tapping the poker table.

“Well what do you mean?” The fun from Jeff’s win suddenly left. “I can give you the $80 bucks I won… Geez… even when I win, I loose.”

“No sorry, that won’t cover it… I need the whole thing. $5,000.”

“I don’t have that much money. You can’t just spring that one me!” Jeff’s eyes were darting around and sweat began to form on his forehead.

“Ok, ok… calm down. I do have other ways to pay my debt, but honestly Jeff. You have owed me this money a long time, and you haven’t paid. We have to clear this thing some how.”

“I’m sorry I can’t pay you, but you’re right. We should fix this somehow. Any suggestions?” Jeff was beginning to get stressed out.

“This ‘double-or-nothing’ thing we’ve been doing hasn’t been making this situation any better. There is one thing I have in mind, but if we do it, you have to stick to the rules. You owe me a lot of money. We have to set this straight.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I owe you a lot. You’re a good friend and I trust you. You set the rules and we’ll play. But whatever happens, we need to be square. I can’t live with you holding this debt over my head.”

“Fine Jeff. We’ll play sudden death. We both draw a card, high card wins. If you pull the high card, I’ll erase you debt. No harm, no foul.”

Jeff thought ‘even odds! Sweet. It doesn’t’ get better than this. How bad can loosing be. I’ll just owe Billy. Even if I loose I won’t owe him $5,000, I’ll owe him something else’. “Deal!”

Jeff had always been impatient and short sighed. It was one of the reasons Billy liked playing with him. “I haven’t told you what happens if I win.”

“I don’t care. The odds are good and I have to clear this debt. Let’s play!”

Billy smiled and shuffled the cards. He placed the deck in front of Jeff to cut, but left his hand on the deck. “If I win Billy,” He looked Jeff in the eye. “I get you wife tonight to do with what ever I please… You will have to tell her you lost a bet, and that she is to submit to me.”

Jeff was stunned and confused. Did he just hear what he thought he did? Why would Billy be talking about his wife like that? Jeff searched Billy face for an answer and realized he wasn’t joking. Jeff started to get angry when he realized all he had to do was win the bet. Cut the deck correctly and it is all over. The odds were good. All he had to do was pull a face card and he had an excellent shot at winning. “Ok… Fine.” Jeff reached down and split the deck.

Billy wasn’t sure if Jeff would go for it. He had sat silent for such a long time. But the deck was cut and the game was on. If he looses, he looses some phantom money he didn’t care about. But if he wins, he would get to command the body under bra and thong he was imagining. That and it also fun to take another mans woman and then look him in the eye later. It would be incredible to ask Jeff how his wife is doing when he sees him at work.

Billy stacked the deck and motioned Jeff to pull a card. Jeff paused for a second and pulled the top car from the deck and placed it on the table.

“5 of spades.” Billy called out Jeff’s card and Jeff felt his world fall in.

Billy reached for his card and flipped it over. “7 of hearts.” They both paused. ‘O shit… I’m gonna fuck this suckers wife.’ Billy thought and after a few more silent moments he said: “Sorry Jeff. A bet is a bet. Time to pay up.”

Jeff knew the rules. If you can pay, you have to pay. He didn’t have the $5,000 and now he wish he did. But he did have his wife. He silently rose from the table. “I’ll go tell her”

Jeff walked a long death march to go find Tina. She was in the kitchen finishing up a late snack. She was still dressed in her business clothes. She never liked anyone seeing her when she wasn’t made up and since guests were still at the house she kept it on.

“Tina. I lost a bet tonight.”

“I’ve seen you play. You loose a lot of bets.” Tina gave him that ‘dumb ass’ look.

“No this is different. Me loosing this time, involves you.”

Tina paused and looked at Jeff from the corner of her eye.

Billy had been listening from the door and had decided to walk in now, not wanting to miss anything.

“I owe Billy a lot of money. He gave me a chance to clear the debt, but I lost.” Jeff was hesitating now, and looking at the ceiling.

“You lost. What do you owe Billy now?” Tina was wondering what he bet. Was it the car? The timeshare? The house?

“I told Billy that if he won, you have to do what ever Billy tells you. I told him that you would be his for the rest of the night.”

Tina froze. She slowly turned to looked at Jeff and then at Billy. He shrugged his shoulders and glanced towards at Jeff.

“It is just one night honey, and I do owe him a lot of money. I’m sorry I put you in this position, but a bet is a bet.”

Tina was stunned and thought ‘Why would you do this? You’d put me up like a dog?’ She felt her pulse quicken and anger begin to creep up. She began looking for a way out, or at least a way to make Jeff feel like shit. ‘He’s always made such stupid rash decisions and I am left to clean up the mess. I’m tired of his bullshit.’ Tina thought. ‘I’m sure he thought I’d bail him out of this, but he needs to be taught a lesson. He has to pay. He’ll go crazy if I agree, and I won’t let that ass Billy do anything I don’t want him to.’

“You are a stupid fuck Jeff. Fine, I’ll play along with your stupid bet, but you owe me Jeff.”

Billy took this as his queue and walked up to Tina, placed his hands on her shoulders and looked Tina in the eye. He looked deep into her eyes not saying a word, trying to establish an unsaid dominance. Jeff stood there watching, not sure what was going to happen next. Tina returned his gaze with a blank and defiant stare.

Billy pulled Tina towards him and pressed his lips to hers, kissed her gently, passionately. Billy placed his left hand behind her head and pulled her close. She resisted slightly and then gave in a bit. Their tongues fought and their teeth bumped. Billy tried to force his tongue as deep as it would go into her mouth. Tina tried to keep up with the kiss and tried to force her tongue back in his mouth.

Billy lowered his right hand toward Tina’s breast and then cupped it and felt her erect nipple in his palm. Billy felt her flinch and then she hesitated. He opened his eyes and saw Tina beginning to recoil. ‘Just how far could Billy take this. Just how badly do I want to get Jeff back?’ Tina had always said she wasn’t “that kind of girl”. There had to be another way to get out of this. Tina reached up and grabbed Billy’s wrist and applied a little weight to pull it away.

Jeff was watching Billy feel up his wife. How he rotated his palm across Tina’s nipple. And the way he had kissed her reminded him of the times Tina told him how she missed passionate kisses. He remembered telling her people only kiss that way when they are dating. ‘Why did I make such a stupid bet?’

“I have you for the rest of the night” Billy said in a quiet voice to Tina. “You have to do whatever I want for the rest of the night. Isn’t that right Jeff?”

Tina looked at Jeff with pleading eyes. ‘Are you really going to let this happen Jeff?’ she thought. ‘He’ll make the right decision. He’ll say the right thing. This is your chance Jeff, make me proud.’

Jeff opened mouth but was unable to speak. He stood there trying to start sentence after sentence but was just mouthing silent words. His lips trembling. Jeff finally inhaled a deep breath and regained his composure. “Tina, I-I-I’m sorry.” He stumbled. ”A bet is a bet. You have to do what ever Billy says tonight.”

Tina felt her stomach fall out. How could Jeff be so stupid? Why is he always in the center of these bad situations? Tina beamed and angry gaze at Jeff and made him pause. ‘Maybe you need to feel the pain of your bad decisions you fucking dumb-ass. I am through cleaning up your messes. I hope you learn something from this. I hope you feel as shitty and as cheap as you treated me by making this bet.’

Tina continued to stare and Jeff. She never broke eye contact with him. “Billy, I have to do whatever you say tonight.” Tina paused. “I will do anything you say without hesitation. Tonight, I belong to you.”

Jeff flinched this time. Hearing Tina say those words, the reality of the situation began to sink in. Tina had always been such a controlling bitch. The only reason he made the bet was that Tina would make Billy so miserable he’d turn her loose.

Billy moved in and kissing Tina behind her ear. He resumed massaged her breast with larger and larger circles. Billy moved his lips down her neck to the collar of her shirt. The whole time Tina never broke eye contact with Jeff. She was beaming:’ this is your fault. Another man is mauling me right now and all you can do is watch’. Billy felt the outline of Tina bra. He found the bra strap at the top of her shoulder and followed it back down to toward her nipple. The room was deathly silent.

Billy stood up straight again. His mouth was only a few inches away from her ear. “Take your blouse off. Take your bra off. I want to see your tits.” Jeff could hear the command and stood there frozen.

Tina gave Jeff a death glance and then reached for the top button hovering over her cleavage. She unbuttoned it and continued down. She then reached up and unhooked her bra from the front, turned her back to Jeff and exposed her self to Billy. “I don’t think it would be right for anyone else to see my body except for you, Billy”.

Tina’s breasts fell a few inches from where they were with her nipples pointing out towards Billy. He wondered what Tina looked like but this was too good to be true. Her tits were nice and round. Billy examined the size and shape of her areolas. He followed her tan line and saw it was far away from her nipples. She always dressed and acted pretty conservatively and it was obvious she would cover as much as she could in a bathing suit. She was defiantly out of her element. Billy knew Tina had always been a snotty bitch, always pitching a fit when she didn’t get her way. She always tried to show she was the dominant one in the room and that everyone should follow her rules. The trick to this was going to be fueling her to be a bitch towards Jeff, but keep her ‘innocent’ by being able to blame the rules of the bet.

As Billy was memorizing the curves of Tina’s breast, she turned her head and gave Billy an intense stare. It was the same stare He saw her give Jeff when he ‘wasn’t obeying’. Kind of like saying ‘Don’t fuck with me’. It was her way to establish dominance in any situation, but Billy realized he needed to work up to something extreme to get Tina to fully submit.

Billy placed both hands at the sides of her breasts and buried his face deep in her cleavage. After deeply inhaling he moved to her left breast and began sucking her nipple. Tina trembled and then stiffened. Jeff stood there watching and saw her head starting to arch backwards. Billy worked her nipple until it started to go numb.

“Ask me to suck your other tit.” Billy said.

“What do you mean? Just do what you want to me.” Tina tried to hold on to some shred of decency and control.

“No. I want you to ask me to do this to you. Beg me to suck your other tit, in your own words.”

Tina paused. She always hated that word ‘tit’. That and ‘fuck’. She had always said she had ‘breasts’ and wanted to ‘make love’. But Tina realized she didn’t have the power here. She was going to be told what to do and at that moment her spirit turned inside out. She was going to obey her commands and the thought of that made her weaken. She started to get aroused and saw Billy as the sexiest man alive. She felt her pussy begin to get wet and wanted every action to stab at Jeff for being so weak all this time.

Tina turned to expose her breasts towards Jeff and he saw how her left nipple was red and swollen. “O Billy, you sucked my tit so good. Please suck my other tit. I can’t stand it. I want you so fucking bad.” Both Billy and Jeff thought that had gone a bit above the call of duty, but at that moment Billy knew he had her and Jeff knew he fucked up.

Billy moved in and started sucking her right tit while Tina thought of giving Jeff another stare, but she didn’t care anymore. She arched her head back again and cradled Billy head at her breast. She didn’t care who saw this happening to her.

Jeff was watching Billy suck his wife’s breast, with his hands on her other breast and ass. Billy was working to reach under her skirt. His hand was moving, searching and examining. Tina eyes popped open and she gave her husband a stare and then a sly smile. As if saying ‘This is your fault.’

“Get on your knees… Now.” Billy was unzipping his pants and pulled out his dick. Tina obeyed and aligned her lips to the head of Billy’s penis.

‘There’s no way she’ll suck him off. She gets pissed every time I asked her. She always said it was gross and that I’d probably cum on her. Shit she wouldn’t even give me head on our honeymoon.”

Billy grabbed Tina’s head and he looked her in the eye. He opened his mouth, silently commanding her to do the same. Tina hesitated. She wasn’t good at this and she didn’t want to look stupid in front of Jeff. But this was the best way to get him back. To do all the things he had asked for and refused, and then she opened her mouth. Billy always endured Jeff’s bitching about how Tina never gave head. He had tried to give him advice, but now Billy was going to show Jeff how to handle a woman. Bill was going to show Jeff how to handle his wife.

Tina had no idea what to do. She started bobbing her head but didn’t make good contact; this was starting to be the worst blow job of his life. And then Billy thought he’d score some subtle points if Tina looked like she knew what she was doing in front of Jeff, so Billy looked Jeff in the eye, smiled and started pumping Tina’s mouth. Tina kept staring up at Billy trying to regain eye contact like she had seen in porn videos. She was having a hard time keeping up. Saliva was filling her mouth. It started running down her check and she tried to swallow the excess, but Billy just kept pumping her face.

Tina tried to talk. She wanted to ask Billy to warn her when he was going to cum so she could pull away. All she could do was give a feeble mumble. Billy would occasionally misalign his dick to push the inside of her cheek, trying to deform her face as much as possible.

Billy continued pumping into Tina’s face, going slightly deeper each time until he touched the back of her throat. Tina began to think she couldn’t take much more as she wasn’t used to keeping her mouth open for so long, when she felt an excess of saliva in her mouth. But then she realized it was salty and hot. She tried to swallow and chocked on Billy’s dick. She pushed Billy away and Billy grabbed his dick and began jerking off. It was an incredibly intense orgasm and he came more than usual. He aimed his dick, trying to get as much cum on her face as possible and watched himself shoot out making a line from above her eye to her cheek. When Jeff was done, he wiped his penis off on her forehead. Tina was trying to hold back a cough and failed. The load of cum and saliva oozed out of her mouth and dripped onto her breast. Tina reached up to wipe her mouth.

“Don’t clean up. I want to see your face wet.”

Tina paused and lowered her hand, obeying her command.

Jeff stood there in disbelief, watching his wife submitting to another man without complaint, without incessant bitching, watching another man’s cum ooze and drip from her mouth and down her breasts.

“Go to the door, we’re leaving” Billy commanded. Tina paused and then pulled her face away from his cock. She then reached for her blouse and bra.

‘No. you won’t need those. You are going to my car just as you are. You are a beautiful woman and you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide yourself. Come on lets go”. Billy zipped his pants and helped Tina up. Billy looked at Jeff. “You’ll have her back when the night is over.”

Tina was stunned by what had just happened. She had no idea what to do, but the only thing that made sense was to listen to Billy. She allowed Billy to help her up and lead her to the door and out of her apartment. He led her through her complex and she wondered if anyone would see her. She felt herself rush down the stairs and the cold of the night was causing her skin to tighten. She was realizing she had no top on, her breasts were entirely exposed and she had cum and saliva on her face and it was dripping from her mouth. She was realizing how much she disliked the taste of cum. She realized she still had a lot of Billy’s load still in her mouth and she didn’t know what to do with it. The cold air was making her nipples erect and she felt goose bumps all over her body. Her senses began to come back to her. With every step she felt her breasts bounce and with each turn they swayed. The reality of the situation was beginning to sink is as they entered to hallway to the parking lot when…

“Hi Tina… are you ok?” Tina’s eyes bulged as she saw her younger neighbor Tim standing in front of her. Tina went into shock again and froze. She always hated talking to him because he was always looking at her tits when they talked and stared as she walked by. Tina realized she was standing next to a light and was perfectly lit. Tim tried to look up at Tina in the eye, but his gaze was fixed on her hanging and exposed tits. Time stood still as all three stood there staring at each other.

Tina opened her mouth to talk but just revealed to Tim the load of cum in her mouth instead.

“We’re just fucking around, you know, playing a game.” Billy said. “So, do you know Tina?”

“Yeah we’re neighbors.” Tim never took his eyes off Tina’s breasts. Billy could tell this is a guy that doesn’t get out much. He probably jacked off a million times thinking of Tina.

“You want to play for a bit?” Tim was silent still looking at Tina’s body, beginning to realize the cum on her face again.

“If you pull your dick out for Tina, you can touch her tits”. Tina was still standing there in shock.

“Really?” Tim said. Thinking it was a joke.

“She’s mine tonight to do what I want. Pull out your dick or we’re leaving.”

Tim hesitated but was willing to take the risk of a joke. Tim unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Tina looked down to check him out and it was one of the smaller dicks she had seen. For some reason she felt more at ease seeing Tim’s dick. Now she wasn’t the only one exposed. Tim reached out and held her breasts. “O my god. These are incredible.” Tim began squeezing Tina and trying to press her tits into each other.

Billy noticed how quickly Tina followed commands, and how she seemed to want to please him. “I tell you what. Make out with her and she’ll jerk you off.”

Tim moved in and kissed her, tasting the saliva and cum. Tina took this as her chance to clean out her mouth. She placed her hands behind his head and pried his lips open, forcing everything in her mouth into his. He tried to pull away but couldn’t get free from Tina’s grip. She didn’t let go until she could get as much cum and spit from her mouth as she could. “Swallow it you little fuck.”

Tim was shocked but did as he was told. Tina watched his adam’s apple bob and knew she had won. “Good boy” Tina said and reached down and held his small penis. She continued kissing him and pulled on his dick. She may have had no experience giving blow jobs but she was a master at hand jobs. They continued to make out as she gave Tim the best hand job of his life. He was still feeling her tits when he began to stiffen as he felt an orgasm approaching.

“Lick all the cum off her face and tits and she’ll make you cum, otherwise we stop now.” Immediately Tim broke the lip-lock and began kissing and sucking the cum that was still on her face. He started at her forehead and down her face, spending a few more seconds on her chin. He then moved down sucking up the cum on her breasts and in her cleavage. Tina was glad to be cleaned off, when he started to cum. He was shooting all over Tina’s hand and leg. She didn’t stop pumping him and made a rhythm that followed his stiff posture. Tim was standing stiff and on his toes and began to relax. Tina felt a surge of power and control over Tim and watched his posture loosen. She slowed her rhythm and stopped but held on to his dick like a leash on a dog.

Tina smiled. “Did you like that?”

Tim looked her in the eye for the first time. “Yes, very much… It was amazing… ” He realized how beautiful she was and he wanted to make sweet love to her. He remembered the shape of her breasts and felt her hand holding his penis. He started to move in for a passionate kiss because this was the woman of his dreams and his wildest fantasy had just been eclipsed.

Tina hesitated for a moment and felt a need for control. Tim has always been such a push over, she couldn’t go out looking inferior to him.

“Whao, whao whao! I can’t believe you came all over me. Lick your cum off my hand and off my pants. That is disgusting you little fuck!” Tina ordered.

Tim was shocked but wanted to please her so he dropped to his knees and started licking her legs tasting his own salty cum. He had smelled it before but he never tasted it. He moved on to sucking Tina’s fingers spending extra time there trying to gain her approval.

Billy and Tina stared into each others eyes while Tim sucked her hand, while his hands were rising and pressing into her crotch.

“What is your next command?” Tina asked with a smile. Tina felt Tim searching for a way to get into her pants so he could feel the wetness of her cunt.

“Come on… Let’s get out of here.” Billy put his arm around Tina, gave her breast a little squeeze and led her to the parking lot.

“Bye Tim.” Tina said.

Tim was still on his knees and watched them walk into the darkness of the parking lot when he felt a presence behind him. He looked over and “Old Lady Murphy” of the complex was standing there with her white shall over her shoulders.

“What in gods name are you doing Tim? Exposing yourself to an old lady.”

Tim looked down and saw that his penis was exposed and flaccid. His face began to turn red and he stared up at “Old Lady Murphy’s” sagging breasts and he froze.

“Well?” She said

Tim saw her eyes grow wide and round and he realized she was looking at his penis, and it was moving around as another erection was forming.

“O my god” Tim mumbled. He scrambled up and ran towards his apartment.

Billy led Tina to his car. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his camera phone. “Jeff really needs to be punished for putting you through this.”

Tina smiled in silent agreement.

“Before you get in, take off your clothes.” Tim commanded and pointed the phone at Tina hitting the video record button.

Tina thought to pause but how much worse can it get? She first pulled down her skirt and then her red thong. She was now only wearing her high heels in the parking lot of her apartment complex. Billy stopped recording and send the video to Jeff. “Seeing what you are doing will drive him crazy.”

Tina smiled in agreement. She opened the car door and waited for Billy to take her anywhere he wanted to go. Billy left the parking lot and headed to his house pulling out his video phone again. “Pull off those panties. I want you naked.” Tina did as she was told and threw her panties out the window and smiled for the camera. Now lean back, close your eyes and finger yourself until you cum. Tina obeyed again and enjoyed the ecstasy of her expert masturbation. She felt the car start and stop at intersections and saw the brightness of street lights through her closed eyes pass by.

At each stop Billy recorded the look of shock in men’s eyes of adjacent cars as they looked in. Tina would occasionally see flashes of light but didn’t care what it was. Jeff saw the men taking pictures of her naked and masturbating. They were stopped at a light for a long time and a college kid was watching the show taking pictures. Tina began to summon an orgasm and her back arched and she sat up a bit more placing her face in tits in a much better view with the lighting. She felt her cunt explode. The light turned green and they drove away. Tina opened her eyes as they turned into the parking lot of his apartment complex.

“It couldn’t be” the college kid was stunned. “There’s no way.” He reached down to replay what his phone had captured. He saw her body squirming and her tits rolling left and right. He saw her sit up and her breasts fall forward. The light hit her face. Her mouth was open and moaning. Her eyes were closed and squinting, but her face was in perfect view. “That’s Tina. That’s my boss. O my god.”

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