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She knew from the beginning that the intensity of his exhibitionism would progress, just not so rapidly.
She was SO EXCITED when he asked her up for the weekend. She couldn't believe that she was going to meet her 'Daddy's' family. He ordered her to get up early and make the 4 hour drive. She called him numerous times from her cell because she couldn't wait to see him. He entertained her excitement and had her do things like squeezing her nipples underneath her shirt until they obviously poked out from her tight fitting outfit.

He had arranged to meet her at a rest stop so that he could fuck her in broad daylight in the back of his van on the floor. When she asked where at he said "Where else do you think my slut, at the rest stop of course." When she showed a glimmer of her reluctance to him because she was afraid someone would notice the heavy rocking of the van that always came with a strong hard fucking from her 'Daddy', he said "So, they'll know you're getting fucked by the moaning that you are undoubtedly going to be doing anyway. When she asked him what about the fact that the windows were not tinted, he said "Little one, if it pleases me to do so, I'll bend you over the hood and fuck you in the ass right there daylight or dark, doesn't matter, is that understood?" She settled in for her assignment and replied "Yes, 'Daddy' thank you SO MUCH!"

When she arrived at the rest stop, her nerves were on edge. The rest stop was packed and she had a hard time finding a parking place. She got out and went down the walk to meet him. When she called him on his cell, he disappointed by saying he was running late and there would have to be a change of plans. "But 'Daddy"" was followed by "I will have you do what I want where I want remember?"

He agreed to meet her at an exit about 10 miles up the road. When she got there, she got out and literally knocked him into his van because she gave him a kiss so full of passion. Unfortunately, there were 3 state police men right there in the parking lot. My 'Daddy' took it as an opportunity to teach me patience. Even though I was horny as hell he made me go out and eat lunch with him. The ride up to the lodge seemed to take forever and she could not wait to get inside.

Once inside, she was astonished at the amount of people in the unit. There were at least 7 adults and 6 children, it would appear that FUCKING would be out of the question.
After supper, 'Daddy' took me on a walk. We went to sit on a bench at a golf course. As soon as I sat down, "Daddy' put his hand down my shirt and pulled one of my tits out of the bra and exposed it in broad day light. I had just begun to offer up my resistence when he grabbed my nipple in between his fingers rolling it hard and pinching just below the face of the nipple, this caused an immediate need to cum. I begged my 'Daddy' to allow me to cum and he said not until you agree to do all I want you to do. This concerned me because my 'Daddy' is EXTREMELY kinky and the sky is basically the limit with him.

My urge to cum was so strong that I agreed in an almost imediate reaction to the cum that was oozing onto his fingers. He fingered me OPENLY for the better part of 10 minutes ordering me to be very loud when I orgasmed.

After my multiple orgasms, he introduced me to the main event. He took me out to one of the greens right in the middle of the coarse and had me get down on the grass with my white capris and let him fuck me in the mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock down my throat forcing me to keep it there until the gag reflex subsided, but even I know that that made it feel even more intense for him.

He began telling me what a dirty little cock sucking slut I was. Talked about how I couldn't be trusted to not fuck for more than 15 minutes at a time. He fucked my face over and over again cumming down my throat and into my belly for the better part of 45 minutes. My throat hurt from getting it fucked so hard and so intensely. The last time he came, he intentionally pulled back and made me follow his cock as he couldnt' keep it contained in my mouth any longer. He pulled it out of my mouth and came all over my tits. I was then instructed to WEAR HIS CUM WITH PRIDE and not to wash it off for the rest of the night.

As he raised me off of my knees he replied "Look what a bad little girl you were, you have grass stains all over your knees. What am I supposed to tell my mom and dad ?" After I apologized, he rubbed my head and slapped his dick hard across my face. He took my hand and led me back to the bench where he raised my shirt and took both tits out and pinched my nipples until he heard 6 orgsams. He then led me into the house and smiled that sneaky little grin as he watched me squirm trying to explain the very obvious grass stains on my capris, as well as the reason that my face was so flushed.

After everyone went to bed, he led me back outside. He was holding the keys to the van. He began leading me to the van and turned around and said "Ok my little one, I need to be serviced and I think we BOTH know what I'm going to have you to do about that." He opened up the door and threw her ass inside. Laughing that wicked laugh he said "Ok my little one , this one might hurt a bit, but just know I say it HAS TO BE DONE, is that understood?" "Yes 'Daddy' , thank you daddy, may I please suck your cock?"

With that he whipped out his cock and began teasing my lips with it, but that's a tale for another day.......

To Be Continued

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you have little or no grammar skills, your constantly shifting from first to third person, very littleo f any of this series has been believable and its all becomeing worse and worse as the stories continue.

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you need to pick 1st or 3rd person. o.o


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these little stories suck

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