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I dream of a time
that she walks up to me.
She says I got something to show you
come with, and you'll see.

I want to show you
my special place.
Which you could see better
if I sit on your face.

So I laid on my back
and closed both of my eyes.
I waited for my cheeks
to feel her inner thighs.

Then I felt it
so wet and so hot.
Upon my lips
she planted her twat.

I tasted her juices
that flowed from within.
I wasted no time
my tongue I pushed in.

She let out a moan
I couldn't help it I came.
At the very same instant
she did the same.

I opened my eyes
and what did I see?
I was all by myself
she wasn't with me.

This whole damn thing
Has helped me realize.
That I beat myself up
when I fantasize!!!

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2013-04-27 02:41:16
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2013-04-27 02:40:55
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2012-09-09 01:43:06
We really wteand a boy, but were convinced it would be a girl because all of our close family has had boys recently, and that our would be the only one.We were floored when we saw 5 appendages!I am such a tomboy that I was also worried we would end up with a girly-girl, and I wouldn't know what to do! We definitely want a girl eventually, but I am thrilled to start with a boy and take him to baseball games!


2008-05-12 08:19:08


2007-06-30 22:53:07
that was a beautiful poem it had lust, desire and lonelyness

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