THE CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE IMAGINED BY THE AUTHOR TO BE ANTHROPOMORPHIC - TO HAVE THE BODY SHAPE AND FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate pokemon related media.
FEATURES OF A HUMAN. They are all anatomically identical to humans and not as they appear in legitimate
pokemon related media.

Eventually the familiar shape of lavaridge town appeared, a cascade of traditional buildings sprawling down the mountainside
in the distance. The sun was shining down onto the road where to two girls walked. On either side of the road, collections
of paddy fields trailed up and down the slopes.
As Tammy and Ayra wove their way up and into the town between the buildings, the few people they saw smiled
hello but kept to themselves. The people of Lavaridge made up a small community when compared to the other towns and cities
in Hoenn, and while by no means did everybody know each other, the town was homely, the people were polite but simply went
about their business as those living there had done for hundreds of years. It was an idyllic escape from the scandal and
flashing lights of the cities.
Coming to the end of a quieter residential road, they reached Tammy's apartment; the door opening up to reveal the simple,
modern layout. Welcoming Ayra in, Tammy opened the blinds and curtains, shaking away a cobweb that had managed to form in her
"This is home" she said, looking out of the window at the series of traditional buildings out over the
"There's a sofabed on the other side of the screen over there" she continued, "You can sleep there for now"
Ayra nodded her thanks, but paused before walking behind the screen, brushing her hands over the bamboo and dratini
pattern that decorated its fragile fabric surface.
"There is something I have been wondering..." she started, "Why did you come and rescue us? And how did you
even know the brothel was there?"
Tammy looked at the girl sympathetically.
"You picked the wrong guy to try and mug" she replied, turning away back towards the window, "his name was
Cynder, one of the leading foreign activities agents for team rocket. He's gone now, you don't need to worry about
him any longer, but I gained access to his memories beforehand. I saw everything... you were the only one there
was still a chance to help"
"Wait..." Ayra said cautiously, "how did you know who he was?"
Tammy had hoped this would never come up, it was still something she was struggling with herself.
"I used to be one of them" she replied nervously. Ayra instantly moved towards the door, "wait, please, I
can explain it! It's not safe to leave quite yet"
Ayra stopped and looked to Tammy for the explanation.
"Look, I was only a young girl, my parents died and it was during one of Team rocket's big recruiting periods
back in Johto" she began, "they found me and took me in... I ended up having to work for them to provide for myself"
"So why did you leave?"
Tammy cautiously explained what had happened at the base in Mahogany town; her rampant sex-fest with her ex-prisoners
and how it had opened her eyes, leading to her escape and both emotional and mental rebirths.
"You had sex with all those pokemon?!" she stared wide eyed at Tammy, "What was it like?"
"Surely you know after being.... in that place...?" Tammy replied, shocked at the girl's lack of interest in Tammy's
escape and redemption, and eagerness to hear more about the orgy.
"Oh no, human customers only... with sex with pokemon being a bit of a taboo and all they only let male
customers in" she explained, "there are pokemon whores as you know, but they didn't want the idea of it the other
way around to put of other potential customers. They only make a few special exceptions sometimes at events like the other day"
She paused momentarily, as if pondering whether or not to say whatever was coming next.
"I've always just..." she stopped again, "No, it's not appropriate, don't worry"
"It's fine, I'm fairly certain I know where you're going" Tammy said, "You may as well say it"
"I just... I became infatuated with a Gallade that lived near the foster home where I grew up when I was 14" she began,
"He was just such an attractive concept to me.. I'd never been with a man before, and there weren't any other men living
anywhere near me at all" Ayra looked down at her feet, her face blushing intensely, "I suppose it was all I knew in a way, and
so I developed more of an interest in being fucked by a pokemon than human men"
"You've just escpaed from a brothel where you were held against your will and you are thinking about sex?!"
"To be entirely truthful, if we didn't want to fuck someone there we could have them thrown out..." she said,
"Nobody was ever raped... although I suppose it was slightly more to your advantage to fuck than not to fuck"
Tammy stayed quiet.
"Do you know any...?"
"Any what?"
"Pokemon..." Ayra replied, "That can... take me"
"Ayra!" Tammy almost shouted her shocked reply.
"Well? do you?" she asked again
"I don't know any no"
Ayra sighed and looked to the door.
"You said Lavaridge is safe and nobody knows we're here..." she said, "So surely I can go out and have a
look round?"
"I wasn't born yesterday" Tammy replied bluntly, "I'm coming with you if you're going to look for pokemon"
And with that, Ayra walked out the door.

The two of them passed a small number of people as they walked through the town, some of them with pokemon, but Ayra
didn't mention a single one of them.
After about 20 minutes, they had reached the outskirts of the town. A pathway lead off into the forest that
spread both up and down the side of the volcano, the sunlight shining in scattered patches through the branches
onto the ground below. On a rock that lay next to a standing stone and small shine, a Blaziken sat observing the
wide open view infront of him.
Ayra's eyes seemed to widen slightly when she saw the fiery pokemon perched there quietly, and her intention
became very clear to Tammy as they walked past him. Ayra dropped something completely by 'accident' and made sure to
bend over as seductively as possible to pick it up.
Politely, Blaziken pretended not to notice, and as the girls walked on by and into the forest path, he
remained sat on the rock, enjoying the view.
As soon as Blaziken and the town disappeared behind the treeline, Ayra turned to Tammy.
"Please let me ask that one!" she pleaded, "I'm sure it'll be safe! You can stay and make sure!"
"You're not taking a strange pokemon back to my apartment!" Tammy half shouted her response.
"Here then! It's quiet, you're already here to make sure...!"
Seconds later, Ayra was blazing off back down the trail. Peeking round from the trees, Tammy watched as the young
girl strode confidently up to the Blaziken, made eye contact, and after checking there was nobody else around,
slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Blaziken's jaw dropped, and he watched wide eyed as this girl's perky little tits popped
out into the evening air.
She squeezed them together like two small balloons while grinning seductively at him before beckoning the
pokemon to follow and running back to Tammy. Slowly and cautiously, Blaziken rose and made his way towards their
hiding place among the trees.
"I can't be a part of this and I don't think it's safe!" Tammy pleaded with Ayra, "We should go!"
"Tammy" Ayra said, looking into her eyes, "I need this. I've wanted it for years, and I know it's strange, me wanting
sex after my previous line of work and all" she continued, "But I need to do this. It's hard to explain, but it's my way of
reclaiming myself after what has happened"
Tammy looked into her eyes, silent.
"I know you can't understand, I've explained it poorly, but-"
"No" Tammy stopped her, "I think I do get it. I'm not saying I approve, but who am I to judge" she said, the memories
of pokecock sliding into her passing through her mind.
As he came into their view, he observed the scene before him with shock. Ayra lay on her back on the ground
looking up at him, her legs spread underneath her short skirt as she fingered her pussy. Blaziken looked to Tammy
for an explanation.
"She wants to get fucked by a pokemon and she picked you" Tammy said unenthusiastically and rolled her eyes
As Blaziken grinned and began to stroke his cock.
Dark red in colour, it was similar in shape to a human's penis, but with a thicker base and slightly flatter
head. Like a cross between a houndoom and a small ponyta. Hardened, his cock lay at about the same size as many of
the human men she had seen before, roughly 6 inches; but it was still impressive, and the shape looked like it
could produce a very different kind of sensation.
Ayra stared at his cock with the sort of lust that made it appear she could start drooling at any second.
"Come on Blaziken, put that in me!" she shouted playfully at the pokemon, who instantly dove onto her.
She screamed out a little, wincing at the intrusion, the shape of the head not brilliantly fitting with her
small, tight hole. Ignoring this, Blaziken ploughed as deeply into her as he could go, her pussy still too tight to
accomodate the thicker base. Grabbing her tits and squeezing them slightly, the pokemon withdrew his cock before
furiously pumping it back into her again. Ayra screamed out once more, but this time it was with pleasure, not pain.
"I've-... Wanted-... This-... for-... so-... long!" she yelled, "Fuck-... me-... Blaziken!.. oh-... yes!"
Tammy watched, astounded as Ayra came only minutes into the fuck, her pussy squirting. This only spurred
Blaziken on, and he lifted her up and flipped her over onto her front before continuing to fuck her hard doggystyle.
Panic suddenly spread through her and Tammy heard noises coming from down the path, and peered through the
trees to see a young man and woman strolling down the path in their direction.
"People!" Tammy hissed.
"Keep-... going-... Blaziken!" Ayra shouted, a look of pure ecstasy on her face, "I don't-... care if-...
they-... see!"
And at that moment, the young couple rounded the corner on the path and their eyes fell upon the young girl
having her pussy ploughed from behind by a large Blaziken. Tammy imagined that she could almost hear the clang as
their jaws hit the ground.
The girl very quickly scurried off, dragging her friend behind her, whose eyes were still firmly fixed on
the fucking couple even as they disappeared from view.
Lifting Ayra off the ground, Blaziken held her petite frame in the air before relaxing and letting gravity
do all the work. Ayra winced as her pussy slowly began to stretch around the thick base of his cock, then after a
minute or two of slowly sliding down his last few, much thicker inches of cock, all of him was inside her.
"Cum in me right now" she whispered to him as the pain subsided. He bounced her up and down once more on
his cock and she came again as the thick base reentered her hole. Her pussy clenching around his cock milked
Blaziken of his cum, and he moaned out loudly as he squirted his pearly cream straight into her.
"Quick, put me down!" she said excitedly, "I want the last bit in my mouth!"
Blaziken's cock flew out of her with a loud pop and very quickly entered her mouth instead, the last spurt of cum
just hitting her tongue as he entered her.
"Woah...!" she said, taking his cock from her mouth, "it tastes like berries... but kind of spicy too!" she
continued before greedily licking from his balls to his tip, gathering the fluid that had been slathered down his
length during their fuck.
She turned to Tammy with a renewed glint in her eyes.
"Why is human cum so gross tasting!" Ayra frowned, "This tastes so different! Here, try a little bit" she
continued, gathering a few drops of the pearly liquid on the end of her finger and holding it out to Tammy.
"No... I'm good thanks" Tammy said, backing off, having been against this whole escapade from the start.
"Oh come on, don't be a wet blanket"
Tammy licked her finger quickly just to shut Ayra up about it. Her new friend was right, it did indeed
taste like slightly spicy berries. The taste was pleasant, but Tammy could have told Ayra from her own past
experience that pokecum always tastes very different from men.
Cum splattered loudly onto the ground from her slit as Ayra stood up. Seeing them both stood next to each
other, Tammy could see that the size difference between Ayra and Blaziken was actually very large, with her
breasts currently spilling from her shirt only slightly higher than where his cock hung.

The girls left Blaziken there with a smile on his face, lightly stroking his dick as darkness closed in on the day.
"Are you annoyed with me?" Ayra asked Tammy as they returned to the apartment, "You haven't spoken for ages,
please don't make me leave!"
"I'm... I'm not annoyed with you" Tammy replied bluntly, "I'm just concerned that I rescued you from a
brothel and the first thing you want to do is fuck a stranger" She stopped and turned to Ayra, "You got lucky there,
it seems like that Blaziken was a nice and friendly pokemon and probably in good health, but what if he hadn't been?"
Ayra didn't reply, she was silent as the message sank in, and she seemed to realise what Tammy was getting
"Yeah..." she started, "Yes, I suppose you're right... I won't do it again, I promise"
They looked at each other in silence for a second before Tammy smiled.
"It was pretty hot though wasn't it?" Ayra said cheekily.
"Don't push it...!" Tammy replied, "...but yeah, I guess it was" she laughed.
"You have my blessing to think about it later" Ayra joked heartily as they walked inside, and Tammy shut the
door behind them.


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2016-08-06 21:04:06
Very interesting comments XD
I wanted to leave it suggesting that there is communication but without writing any direct speech into the text because it just felt weird having them actually talk back.
You're on the right lines with the differences between the two! Tammy has seen a lot by now and knows when it's best to be cautious, whereas Ayra is still trying to rediscover herself after her ordeal. Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed.

I want to add as well for the benefit of everyone reading that I write them as being anthropomorphic to draw that clear line between whatever this is and the human/animal stuff which is frankly (sorry if I offend anyone with this but there are any fans of that here, I don't want anything to do with you anyway) sick, wrong, and very, very different. These pokemon are effectively the same as people, just different in appearance. Their intelligence level and ability to communicate is as good as people (as you see from the general pokemon media)

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2016-08-05 02:55:31
I wonder when Tammy will realize that Pokemon STDs probably won't be transmitable to humans - as they're a different species altogether? Yeah, you say they're anthropomorphic but I've yet to see them talk or anything, so there must be some fundamental differences between Pokemon and humans, right?

It's a good thing that she's worried about the consequences though, as Ayra doesn't care about the possible ramifications of what she's doing. The couple walking by, for example, could have had a pretty horrible reaction, and Tammy and Ayra would have to disappear quite fast or be driven out of town.

It's awesome to read about willing pokesex though, especially the male Pokemon/female human variety. Keep it up!

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