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Beautiful white woman is being raped and abused by African soldiers and turned into sex slave
General Obuma watched with interest, as five police soldiers entered his office. In their midst was a white woman, the prisoner Lieutenant Amin had called him about, who had been arrested in the customs control with an ivory statuette in her luggage. Of course, he would like, personally, to inspect this female smuggler of illegal contraband, a grave crime with a maximum penalty of 20 years.

Tanya looked completely in shambles. She was only dressed in a shabby jacket from a uniform. Her face was tear stricken, her mouth was gagged, and on her legs were white blotches of something sticky. A lot of it. Her arms were handcuffed behind her back. Her expression was terror stricken. Tanya looked at the general with pleading eyes, desperately hoping he would help her, whimpering behind her gag.

The scruffy condition of the white woman could not hide the fact, that she was very beautiful. Obuma opened the uniform jacket, pushed it down her shackled arms and admired the sight of her 36D tits. Her body was indeed very attractive. Big firm breasts, nice white soft skin, long shapely legs and – the general turned Tanya around – a very shapely behind. The smell of sperm was intense. Below her, where she stood, a small pool of white jizz as forming. Apparently, his men had been very thorough in their cavity search. The general felt the whimpering woman’s attributes, seemingly satisfied with the firmness of her tits and ass.

Being inspected like an animal and groped, Tanya gave up her hope of being rescued by the man in front of her. She had just gone through a terrible hour of humiliation and rape committed by the five big black soldiers, who afterwards had brought her to this office. Her vagina and anus was aching from the brutal violation. Seeing the man in his impressive uniform, apparently a high ranked officer gave her new hope of getting out of her predicament. But it would get worse. Much worse.
As she stood stark naked, with cum dripping down on the floor, the men held her firm. The general asked the lieutenant to explain the situation.

“Sir, this woman had a piece of ivory art in her luggage, Sir. She admitted that she knew it is illegal to export ivory, Sir. She did not want to cooperate, so we had to arrest her to make a proper inspection of her body and belongings, Sir.”

“Surely you were very thorough in your cavity search. Did you all inspect her? The bitch is drenched in cum.”

“Yes, Sir, we all inspected her ass and cunt very deeply, Sir. Nothing to find.”

“What about her oral cavity? Did you also inspect that?”

“Not yet, Sir. We had to gag her as she was screaming loudly during the inspection, Sir. I thought you might want to take care of that part, Sir.”

“I certainly will. Please unshackle her arms and remove the jacket, so I can see her magnificent body in full.”

Shaking and sobbing in terror, Tanya followed the exchange of words in a language she did not understand. It seemed that her torment would continue. Once more, her hands got handcuffed behind her back.

“GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, BITCH!”, the general ordered. “I will personally do the final inspection of you, criminal white slut.”

Obediently, Tanya kneeled in front of the big black officer, whimpering and pleading him with her big tearful eyes to let her go.

Watching this extremely sexy white woman before him, completely naked and immensely humiliated, made general Obuma’s erection even harder. He ordered one of the soldiers to remove her gag.


Obuma slabbed her face. Not too hard, as she was worth a fortune. He grabbed the sobbing bitch by her hair, shook her head violently and told her to SHUT UP. He then unzipped his trousers and produced his throbbing cock.

“Suck it, bitch. And you better do it good, otherwise you will go directly to jail. You would not want to be in an African prison, I can assure you.”

“Please, Sir, I am not guilty in anything (SOB SNIFF). I have never seen that ivory thing before! Please call my husband. He can sort this out. AOUUUWWW!”

Again, the general smacked Tanya in her pretty face. She could be right, of course, the statuette was probably a coax and belonged to the customs officer, but he could not care less. He only wanted to FUCK this white bitch long and hard.

“Don’t you EVER tell me what to do, bitch! NOW SUCK THAT COCK! Or you will go to jail!”

He grabbed Tanya’s head by her dark brown hair and forced his big cock into her little mouth until she gagged and spluttered. He fucked her face deeply for a while, almost suffocating the bitch, then pulled out and forced her tearful face upwards, so their eyes met. Oh, how he loved to humiliate rich white sluts!

“Let’s get things straight, bitch. Either you do what I want you to, or I will throw you into the darkest prison in Uganda, where you will be raped to death by both men and women. White people are not exactly popular in Africa. They do not last long in prison. Now, take that cock in your mouth and start sucking.”

Desolated, terror-stricken and sobbing, Tanya obeyed order, leaned forward, wrapped her full lips around the big, thick black cock and began to suck. She knew the general was right about the prison. That was the last place she wanted to be. The big dick had a terrible foul taste, as if the general had not washed for several days.

Obuma looked down at the white prisoner’s head, bobbing back and forth on his cock. What a wonderful sight and feeling. She actually did a splendid job, almost managing to swallow the full length of his member, especially when he forced her head down on it. Her big boobs dangled invitingly, and he grabbed them, squeezed them and was impressed about their shape and firmness.

The general had been told by the customs officer, who had done full body cavity search African style on the bitch in the airport, that she was something very special to fuck. Her pussy was supposed to be extraordinary, and her ass was very tight. While Tanya sucked him, the officer caressed her soft skin, admired her natural complexion and her sweet body odor. White women smelled much better than African women, and they were ten times more sexy. This slut is worth a fortune, he thought. Especially on the slave markets in Congo and on Zanzibar.

OH GOD, HOW AM I GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS TERRIBLE SITUATION, Tanya thought, as she sucked the huge black cock. If I could just have one phone call with my husband, I would be saved. The general suddenly took a riding crop from his desk and smacked her round buttocks with it, shouting;


OOOHHH IT HURT! Tanya felt the crop hitting her ass painfully, as if it cut her skin to pieces. Desperately, she moved her head even faster on the huge rod. She could feel and taste the precum and prepared for the final moment. As he started cummin’, the general took hold of Tanya’s head and forced his cock all the way into her mouth and throat.

“OHHHH GOD! YOU ARE A GREAT COCK SUCKER, WHITE BITCH! SWALLOW!”, he moaned as he pumped his huge load of hot, sticky sperm into Tanya’s mouth. She was almost suffocating, as the black cock blocked her airways and filled both her windpipe and gullet with thick semen. The general forced her head down on the cock, making her almost faint.

Meanwhile, the five soldiers had grown new erections watching the beautiful, sobbing Tanya sucking Obuma. They hoped that they might also get a piece of her little mouth, still widely stretched by the general’s big black cock.
The general looked at the lieutenant. He owed him a favor, a big one, since he had brought him this magnificent piece of white cunt. “You better inspect this prisoner also, lieutenant, just be make sure her oral cavity is properly searched”. He withdrew from Tanya’s sperm dripping mouth. “Yes, Sir General!”, the officer replied and dropped his pants.

“OH SIR! PLEASE!”, Tanya started. “UMMPP”, her mouth was again full of black cock. The junior officer fucked Tanya’s face just as hard as he had fucked her pussy, making her gag and splutter violently. OH GOD THIS IS TERRIBLE! WILL THEY NEVER STOP, Tanya thought in complete despair. She harked and coughed, as the second load of hot sperm filled her throat.

The general dismissed the lieutenant and his disappointed soldiers, who would have liked very much to get sucked by the white prisoner. Obuma wanted her for himself from now on. He still had some inspection to do.
Finally relieved from black cock in her mouth, Tanya once more tried to appeal to the general.

“Please Sir, let me expl..AAUUUWWWW!” She was immediately interrupted by another slap in her face.


He took the riding crop and started whipping Tanya in the most brutal way, hitting her soft skin everywhere. She fell over, screaming from pain and tried to roll away from the punishment. The general smiled, as he continued to whip the shrieking white slut. He concentrated on her tits, ass and thighs, hitting her most sensitive parts with diabolical precision.


Ignoring her pleas, Obuma continued the torment of the white bitch. He wanted to break Tanya completely. Finally he stopped, watched the wailing, pitiful white woman who lay crouching on the floor, shaking in pain and fear. Her wonderful body was full of red marks from his vicious whipping.

“Now, bitch, you are my fuck slave. You will do exactly as I tell, you. Is that clear, BITCH!” He managed to sneak a blow of the riding crop onto her labia.


“If you disobey me in any way, you will get another whipping, much worse than this one. WOULD YOU LIKE TO TASTE THE RIDING CROP AGAIN, YOU WHITE SLUT?”

“NO SIR! NO! NOOOOO! I UNDERSTAND!” Tanya wailed in her complete misery.

“THEN GET UP ON YOUR KNEES AND START SUCKING, BITCH! I want you to make my cock hard, so I can fuck your ass and cunt for the first time. GET MOVING!”

The sobbing Tanya got onto her knees and crawled over to the general, who was taking off his pants. His huge member was half erect. She wanted desperately to please him in order to avoid more whipping. The enslaved white wife licked the big member, sucked the balls and kissed the head, before she took the big black cock into her mouth. Using her lips, and tongue the best she could, Tanya hoped that the officer would come fast into her mouth, so her battered and sore pussy and twinkie might be spared for more penetration.

“Ohhh, you truly are a great cock sucker, white slut!” The general caressed the slurping and sucking woman’s breasts. “Now I want to FUCK YOU! Come over here, bitch.”

The general sat on a couch and pulled Tanya up on his lap, sitting face to face, so she straddled his thighs. Her arms were still handcuffed behind her back. He pointed his huge cock towards her pussy.

“Now I want you to sit on my cock and fuck me like never before, slut. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“YES SIR”, Tanya whimpered and impaled herself on the huge cock. IT WAS SO PAINFUL, as her pussy was so sore after the long rape committed by the five soldiers in the interrogation room. She moved up and down, but only on the upper part of the black rod. The general sucked on her tits and nipples, while she rode him. Suddenly, the general put his large hands on her shoulders and pushed Tanya all the way down, so his big cock penetrated her pussy and womb completely.

“OHHH, THIS IS GOOD! WHAT A SUPERB CUNT YOU HAVE! The lieutenant was not exaggerating. It is exactly like getting a blow job while fucking your pussy! God, I can sell you for millions to the Arabs!”

“Oh, please Sir, don’t”, Tanya whimpered, while she rode the big black African the best she could. Now, she used the whole length of his cock to please him as much as possible. His big head moved in and out of her sore cervix, the mouth of her womb, giving him the feeling of a blowjob.

Suddenly, she could feel her nipples lactating. After so much sex, although enforced on her, and the general’s intensive and painful suckling, the milk started running. Also, Tanya had just been in the gorilla camp for a week, lactating a lot to attract silverbacks, male gorillas.

“OHHHH, YOU ARE A REAL COW”, the general exclaimed jubilantly. Eagerly, he grabbed her big tits with his hands and squeezed them hard, while he suckled her stiff nipples. “KEEP ON FUCKING ME, SLUT!” He loved lactating women. Obediently, Tanya bobbed up and down on his huge cock, while the big man drank her milk.

Even though she hated herself for the feeling, Tanya could sense an orgasm approaching. After so much sex, although it had been rape, the present intercourse and the strong stimulation of her sensitive tits, her body needed relief. She leaned back, placed her cuffed hands on the general’s knees and fucked him faster and faster.

“AAAAHHHH!”, Tanya moaned as she reached climax. “OHHHHH”. She squirted all over the general’s lap. He came simultaneously, roaring like a bull, filling her womb with another huge load of white negro sperm. Tanya collapsed onto the general, completely exhausted, and fainted into a much needed rest.

When she woke up, it had become dark outside. Tanya was laying on the couch, where she had fucked the general, with a blanket over her naked body. The handcuffs were gone. Her body was aching, both inside and outside. Her throat was completely dry. She was SO THIRSTY. The general was sitting beside her, looking into some papers. Standing beside the couch was another black man in military uniform.

“You better drink some water, Ms. Obutulezi. After all the fucking and screaming you must need a lot”, Obuma said with a grin. He pointed at some bottles on the table in front of them. Slowly, Tanya rose from the couch, wrapped the blanket around her body and eagerly drank two bottles of water. She did not dare to speak, as the riding crop was also laying on the table. Her skin was still hurting from the violent whipping. She glanced at the other man in the room, who seemed to have just as many stars and decorations on his uniform as Obuma.

“Oh, allow me to introduce you”, the general said. “This fine man is colonel Muwasana, personal assistant to President Museweni. He is the president of Uganda”, the general added, as he could see that Tanya did not know the name. “I am planning to sell your beautiful body, slut.”

Tanya’s eyes filled with tears. OH NO IT GETS WORSE! She thought, but did not dare to speak.

“Now, Ms. Obutulezi, you will tidy yourself up. You smell like a whore with all that sperm on your body. Oh, I forgot, you ARE a whore”, general Obuma said mockingly. “The colonel need to test drive you, once you have finished. But you are much too dirty and smelly, so you need to get groomed.

Seemingly, Tanya did not understand the expression test drive. God, she is naïve, the general thought.

“Test drive means the he will fuck you, Ms. Obutulezi. If you are as good as I have promised, you will be taken to the president who will also fuck you. In Africa, we like to share white bitches like you,” he grinned.

NONONO! “Please, Sir, let me go! Please let me call my husband!”

Immediately, the general slabbed Tanya’s pretty face and pushed her down on the floor. Seconds later, she felt the violent sting of the riding crop on her body once more.

“AUUUWWW! I AM SORRY, SIR! PLEASE STOP, SIR!” The general whipped her without mercy.


“YES SIR I AM A FUCK SLUT! AAUUUWWWW” Desperately, Tanya tried to protect her body against the vicious crop with her arms, but in vain. Finally, the general stopped beating the screaming, wailing woman.

“Now, go and clean yourself, bitch. You have 20 minutes. Then we will fuck you again.” Obuma found a towel and a bottle of shampoo in a cupboard and gave it to the sobbing slave slut. The other man, whose name she had forgotten, took her arm and led her out of the office, down a hallway and into a shower room. Once inside, he closed the door, locked it and put the key in his pocket.

“Now, bitch, get moving. You are completely drenched in dried up sperm and smell like a horse.” He pointed to the showers. “You are much too dirty to fuck.” Desolated by her terrible fate, being reduced to a fuck slave for black men and seemingly without hope, Tanya began showering, rinsing away the semen covering her body. Meanwhile, the black officer watched her sensuous washing of the voluptuous body intensely. This was fucking unbelievable. God, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, he thought. I cannot wait to fuck her. Colonel, do remember to clean her cunt and ass for all that sperm."

When Tanya shut off the shower and began to dry her body with the towel, her big white tits shaking invitingly, colonel Muwasani could not wait any longer. His throbbing cock felt like the size of a baobab tree. Hastily, he removed his shoes and pants, attacked Tanya, forced her down on her back, held her down with his own body, spread her legs and forced his cock into her pussy. She was completely dry inside, and the brutal penetration was very painful. Her vaginal glands, though, were in top condition after a week of daily fucking and had a life of their own. Immediately, they started smearing her tight orifice, as another big black pole raped the white slave wife.

The colonel forced his cock all the way into the whimpering white bitch, penetrating her uterus and being rewarded by the sensational feeling of a vaginal blowjob from the cervix. God, this was great! Never had he fucked a cunt like this! He changed position and fucked the bitch doggy style. She started to moan. God what a whore she is, Muwasani thought, I am raping her and she is about to cum.

As Tanya felt the hot sperm hosing her innards, she came like a bullet train. AAAAHHHHHHH! She climaxed and squirted as long as Muwasani kept fucking her. What an incredible woman, he thought, as he felt her jizz splattering his balls and thighs. UNBELIEVABLE. His erection did not stop, despite his ejaculation, and he turned them around, so Tanya was riding cowgirl.

“FUCK ME, BITCH!” He slapped Tanya’s big tits, which provoked a splatter of milk on his chest and face. The colonel grabbed her udders and pressed them hard, forcing the milk out in two massive streams. He opened his mouth and drank eagerly. Obediently, Tanya bobbed up and down on the big black cock, as her sensitive white breasts were tormented by big black hands.

Meanwhile, general Obuma had found the phone number of the husband of Tanya in her mobile phone. It was early morning in Las Vegas, and Mr. Obutulezi was having breakfast when his wife called him. Or rather, it was her number, but a completely different voice that spoke.

“This is general Obuma from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces speaking. Are you Mr. Obutulezi?”

He confirmed.

“Are you married to a white woman by the name of Tanya Obutulezi?”

Another cornfirmation.

“Has something happened to my wife?”

“You might say so. She is under arrest for trying to smuggle ivory out of Uganda, for which there is a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison”.

Oh no, Mr. Obutulezi thought, she has been trapped. They wanted to fuck her, so they probably placed a coax in her luggage during customs control. That is the oldest trick of all.

“Where is she now, Sir,” he asked with politeness. He could guess in which direction the conversation would go.

“She is imprisoned in Entebbe Airport, Mr. Obutulezi. She is just showering after a very thorough cavity search.”

Severe rape that probably meant. Obutulezi asked for general Rwigyema, whom he usually dealt with and paid off for protection.

“I am sorry, but general Rwigyema is no longer among us. He was killed in a terrorist attack a few days ago.”

That explained it all. Sending Tanya to Uganda on her own without protection from higher authorities was a folly. Why hadn’t someone from his network in Uganda called him with this alarming news?

“Oh, I am sorry to hear this. I had a long business relationship with the general. But perhaps you and I could become partners?” What he was saying was how much do you want in bribe to let my woman go.

Obuma had briefly checked up on Obutulezi and his business in Uganda and elsewhere. It seemed to be a mix of various trading activities, mainly smuggling and sex slavery, with an official front business of selling toothpaste and cosmetics. An annual share of this could be worth a lot.

“Well, as you know, Mr. Obutulezi, Uganda is a state governed by law. I cannot bend the rules”. This meant: It is going to be very expensive.

Do I really need her, thought Obutulezi for a few seconds, but decided that she was vital for several of his business activities. He asked as directly as possible: “How much would the bail cost, Sir?”

The general estimated a huge amount. After some negotiations, Mr. Obutulezi got the price down, on the condition that the general might keep his wife in custody for another month.

“She is very popular already, Mr. Obutulezi. She is going to meet the president himself very soon. As we speak, your wife is undergoing security investigations by his staff.”

She is getting fucked, her husband thought. Like everybody else, these men are crazy about her body and exquisite fuck hole. But hey, why not get the best out of the situation. If president Museveni liked Tanya, which he undoubtedly would, he could sell her sexual services to many other African nobilities.

Little did Obutulezi know that this was exactly what the Ugandan president himself was planning to do. In two week’s time, 54 head of states would assemble for the annual meeting of the AU, the African Union, in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Museweni wanted to become president for AU, which was the highest official position on the continent. It did not hold much power, but it was very prestigious. He had already made the bribes and promises, but so had several other contestants who wanted election. If his competitors for the post were offered something very unusual, like a white woman with a superb body and extraordinary sexual skills never heard of before, they might be willing to step down from their candidacies.

But first and foremost, the president personally had to make sure that this Ms. Obutulezi was equal to the task.

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