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While serving in the United States Army I have seen a lot and have very fond memories. There was one occasion that will ring in my mind forever. I was deployed to Bosnia for a nine-month rotation. When my unit arrived there was nothing but mud and snow, then this goddess walked in. She was nothing spectacular but there was an air of confidence that soothed an out of her body. Then the next thing I know I heard one of my fellow soldiers yell “at ease” signalling that a senior non-commissioned officer has arrived in our area. I could not believe that the woman I felt so attracted to be my new Command Sergeant Major.

I felt flush for a while however I assumed the proper position. She stepped up to me and asked me, “What’s wrong soldier?” I replied, “Nothing Sergeant Major,” trying to hide my erection. She smiled and said, “That is good and welcome to Bosnia.” After she exited the tent, I let out a sigh of relief. I knew that I always wanted an older dominant woman who knows what she wants but this is getting ridiculous.

As the months passed, it was my time to take a little R&R so I decided to go to Budapest for a few days. When I arrived at the manifest area there she was again. I greeted her with a soft voice that sounded like I was trying to hide from her. I thought to myself is this fate or a coincidence. She replied, “Ready for some much needed rest and relaxation Specialist Roy?’ I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. Then she reminded me that when we leave this area there is no more rank involved because of the threat situation. So she introduced herself as Sonja Tucker. I smile and said, “Hello Sonja it is nice to meet you my name is Tony.”

After the introductions were completed, there was some time that we had to kill before the bus ride to Budapest so Sonja and I decided to grab something to eat. We ate a nice breakfast and conversed for awhile. She honestly opened up to me as if I knew her for years. She told me that she just got out of a nasty marriage and divorce now she is starting to get her life together again. Being a typical military male, I was listening to her story however my mind was fixated on her body. I thought back to the first time I saw her and thought to myself what was wrong with you thinking that her body was just OK.

We were talking for almost an hour until I looked at my watch and said, “Sonja we have to go and catch our bus.” We both jumped up from the table and ran to the terminal where our bus was located. After we put our luggage away there were only two seats left so we grabbed them and continued our conversation.

The 14-hour ride seemed 14 minutes long because Sonja and I hit it off so well. Well the bus came to a halt at our hotel. Sonja and I waited until the other soldiers dashed off the bus. Before I could utter a word out my mouth, she asked me if we could go dinner and dancing later. I quickly agreed and a huge smile came across her face. “Meet me in the lobby around 1900 hours oops 7pm I am sorry,” she said.

The day moved so slow anticipating my date with Sonja. Then that time arrived I looked at the beautiful platinum clock at the entrance then I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I cautiously turned and there she was. A vision that only my dreams could generate, this beautiful Hispanic woman was wearing a soft sheer blouse that accentuated her natural curves and this medium length skirt with some matching pumps that showed off her beautiful calves.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door and led me to this Hungarian Restaurant around the corner. We sat down and had an exotic Hungarian dinner. We began our conversation again however there was a little twist; she confessed to me the reason why she spoke to me on the first day was that she saw my interest in her. So she had to toy with my emotions for a while. She apologized for her actions, but I disregarded it and kept on with the conversation. She was also interested in me but she had to hide it because of her rank.

We began to familiarize ourselves with each other and started to gaze into each other’s eyes. “So you know what happens this weekend can not leave Budapest,” she whispered. However, let’s make it a weekend that neither of us will forget. So I paid for the check and we left the restaurant.

So we went to a nightclub on the strip holding each other’s hand. Oh how proud I was to have someone like her on my arm. You could see the smile on my face a mile away. When we entered the building the whole room stopped and looked at her with astonishment as if a supermodel has walked through the door. She blushed and began to giggle like a little schoolgirl. When we found a nice quiet booth away from all the action, we began to move closer to each other. I was thinking to myself, “Don’t mess this up Tony.” So I took everything nice and slow. Just as I regained my composure, a beautiful ballad was being played so we went to the dance floor. It seemed as if we were the only one on the floor nothing else matter to neither of us. She placed her head on my chest. I knew she could my heart racing, but she just look into my eyes with a passionate stare. Involuntary, my hands began to feel her firm yet natural curves. All of a sudden a bulge arose in my pants. I was so ashamed because I didn’t want to push her away. She gave me a devilish look and said, “I see it is time to go.”

We both left the dance floor and began to head back to the hotel room. Unbenounce to her I had a bottle of champagne chilled in my room hoping that she would come up. When we arrived in the lobby she whispered,” Let’s go my room. I do not have any roommates and we can be alone for the rest of the weekend.” A little discouraged, I agreed and I convinced her to stop at my room since it was on the way. I grabbed the bottle of champagne and quickly exited the room.
We strolled down to her room and she opened the door. The room had the smell of Vanilla candles she left burning in the room. As soon as I closed the door, she passionately kissed me. “I have been waiting to do this since we got on the bus,” said Sonja. She caught me by surprise, but I handled it with the same vigour that got me through the rest of the night.

“What are you going to do with that bottle of champagne?” she asked. I smiled and popped the cork. I poured the champagne into our glasses and toasted the weekend. After the toast we passionately kissed again, however the bubbles from the champagne created an euphoria that took us to an enchanted place where only we could experience.

Then we glazed into each other’s eyes and she pushed me on the bed and told me not to move. She walked to the foot of the bed and began to slowly strip for me. Then all of a sudden the soft sensual woman became this demanding erotic being. She commands me to come to her and begin licking her inner thigh. I thought to myself that I have an undercover dominatrix. She raised her leg on the edge of bed and pointed to her soft pussy and told me to start licking. “You better do a good job or I’ll have some extra-duty for you when we get back!” she yelled. So like a good soldier, I followed the orders given to me.

I began to gently kiss those pouty pink lips of hers. Then she parted her lips to expose her clit to my tongue. For a woman her size, her clit was nice and long. It was as if it was staring my in the face and yearning my tongue to lick it. So I did not let it down. I began to nibble on her clit with the intensity that I only seen in porn movies.
After a few moments, she began to spasm and came over my face.

She pulled me up and kissed me again and said, “That is a good soldier.” “Now let me show you what I have learned.” she said with a smirk. She unzipped my pants and started to rub my cock through my boxers. There was not much she had to do because it was ready to go at a moments notice. She noticed this so she decided to tease me even more. She knew how much I wanted her, so she smiled and started to lick the tip of my cock. Teasing my cock until it turned blue. Then she stopped again and turns around and said, “You like this ass don’t you? You want this ass huh? To get it you must do as I say.” I agreed to the proposition and waited for my next command.

She told me to sit on the edge of the bed. While I was sitting, she walked up to me and removed her bra. It seemed as if her breasts did not even move. It was like there was an invisible bra holding her breasts in place. I reached out and tried to grab them however she pushed my hands away. Instead she grabbed my head and shoved it into her breasts. “Suck on them, suck on them now,” she bellowed. I traced her entire bosom and made my way to her two pert nipples. As I sucked on them, she let out a moan that could awaken the dead. Then I bit one of them to see how she would react. She went into frenzy; however she did not loose control. You doing good Tony, now I have a treat for you, I want you to fuck me from behind. I don’t want that soft shit fuck me hard.

At first, it was hard for me because I had a problem converting from lovemaking to fucking. However she cured that ill quickly. “Fuck Me! Fuck Me Now!” she exclaimed. So I entered her and began to start grinding her ass. It was so warm inside her, you feel as if you are going to melt with each stroke.

As I grind deeper inside her steaming hot cunt she began to spasm violently again. This time her pussy clinched my cock with great pressure and milked every drop cum I had inside of me. As soon as she felt the stream of my cum, she began to scream and violently buck causing the bed to almost break. She finally reached the orgasm she had been waiting for the past several months. It was as if floodgate opened and her juices continuously exited out of her down her legs dripping onto the floor.
We both drained from this episode I thankfully kissed her. “Where are you going?” she asked. “We still have 4 more days to go.” I smile at her, while we both lie on the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.



2006-08-28 03:04:19
Well done for a first story and lots of potential. You should work on dialog and pacing in future stories, but this was still excellent reading.


2006-07-15 10:21:01
there are a few points in the story where you could have gotten a little more into detail


2006-07-12 11:15:49
Day 2, 3, 4, 5? You have my intrest.


2006-07-12 05:34:04
okay work on spelling

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