A True Story of an Unforgettable Night
My Name is Yvonne and I would like to share with you a night of passion that I will never forget. What should have been a night of horror turned into an experience of a lifetime.

I’m a divorced, 30 year-old woman living on my own. It was another long day at the office and by the time I arrived home it was dark and raining cats and dogs. I grabbed a quick bite to eat, showered and went to the bed and fell asleep to the sound of Jay Leno interviewing another boring Hollywood star.

It must have been chloroform or some other type of drug because when I awoke from what seemed like an unusually deep sleep I was not in the familiar surroundings of my bed. The first thing I noticed was that my arms were stretched and tied above my head. My legs were held open with what felt like leather straps tied right above my knees and ankles. I know I had opened my eyes but all I could see was blackness. A blindfold was placed around my head. Was I dreaming? I tried to scream but the cloth in my mouth that was used as a gag completely muffled any sound that I tried to make. I struggled against the bindings but it was impossible to move. Not only did I realize that this was not a dream but it became very apparent that I was completely naked! I felt movement around me but heard no voice. I was not alone and tried to scream again. It was futile. I was petrified! I could see myself completely helpless, bound with ropes and leather straps, naked and imagined the worst. Was this a random act or did I have some sort of relation with the person who now holds me captive?

I laid there, unable to move, for what seemed like an eternity. It seemed that it was a plan to let whatever drug was used to completely wear off. My senses were heightened yet the confusion I was having never left. Other than my inability to see, talk or move, I was not hurt nor was I in pain. That’s when it all started. I felt hands touching my body. They were strong and big. All I could think was that this wasn’t happening to me. I was trying to escape the touch but my bindings were expertly done and I was helpless. It began at my arms and worked down to my sides. The touching was not rough and felt more like an exploration of my body. From my side to my naked breasts, the massaging continued. My nipples were being lightly brushed by fingers. As terrified as I was, I couldn’t help but think that this person was also. I then felt the hands on my ankles and they were working their way up my legs and then to my inner thighs. Again, not in a rough manner but firm and with a purpose. I felt my pussy lightly touched. The fingers were seemingly being careful not to cause pain. Was my captor trying to masturbate me?

I then felt a strange sensation on my pubic area. I was being rubbed right above my groin. It then occurred to me what was next. I was going to be shaved. I felt the razor on my skin and knew that I was now going to be hurt. I was wrong. The person that was shaving me was doing it carefully. Ten minutes later my grooming was complete. I have never had a bald pussy and I now realized that I was completely clean. A warm towel was used to clean me and this was the first time I realized that I was aroused. I felt my clit beginning to grow and my nipples were starting to itch. I was not the only one who had observed my changing demeanor. A tongue had firmly rested on my clit and was licking and circling around it. I was quickly becoming moist and my hips were trying to move in unison with the stimulation I was receiving. The tongue kept moving from my clit to my labia. I was being fucked by a tongue and I couldn’t believe how aroused I was becoming. It was now inside of me, licking the wetness, and trying to go as deep as a tongue could go. It felt wonderful and an orgasm was building. It stopped! Was it my moaning? There I was, on the verge of cumming and it stopped. I tried to talk through my gag, begging not to stop. To no avail. I was ready to burst inside but I no longer felt the tongue. I was being tortured in the best way I could ever think of.

I then felt the fingers lightly pinching at my nipples. They were extremely sensitive given my aroused state and I was trying to move my pussy to anything that was there that would give me the stimulation that I so desperately wanted. Even with the bindings that held me so tightly, I knew that who ever this person was that was in control had to sense what I wanted. It didn’t seem to matter. My clit and my pussy was ignored. I felt my own natural lubrication flow between my legs and between the cheeks of my ass. I couldn’t stop anymore. I was having an orgasm with only my nipples being touched. I didn’t even think that was possible, but it was. The moans were escaping through my gag and it was no secret what had just happened.

With my breathing still heavy from my passing orgasm, I heard an unfamiliar sound. What was that? Then it dawned on me. A machine of some sort. An electrical machine with a rhythmic tone. I then felt the warm, synthetic head of a dildo press against the opening of my pussy. The rubber cock felt huge but it easily entered me. I now knew what was about to happen. I was going to be fucked by a machine. It started slowly and was entering and withdrawing from my vagina in a very deliberate manner. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

The machine then picked up speed and was going inside me deeper and deeper. I had never felt a fucking like I was getting now. The head of that cock was stimulating my G-spot like no real man ever has. With every stroke it was making I was getting closer and closer to another orgasm. What happened next is what every woman should experience. A vibrator was placed upon my clit while this machine continued to fuck my pussy. I had no control of my following orgasm. My whole body was quivering beneath the ties that bound me. I was cumming over and over again. My own juices were flowing and it actually felt like I was ejaculating. I’ve heard of women who do this but never thought it was real...until now.

The vibrator was then removed from my swollen clit and the dildo was slowly removed from my pussy. I was exhausted as sweat drenched my naked body. I must have had five or six orgasms in a matter of twenty minutes. I usually struggled to have one much less anything more than that. My pussy was swollen after all that stimulation. I then felt the tongue on my clit again. It was slowly licking my cum from my vagina. It then moved farther between my legs and started licking that sensitive spot between my pussy and my ass. I was being given the best head I have ever had. That tongue left nothing behind. I didn’t know if I could take anything more. No sooner had the licking stopped when I felt the hot hardness of a huge cock enter me. There was no warning, no preparing, before I knew it I was completely filled with a bigger man than I have ever felt. With one stroke he was buried deep inside of me. I gasped with a combination of surprise, pain and most of all, complete satisfaction. Every stroke that was made was the complete length of what had to be a nine or ten inch dick. It was so thick I could feel my pussy being stretched to it’s limits. There was no longer any pain, only a desire to feel this wonderful cock continue to fuck me. Every now and then it would stop pumping and rest, while it was fully inserted in me. I was going to cum again! The cock started pumping harder and faster. I couldn’t hold back and was shuddering with another orgasm. I felt the huge cock withdraw itself from inside of me and with no sound, felt the warm and sticky fluid splatter on my stomach, my breasts and the exposed areas of my face. It came endlessly. It felt like I had a quart of semen drenching my body.

I must have lost consciousness with all the physical and emotional activity but when I awoke I was in my own bed and alone. Daylight was breaking and the obvious deduction was that I had the dream of all dreams. Except… there were still marks left on my arms and legs where they were bound, my body was covered with dried cum and my pussy was tender from the serious fucking that I experienced only hours before.

I decided that I wasn’t going to the police and tell them that I was raped. It was embarrassing to begin with and through the whole ordeal I never was able to see my captors’ face. I guess it was possible for them to gather DNA. (God knows, they had enough for a specimen)

I’ll never forget what happened, who would? Believe it or not, there are times that I wish he would come back.

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2009-07-02 16:46:28
i wish there was more pain but good story

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-22 00:35:28
in a sense i wanna say i wish that could happen to me!!


2008-04-01 23:59:30
I liked your story. It was one if the best.


2008-01-10 01:46:32
I liked it, I must say. This was a terrific story and I really enjoyed reading it. I will be fantasizing about this story next time I take some alone time. :) Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

And I agree with everyone else when it comes to the poster 5 posts down, don't be a dumbass and insult someone else if you're only going to make yourself look stupid.


2007-06-30 02:26:19
I do like this story.. though, I wish there were more pain in it.. And the person four down, you're a dumbass, and its called FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE!

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