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I'm a naturally curious 15 yr old girl... quickly turning into a woman. I see how the guys look at my curvacious body, my toned ass, my long legs and a chest that would have any guy ready to jump my boat. But I'm concentrating on a particular group of guys... my best mates... all of them gorgeous, hot, fuck-worthy teenagers, more horny than a rhinocerous.

One day they invited me over to watch some porn movies... nothing suss about that we do it all the time. we sit and watch the movie while we watch each other get off... nice n fun. So why think today's any different?

Because today is my 16th birthday. So i get over there anticipating what movies they've got for us tonight and i see them already naked sitting on the lounge waiting for me. "Hey guys... what's up?" i manage to get out before i get 4 salutes n not from their hands i'll tell you.

i went over to adam and asked what's going on? He simply replied, "you're 16 now, time to start acting like it." But for now we just sat and watched the movie.

About 5 minutes into the movie i start to slowly rub my clit, then i don't even realise it for a second but i have a finger inside my hot, wet, non-virgin pussy. I saw it was adam and i said,"adam you should know i like 3 in there...oops." Then the other guys slowly surround and ask what's been going on between us and why i let him just slip his finger in like that.

I said to them would you like to find out? Naturally being teenage boys they didn't object.

Slowly i climed up onto adam and let him slip inside of me. Once he was comfortable there and i was feeling the pleasure of his slow moving cock in my steamy cunt, i said to another mate joseph, "come and sit on the lounge." He sat forward and i began sucking his cock in between low moans and high pitched orgasmic screams. Adam knew me. He had previously explored every nook and cranny of my body and knew how to please me.

Next another mate, Quentin, sat beside me and worked on my nipples and breasts while i instructed Ben to suck on Quentin's cock. He objected but i said his turn would come. Meanwhile joseph was feeling neglected so i went back to him...

Adam's strokes became faster and faster, as too did my clit rubbing and my sucking. So then Quentin became faster and faster until, I could not take it anymore, adam, joseph, quentin and ben could take no more...i said "I'm going to cum!" i was resonded by several so am i's.

When joseph came, it was all over my face and i licked it up delightedly as he would do for me and soon would... Quentin came allover ben, ben came on adam and adam came in me... My pelvis shook and gave way.

As we all climaxed together the boys became limp and flopped with contentment on the floor and lounge. They thought it was over this was only the beginning...

After they had all rested i was dripping like nothing you've ever seen. Joseph came rushing up to lick up the drippage. As he did so i said "good joseph, good joseph... for your good behaviour you will get a reward."

To this he responded with a salute to end all salutes.

I said to him, "grab some rope". He asked what for? I said "you're going to tie me up and have your way with me you dirty little man... you're going to fuck me like i'm helpless."

Immediately the boys found some rope and bound my hands together and my legs to the bedposts spread wide apart.

"Now," i said dominantly, "Joseph, come over to the bed and lick my wet, hot cunt dry you dirty little boy!" Not only did he do that with incredible skill for a virgin, but he began to rub my clit also.

"Yes..." I cried, almost unable to contain my pleasure, "lick me dry, faster faster!!! Yes, yes, yes! Oh my God!!!! I'm cumming!!!

Suddenly adam and Quentin rushed over to the bed, adam sitting behind my head french kissing me upside down, and quentin straddled across my stomach playing with my breasts and very sensitive and now very erect nipples.

I was in so much pleasure i didn't think i could contain myself any longer i came on joseph's face and he licked it all up and began to slowly insert his huge, throbbing, cock into my wet, steamy cunt, all the while still rubbing my clit very quickly and pleasurably.

Joseph's cock was incredibly the largest one there and he pounded me with it... although i enjoyed it so much he thought he was getting revenge on me...

..."This is for wearing those tiny skirts and leather boots and low-cut tops and parading around in front of me all summer and not letting me fuck ur horny cunt..."

Then adam began putting his large, pulsating cock into my mouth and deep throating me at an incredibly fast pace, giving him immense pleasure, me not so much.

..."This is for using me for your own pleasures for the past 3 months u dirty little skank!"

What they didn't realise was this dirty talk was making me even hornier and i was gonna cum sooner than you can finish this sentence...WHOA!!! and there i went again and this time they just stopped.

Joseph untied me and put the rope away and then he slowly dressed me himself from my panties to my singlet top. The other boys had gone back to watching the porno, but just as joseph was about to leave i said "don't leave me, love me joseph, you have the biggest fucking cock i've ever felt go into my hot sweet cunt and you make it feel so fucking alive."

Joseph turned around grabbed my ass cheeks and threw me n the bed and round 2 was on!!!

Needless to say joseph and i didn't need to watch that porno after all...


2007-09-24 17:27:56
ummmm.... that wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst either... more detail...


2007-03-21 08:19:34
I agree with the reader who sed that this is fiction! God damn! I'ma chik and this story made me wet... although i wou;d've liked more details...


2007-02-25 01:05:34
holly fuck well i liked it i dont care t made me horny nice story just put more details and it will b gr8 welll at least in my opinion


2007-02-12 04:14:23
You other commenters obviosly don't know what Fiction means, for you ingorant fucktards it means NOT TRUE!!!! so stop and read everyting before insulting the writer,


2006-07-19 04:42:58
you are such a godam liar..u didn't change names, and these boys would not go anywhere near you, they hate dont have a curvacious body, toned ass, long legs and a chest that would have any guy ready to jump my boat WAT SO EVER!!! i know who this is, it didnt take me long to guess..your pathetic and disgusting..this truly is a dream that will always stay a dream to you and will never come true..

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