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silk and lace
Silk and lace

Being 18 I had just moved out from home into my own place along with two other girls, Sara and Andrea. They were both really good looking, Sara being 5,8 ish with light bronze skin, full and round C cups. Sara was really fit and sporty, always wearing cotton jog pants and tops, I always find my self staring at the high top of the thong, the black against her tan always made me hard. Andrea on the other hand was very much a girly girl, dresses, nylons … all of that type of thing, always showing some portion of her pale flesh. It is hard living with these girls they are such strong sexy women, I always find my self attracted to, and recently found my self wanting to be like them!
I arrived home at around 6pm all was quiet, which was weird. A small pink note caught my eye and I picked it up and read.
“hey babes, me and Sara are staying at here mothers tonight for her wedding remember? .. sorry we are leaving you all alone on Friday night we will do something on Saturday night ok? Xxxx Sara + Andrea”.
Well I felt well bummed out after that so I headed up to my room to just chill out when I stopped at the top of the landing. I looked across at Sara’s room, the door was ajar and I don’t know what came over me but I just drifted over to it and slid in. It smelt so feminine, I guess she didn’t have much time to leave as all her dirty washing lay on the floor. I Looked at her black sports panties at the base of her bed and nelt down. I could imagine them on Sara brushing against her moist sweating cunt as she run on the tread mill, I put my nose to the crotch and inhaled. I gained an instant hard on. I was so turned on I ran my tongue along her crusty gusset and tasted the tangy flavour of her juices. This was amazing, but instead of doing my usual of jacking off something else happened. I began to undress, now there I stood naked in Sara’s room with a massive hard on. I pulled her used panties up around my legs, I felt so sexy, like a girl, right then I wanted to be one, and maybe kiss a guy while dressed up.
Thirty minutes had passed and I was heading out of the bathroom, I had spent the last half hour shaving my entire body. Below the head you would mistake me for female .. well almost. This time I entered Andrea’s room . I pushed open her wardrobe door and pulled out her favourite outfit, a black pleated mini skirt and silk pink and black top. I slid open her pantie drawer and found a matching set of pink and black lace up French knickers and bra. I tucked my balls into myself and pulled my cock back so there was no buldge, I slid into her outfit and rolled up her pink nylons up my leg resting at my thy. I was almost done, I had watched Andreas applied make ou only once. I think I got the deal so I sat at her dresser dressed entirely female applying concealer, foundation, lippy until my face was done. And that was it, I lent down to pick up a few socks and padded my lacey bra and attached Andrea’s party wig.
I never thought I would be here, Here I am 9pm outside fluid one of the best clubs in town. I was getting looks, DID THEY KNOW?, hmm I don’t think so it was only off the guys so I brushed it off and continued into the club. I sat at the bar for only 5 minutes when a tall rugged football type lent against the bar next to me.
“hey baby,I haven’t seen you here before .. my name’s josh”
OH SHIT I though , I hadn’t thought about my voice,I had to adlib quick
My voicebox tightened “hey josh im Amy” I said
“hey do you fancy anything?” he replied … OH god his hand was on my leg, rising… moving up under the pleats and strocking my “cunt”. If I didn’t have my cock tucked it would be rock solid.
I was so horny, I could see the buldge in his pants. “let me see, sex on the beach” I said softly while smiling at him. Josh smiled back, his hand still under my skirt he then retracted it, he grabbed my hand and led me away.
The girls toilets door crept open and we snuck in. Empty as it always is so early in the night we entered the cubicle.
“you don’t waste much time .. Josh” my female voice was really convincing now.
“What the point in wasting time Amy? … I don’t think it will do any of us any good” before ending his sentence he unbuckled his belt , unzipped his fly and let both his pants and trousers fall to the floor. His cock was rock hard and cut, showing his head. He pushed me against the wall and groaped me between my legs, pushing his tongue into my mouth. “ MMMmmm” I felt like a model. He pulled back and pushed on my head to go lower. I got to my knees, my pink nylons on the grimey floor, I had been wanting to suck a cock for so long, it smelt like he had already been worked up, and with that aroma I wrapped my painted lips around his head and sucked. Saliva filled my mouth , I wanted it to be wet and tight for him … I moved my head back and forth around his head, the occasional dribble of spit dropping onto my tiny skirt. I sucked harder and he let out an unreserved moan of pleasure. Now I had his whole fat black cock in my mouth and down my throat, deep and letting my spit run around it, I felt his cock tighten up so I tried to move it back into just my mouth, but his muscley hands wouldn’t let me retract, I mumbled something being muted my the massive member down my throat and bang. I felt warm cum eject right at the back of my throat, I gagged still with his cock in me. Finally he retracted and I turned and coughed up the cum. He was stood over me looking down, cum dribbling out from my red lips and dripping from my chin. “YOU ASSHOLE!” I screamed at him He smiled, and lifted me up to semi standing and spinning me. Back down I went, head over the bowl and my soaking knees still on the dirty floor.
“Oh baby your so fucking fine, im gonna fuck you so bad” he whispered. OH GOD!! He want to fuck me, I really don’t wanna ive never done this before my head screamed!!!!! “NO! , I don’t want to do this!!” He put his big hands on my lower ass and peeled up my skirt to rest over my waist.
“MM MM, honey, what a sweet ass” Josh whistled and with that he tugged down my French knickers , I tried to struggle but he was massive and it made no difference “ PLEASE NO!! DON’T DO THIS” I cried!. Josh pulling them down to my knees to joint the filth on the floor. And then it happened! My balls dislodged and cock flew into erect position.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD” josh screamed!!!! “ YOU’RE A FUCKING DUDE”
He had a real bitter tone in his voice which I didn’t like.
“ YOU FUCKING QUEER” he snapped.
I wanted to go and tried to get up, but he just pushed me back down again
“NO, YOUR GOING TO PAY” and straight in to my ass he pounded his massive black cock.
“AGHH , NOOO” I screamed. I could feel my colon tear as he unremorslessly fucked me. My eyes filled with tears and I cried out “ NO PLEASE STOP PLEASE” my legs split in two over the toilet showing my pink nylon holdups . “FUCK OFF BITCH” Josh said while still ramming me , pink heels un attaching them from my feet. He pulled me up and threw me against the side of the cubicle right up behind me, full body contact and still screwing me hard. He pulled my wig off and pulled my hair back. “AGHHH” I cried.
“YOU LIKE THAT BITCH” he snapped. I was still crying, suddenly he violently pushed my head back into the wall and ripped my silky top down. Back over the toilet I was forced, my bra socks falling into the bowl. And then it was over he ejected into me, smashing my face into the cistern as he make his last few hard thrusts. He pulled out and threw me down to the side with massive force. I looked up and he looked me in the eye “ YOU FUCKING FAGGOT” was his last words before hocking back and spitting in my face. I was still crying laying on the dirty smelly toilet floor, ripped top, scattered heals, and blood dripping from my face and ass.


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