Vickie gets a birthday present at the beach.
It began shortly after her mother and dad divorced. Vickie was 10. A normal girl, an only child. Small for her age, cute with long brown hair down her back to her cute, round, little girl butt. She had shapely legs for her age, almost no boobs at all and a shy smile with saddeness behind her brown eyes. Overly mature in many ways for her age which sometimes came along with being an only child. Also like many children lost in a family split-up she was sad and there was the enivitable guilt. Children do that. Some take on more than others and though disguised Vickie felt more guilt than most. Somehow ....well at least some of this felt like she should be able to do something about it. Keep them together.

She hated the war between her mom and dad. Her mom was the worst. So angry, so spiteful, so hostile. She lived with mom but her dad was her hero. In her eyes he was tall, dark and handsome and could do no wrong. She missed him not being home during the week and so looked forward to her time with him. It began feeling to Vickie as though mom was almost jealous or angry with her because she had such a close, warm relationship with her father; Feelings her mom had not allowed herself to have for years. Why? To punish dad? To punish herself? For what? Made no sense.

Vickie had begun to explore playing with herself, rubbing her surprisingly large clit before she fell asleep each night. For such a young and small girl she was blessed with a clit many a grown women would love to have. Still, she had no orgasms yet but just massaging her young wet pussy took her mind off of things for a while anyway. She needed to forget about all the bad stuff going on so she could drift off to sleep. Mastrubating did that for her.

She knew her dad did not want things to work out this way. It was only after years of trying, years of therapy together and separately, and only on the advice of the therapist that he finally filed on her mother. Vickie recalled her dad telling her quietly that it took two whole people to make a whole relationship. Even Vickie could see something wasn't right about her mother. If she wasn't ranting and raving about HIM... she was crying in her room. Being at home should be a lot more comfortable than this.

The school year seemed to drag. Vickie liked school fine and all her friends too. She was a good student but like all kids her about to turn 11, she looked forward to the long holidays. And Thanksgiving was just a few days away. Five whole days off. Five whole days with her dad this year. Wednesday though Sunday after-noon. She could hardly wait. Next year she would be with her mom this least that was a year away!

Her birthday was the week following Thanksgiving but she would not be with her dad that weekend. He had to be out of town for work or something. So they were going to celebrate early during the holidays. He gave her a choice of anything she would like to do. "Go to the beach!" she said. "For Thanksgiving?" he teased. "Yes!" she laughed. Even in winter she loved the beach and she knew her dad did too. He rented a condo right in the dunes but with so many owners there for the holidays the only thing available was a 3rd floor efficencey. Much smaller than they usually got, but it looked right at the ocean. Cool!

It was getting late when they finally arrived. Already dark and getting cold. They took their things up to the room and went out on the balcony to listen to the waves and watch the blinking lights on the oil rigs offshore. How she loved this place. How she loved being with her dad. He stood behind her gathering Vickie up with his arms crossed around her keeping her warm... his hands coming to rest on her chest. She loved the feeling. Her tits were just starting to grow, two soft little cones right now, her small pink nipples beginning to enlarging and getting that beautiful, little girl puffiness about them. Dad had no idea what was happening to her young body. She was still just his little girl. Then Vickie realizes....

'Oh my God! My nipples are getting hard! He can feel them! I know it. I'm just gonna die!' Vickie was trying to think of something else, anything else. But no. Her tiny nipples were now standing erect from both the cold and her excitment! Dad felt nothing at all. But Vickie did. Not only were her nipples hard, her panties were wet.

Dinner was grill cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and Fritos. Yum! Dad headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. They were talking so he pushed the door all the way to but did not actually close it so they could continue talking. The door easied open just an inch maybe two, just enough for Vickie to see her dad. She lay on the couch bed in the dark of the main room absentmindedly watching him as he talked of the beach, fishing, her birthday and as he undressed. As she watched he removed his underware with his back to that mirror. Suddenly she snapped back to reality! Vickie was looking at her dad's muscular, bare ass. She was frozen. The sight literally took her breath away. He was beautiful. She had only dream of seeing him naked when she played with herself. Then he turned around facing the mirror to brush his teeth and there before her reflected in the mirror was his beautiful big penis. You could count the number of penises she had seen before on one finger...her baby cousin's. She had never seen a grown man's before and this was her father's penis. It seemed big to her. It was thick, full and arching down at least 4" to 5" out of golden brown pubic hair. And she could see his balls. They looked big too. She finally took a breath trying to sound natural as she answered her dads conversation with her eyes never leaving his cock and his balls.

The sight of her father's naked sex had her fingers under her sleeping shirt, in her panties and on her clit . The bottoms of her feet came up together as she laid back with her sweet young pussy open wide. As dad brushed his teeth that big thing bobbed around back and forth. It was amazing. Exciting. Vickie couldn't take her eyes off of it. She had heard they could get bigger and harder when a man wanted sex. She tried to imagine what her father would look like with his penis hard, sticking straight out ready for sex. She really wanted to see that. She wanted to touch it now even when it was smaller... half soft.

Her fingers moved quicker now. Her legs arched back out forward, her toes pointed, her perfect little butt coming up off the bed trying to reach climax. She had never done that before. She did not even know exactly what she was trying to do. She would not make it to orgasm now either. This left her wet, panting, tired, oddly frustrated. Still tense. Different than she usually felt after session of massaging her pussy in bed.

The sight of her father's penis was more than she ever dreamed of. She didn't know why but Vickie was literally salivating, almost drooling as her father pushed the door completely closed disappearing into the shower. She swallowed hard thinking about having that big thing in her hands and... in her mouth. In her mouth? Wow, where did that come from? In her mouth...

Dad came out of the bathroom with a towel around his neck, hair wet, in pajama bottoms. He looked good. Sexy. And Vickie now knew what that nice buldge was in his pjs. She had dreamed about it before when he was in his bathing suit, or his jeans and now his pjs really showed him off. It actually bounced and moved around a little when he walked. And Vickie knew what was in there. How it looked, how it moved. Her pussy and her panties were getting wet again.

Lights out and time for bed. They were sharing the only bed. The couch made into a standard size bed. After quick good nights her dad was out, making gentle breathing nosies confirming his sleep. Vickie gently snuggled her bottom against her dad and by sleepy instinct he bent his knees up spooning into her little body. His beautiful, full bulge against her tiny butt. She could actually feel his penis pressing against her crack. She wanted to wiggle it in there tighter still but she was frozen... again. Oh my God it felts so big, so warm, so electric and exciting.

She couldn't help herself. She had to see if she could make it get hard. She pushed her bottom into his cock very gently again and again. Something was happening. She thought she could feel something moving, pushing back. Something harder. Yes! That was it for sure. His penis. It was working. He was getting hard in his sleep. She was so excited she was shaking. He was getting bigger and harder throbbing against her butt. Now what? She wanted to touch it.

Vickie slowly reached behind her gently touching her dad's pajama clad leg. She could feel the muscles in his thigh. So slowly, so carefully she moved her little butt away from his penis moving her fingers up to his crotch. She stopped. There was something she had not expected ...she could feel his cock sticking straight up. It was sticking out of the open front his pjs!! Big, warm, soft and really hard at the same time. Pulsing like a heart beat. Carefully, carefully she wrapped her fingers around it. Warm! Moving to the top she felt the head, bigger and soft than the shaft and then something slippery. What is that? Sperm! His Cum! Had to be. She knew about that...a little anyway. Oh my God! Dad is cumming in his sleep! Guys do that. She'd heard stories about their "wet dreams". A big cock wet with cum! It doesn't get any better than this. Does it?

Pulling her hand back around in front of her she could feel the sperm on her fingers. She wanted to taste it. Just a very small amount. She sucked her fingers into her mouth. It tasted and smelled like nothing else she had ever had before. Totally different. Not bad, kinda salty maybe, thick, but really, really different. Satisfying somehow. The thought of it coming from her dad's penis straight into her mouth made her close her eyes and shiver. This whole experience was unlike anything else she had ever thought of. Her 11 year old hairless pussy was dripping wet now.

She had always gotten wet even as a much younger girl. She never knew why. Now she knew exactly why she was so wet. Her first cock, her first taste of sperm. She reached back again. She wanted to feel it taste some more. She was dizzy with sexual feelings she had never had before. She really, really wanted to suck sperm straight from his erect penis. She knew from friends that women did that. Eating cum was apparently a big deal. The story was men loved you for it and it was supposed to be good for girls. Protein. Who knew? Rub it on you nipples and tits and they'll grow bigger. She rubbed her sticky finger on her nipples. She really wanted to suck on a cock like women. She wanted to feel it ...she wanted to make it squirt in her mouth. She began to turn facing her father. He was still breathing regularily...sound asleep as far as she could tell. Now with much better access she reached down for his penis. It was still hard, cum still seeping from the end of it. Getting that wonderful thing in her mouth was what she wanted. But how to do that without waking dad?

"Would a little light help you to see what you are after Vickie?" said her dad. Oh shit! He is awake. Oh shit! What do I do now. Play like I'm asleep! Doing all this in my sleep? He is going to kill me.

The bedside light came on. The covers were down and there was 8 inches of hard, cum dripping cock right in front of her face. She couldn't say a word. She didn't have to. Her dad helped her do what she wasn't quite brave enough to do. He pushed her down toward it slowly, Vickie opened and took the big beautiful head of it into her mouth. She moaned lovingly and then moaned much louder at the taste of his semen and reality of what she was doing...what she had in her mouth . After just a moment of Vickie was like a grown women in sexual heat, what men call automatic sex. Past a certain point of sexual excitment most women become helpless. Just needing sex, any kind of sex, penetration, their pussy, thier mouth, their assholes... all of their holes at once! Now, whatever he wanted Vickie was willing to do. If she could or if he would show her how. But he did not want her to do anything but suck. his cock.

Now he took her head in both of his hands pushing her up and down on his erect penis, stroking her hair lovinly as she learned to suck a cock, to be in control, to give him no choise but to shoot his sperm in her mouth. A long, slow, wonderful sexual lesson for both. He was 36, she was 11. He had a lot to teach her and Vickie was hungry to learn. "Go slower, use your tounge, make those sweet moaning noises for me, massage my balls while you suck, easy! That's it. Suck little one. I'm gonna feed you very soon."

What did that mean? she wondered.

His stomach tensed, he was acting different, making different noises. She knew something was going to happen. Holding her head down firmly on his cock so she couldn't get it out of her mouth, he ejaculated six thick ,powerful shots of sperm into her mouth the first three hitting the back of her throat. She was not ready for so much cum and gagged hard, coughed, sniffing because her nose was running. She pulled off of the cock for a moment and looked up at he dad.

"My God you look so beautiful, completely warn out, your nose running, eyes tearing from working so hard for my cum, you look like a young woman who just had sex. Here wipe your mouth sweet girl, there's cum on your lips Vickie." he said.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't swallow it all fast enough." she smiled. "I really tried, I wanted to."

But the obvious pleasue on his face told her she did a good job sucking him off for the very first time!! She was determined to get much better though. She loved her dad and wanted to please him.

"Hungry girl! OK, The head gets super sensitive after a man cums so when you put it back in your mouth go down on it as far as you can. Don't suck the head right now. And just be still, keep it warm and let it get soft in your mouth sweetheart. You'll probably get a little more cum as it does. Then take your thumb and run it up the underside to get all the sperm that is still in my penis to come out for you. I want to watch you eat that too. Good girl.

Doing as she was told, she went lovingly back to sucking down his penis, licking him, kissing his dick, clearning his cock and his balls with her mouth, her tounge. Feeding.

They both feel asleep. Young Vickie with her head on dad's stomach, his big soft penis in her mouth. Still nursing like a baby. in her sleep. A real wet dream!

Happy Birthday.


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My daughter still sucks me off every chance she gets. She loves the feel of my cock in her mouth and the taste of my cum sliding down her throat. We started when she was 11 and it has gotten so much better in the last three years. Now we fuck,too, and I love the feel of her tight cunt on my cock. When I cum in her, she moans and cries out. She's on her way home from gymnastics and has promised to show me some new moves, naked.


2015-11-25 01:36:04
My daughter still sucks me off every chance she gets. She loves the feel of my cock in her mouth and the taste of my cum sliding down her throat. We started when she was 11 and it has gotten so much better in the last three years. Now we fuck,too, and I love the feel of her tight cunt on my cock. When I cum in her, she moans and cries out. She's on her way home from gymnastics and has promised to show me some new moves, naked.

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