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A boy cums in the wrong place.
I am called John and I have a disorder that means my testicles have grown to a massive size, so big that I worry I am a freak, I even have to have special underwear made to contain them comfortably. Another thing is that with them being so large it means I store a massive amount of cum in them, so much so in fact that I can almost produce enough to fill a two litre bottle, having tried to do so during masturbation, but my cum ran out as it got to 3 quarters full.
In fact the only thing I have been told that has a positive side is I have been informed by doctors I have a large chance of producing babies.

When I was 15 met a new girl at school called Lucy (also 15). Her body was heavenly she had a lovely round ass and B cup tits that complimented her body perfectly. The first time I saw her I almost came in my pants, I was desperate to become her friend and was lucky to have her in my class, so I set aside my testicular worries and resolved to sit next to her and talk to her.
She told me about the last school that she went to and then lent over to wisper in to my ear. I could feel her breast resting on my shoulder as he wispered in my ear.
“I fancy you, I have since the first day I saw you last week. I need you in my pussy.”
I told her I was a virgin and that I had only fingered a girl before, and she told me that I didn’t have to worry.

We organised a time to meet up that night, and at six o’clock she knocked on my door.
“Where are we going to go, my pussy is so wet.”
I took her hand and led her down the road near my house to a disused railway, I took her down underneath the bridge.
As soon as we got there she pushed me against the wall and pushed her lips against mine, I let her tongue into my mouth and one of the best feelings I had ever had washed over my body. She walked to the other side of the bridge and lay down in the soft grass.
“Come over here she said, fingered me”
I went over to her and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down and off. She was wearing a tiny pink thong which had a massive wet patch on the front of them. I pulled them aside and sucked on my fingers, and then I slowly pushed two of my fingers into her pussy. I could feel her pussy juices on my fingers as I pushed further into her and then pulled out. She was gasping with each movement of my fingers.
I could smell her pussy juice so I pulled out my fingers and licked them, it was delicious. I had heard from boys at school that girls like their pussies licked, so I put my head in between her legs and pushed my tongue into her. Me doing this was making her go mad in ecstasy and her head was thrashing about.
I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it. This was the last straw and she came, her cum literally spurted out of her pussy soaking my hair, face and my clothes. I went back down on her and liked up all the left over cum from her legs and stomach.

After a few minutes she sat up and said that she needed me in her. She undid my pants and pulled down my boxers. Having had a bonner since the beginning of the event my cock sprung up and hit her wrist leaving a smear of my pre-cum on her arm.
She gasped and said she hadn’t seen a cock as thick as mine before. She touched my balls and told me that she thought it was sexy. She pulled off her t-shirt and revealed her breasts to me for the first time.
I reached behind her and released them from the constraints of her bra. They were so pert and perfect that the didn’t drop at all, I lent forward and took one of her nipples into my mouth, but she pushed me away when I caught it with my teeth. I apologised to her and she told me it didn’t matter.

She grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her pussy telling me because we had no condom I would have to pull out and as she didn’t want cum on her to point it down into the grass when I came.
Instinct took over and I positioned my cock at here wet entrance and pushed in to her, it was like velvet and was so warm, I almost came straight away. After I got used to the sensation I began to move in and out.
With each push I felt her resistance and could feel her cum around my shaft, and with each pull I felt her pussy walls pull up with mine. The feeling was so intense I was dizzy.
I began moving faster and faster, Lucy was screaming with every push and pull.
I could feel the cum stirring in my large balls and knew that I was going to cum, and told her, she screamed;
“get out of me quick you don’t have a condom on”
I had forgotten what she had said and as I pulled out she orgasmed and clamped around my cock, this was the last straw and it pushed me over the edge, I began to empty my balls and came copius in her pussy. Due to my massive balls I carried on cumming and even when I pulled out fully I was still spurting cum over her body.
Once I had finished cumming I noticed she was crying and was gathering up her cum soaked clothes and was trying to put them on. I must have shot about 5 spurts into her and 10 onto her.
She stood up and I noticed that there was a stream of my cum pouring from her pussy. I smiled at her and she slapped me.
“I will probably get pregnant no she cried”, and with that walked off wiping the cum off her shirt as she went.

She didn’t speak to me again for about a month, and when she did she told me she was pregnant and it was all my fault that her life was spoilt. Mine wasn’t I now had the courage to ask girls out.

There is more of John’s story coming up.

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2009-08-16 19:50:43
great story


2009-07-26 07:13:19


2008-07-31 13:56:57
This is just plain stupid....

I wonder if "Big Balls" Johnny will have the balls to support the kid...

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2008-06-24 15:07:23
that was a good story i hope another 1 is coming up?


2007-10-06 21:06:09
it was silly and more funny than sexual and plus the image it makes for a female is not sexy. giant balls are creepy. it was so very short there is nothing in the story. good idea but you didnt go anywhere with it. maybe u can rework it a little bit. what i dont get is all these ppl who are being assholes about the story and getting all technical and rude. its not that serious. its a sex story not a biology quiz. constructive critism, ppl!! jeez

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