i have changed the names for security reasons only
It was around half past twelve and night had gotten colder, i could see as i glanced to my left that the nipples of the beautiful girl that walked next to me had ,stood on end. She was round 5ft5 and had sholder length brown hair, her face was gorgeous and her legs were perfect in that skirt she was wearing. Her name was sarah a girl who went to my high school and we had just been out to a club and i was walking her home my eyes fixated on her breasts, that were at least a 32D. I had, had alot of girl before hair but hers were the biggest ive seen.
She stopped and said to me that her feet were hurting so i said that i would ring a taxi to come pick us up becuse we still had atleast another 2 miles to walk i called the cab and it said it would beher in 20 minutes plenty of time to get talking. She had wondered of and found a bench just inside a near by cemetary so went and sat next to her she said she had had a wonderful time and thought i was a very nice person but she knew that i was only interested in one thing. So she leaned over and kissed my and then pulled away ,she like it so much she nearly yanked my head off when ya forced my mouth into hers we kissed very passionatley for about 10 minute and i decided to have a feel around.
I slowly slid my hand up her stomach and began to gently squeeze her breast which felt so damn good as she let at out small moans of pleasure as we kissed then suddenly her hand slid under my top and she bagan do rub her hands on my chest and around my back.I thought to myslef just maybe i couldso i released her breats and slowy slid my hand down her leg and up her skirt and felt the outside of her panties they wer quite moist form the pleasure i had given her from her breast but now there was more to come.
I slowly rubbed the crack of her pussy through her panties just then a horn sounded shit i thought to myself its the taxi but she slowly whispered in my ear as she got up 'my parents arnt home tonight'.I walked her to the taxi and sat her in the back seat and made a quick phone call to my room mate not to wait up for me ill be gone all night, i no longer live with my parents they kicked me out hwen i got as girl pregnant. I sat in the back with sarah and she had taken of her shoes, now i dont no about you guys but theres something about a womans sexy feet that i love, so i said i give a good foot rub and she said so do i if you no what i mean.So i imediatly opened my jeans and let out my 7 inch member which had been aching to get out ever since the cemetary i knew the taxi driver could see but i dont think he minded so he lifed up she legs and wrapped her feet around my cock and began to give me a foot job and she hitched her panties aside and pulled out her mobile and set it to vibrate and begain to slowly puch her mobile straight into her slit. Seeing this i nearly erupted but i managed to hold on for 5 mins and then the taxi driver stopped she then picked up her shoes and stepped out the cab she sai dot me wait 5 minutes then come. So i out my cock away and leaned over to the driver and said how much i owe ya he said after that show you just gave me fuckall mate i started to laf and realised a small gooey puddle in his lap i imediatly knew that it was cuma nd he had been jerking off while we had been playing around in the back, who wouldnt.So i got out of the cab and watched it drive away and decided to have a cigarette before i went in, i finnished it and stpped inside the big house i hung my coat up and stepped in the front room and noticed that sarah had taken off all her slothes and moved the furniture to the side of the room i the took of my clothes and began to kiss her again and feel all over her perfect body rubbing ma hands arund her ass and legs then she pushed me back and gave me a condom to put on i pulled it out of the pack and place it on my cock and began to kiss her again and slowly placed my cock inside heras i pushed deeper i realised that she had already been broken in to which she later told me that she did it her self iwth a dildo, i began to slowly hump her and then went into full speed and she started to screem and moan in pleasure she was syaing to me 'dont stop please dont stop fuck me deeper harder harder deeper harder!!!! thats it right there'. i knew that she was making so much noise because there was no-one to hear us aftyer about 10 minute and 3 full orgasms form her i pulled my cock out of her and pulled of the rubber and placed my cock there for her to suck she then took me in her hand hand placed her lips on my bell end and then went all the way down to the bottom and sucked me off until i shot my hot load straight into her mouth she ate up very little bit and then licked my cock until it was clean she then got up and said to me that was the best ive ever had i stood up and kissed her and said me too she then led me up to her room and gave me another ruber we then laid in bed together nad kissed and ishived my cock in again and we both fell asleepo with me still inside her now everytime we come home froma ngith out we still seem to get the same taxi driver.

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dude spell!


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Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude..go and show this to your mother she will slap the shit outta you, not for making a crappy porn story but for your shitty spelling...c'mon


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It was too easy: take your hand off your dick for a minute and incorporate story into this. Writing isnt about putting your fantasy on a screen

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