More presents at the beach
Vickie woke to the sun shining through the sliding glass doors to the balcony. Her Dad was up and gone, out on the beach already she was sure. Surf fishing. She got up and looked down to the water. There he was. Up to his big balls in the cold salt water. The first balls she had ever seen or touched. The first balls to ever give-up their sperm to her!

Vickie stretched, yawned experiencing a shoulder shaking shiver just thinking about what happened the night before. She was not yet 11 years old, not till next weekend but she had already seen a grown man's penis and she made it get hard all by herself. And she sucked on it too. Suck until sperm squirted in her mouth. Her Daddy’s sperm. Yum!

Vickie thought she had it figured out quickly. As a 10 year old girl she could control sex with a man. Even her father. Maybe especially her father. She had ‘accidentally’ seen him naked in the bathroom getting ready for a shower; his bare butt and his big penis. Even at 10, the crotch of her panties were slippery soaking wet with little girl pussy juice.

She made up her mind right then and there she would touch that penis and then get it in her mouth. And that is exactly what she did. During a night sharing the only bed in the efficiency condo, she discovered his erect penis sticking out of the button front of his pajamas. She thought he was asleep but as she touched him there in the dark her Daddy surprised her suddenly turning on the light. Now she could see his cock. She was frozen, silent. She did not have to be worried. Her Dad just pushed her head down to his erection. Vickie opened her mouth, took in all she could…just the head really; cum was all over the end of it from a “wet dream”. She had her Daddy’s penis in her mouth and it was like nothing she had ever tasted before. Sexy, salty, wonderful. She felt so good, so bad, and so excited! And she was so wet. Trembly even.

She worked and sucked on his penis for what to her seemed like a long time. She was getting exhausted! But she wanted to do a good job; to give him no choice but to finally loose control. He was holding her head down on his cock slowly but surely giving in to her relentless sucking, the little girl moans, the snot running from her nose, her hands on his balls, just the sight of a 10 year old working so hard on his thick, hard penis. Her Dad knew what she wanted. The same thing her mother had always wanted. His cum in her mouth.

His scrotum was tight around his balls, he needed to cum. Vickie got exactly what she was working for so hard. Thick shots of his semen, the first three hit the back of her throat gagging her hard. Oh my God she loved this but she had not been ready for so much! With his cock in her mouth, her eyes looked up as her Daddy arched his back in sexual release and another squirt of cum in her mouth. He let go of her head when she gagged and she came off the cock. Vickie swallowed several times getting it all down. His penis was just inches away from her face. She watched his cock ejaculate, shooting cum all over her nose and her mouth missing her eyes. This grossed her out a little, well more embarrassing her really. She thought she’d look stupid with cum on her face. That Dad would laugh at her. He didn’t. He loved her attention to his cock…and he loved seeing his cum on a 10 year old. So wrong but so right. Vickie left all the cum where it was, gave him a naughty little smile went back down on the cock. Eating everything he offered her. Her Daddy emptied his balls completely into his little girl’s mouth. She could actually feel the warm sperm going down into her stomach.

Drifting back from dreaming about her first real sex last night, lying on the bed in the morning sun Vickie felt very different somehow, like more sure, more in control of her life. For a moment anyway. She loved it. And she was a scared to see her Dad this morning. Not sure how to act or be with him. She loved him so. She really loved him for allowing her to touch his penis, to suck on it, to kiss it and to rub it all over her face.

“Oh my God!” she said out loud. She’d just gotten her eyes open, just woke up and she already had hands in her panties, her finger on her clit and her pussy was wet.

In the bathroom she sat down on the toilet, reached down spreading her slippery little lips so she could pee straight. If she didn't she'd pee all over herself and she hated that! Her mother had told her that would change as she grew-up. But for now she always took her fingers and opened her pussy. She couldn't believe how wet and swollen she was down there after last night and her morning of day dreaming.

This 10 year old was ready for sex again. She wanted more this time. She could not imagine how or where it would fit but she wanted her father’s penis in her …not just her mouth but really inside her this time. Small for her age, thin, tiny really, she thought it would sure hurt. But after last night Vickie was a little girl ready to be fucked; though she did not actually think this way yet she was ready to submit to the cock. And submitting to the cock is exactly what she was going to have to do.

Quickly dressed, she headed for the beach and her father with that wonderful bulge between his legs. She knew now she could have his penis any time she wanted it.

As the older condo dwellers sipped morning coffee on their balconies, a little girl ran across the beach to the man fishing in the surf. She waved, laughed and splashed into the cold water jumping on his back wrapping her legs around his belly her arms around his neck. Dropping his rod in the water laughing her Dad turned around with their backs to the sea away from the old folks watching. He reached under her cupping her round little girl butt in his hands; his fingers for the first time exploring her asshole through her wet sweats. He had not yet seen that tiny butt hole but if she looked anything like her mother it was perfect, beautiful. He could not wait to hear her moan the first time he stuck his tongue in her ass. He wanted to lick and kiss her asshole like he had her mother’s.

Her bottom and her little pussy were warm in his hands despite the cold water. Vickie kissed him on the back of his head, breathing in his ear she whispered “Daddy, take me back upstairs. I’m wet.”

“Yes you are.” he said. He looked at her over his shoulder and knew what she wanted. He winked, “You ran right into the cold water silly girl. Let’s go get you dried off and warm again.”

To retrieve his rod, reel and bait bucket he put Vickie down on the sand. Then they headed up to the condo holding hands. All the old folks watching thought they were a perfectly loving dad and his little girl. They were right.

Her Dad was ready to begin seriously training her to be a little sex slut, his little fuck animal. He loved Vickie dearly but what a wonderfully sick, nasty image of his beautiful daughter. A baby really… ready and clearly wanting to be fucked. She had still more to learn about oral sex but there were other very erotic things he planned to teach her first. Fabulously nasty things he would teach her to do for him.

He smiled to himself because he knew Vickie was smart beyond her years and she was probably thinking she was in control of all this. Of the sex, of what would happen next. He also knew she wasn’t and could not be in control of what he would soon be doing to her little girl body. She would submit completely to his cock, to his mouth, to his fingers, to anything he wanted to put in her young, wet sex holes. Especially her asshole. He wanted to preserve her actual virginity. When her vagina was examined for the first time by a doctor it was imperative she have her hymen in tact to insure no one ever knew of their sexual relationship.

Dad could hardly wait to get her into his favorite sex position. The same position he put her mother in for his sexual pleasure. On the edge of the bed, on her tits and her knees, her knees wide apart. Just thinking about young Vickie in this position for a moment and he was getting another hard-on for her.

It does not get any more submissive than this for a woman and even the least attractive woman he had been with was beautiful in this position. Her ass sticking up in the air, back arched, head up as high as she can hold it, totally exposed, waiting to be penetrated. Pussy and asshole ready for work. A 10 year old in this position! He had never seen that before.

Now he was in a hurry to get Vickie up stairs. In his mind he pictured her with a sweaty flush face, runny nose, puffy tearing eyes; grown women usually did but little girls always got that look when they were being heavily sexed by a man …freshly fucked. That is a big part of the little girl sex…the hard-on for him. The young ones want to be grown up, to perform sexually like adult women to please the man. But it can be scary and hard work for them to take on a man’s erect penis or maybe two men, very difficult for them to take it because they’re bodies are immature; their sex holes willing and wet but very little.

As difficult as Vickie’s mother had been in the last years of their marriage if he could just get her going she too was soon helpless and completely submissive. She still craved having him fuck her throat. He held the back of her head forcing his cock all the way down her throat till her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He’d pull it back out and she would gag up a slippery clear mucus. It would hang in long strings from her mouth and his cock. Then he would force the cock all the way down her again. Heavy sex with a beautiful woman was spectacular if she gagged. Gagging to the point of actually farting…the most elegant women could not control that reflex farting from the strain of taking hard cocks down. His ex would try to force her tongue forward to lick his balls while his dick was down her throat. Helpless. Breathless. Sometimes he would take her to the edge of blacking out, not allowing her to breath. Then he’d pull his cock from her throat letting her gasped for air, only to plug her throat closed completely again with the cock. They both loved that.

Vickie’s mother could take a good sized dick and hold it down a long time because her Dad had worked her Mom, training her since early in their relationship, before they were married. In the beginning she threw-up sometimes trying to get his dick down. She quickly learned to not eat if he said he was going to fuck her throat. She wanted to learn to please this older man. She was 16 years old at the time. It embarrassed her to throw-up.

Yes, she loved it when he fucked her pussy too. But he controlled her totally when he was deep in her asshole. Fucking her throat until her face was a wet drooling mess he would put his cock out of her mouth and she knew what to do. Without even being told she would assume the position for his access to her asshole. His cock coated in her slick gagging mucus he would push 8 thick, hard inches all the way up her butt with one steady stroke. Burying her face on the bed she would let out a muffled scream and try to pull away from the penis moving into her ass. But he’d always grab a fist full of her hair reining her head back hard holding her on the cock. Once he had his dick in her stroking in and out just a few times… she was helpless. She couldn’t talk. She could only make those beautiful grunts, moans and plead with him.

He was in control of her then and she knew it, she loved it. If she couldn’t cum anally during a heavy session he would slide out of her ass and shove it in her dripping pussy now forcing his thumb way up her asshole, the fingers of his hand resting on the small of her back to hold her in position. But he really no longer needed to control her that way. She was a willing sex slave now fucking her own asshole on his stiff cock as he remained motionless watching and listening to her pleasure herself. With his thumb up her butt he could feel her orgasm coming as her asshole started the involuntarily flexing around it. Then he begin to thumb fucking her too. That did it. She’d grunt “Oh God! Oh God!” Her back hunching up and down, she cried and shuddered hard in a big, delicious squirting vaginal and anal orgasm for him. Then she would literally collapse, falling off his cock on her side on the bed out of breath, shivering in sexual ecstasy.

Oh yes, it was time to start seriously training Vickie at 10 years old. She had a lot to learn but after last night her Dad knew she is even more sexual, more aggressive, braver and actually hotter than her mother was and she was 16 when she went into his training.

He’s fairly certain Vickie has never seen porn videos before. Today she would. That little pussy of hers would be wet and ready for work… she was a willing student. Ready to try to do what she saw the grown women doing for the men in the videos. Watching the porno would really accelerate her training. She could see the women doing sex things Vickie had never imagined in her young life. This would give him control over her quickly.

Now up stairs in the room her Dad said, “Let me get all these wet close off of you Vickie. I want to dry you off, get you warm little girl.”

She was standing in front of him completely naked in seconds. Baby tits, puffy nipples standing out from cold and excitement. And her much bigger than normal clit already hard and visible to her Father. Many grown women would love to have Vickie’s clit! Yet to have an orgasm in her young life she just needed the right man to help her. Daddy.

A naked little Vickie walked right up to him… touching the bulge between his legs with one hand she reached for his zipper with the other and said, “Let me get all these wet close off of you Daddy.”

It was going to be a hot day at the beach!

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