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short lesbian story to get you horny
This is a true story the names have been changed to protect identity,

My first experience with another girl was when I was 15, I had just come home from a day at school where last lesson was girls volley ball. I dropped my bag down tossed of my shoes and ran straight for the shower. I gazed into the mirror my hair came just past my shoulders and is brown, eye colour is green and I’m 5ft3 I’m sexually active and I masturbate 3 times a week generally about my best friend Rose who is so hot. My breasts are not so large only 32 b, and I only had a small mound of pubic hair just at the ridge of my clit. As i gazed into the mirror i thought to my self " i wish i had bigger breasts like Rose (she only a few months older then me but she had large breasts probably c cup). I admired her she had the best body slender curves long blonde hair went down past her to belly button. I always dreamt about rubbing my fingers through her long hair while kissing her softly on the neck. I would stare at her sexy figure in the shower rooms in our school. She was one of the hottest girls in our school and I swear she pretends not to notice at me staring at her amazing figure. She always at the end of gym on Friday she would give me a wink like and a smile like she telling me time for our shower.
The other night I was in bed and I was fingering my self to Rose I would lay there half naked la on the sheets and I would imagine Rose laying next to me kissing me on the neck while I sent spasms of orgasms through my body. Each time I would shove me index and middle finger deeper into my young pussy panting heavily Roses name. With my free hand I would caress my breasts and pinch my perky nipples and moan quietly not to disturb my family. My breathing quickened as I began to climax and began to start shoving three fingers into the mounds of my wet horny pussy. Pulses of pleasure jolted through my body as my muscles tightened and my pussy walls contracted around my fingers. Then in one final ram I let out a long moan of self satisfaction the only thing that would have made it better if it where Roses fingers.
I turned on the tap and jumped into the shower, the water felt refreshing over my sweaty skin. I started to think about rose and what her mature breasts look like in my mouth. Without further thought I found my hand sliding down my just and my index finger slowly caressing my knub, when suddenly I heard a loud bang on the door and i heard rose voice on the other side. " Hurry up in there you said meet at your house at 4:00pm so go catch a movie at the cinema its now 4:25" she continued to bang on the door " hold on I’m nearly finished" I replied as I stopped rubbing my now swollen clit and washed out the shampoo" she called back in what sounding in a sexy way " if you don’t hurry up I’m coming in after you". With out a second later I herd the door slam shut and in the misty mirror i saw figure of rose taking of her close and pulled back the shower Curtin. I yelped in wonder and tried to cover my self up with the shower Curtin
" What are you doing I said I would be out in a second* I couldn’t help but my eyes where glued in awe at here clean shaven pussy. " o common I see you checking me out in the showers in the gym" she replied with a hint of excitement and with a sweet giggle she removed the Curtin from my hand leaving me in full sight and this turned me on. She smiled at me and i returned with a blush smile and this is all she needed and leaned and embraced each other’s lips. Our tongues in wined within each other’s mouths the sensation felt so good i could feel my knees shaking. Finally we broke the passionate kiss and she giddied my hand all across here breasts. Her nipples felt so hard as i pinched and swirled around them. Rose knelt her head back and gave out a small moan. " Mm that feels good Sarah would you like me to return the feeling. All I could do is stand there full nude and gaze at my best friend Rose's succulent breasts and play with them. " Ill take your silence as a yes" and with that she bent over and started to suck on my breasts. The pleasure was so grand i couldn’t take much more of this "dirty" for-play i need her.
With out a seconds thought i removed the battery compartment for a bath message, which just so happened to be shape of long thick shaft. I switched it on and started to twirl it around Rose's shaven pussy mound and clit. She gave out a sharp yelp of pleasure which i muffled as i gave her another passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and whispered this is amazing but where going to have to stop if we don’t want to miss the film". I kissed her again on the lips and then on the neck and made my way down to her cunt and stepped out of the shower. We dried each other off with cotton towels and made sure paid extra attention to each others thumping pussies and gathered our clothes. We got dressed and left the bathroom, we walked downstairs to find that my little brother Toby hadn’t come home yet and my mother left a note on the door "gone out, to work late nights Toby gone to Darren’s for the night i left $20 for pizza your father left on business tripe to Germany. Love you mom". at that me and rose looked at each other and both got a big grin and a sexy look in our eyes of excitement as if we know what where going be doing all night with no interruptions, And we kissed one last time, before exiting the house.

Let me know how it is and if you like it and I will add more parts like when at the cinema and back at my house. p.s I’m sorry for any miss use of grammar or spelling.

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2012-01-06 16:17:25
Not bad at all fellas and glaals. Thanks.

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2011-08-03 16:49:29
IM 13 and ive never been more wet brilliant story so passionate please please write more :) xx

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2011-03-26 11:49:02
Mmmmmmmmm ! Pussy wet, warm and ready for masterbation ! Only 13 girl :-)

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good one

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