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I laid there, just lying there staring at the ceiling, as I heard sweet little Linda
“I’m next”
My body trembled, I was worn out, couldn’t move and here’s sweet little 11 year old Linda wanting my exhausted prick inside her, wanting my seed injected into her womb. All I could do was lay there and mumble.
“Baby I’m sorry I’m done in…. I don’t think even your wonderful mouth could get me hard at the moment”
Joanne sweetly said looking hungrily at me.
“What about mine?”
“Ohhh no … give me a break”
Joanne turned to Glenda
“Damn you bitch you worn him out, just how many times did you fuck him?”
Timidly she said, “ I don’t know 5 or 6 times I think maybe more…. And I don’t care if you like it or not, so there”
And stuck out her tongue at Joanne then turned to Linda
“Come here, I’ll take care of you sweetie”
Joanne laughed and answered
“And I’ll take you” licking her lips.
As the girls settled down into a munching session, I sat back and watched. Linda laid down and Glenda sunk her tongue into her tight little pussy along with a finger and began eating her tender cunt like she was a starved wild dog. Joanne slip under Glenda, head between her legs and pulled her wet snatch down to her face as she began her oral assault on her friend. All I could hear was slurping and moaning from the threesome before me as they eat each other to their mutual orgasms. Two wild tongues in two sweet little twats going ninety to nothing, juices flowing, slurping and munching. The aroma of little girls cumming the sounds of sexual release and Joanne’s bare wet slit there before was just too much and couldn’t help myself but join in. Like a moth to a flame Joanne’s sweet cunt pulled me to her and as my tongue touched her pinkness, her hips responded driving it into her most delightful orifice. I began ravaging her sweet mound, I worked my tongue up and down her super moist slit from anus to clit again and again, flicking her clit each time I passed, then moved a finger into her love passage as I sucked on her harden clit, she flooded my mouth with her tangy-sweet juice as she screamed into Glenda’s snatch, setting her off and I heard Linda moan rather loudly too.
“Ohhhhh yesssss ea eat meeee…. Cum…. Cumminnnnn”
I kept sucking fingering and licking on Joanne, as she was fucking my face, humping up to me like a roller coaster and weather I like it or not my little girl crazed prick began to raise slowly but it was rising to it full 7and a half inch glory and maybe a little more, it felt so hard, I felt like I could fuck a Army Tank with it.
As they exploded in what seemed the fourth or fifth time, I rose up off Joanne and patted Glenda gently on the butt and said.
“If you’ll move I’ll take over now”
She spun around and attacked Joanne’s wet slit and I eased myself into Linda’s wide open hot wet love chamber, when my balls bumped against her ass I held still for a moment, but for just a moment then began stroking her silken tunnel slowly with my man-meat, she groaned and pushed her hips up to meet my downward stroke. We pushed back and forth, to and fore, slowly making sweet tender passionate love as we both drove toward our climaxes.
“Yes ohhh yes…. that so….oh baby fuck me…. Give it to me”
Joanne and Glenda were going at each other like wildcats in heat, I could hear their groans, moans and screams into each others cunts and the slurping and slashing was just as loud, but I soon lost all track of them as I gently filled and unfilled Linda’s wet hot pussy with my rock hard cock. I kept sawing my dick in and out of her wet tight cunt slowly ever so slowly, several times she tried to speed up my stroking by pushing up faster to me, but I would draw back to keep the slow pace.
“Oh its so good…. Harder please…. I want it harder”
But instead of picking up speed I would thrust in hard at the bottom of my stroke, keeping my slow pace, her insides were churning as she moved and twisted under me, her tight little pussy gripping and releasing my cock as it drove in and out with its slow pace. She began shaking and moaning as a tremendous orgasm ripped thru her tiny body, her hot juice bathing my cock in its hot flow as I pumped her twat with my slow madding pace.
“Ohhhhhhhh…. IIII’Mmmmm…. CUMMmmmmmmmmin”
I still wouldn’t increase my speed, as I enjoying her body reactions and the heavenly feeling around my cock as it rubbed the slick velvet lined walls of her passion pit.
“Oh baby your pussy feels so so good…. So wet…. So hot….. ughhhhh”
“Oh damn you fuck meeee har harder…. Fuck mee owwww”
Again she tried to hump me faster and I once again pulled back to keep the slow pace, she wrapped arms around me pulling me into her clawing at my back, but I didn’t speed up, she tighten my cunt muscles trying to get me to cum quicker, but I kept my slow pace, but now I was ramming in the bottom of each stroke. She moaned and groaned as I pumped her hot snatch and her climax grew.
“Ah ah ah augggg oh God its its so soooo gooodddd….. fuc fuccckk meeee!!!”
And her body lurched up hard into me, she wrapped her legs around me pulling me hard into her, her fingers dug into my back, her hard nipples poking wonderful little holes in my chest and she shook, did she ever shake you would have thought there was an earthquake.
And she passed smooth out, her body as completely limp, except for a shutter in her pelvic region every so often as her sweet girl juice flowed out of her hot cunt, so much in fact I though she had pissed herself. Joanne and Glenda both jumped from her scream and moved over to see if she was all right. She was breathing and had a weird smile across her face. She looked happy very happy.

“Damn Bill do all the girls pass out under you?” Glenda asked sweetly.
“Nope…. Just you two…..I must have finally got it right” I answer jokily.
Joanne asked, “You pass out earlier?”
“Yep…. It was so good and when I came to this bastard was still fucking me”
She said laughtly
“Nope I stopped when you passed out and checked you were still breathing, but you looked so sexy with my cum seeping out of your sweet pussy I had to have some more, rather you were awake or not”
“ You’re just a dirty old pervert aren’t you?”
“What do you expect with you girls, six of you wanting me to knock you all up, six sweet lovely little girls for my dick to enjoy. Besides some of you don’t look like 13 or 14 year olds, several of you could pass for 24-26 year olds. And you call me a dirty old man…. geeees…. remember you’ll came to me I wasn’t looking for you.”
“Well if that’s the way you feel about it why why don’t you go somewhere else?”
“What and leave you all, besides I need to finish remodeling this house first”
“Huh is that all you care about”
“Now don’t get you panties in a wad, you know I love all you girls and I definably love working on knocking you all up, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you if its in my power”
“Just playing with you, Bill, you know that I love you” Glenda smiled “beside I’m not wearing any panties to wad up”
“Me neither” Joanne injected
“And me “ squeaked Linda coming back to reality.
“Welcome back you feel ok?”
“Great…huh what happen?”
“You passed out”
“No… I did?”
“Yep like a turned off light bulb”
Joanne looked at the clock “Look at the time I’ve got to run”
Glenda agreed sadly and they both ran into the bathroom to cleanup a little before dressing, Linda just laid there. I asked
“Don’t you need to get home sweetheart”?
“Not yet…. My parents are working late tonight”
And licked her lips looking at my still hard cock.
“Well I guess I need to finish cummin in you then”
As I lower myself into her, her flesh open up and enveloped my hardness with her heat and my cockhead headed for her depth, as it slipped fully inside she began raising up to meet me.
“Oh Bill fuck me…. Fuck me hard!”
I began pumping her hard and harder, as she bucked back grabbing my ass to pull me deeper into her tight wet hot twat. The two girls came out of the bathroom and watched as they dressed. Watched as we fucked like rabbits pounding away on each other. I vaguely remember hearing “Damn their going at it again” as we beat our bodies against the other. I was doing everything I could to cum inside sweet Linda and cum quickly.
“Yesssss baby fuck fucckk meeee”
“Gooooog gooood pussssss”
And her body smashed hard into me over and over as I drove her hips back into the mattress again and again, she started whimpering and moaning as her love canal heated up, hot and hotter, then she exploded bathing my prick with it hot wet goodness, coating me with her juice. It felt so good my balls erupted in what was the last of my cum for a while and pumped it into her wet womb, I collapsed on top of her my dick still deep inside her spasming body, her heat baking my meat in glorious wonder.
“Auwwwwww ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
“Good so so so goooo”
We laid there me deep in her hot wet goodness till I shrunk and finally slipped out of her wet cum filled twat; I rolled over on my back still gasping for air. She turned and kissed my cheek.
“That as wonderful…. I love you”
We laid there for a time, she absently minded fawning my flaccid cock then she rose up and headed for the bathroom, I just laid there, in fact I don’t even remembering her coming back from the bathroom.
I woke up around 10 all alone, staggered into the bathroom took care of business, showered and back to bed. Dreamed about little tiny pusses chasing me and I was running away, desperate to get away, “What huh ” I woke up with a start about midnight, shook my head, ‘ what the hell was that about?’ Got up still shaking my head, got a beer and laid back on the bed and switched on the TV. Sometime later drifted back off to sleep.

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2009-03-03 22:38:10
wow this is hot!!!!!


2006-08-18 12:31:43
I like it.....have read them all and wait for the next parts...


2006-07-18 06:17:15
I agree with some others you need to spice things u to prevent it getting too repetetive.
Finally getting pregnant would be a good idea, the site of a cute young child pregnant and still wanting to get fucked.


2006-07-17 23:24:20
I hope he keeps fucking them untill they give birth and beyond.

He needs to nurse at their little tities


2006-07-17 11:05:18
this is getting pretty repetitive. Its gotten pretty boring, too

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