she came for a visit but just couldnt leave.
The shock of the slap left her speachless for a moment, then the tears began welling in her eyes and a whimpering turned into blubbering. she was trying to talk, trying to reason, but all that came out was crying and the random "no" or "please". The second slap rang even louder, leaving a clear imprint of marys hand on young megans face." I told you to shut up!" Though marys words sound cruel, the way she said it wasnt. there was a tone of understanding in her voice, strictness, discipline. " You will only make the experiance worse if you wont listen to simple commands" mary continued calmly, " you must open your mind and close your mouth ot things could turn nasty." Mary straddled the girls stomach, looking down at her. I could see her desire building, she wanted to forego any training and move straight to the sex. She traced the girls nipples with her fingers delicately, the gave them both a firm pinch. Megan blurted out a very loud " OW!" in the way girls do... there was a tone of attitude, of spite in her voice so common in young girls these days." that fucking hurt. Im not playing you guys stop this! Im going to tell the cops! I'll tell everyone if you dont let me go!" She went on and on, until it became more blubbering . Again i reached into the nightstand amd retrieved another training tool. Not your normal everyday ball-gag.. this one looked somewhat like a dogs collar gone wrong. It had small blunted spikes that would dig into the skin of whoever it was placed upon. i handed it to mary and she attempted to slip it over megans head. Though megan was securely chained to the p[osts of our bed, her head had no restraint and she shook her head violently, jerked back and forth and made the task all but impossible for mary.She was wailing again, repeating NO NO NO, her voice hitting higher octaves and becoming shrill. I reached forward from my perch on the edge of the bed and grabbed a handfull of the girls hair and pushed up towards the headboard, making her arch her body away from me as much as possible, her chin now pointed straight up in the air. With my other hand i grabbed the girls throat and squeezed firmly. her eyes bulged a bit, pain roaring in her neck and throat, air cut off. it was time for me to assert just who was in charge here. " if you do not stop this childish tantrum, I shall be forced to punish you, and let me assure you the punishment will be far far worse than this minor correction. now hold STILL!" im a large and intimidating person over 6 feet tall and over 260lbs, but when i raised my voice to her, from the quiet and almost gentle tone to the roar i used to iilustrate my displeasure with her, her eyes went wide with fear as she stared at me. I was a monster she had been near many times and never realized the danger until this very moment. Mary quickly took advantage of the moment and slid the gag over the girls head and jammed the ball into the teens already gaping mouth. i released her neck and mary , always effeciant, turned the girls face to the side to adjust the strap on the gag, making it far tighter than needed for normal sex games. She was making sure it was very uncomfortable, the studs digging in, the ball forced deeper into the victims mouthand the mouth forced open even wider. Her jaw would soon be aching, strained as it was and i alowed myself a forward though of driving my cock down her throat later. Finished with her task, mary soothingly cooed " there baby, thats better." Her mouth was almost touching the girls ear andshe gave a soft kiss to megans lobe. "We're not all bad sweety, it just seems that way in the begining, before you understand how it all works. I had sat back on the edge of the king sized bed again and gently stroked the girls tanned and fim 17 year old thigh watching my prized slave work her magic on the girls mind. " We will give you everything you will ever need, food, drink, love and affection, and a sense of purpose in your life...but before we give anything we have to remove alot." She was now fondling the girls breast almost absentindedly as she whispered. " We have to remove all the ill-conceived notions you have about who you are, what your place in the world is.... we will clear out all the clutter in your mind so you can learn all we have to teach you my darling." She began kissing the girls neck at intervals while she talked, still massaging megans firm small tits, toying with the nipples and trying to secretly stimulate megan out of the shock and fear she was sensing.Megan for her part was now laying perfectly still, only her breathing and the occasional small sob caused any motion at all in her body. If she held any distaste for marys attention or for my hand on her thigh she no longer showed it outwardly dispite what may rage in her mind.

I decided to push things a little farther while mary played her mind game and ran my hand all the way up the girls leg, letting my finger tip trace lightly right up the girls pussy slit, then back down her thigh again.. She gave a little shudder, and just the slightest moan as i touched her.. or maybe it was the combination of me and mary together. " Thats right precious, we can make you feel very very good." Marys voice was still little more than a whisper but the words were hitting harder. She slid gracefully off the girls body and lowered her mouth to the now hardened nipple she had so adeptly brought to life. i again ran my hand up her leg and traced her pussy , this time seeking out her young clit with my middle finger. mary roled her head to the side so she could see what i was up to and gave a little smile before returning to the teens nipple. I pressed the girls little love button hard, nearly grinding it into her pelvic bone and was rewarded with a much more pronounced moan escaping around the hard rubber ball in her mouth. I rubbed her clit in a little circle as mary continues to suckle the young flesh of the girls breast. Her teeneage body was tight and firm, her muscles defined and tense. I dipped a finger down and curled it up inside of her and found that she was nice and wet. We both knew she was no virgin, but this was beyond any sexual experiance she had ever dreamed of..... but it wasnt even the begining of the depraved ideas that i had in mind for these two slaves. The many many whispered fantasies i had used to drive marys sexual peaks were going to be just a begining, i would explore every dark and twisted sexual fantasy i could think up and put the two of them to the test of ultimate submission. ultimate submission had nothing to do with what i would do to them..... it has to do with their own attitude, their own behavior... it would mean allowing me my depravity, and even welcoming it. knowing that i am the master, and it is my desire they live to satisfy. soon megan will not only welcome her situation, but she will long for it, desire it. She will soon enough want nothing more than to bring about my darkest pleasure... and that is true submission.

" She's ready love" i said to mary as i slipped a secind finger into the girl and began gently fucking her. mary looked down the girls body. past her belly button ring, down to where my fingers were slowly and steadily slipping in and out of our new toy. "Yes Master" she said with a smile as she began inching her way down the girls torso, licking and kissing her way as if the teen was made of chocolate. It was time for the games to really begin.....

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