Names have been changed.
Rain pelted my window. It was a very cold rainy day and the day had past and the evening had come. Although many hours passed it was still raining like a motherfucker.

I had shit to do and was bored as hell. Hockey was canceled so I didnt get to play unless you call practice in the garage some playtime. I called up Allie but she still had dance. "Your lucky. Hockey was cancelled for me."

"Too bad." Allie said. She was beautiful. She had shoulder-length blonde hair, a really nice rack (32C matter of fact), a nice round ass, blue eyes, and a figure to die for. We met in freshman year and we both were outcasts. Since then I made the hockey team and she was in dance. We were both sort of popular I guess. Our outcast start had faded. But I wasnt a virgin and she was. Weve been friends a long time and I always liked her. (Yeah yeah I based this event for "More than just two girlfriends. Fuck off.) But seeing as I never told her I liked her I invited her over.

"Adam you fuck. You know I have dance. I'll be there after. About 8?"

"Yeah... 8.. okay." This is gonna be the night I tell her. "I'll be watching a movie. You can come in in the middle like you always do and ask whats going on."

"Ehh..." She mumbled in her cell phone.

"Fuck it it'll be a movie you know. "Chasing Amy." Happy?"

"Kick ass. Well Im at the school and my batteries nearly dead so--"

"Hello? Allie? HEY!! FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I quoted Dante's lines from Clerks. Me and Allie love Kevin Smith. Hes the greatest director around.

So anyway back to the story. I plopped my self on my bed and put in the movie. "Seven.. By the time shes here itll be at where Alyssa and Holden are in the rain." This was always her favorite part. Shed always cuddle up to me and say shed wished shed find a guy like that. Except for the part about Alyssa being a lesbian. That she was not. Then wed laugh. Once in awhile Id think to myself "This is it Im gonna tell her I love her." Id always think Itd end up like how Holden and Alyssa were. Shed say no but then come back. But Id always fear she wouldnt. But I put all this stupid shit behind me. And I WAS going to tell her. No matter what happened.

I was right about the time. She walked in the door and I stood by her after holdens speech and Alyssa ran out the door. I the paused the movie.

"Adam what the hell you know tha--" I put my finger on her lips.

"Dont speak... please..."

"Adam I --"

"Please.. Sit.."

She sat and then I spilled it. Just as I wanted to. Not caring what would happen. "I love you.. Despite all the shit about us being friends for a long time I have to tell you. Im going to burst if I dont tell you. I do. If something happened to you Id be there to help. If any asshole guy did anything to you Id be there to fucking kill him. I love you. You mean the world to me. And even if you dont feel the same or anything.. I still will love you. Ill accept your rejection. Ill hate it and even if were not friends anymore.. Ill still love you and be there.."

I cradled my head in my hands.. I spilled it. I really did it. After I told her there was a long pause. I mean like 10 minutes of her sitting there.. Just.. Wondering what to say.. Then..

"I do to.... I never thought this would happen... I mean people say 'Teen love never lasts.' But if it doesnt... Then why have I loved you since I met you?"

We both stood up. Her all wet from the rain and my in my Jersey and Jeans. And I kissed her. Right there in my room.. Then We lowered ourselves on the couch still kissing and began to get undressed. We both forgetting the my dvd player was a piece of shit and had a pause time on it. The time expired and the movie started where I paused it. Scaring us both. But seeing Holden and Alyssa in love kissing made us forget.

I broke the kiss and slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. One button at a time and took it off of her showing her black lace bra. I undid the bra from the front showing her tits. Pink nipples standing straight up like erasers. I began kissing her again. Never saying a word. But as I kissed her I felt on her tits and she moaned in my mouth. My cock had become rock hard as she did this.

She undid the button on my jeans and pulled my dick out. 9 inches o hard flesh waiting for her to make her move. I picked her up off my couch and put her on our bed. Still kissing by the way which is hard. Anyway I went on top of her and broke our kiss and began sucking her tits. Starting on the left sucking on it and swirling my tongue on it occasionally making her moan out loud. My parents were out doing... Fuck I cant remember. But theyd be gone quite awhile so no chance of getting busted.

I moved from the left one to the right continuing what I did with the previous one. She moaned in extacy and I saw a wet spot appearing on her shorts. I pulled away and pulled her shorts down (No panties) and I put my member in.. Slowly. And hit her hymen.

We finally spoke again. "Do it. Fuck me. I want it to be you who takes my virginity."

"Thisll hurt... Be ready." I pulled back and pushed in hard going in 3 inches breaking her hymen.

"AAAUGGGGHHHHHOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCCCCCK!!!!!!" Allie screamed in pain and pleasure. Mostly pain though.

Her yelling stopped after about 45 seconds and I pulled back and slowy went back in her sopping waiting pussy. Inch by inch until all 9 inches were in. I slowly, but faster this time, pulled my dick out and reentered quickening my pace each time.

"Ugh..... Ugh..... Oooohh.... Adam..... uhh.... Yeahh.... OHH Fuck..... YES!!!" Were basicly her "words" as I went faster. I moaned louder too. The smell of pussy going into the room. "Oh ADAM!! FASTER HARDER!! FUCK ME HARDER!!"

My pace increased majorly as my cock went in and out of her pussy. My dick becoming slicker and slicker. Her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

"AHHH!!! YES!!! KEEP GOING!!" She yelled "IM CUMMING OHHHHHHHUAAAGH!!!! FUUUUUUUCCKKKK!!!! YESSSSS" Her yelling decreased as she shook from her orgasm. I feeling my balls tighten knew I was going to cum soon too.

"UGHHH!!! Allie!! IM GONNA CUUUMMM!!" I yelled feeling it coing so close

"UGH!!! Do it Adam!! Im on the pill!! Uh...!!!!"

I then right after her last grunt filled her pussy with my cum just about 7 squirts just oozing out hitting her inner walls knowing I had filled her began moaning becuase of my orgasm.. "HOOOOOOOOLLLLLYYY SHIIIII----" Cut off by the pleasure of my cum just mixing with her pussy.

Moments later our orgasms ceased. But it wasnt over.

"Adam... Remeber how stacy sucked your cock?"

"Uh... Yeah.. why..?" Thinking knowing what an idiot thing I said muttered "Ooooh...." and she came up to my cock easing her mouth on the head.

"Ohh shiit.. " I moaned. My cock sprang to life full mast.

She eased in about 4 inches and choked. "Ahh fuck this is hard". She said.

"Yeah.. I know" Laughing then moaning about a second later. She got in a little more. About half an inch and choked again. She repeated this process gaing little ground before she figured to deep throat. Gaining more cock that way until she began sucking like a pro.

"Ugghhh... daaaamn....." I moaned. Watching my entire cock come out of her mouth except the head and then dissapearing in her mouth again just made me even hornier. I knew I wouldnt last long.

About 5 minutes later of my cock going in and out of her mouth I moaned "Im gonna.... cuuuummm againn....."

This just made her suck faster. My dick going in and out of her mouth twice in about one second was fast and I came and felt my cum blast out of my dick. "Oh shiiit."

Only about 5 spurts of cum this time but she swallowed it and sucked the tip of my dick till I was clean.

"Your turn" I said. And with that went straight for her pussy not listening to a word she said and began lapping at her pussy. Easing my tounge in her pussy and wiggling the tip of my tongue drove her crazy.

"Ohhhh Adam.... Shiiiiiiiiit" Shed never done anything like this with a guy. I could tell she liked it.

I increased my speed. Licking her entire cunt then putting my tounge back in making her wet as hell. Her pussy like a fountain and I was thirsty. Drinking all her pussy juice she let out

"Ugghhhhhh fuuuuuuucckkk." Was all she could say. Then I Stuck my tounge out stiff and just eased it up and down and hit her clit. "OOOOHHHH FUUUCK!!! RIGHT THERE!!! UHHH!!! YESS!!!"

Knowing to lick faster there I did. And with that she yelled in an extreamly loud voice "IM FUCKING CUMMING!!!!" And was greeted with a flood of pussy juice. Lapping up as much as I could some of her sweet sex ending up on my bed dissapointed that I couldnt get it all.

"That.. Was the best thing to ever happen to me." She said with a moan. "I love you..."

"I love you too Allie.." I went up to her and kissed her. Both of us still lying there naked kissed for a minute or two. Now our session lasted about 4 hours and we knew our movie was over. But then... The worse thing happened that could ever happen happened. My door swung open. We turned... and saw her father.

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Wow the part were you said youd kill anybody who made her sad really romatic i love your stories

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Dude i laugh so hard at the part when you said (Yeah yeah I based this event for "More than just two girlfriends. Fuck off.) Your the best man. Great story too

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omfg.. great story dude.. at the end said OH FUCK outloud... lol.. that would bite ass.. that was like me and my ex.. only her fuckin mom walked in b4 i got to fuck her.. >=( .. damn parents..

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