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The town that I grew up in was a rural community that was growing fast. It was across the great Mississippi in the state of Illinois, the nearest big city was St. Louis, MO. My parents were average people. My mother worked full time as a nurse, and my father had his own business in construction. So most of his time was spent at home, calling customers or arranging new jobs for his employees to work. There were 5 of us in the family. My mom, dad , my little brother Sean who was 1, my sister Stephanie 4, and I was 7.
By the way my name is Holly. Really and truthfully I never knew any other life than what I was raised at. I always thought it was normal to have the life I did. I didn't ever question what was right or wrong. I did what I was told and that is the way I dealt with my life. When your little how are you suppose to know what is right anyway.
It started when I was six years old. Since mom worked the late shift at the hospital, she was never really home to raise us kids. Dad took care of us, he's the one who seen to our scrapes and bruises, fed us and loved us.
Dad had just fed us a wonderful dinner, and gave Stephanie and Sean a bath. Daddy always said I was his big girl and that I could take a bath by myself, but he would help me get the soap and shampoo out of my hair. After Sean and Stephanie were put to bed for the evening. He would then tell me to get ready to take a bath. I couldn't wait bathtimes were always fun, I had lots of toys and I could sit in there for hours and just play.
After dad had ran the bath water, he helped me undress myself. Slowly he would undo my buttons on my shirt, and then when my shirt was off he would take his fingers and run them up and down on my belly. He would take his fingers and run them across my little nipples. He said I was a pretty girl an I was never to be afriad of him touching me. I knew my daddy loved me, and I didn't care if he did touch me or not. I told Daddy it's okay, you don't have to worry, I love you daddy, you can do that. So the he took his mouth and gently sucked on my little girl nipples. I was little I thought all daddy's did that. He told me I was his special little girl an that he always wanted us to be close. An I said Daddy we will be.
He told me that he missed Mommy alot. But since she worked, she wasn't there to be his friend. He missed loving mommy. I told him he could love me like he loved her. An he said well I don't want to hurt mommy's feelings. When mommy is home Holly I don't want her to think I don't love her anymore. I want to cuddle with her in bed and love on her too. Daddy was so nice to mommy, so I said, Daddy well when mommy isn't here then she won't have to know that Im taking her place. We will keep it our little secret. He said he would like that just fine.
After we talked for awhile, he undone my pants and put me in the bathtub, I got all nice and wet, and he took a cup and pour water over my head. An got my hair all wet, he put the shampoo in my hair and scrubbed my hair nice and clean. Then he would rinse my hair under the faucet, so all the soap would come out. Then my hair was nice and clean. After washing my hair, he took the soap and started washing my body. He washed my face and my arms and even my little girls parts. He said that needed to be cleaned too. He would open my little girl parts to make sure all the soap was out. Daddy said he didn't want me to have a bladder infection with all that soap still in me.
After the bath, he got me out and dried me off with the clean towel. I was all nice and clean. He even put some of mommy's nice perfume on me, so I would even smell prettier.
Every night he gave me a bath. I enjoyed it alot. It was me and daddy's special time together. After a few months went by, he told me that Mommy would be working the night shift. I got to lay on mommy's side of the bed. He would read me stories, and then we would talk, and he asked if his Holly girl would raise her night gown up so he could rub my belly. I knew he liked rubbing my belly, because I liked it too. He felt so good, nice and soft, and he would do it really slow. It tickled at first, but once I got use to it I really loved it. Then he would take his big tongue and play with my little titties. He liked sucking on them. It did feel really good. Then he would tell me to take my panties off. An he would rub me down there. I really didnt' understand why, but my Daddy said he did it to Mommy and Mommy really really liked it. So if Mommy liked then I would too. Because I'm Daddy's special big girl. He would play with me down there. An then after a few months, he started kissing me down there. He said Mommy liked that too. I sort of did too. But in the back of my mind I wasn't so sure about what he was doing. But I never heard any one ever saying it was bad, so I let him lick me, he said I tasted really good. He never hurt, it was always nice and I liked it.
This went on for many years. When I turned nine years old, he introduced me to something completely different. He was still my daddy and I Ioved him so much. So I would do whatever Daddy wanted me too do. Mom loved working the 3rd shift at the hospital and she was making alot of money, and so was dad. We had even moved to a new house a big house. We had 4 bedrooms, a den, big living room, daddy even had his own special den, and he built a special room that was hidden off the den that hardly anyone new about. I'm not even sure if Mommy new it was there. We had a built in swimming pool and a hot tub. Daddy loved us alot, he told me he did it for me because he loved me so much.
When I was nine he told me to come to his Den, and he walked to the bookcase pushed a button and the book case turned around and then there was a opening, like a door, we walked through it and Daddy had a bed in there, a tv, video's. All kinds of things. He even had a play station with about 15 games for me. I had special dolls, I had all kinds of things. He told me that he was thanking me all those years for taking Mommy's place. I couldnt' believe it. There were all kinds of games and cool stuff. I got jewerly and purses, and makeup and finger nail polish all kinds of things. He told me one day he would have pretty dresses for me to wear too. I couldn't wait to show Stephanie all the things Daddy got me. But he told Me I'm sorry Holly, all this stuff has to stay in here. If you want to play with this, you have to be a good girl and come in here by yourself. I dont' want Stephanie or Sean jealous, they will think I don't love them. An I love them very much. It's just that your my special girl and I want to treat you special all the time. WOW I promised Daddy that I would keep his special secret. An I did too.
So after we were in there and I looked at all the cool stuff. Daddy said, hey Holly how about crawling up here on the bed and giving daddy a big hug. So I layed down my doll, and went to daddy. I crawled up right on top of him and gave him the biggest hug ever. I felt something between his legs, it was hard. An I said, Daddy do you have another present for me, are you hiding it?? He said yes Baby, that's my present too you. I love you so much and I have been saving it for you until now. He said, why don't you let me love on you for awhile. I will take my clothes off and you can take your clothes off. An you can give me more hugs, I would like that Holly so much. Daddy said he missed Mommy again. An that he missed being naked with Mommy. So I took off my clothes. This is the first time ever I seen my daddy with No clothes on. He was about 6'1, and he weighed about 195 lbs. He had black hair. He had really pretty blues eyes, just like Stephanie and Sean. I got mommy's brown eyes. He had this thing coming out of his body. It was hard, and it was about 8 inches long. I asked him what it was, and he said well baby girl, that's my penis. I knew boys had a penis, even my baby brother Sean had one, but his wasnt' like daddy's at all. I asked Daddy why his was so big, and why it stuck out there like that. He told me that was because when ever he is with me, it does that. That's how much he loves me.
I couldn't believe Daddy got that way. I knew he loved me, but I now knew that he loved me maybe even more than Mommy. I was sad about that, but I loved my dadd y so much and Mommy was never home any more. So I wanted to always make my daddy happy in every way possible.
He told me that if I wanted to I could touch it. He said it's okay, Holly, it's just a penis, every litle boy and big boy has them. An some day when you get married your husband will have one too. I told my daddy that I was never going to get married, because I wanted him to be my husband. He said that I might change my mind. But I knew that I wouldn't I always wanted to make my daddy as happy as possible.
So I took my hand, and reach out for it, It was so hard. My daddy moaned when I touched it. He took my hands and said baby this is what your suppose to do. An he took my small hand and started rubbing it back and forth on his penis. He was really liking it. Probably just as much as I do when he licks my pussy.
I asked daddy what that stuff was that was coming out, and he called it Pre-cum. He said when you touch my penis Holly, that's what comes out, it shows you that I love you. An you are making me feel really good. He said it tastes really good too. So I quickly stuck out my tongue, and he put his penis up to my tongue and let me taste it. It wasn't really that bad, kind of salty. But I told him that I liked it. So he said Holly, put your mouth around my penis. An lick it like it's a popsicle. An I will really like that. So I did, an immediately after I did it ,, He said oh Holly baby, you are so good at that. I love you so much. Please don't stop baby. So I kept sucking his penis. An I sucked on it for about 5 minutes, when all of a sudden he told me he was cumming. I didn't know what that mean't but I sure did find out. Out came a big squirt of that cum. Lots of it, it was like he had been saving up for many years. I tried to swallow as much of it as I could, but it was running down my mouth onto my chin. He was so happy with me, He told me that I was his special baby girl and that he loved me so much. He even told me that Mommy didn't like to suck on his penis, and if I would always do that for him. An I told him, that I would, because I loved him so much.
He told me that when I turned 10 years old he would give me a really special present just from him. An that I would really really like it. I couldn't wait for my special present, I wondered what it would be, because he had given me so many special things already. Little did I know then, that when I turned 10 that my life would turn around so fast.
Every few days I was told to go to the Den. I was never allowed to be there, unless Daddy told me that I could go. An each time I went I did things to daddy and he did things to me. I learned new words too, pussy, cock, fuck, cunt, slut, whore. But I was never ever allowed to say them when my brother and sister or mom or anyone besides Daddy was around. He told me that if I did I would be punished severely. I knew not too, because I wanted to please my daddy so much.
Several months had gone by, and Daddy and Mom were fighting alot. It wasn't over money, I'm not exactly sure why they were fighting. But Mom said she couldn't live here any more. An said she was moving and taking us with her. I didn't want to go, I wanted to stay with Daddy, I was so scared that I would lose my daddy. I loved him, more than I ever loved Mommy. Daddy did everything for me. He loved me alot. Finally, as weeks passed Mommy and Daddy came to a agreement. Dad would get full custody of me, and she would get full custody of Sean and Stephanie. I really didn't want to lose Sean and Stephanie, I loved them very much. But I loved my daddy more. We would trade summers with the parents. Mommy moved to Colorado where my grand parents lived, she had a place to stay. My grandparents owned a ranch, and she was going to live in another house they had close to the ranch. So I knew I wouldn't ever see much of Sean and Stephanie ever again. As the divorced was finalized, Mom had her stuff packed in a moving van. An Stephanie and Sean and I were crying, saying our goodbyes. It was hard to watch that van fade away.
Daddy was watching me wave good bye to them. He was standing on the steps of the front porch. I walked slowly up to him. He told me Holly, I know you will miss them, but you can talk on the phone to them, and you can go and see them any time you want. I won't keep you away from them. I was happy that he told me that, but I knew in my heart that I would miss them very much.
After about a week, things started to change. Daddy told me that from now on I wouldn't be going to a public school any more. He has arranged for tutors to teach me at home. I was sort of shocked about it, but I really felt very sad about losing my sister and brother that I really didn't want to go to school and be around people who wouldn't understand what I was going through. So the process of tutors coming to our home started that very next week.
That night he told me to go to the den. I dont' know why we had to go to the Den any more, there wasn't anyone around any more to know that I was loving my dad in our special ways. We had the hole house to ourselves. Why did it matter if we went to the den and into the special room?
When I got there to the Den after doing my homework, I went to the Den and my dad was waiting for me. He pushed the special button on the wall, and the bookcase moved, and inside we stepped. We talked about what was going on, and he told me that he was going to hire a maid and a cook. An that they would be staying in the extra rooms that Stephanie and Sean use to use. People would be coming in to fix the rooms up and to make them livable for adults to be staying there. He would be paying them very well. That is when i figured out why we were still going to our special room. He told me that now that it was just me and him, we would assume the rolls of dad and daughter, but I would still have my own room. When I turn 16 I was going to take up full residence in my dad's bed. But for right now all I wanted was to turn 10. Because he told me that my surprise would be coming soon with in the next couple of months. An he was hoping that I was ready for it. I told him I was. An that I couldn't wait.
He said okay Holly, How about crawling under the covers with daddy, and giving daddy some love. We both removed our clothes, I was not really in the mood. But daddy's cock was all excited it was poking out. I could tell he would want me to give him a blowjob.
My titties, were just starting to stick out, and my nipples were more dominant than most girls my age. I couldn't wait until my boobs were bigger. But Daddy said that I looked fine, and that he didn't care what size my boobies were. He loved me all the same. I was laying on the bed, when he came and started sucking on my nipples. I really liked that it felt so good. I never realized before, until tonight that, I was feeling things down below. A tingling feeling. It was a nice feeling, but with daddy sucking on my titties it just made me more excited. I liked how it felt. I started to moan, and Daddy said baby girl do you like that, and I said yes daddy I do. It's making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He took his tongue and for the first time ever he kissed me, stuck his tongue in my mouth and said, you are my new lover sweety, You will please me every night from now on. Every night, you will have your homework done before 7:00, you will then take a shower, and come to the den, from now on, you know where the button is, you will from then enter this room. If I'm not here, you will wait for me to arrive. You will stay here and we will make love in this very room. Little did I know, that there was more to making love then , sucking on my daddy's cock, and him sucking on my titties, and sucking on my pussy. But I was soon to find that out later.
Daddy continued to please me with his mouth on my pussy, I loved to have my clit sucked on. I had my first orgasm, and I was shocked to learn that it made me feel so good. Daddy lapped all the juices up from my cunt. He said I tasted soo good. I had completely forgotten about my sister and brother. i was enjoying my time so much with my daddy. This went on every day until the day before my birthday.


2011-10-15 22:18:03
really cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) i like role play and talkin bout taboo wit nawty lil gurls call or txt 360 689 4926 females only plz

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this make me wanna to fucked my 8yosister by the way i'm 15 love your story 12+


2009-08-06 22:16:06
I cant wait to find out what daddys going to give her for her birthday!!!!!!!!

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2008-11-11 00:27:21
Irony: Dirtyone excels in bath time.


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Hi, Great story !
And if you'd like to talk beast theme you can pm me at the forum. Congrats agian.

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