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it was just to tempting
This story is fantasy.

When i was about 17 i lived in a nice suburb with my family. Across the street their was another family. In this family their was a beutiful daughter. She was about 12 years old with long blond hair, a pettite body, tiny tits, and long gorgeous legs. Her window was right across from mine, and the nieve little girl she was she would leave her blinds open every night. Like clockwork every night she would practice her dance moves in her bedroom. She wanted to be a cheerleader but she would never be one with her tiny tits, and dorky glasses. Following that she would leave to shower, the re-enter about 15 minutes later in her towel to change. I would masturbate every night as i watched her change. You see I'm friends with her brother who's my age. He would tell me sometimes how his sister, ann, was socialy awkward. She had a few close friends but no boys were very intrested in her. One day i couldn't stand watching anymore and i decided to pop ann's cherry. I knew she didn't know me very well and wouldn't go for it. Especially since she probably just learned what sex was, and never even masturbated. So i devised a plan. I took a job her parents were offering to baby sit her and her little brother. One night they called me and told me they were going to a funeral out of town and needed me to sit over-night. They said ann was to young the go and for the first night her little brother would be at an over-night birthday party. So of course i accepted. Before i left i shaved my balls so i wouldn't leave pubic hairs in her bed, and i packed some rufee's in my bag. The plan which i executed perfectly was to spike her drink with a rufee. The rufee knocked her out almost instantly. So i set up my video camera next to her bed and layed her on the bed on top of a sheet i also brought. I undressed immediatly my cock already erected. Then i hovored over her and started to kiss her neck. Then i slowly worked my way down undressing her as i did. Finally i had her completly naked on the bed and out cold. Her body looked so innocent, and not deserving of what i was about to do to her. THEN CAME THE FINALE. The night she wouldn't, but would remember for the rest of her life. I got on top of her and slowly slid my dick in her cunt. It was so tight so i just kept trusting and thrusting. she started to bleed but i didn't care i fucked her in her pussy for two straight hours non-stop. When i was done i un-loaded on her face and then went into the kitchen and made a sandwhich. After i was finished with the sandwhich i returned to her room. When i did i decided to flip her over. Then i put on a condom and lubed it up. I followed that up by once again mounting her, and i raped her in the asshole for another hour straight. When i was finished i discarded all the evidence and bathed her in the tub. Then i dressed her and layed her on the couch. When she woke up i was watching TV. She asked what happened and i told her she fell asleep and was out for 8 hours. She responded by saying " wow, that long, dam'nt that couch really hurt my ass".

Now that i had acted on my fantasy's of fucking my neighbor ann. So now i set my sights on a classmate of mine sherri. Sherri was a smokin hot 16 year old . She was Latina and had an very athletic body with huge c-cup tits. She was an athletic girl who played varsity girls basketball. I loved to watch her run up and down the court, her tits went up and down every time. After about 1 week of following her i had my plan of action. It was simple really. Every friday after her game she would stay an extra hour to practice her free throws. The coach didn't have time to stay so she left the locker room door open for her to shower and when she left the janitor would lock up on his way out. It was the perfect plan, after the game i just hid in one of the bathrooms and waited for the coach to leave. When she did i snuck into the girls locker room and hid in a stall. While in their i took my camera out and waited. When she came in i taped her undressing. She undressed slowly and when she naked she started to touch herself. It was amazing she sat on the bench facing the camera rubbing her wet cunt. When she was done pleasuring herself she got up and went into the shower. The showers were in a seperate room of the locker room. They were single stalled and it was very dark at night even with the lights from the other room on. Which was perfect for me because i was able to sneak up behind her wearing all black with a ski mask and a knife. I swiftly snuck up behind her with my hard cock already out, as i covered her mouth with my hand and held the knife to her neck. I said " scream and die bitch". Then i dug the knife in a little to show her i was serious. I forced her against the wall, she hit her head which put her in a daze that shut her up. I immediatly put my dick in her pussey. It felt so good. it was a perfect cunt. Since she wasn't a virgin, but not a slut her pussy was not to tight, but not to loose either. I had my way with her for a good 20 minutes, then i turned her around and i forced my dick into her mouth. I thrust it back and forth with alot of strength and you could tell it was the first time she had a cock in her mouth. Well the first time a cock went that deep doen her throat. When i was finished i put the knife against her cheek and told her her address, and that if she told anyone, i'd kill her. She listened. The next week at school we learned she had transfered to a private school. To bad i was looking forward to round.


2013-09-28 12:35:08
I think little Ann would have been a great fuck.

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2012-12-08 08:27:55
Totally crap no point writing g any more you cool.


2010-08-03 18:38:06
I am resubmitting it as "Acting out on fantasy(rewrite)" on my profile (xovius) so... read it there if you want correct spelling xD

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2010-08-03 18:19:58
oh yeah... I am "anonymous reader
2010-08-03 18:18:52" and my profile name is xovius... forgot to say...

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2010-08-03 18:18:52
OK... I really hate the spelling and how the text is in far too big blocks but really liked the story so I 'fixed' the first part of it... ( I also added in a few things I felt should be there although its still not perfect)
I will repost the fixed edition on my profile (I would leave it in a comment here but the characters count limit is to annoying...
I am not taking credit for the story and I will leave directions to this one too...

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