The following is adult material. The story deals with incest. If you are offended by such matter then stop reading any further now. The author does not condone, nor promote such activity. This story is provided solely for the purpose of entertainment. If you like to fantasize about such pleasures then you will enjoy this immensely.

Book One Written and completed 4/96-5/14/96

Title: All in the family

Chapter One

David and Janet had been married for sixteen years. They had married young, David was seventeen and Janet was sixteen when they first met. David had impregnated Janet on one of their first dates, and so they had gotten married to avoid any embarrassment. They lied about their ages so that they could get married. They had two children, twins born to them nine months following their conception. Their twins, a boy, and a girl, were named Greg and Lisa. They were not identical twins however, and grew up looking quite different from each other. David and Janet were an open couple who led an active life style. David kept in shape working out at the gym, and Janet took good care of her voluptuous body. David was six feet tall, one hundred ninety five pounds and still had his hair. Janet stood a slender five foot nine inches, had long light brown hair, sported a pair of 38d inch breasts, and had a great figure. Now that the kids were teenagers David and Janet agreed that it was time to educate their children about sex.

"We were young and didn't realize the risks. I don't want Greg and Lisa to make the same mistakes." said David.

Janet said "I agree. They are going to hear about sex, and experiment. I would rather show them ourselves and answer any questions than leave it to chance."

So, one weekend they took a family trip to their mountain retreat where David and Janet had often been on private trips for orgies involving other couples. Greg and Lisa had no idea of their parents openness or what awaited them once they arrived at the cabin. Greg followed after his father, was tall for his age of fifteen, and he was on the school's track team. Lisa followed after her mother figure. She had long flowing red hair with soft curls, and she sported a pair of breasts that at fifteen years of age filled her 37d size bra amply. She had a nice round ass which was firm and stuck out straight and would bounce along with her boobs when she jumped up and down in her cheerleaders outfit. Both were still growing children and would no doubt equal their parents in size sexually.

After the family arrived at the cabin they had dinner and were enjoying the nice cozy fire that Dad had made. Dad fixed some brandy for everyone and passed around the snifters. Greg and Lisa were surprised since they had never been served alcoholic beverages before, leastwise by their parents! Dad began to talk to his two children. "Greg and Lisa, I know you are surprised at my giving you brandy to drink, so let me explain. You are getting older now, and I'm sure that you are hearing of drugs, sex, alcohol and naturally you may be curious. Your mother and I want to explain these things to you rather than have you sneak behind our backs and get into trouble."

Lisa spoke up and said "Oh, but we would never do that."

Mom said, "You may not feel that you would, but as you get older, curiosity takes over. It's only natural. Believe me, your father and I know, that's how the two of you got here!"

Dad nodded in agreement with his wife's words adding, "We wanted to allow you to begin to experience some of these things in a controlled environment. This way you won't feel pressured, or sneaky. So go ahead and enjoy the brandy."

And enjoy they did. Greg and Lisa slowly sipped the brandy watching how their parents did so, and they began to relax. David and Janet were an affectionate couple, and sat next to one another kissing each other from time to time. As the brandy began to have it's effect Dad spoke up again, "One of the greatest pleasures adults enjoy is that of sex. We know that you will hear of it in school, and sex education provides some information, but as your parents we have a responsibility to show you the ropes"

"What do you mean Dad?", asked Greg, "We're both fifteen, I mean we pretty much know everything we need to know."

"Have you or your sister had sex yet?" asked Janet.

"Oh no" said Lisa. "I haven't even let guys kiss me yet. And Greg has never mentioned to me that he has done anything either. We're very close to one another and we would know if one of us had." Greg was nodding his head in agreement.

Janet said, "We're not accusing you of anything, nor do we suspect you of sneaking around. We both know you lack experience and have been good kids. Your father and I brought you up here to train you in the ways of love."

Greg and Lisa looked at each other and then back to their parents and asked, "What do you mean-train us?"

Dad spoke up and said, "We want you to know what sex is about. Forget about what you learned in sex education. Sex is not dirty, not nasty. It's fun, but you have to exercise some caution otherwise you can get hurt and end up sorry the rest of your life. We want to show you what happens when two people have sex and the joy that goes with it. Your mother and I have discussed it and we'd like to educate you ourselves."

With that David stood up and took his wife's hand. He helped her up from the couch and took her in his arms and kissed her long and tenderly in front of his children. Janet responded to David's kiss and she wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him to her. Greg and Lisa watched their parents do what they had seen them do many times before, embrace and kiss each other. But now they noticed that Janet began to unbutton Dad's shirt and open it up. David moved his hands down to his wife's ass and cupping her cheeks he pulled her pelvis into his. After Janet unbuttoned David's shirt she next started unbuckling his belt. At this point David stopped her with his hand and whispered something in his wife's ear.

Dad now said "As strange as this may sound to you now Greg and Lisa, I want you to remove your clothes." With that Mom and Dad began shedding their clothes as naturally as you please. Greg and Lisa's mouths fell open and they looked at one another eyes open wide. "Mom and Dad, you must be joking! What are you doing!!!" they said. However, David had already removed his shirt which had been unbuttoned by his wife, and he was pulling his pants off. Janet was removing her pullover sweater and unclasping her bra. She pulled her bra away from her large tits, freeing them from their prison and she swung them back and forth. She also reached up and pulled her long hair back behind head to straighten it out. She looked at her children to note their reaction. They stared incredulously at their parents undressing before their eyes. "Come on kids, what's the hold up?", asked Mom. Dad was now removing his briefs revealing his nine inch penis which was only mildly aroused from the recent embrace of his beautiful wife. He was the first to be naked but his wife Janet was down to her lace panties which she now was hooking her thumbs into to remove. When Lisa saw her fathers penis she put her hands to her face to cover her eyes and she looked away. Greg slowly got up and began to remove his clothes in answer to his parents request, still disbelieving what was happening.

Janet sat next to her daughter and put her arm around Lisa's shoulders and said "Honey, what's wrong? This is nothing to be ashamed of. The human body is beautiful. Male or female. Don't be shy."

Lisa removed the hands from her face and turned to her mother. "Its just so sudden. I guess I wasn't expecting anything like this. I'm sorry. I'll be okay." The brandy was helping to relax her and her brothers' inhibitions. She looked around to her brother who was removing his briefs to reveal a seven inch peter which was semi-erect from seeing his mother's firm boobs. Greg was feeling a little awkward being naked in front of girls especially they being his mother and sister. He was a little bit nervous too because he was experiencing an erection at seeing hism mother's big tits. Lisa and her mother stood up and Janet began assisting her daughter to remove her clothes. Lisa was wearing a flannel shirt and designer jeans tight enough to accent her round shapely ass. While Lisa unbuttoned the shirt, Mom was undoing her jeans and unzipping them. She pulled them down and and had Lisa step out of them. Next Janet pulled Lisa's panties down as Lisa removed her bra freeing her own nicely shaped breasts. Lisa was stripped in no time and Janet finished removing her panties so that everyone stood naked in the living room in front of the fire.

Dad now said, "This weekend your mother and I are going to give you lessons about sex. Don't fell embarrassed or shy. Let's be completely open and explore. Feel free to ask any questions. I know you probably hear jokes told about the human anatomy, and you also may know some of the slang terms used to describe the different areas of the body. We will discuss and show you the erogenous zones and the different ways in which each of you can gain pleasure."

To start the lesson, Janet reached over and wrapped her hand around her husband's cock and said, "I'm sure you know that this is your father's penis. But it is also referred to as cock, or prick, and peter just to mention some names."

Lisa giggled and said, "Is that his dick?"

"Very good Lisa. Yes, that's right. This is his dick, or manhood. It is also his pecker. Right now its kind of soft however, but it will get hard soon."

"Yeah, that's called a hardon." said Greg who had pulled his hand away from his semi-erect peter.

Lisa looked over at her brother and noted his slight erection. "Ooooh look at Greg's penis, it's sticking out like a pole."

Janet replied, "Son, are you aroused?"

Greg looked sheepishly at his mother and said, "I can help it. I guess I must be sorta nervous or something."

His mother took her large breasts in her hands and pushed them together. She held them out to her son, almost pushing them into his face. Answering him she said, "Or something? I bet I know what's turning you on. You are more likely aroused at seeing my tits. Yes, my breasts or tits, boobs, hooters, headlights as they are also known as generally cause a reaction like your are experiencing. Don't be shy, I enjoy seeing your dick getting stiff at seeing my boobs. You do like my boobs don't you?" And she held them out for his inspection. She gently rolled them around in her hands mashing them together and twisting the nipples making them stand out. Janet had large beautiful breasts that stood out firmly and had a soft upward curve, with big round nipples two inches in diameter. Her nipples stood out a good half an inch as she twisted them. His mother's tits still stood straight out on their own, causing many a head to turn as she walked down the street.

Hearing this Greg's peter began swelling in size. He could not believe his mother was speaking to him in this way. He had to admit that her boobs were gorgeous. Greg naturally as a boy entering puberty a few years previously had seen some porno magazines from time to time. He loved looking at women with big boobs, and his mother could easily be on the pages of one of those magazines. She was very attractive and would continue to be so for many years to come. She had kept her figure in great shape. He had never really paid much attention to her until now. He just stood transfixed at her beautiful full tits, examining the large size of them and imaging how they must feel to squeeze.

He answered his mom, "Yes mother, your tits are just wonderful. They're so nice and big. Seeing your big boobs is making my dick get hard! I can't help it. You are what the guys refer to as 'stacked!" You are an absolute knockout!"

Lisa could not help but notice her brother's peter swelling in size as Greg eyed his mothers' boob. Lisa swooned, and said, "Look at how Greg's penis is getting stiffer. But it's not as big as Daddy's."

Dad spoke up and replied, "Pricks come in various sizes Lisa. Size does not necessarily mean anything, but what's important is how you use it. Besides, Greg is still a growing boy. No doubt his cock will grow larger in proportion to his physical growth."

Mom nodded in agreement to her husband's words as she eyed her son's stiffening member. She was proud of her son's stiffening member and was turned on by it. She was happy that she had turned him on with her own beautiful body.

Lisa's nipples were sticking out and Greg noticed his sisters tits. He said, "Lisa must be aroused as well. Look how her nipples are standing out like they're erect or something."

Mom said, "Yes you're right Greg. That's good Lisa darling. Do you like seeing your brothers cock? Is it turning you on?"

Lisa responded. "I guess so. I never really noticed him before. It's so fascinating watching it grow! I do like looking at though. How big will it get?"

Mom laughed and said "It's quite natural to become aroused as looking at the body naked causes these reactions. But let's not use the formal names for our features such as penis, or breasts, vagina, and butt. Use the words you heard us use, or ones that you are familiar with. You will find that using those slang words are even more arousing, and fun to use than the formal ones."

"Lisa looked at her mom and blushed. She asked, "Mom I can't help but notice that you have shaved all but a little patch of hair around know...uh"

"Pussy, dear. Yes, do you like seeing it shaved? What do you think? Both of you children come closer to see for yourself." At that she sat back down upon the leather couch, leaned back and invited her children to gather around for closer inspection. Janet had a beautiful looking pussy with large lips. Often when she would wear a swimsuit the fabric would often gather between her lips and emphasize her sex. She would constantly have to reach down and pull the material from the crease between her crotch so that it was not so noticeable. Greg had noticed it at times when they had been at the beach or pool. He was starting to get in the swing of things and so said, "Mom I could not help but notice the big lips of your cunt. You are always pulling the fabric of your swimsuit from getting caught in the crack between the two lips there." Dad responded, "You've noticed that too son! She has got large lips for a pussy. And oh what a beautiful pussy it is!" Janet now spread her legs to expose the large labia that her husband and son were referring to. She had large lips to begin with, and they were becoming swollen as she was aroused. She began to stroke over her open pussy pulling the lips apart to expose the pink flesh beneath. Dad continued, "She shaves the pubic hair from around her cunt and just leaves a little triangular patch at the top. A big beautiful pussy like that should be visible instead of hidden by all that hair."

"Why do you shave around your pussy Mom? Is it just so that Daddy can see it better? Does he like to look at it?", asked Lisa.

"We will get to the answer to that question a little later." said Dad. "I think you will see for yourself why she does. But to answer your question, I do like looking at your Mother's pussy. It is beautiful is it not?"

"Lisa why don't you sit down beside me on the couch and open your legs up so that your brother and father can see your pussy more clearly. After all, you have gotten to see his dick sticking out. I'm sure that your father and brother want to get a closeup of your pretty pussy." With that Lisa plopped down beside her mom and opened up her legs. Lisa's pussy had a small amount of red hair growing around it, not thick as a woman's. The lips of her cunt were not as thick as her mom's either. Following her mother's lead she used her fingers and pulled apart the lips exposing her cunt. She was unabashed at showing her intimacies to her family members even as they had done to one another. Greg's dick was now fully aroused as here his beautiful mother and sister were exposing their treasures in a seductive manner to his eyes. As his sister ran her finger along the slit of her cunt pulling the lips apart he noticed some wetness. He pointed to it and said, "Lisa's beaver looks wet. How come?"

"You will notice my cunt is wet too!" said Janet as she pushed her index finger into her pussy and pulled it out. She held it up to the firelight and let her audience view the glistening wetness. "This wetness is actually a lubricant which makes intercourse, or as it is more commonly known, 'fucking' possible. A woman's pussy secretes this lubricant depending on the amount of arousal and stimulation she receives. Your sister and I are aroused and therefore our pussies are getting wet. Even as you guys got hardons at seeing our features, then when we girls see your erections it causes our pussies to get wet."

"Are we going to have intercourse, I mean, are we going to fuck?" asked Lisa with a wide eyed expression.

"First things first", said Dad. "There is a lot of things to learn before you get to that point. You gotta learn to crawl before you can walk." He grinned at his own joke.

"Yes, yes" replied Mom. "OK, any questions so far? Greg what do you think of your sister's pussy? Do you like to look at it?"

Greg's eyes seemed glued to his sister's cunt. He had been watching her since she sat down, laid back and opened up her cunt exposing the folds of her young beaver for he and his father to view. She was stroking her own pussy and from time to time would rub a spot at the top of her cunt. Greg wondered what she was doing so he spoke up in answer to his mother's question, "Yes, she has a fine looking pussy. You both have gorgeous looking cunts. But, I've been watching Lisa and she will rub a particular area of her cunt for a longer time than the rest. What's with that?"

"That's her clitoris, or clit. And she's masturbating herself." replied his mother. "Here get down on your knees and you can examine mine more closely." At that Greg got down on his knees so that he could get at eye level and look more closely at his mother's pussy. Janet pulled the hood of skin away from her clitoris and let her son see her bud in all its glory. "You'll have to get closer than that Son, it's very small but you can see it. Come closer, it won't bite you!" Greg got very close to his mother's pussy and looked at the bright red clitoris. It stood out like small appendage. Greg was very excited to view his mother's pussy so up close and personal. He took advantage of the opportunity to inspect her cunt and to examine in detail the intricate folds of flesh and textures that she exhibited for his viewing pleasure. He had never seen a pussy so up close before, and now that his face was inches away from her shaven cunt he could smell his mothers' sex. It was pungent and musky, but it was not at all bad. He breathed deeply, becoming intoxicated by her scent. Greg was feeling very uninhibited now and really wanted to lean forward and kiss his mother's pussy, but he held back for now, unsure what reaction this might provoke. Janet took hold of her clit between two fingers and pulled on it letting her son see her glory. She said, "If you want to touch it and see what it feels like go ahead."

Greg was certainly not shy about that. Since his parents had opened up freely this way encouraging them to explore and ask questions he reached out and put his finger on his mother's clit. Janet pulled her fingers away and gave her son access to her pussy. Greg tried rubbing his mothers' clit in a circular fashion as he had seen his sister do to her own clit. His mom closed her eyes and moaned softly. Greg jerked his hand back thinking that he had hurt his mother somehow. But Janet opened her eyes and reached out, took his hand and moved it back to her cunt. Reassuring him she said, "Its' okay Son. You were giving me pleasure. Please continue with the exercise." Greg nodded in agreement and continued his feeling of Mom's pussy. He could feel the hardness of her clit, and becoming more aggressive he used his other fingers feeling the softness of her slit. He ran his fingers along her labia and again his mother moaned softly. Feeling pretty proud of himself that his actions were meeting his mother's approval he gently thrust a finger into her opening to feel her wetness. He pulled his finger out and put it to his nose and could smell the muskiness of her sex. He returned his hand back to her cunt and began to finger her hole again. His mother kept her legs spread open to allow him full access to her genitals.

"Hey Greg, check out my pussy too! Look at my clit." Lisa was motioning her brother over to have a closer look at her beaver. Greg was already occupied with exploring his mother's cunt and did not want to stop fingering her pussy. But he also wanted the opportunity to examine his sister's fine looking pussy so he stopped his exploration of Janet's twat. Greg moved over to his sister who was laid back on the couch. Lisa drew her legs up and put her feet on the couch. She was eager to let her brother see her sex close up so following her mother's example she pulled the lips apart of her cunt. She next said, "Here's my pussy for you to see. You try and find my clit using your fingers." Greg had a good view of his sisters' pussy as it was spread open before him. Even though her cunt was not as large looking as his mother's pussy, Lisa's twat was nevertheless equally beautiful in its own way. As a virgin beaver her young slit was smaller and the lips of her labia were thinner. Greg now placed his face so close he could have tasted her if he had stuck out his tongue. He loved seeing his sister's cunt so close up. He wanted to kiss her pussy, but held back not knowing how this would meet his parents approval. He smelled his sister's wet pussy. It was similar to his mom, but it smelled somewhat fresher. Since his sister had her feet on the couch and she was pulling back on her knees, Greg could also see her puckered anus just below her cunt. He reached out with his fingers and began exploring her pussy. Since he now knew where to search he quickly located her clitoris and found that it was smaller than his mom's but it too was hard and red. As he gently rubbed it he looked up at his sisters' eyes and saw that she was enjoying his action. Lisa said, "I never had anyone touch my pussy before, and it's feel's soooo good!" Greg continued masturbating his sister with one finger while slipping his pinky into the opening of her fuck hole, he felt the tightness of her twat. He was in heaven playing with the pussies of both his sister and mom. Lisa layed back and closed her eyes letting her brother stroke her cunt. She began moaning softly as he rythmnically stroked her clitoris. Greg could see her wetness increase as juice trickled out of her slit onto his fingers. He continued breathing in the smell of her sweet sex as he fondled her.

Janet spoke up, "Hold off on that exercise Greg or you will make your sister cum, and it's not time for that just yet." Greg regrettably removed his hand from Lisa's cunt, and taking his pinky he held it up to his nose to smell the juice of her cunt on his finger.

"Yes, we are just becoming acquainted, so don't jump the gun so to speak," said Dad. "Now that you've had a chance to explore the pussies of both your mother and sister do you have any additional questions?"

Greg replied, "Mom and Lisa's pussies are just beautiful. I love looking, and touching them too! Well, I know this might sound weird, but the way Lisa is exposing herself I could not help but notice her butthole. I was wondering if Mom could show me hers. I mean if that's OK. That's not a weird request is it?"

His mother looked at him and with an sly expression in her eyes she said to him, "No, that's not a weird request at all. So, you would like to look at my asshole, huh? Does your sisters bung turn you on? That's okay. Lisa, one of the pleasures we can give to men is to let them view all our intimacy. Let's stand up and let your father and brother view our assholes. You boys have a seat on the couch and we'll give you a birds eye view." David and Greg now sat down on the couch and let the girls put on the show. "Lisa you show your father your asshole, and I'll show Greg mine." Janet and her daughter stood and turned their backs on the boys. Janet spread her legs and bending over she spread the cheeks of her ass apart to let her son view her most intimate area. Lisa following her Mom's lead did likewise. Both girls backed up to the boys so that their asses were inches from the boys faces. Both father and son could see the puckered anus of their exhibitionists. Greg could see that his mother not only shaved her pussy but she also shaved around her anus. He commented, "Mom your asshole is beautiful and looks so clean with the hair all removed. I really like seeing your asshole and your pussy from behind." His mom reached down and using her fingers she spread the lips of her pussy apart giving her son a nice view.

David likewise complemented his daughter, "Lisa you have a fine looking ass. Your ass is more rounder than your mother's and sticks out. I'm sure many young boys and men have enjoyed watching you walk. Your brother Greg takes after me in that he likes seeing a girls' asshole. Take your hands and move them closer to your asshole and try spreading it open so I can see inside." Lisa liked hearing her father talk this way and she complied with his request. She put her fingers close to the edge of her bunghole and pulled her asscheeks open as far as she could to let her father see it open.

Janet on the other hand was doing the same for Greg, and as she looked down to his crotch she could see his raging hard on. She said, "Lisa, see what I'm talking about? Look down at your father's cock and see the effect of your pretty asshole is having on him." Lisa looked down and gasped as she saw her father's nine inch dick very erect. Staring unbelievably at it she said, "My God, it looks like a monster!! It's so beautiful though. I never saw anything like that before!" She looked over at Greg and saw that he was still sporting a rigid pole of seven inches. But her father's cock was much thicker than Greg's and she gazed in amazement at its girth. She had not seen it this big before now and was proud that she could arouse her father this way.

Greg's mother asked her son, "Would you like me to spread my ass open for you son? Would you like to see inside my asshole?" Greg could only nod his head "yes" in answer to his mother's sexy voice, as he was in shock of so much seeing so much visual stimulation. "Lisa, why don't you step over here and let your brother view your asshole from the backside." Lisa wiggled her ass over to her brother's face and gave him the same view that she had just let her father have. She asked, "Want me to spread open my asshole so you can see inside, huh Greg?" Greg in a soft undertone that sounded more like a moan responded, "Yes, let me see that nice asshole Sis." She turned around and looked at her brother and asked, "Is it true that if you've seen one asshole you've seen them all?" He looked at his sister and answered, "No! That is definitely not true!" He continued enjoying the private show he was getting from his mother and sister's up close spread asses. His father leaned over so that he too could continue eyeing the show that the girls were giving. Both mother and daughter were unashamed at letting the boys see their most intimate areas spread and exposed for their viewing pleasure.

"That's the idea," replied Janet as she approved of her children's' progress. "Now that you had a chance to explore our cunt's and asses, it's our turn. You boys can get up from the couch and let us see your cocks up close and personal."

Father and son got up from the couch and let the girls sit back down. David spoke, "Okay son, one thing a man cannot hide is his arousal. Since you have had a chance to explore your mother and sister's pussy and ass, let's let them get a good idea of how our cocks work. You first of all let your sister examine your dick. Greg proudly stepped over to his sister seated on the couch and let her view his stiff seven inch dick close up. He stuck his member right in her face. He had no problem maintaining an erection and his cock stuck nearly straight up. The head was all engorged, and his balls were swollen. His mushroom head looked like a ripe plum ready to burst, and Lisa noticed that the tiny slit in the head of his dick was open slightly and there was a small amount of fluid oozing from it. "What's that?", she asked. "That's referred to as pre-cum" replied Janet. "You'll learn more about that in a little while. Go ahead and touch his prick. Feel his hardness, and hold his ball's in your hands."

Lisa slowly reached her hand out and touched her brother's dick. It was hot to the touch, and she was surprised. She gently ran her fingers along the length of the shaft feeling the textures. Greg told her, "Go ahead and grab hold of it." With that encouragement Lisa took hold of her brother's cock with one hand. She could barely get her fingers around the thickness of his dick. It was very hard and she could not believe the way that it felt, so she asked, "Is there some bone or something in here? His dick is hard as a rock, there must be a bone in here." Mom and Dad and even Greg laughed at her question. "It does seem like a bone doesn't it," answered Janet. "That's why they call it a boner," said Dad "No, dear, it fills with blood and becomes rigid like that for a purpose," replied her mother. "It must reach deeply into a woman's cunt so that it can plant a seed that will cause a girl to become pregnant." Your father's big dick filled my womb with his seed and you children are the result."

"Gosh, how could Daddy's big dick fit inside your pussy?", asked Lisa.

"Well, we will answer that question a little later, you'll see" said David.

Lisa had her one hand wrapped around her brother's member and taking her other hand she cupped Greg's sack of balls. They were large and full and she said, "His balls roll around just like a sack of marbles or something in my hand. They feel so strange, but I like them."

"Try playing with my dick like this Lisa." With that Greg reached down and took his sister's hand and began moving it back and forth so that she began to jack him off. Lisa knew that her actions were having an effect on her brother because he closed his eyes as she jerked back and forth along his stiff member. After a few moments her mother said, "Lisa you are doing what they call, "jacking off his dick". You keep that up and your brother will cum. We are not ready to let that happen just yet, so please stop." Greg sighed as he was very near to exploding in his sister's face. Greg needed relief very badly.

"Lisa let your Father step over so that you can see his big dick now." Janet told her. Lisa reluctantly let go of her brother and moved over to examine her father who had been slowly jacking his member to keep it hard for the demonstration. Lisa got to see her father's cock in it's glory close up. His cock was magnificent as it stood out. Nine inches in length and three inches in girth. His dickhead was slender and big veins ran up and down the length of his shaft. David's cock had a strong upward curve to it. Lisa reached out with both of her hands as this was the only way she could grip his member. Her father had a huge sack of ball hanging down like two oranges. Lisa was amazed that her mother had had this thing inside her cunt. She couldn't help but admire it and she told her father, "I can honestly say, I have never seen anything like it before. It's soooo big and thick. I love playing with it watching it move. It twitches sometimes, and it feels so hot, like a hand heater or something. I'll bet Mom likes holding this on cold nights." David looked down at his daughter noting her fascination with his cock. He told his wife, "Lisa looks like a real cocklover, just like you honey." Janet nodded her head, "Lisa, I never grow tired of your father's cock, playing with it just as you are doing. You sorta feel like you are in control when you have that big dick in your hands." Lisa, nodded her head up and down, "Yes, that's it, I feel powerful, like I'm in control."

Dad stopped Lisa from jacking his big tool as he was nearly ready to spurt and he did not want to cum just yet. He said, "Let's take a break from the lessons and have a refill on the brandy. You two are doing just fine. Greg how 'bout throwing a couple of more logs on the fire. Honey, why don't you follow me into the kitchen and help me with the brandy."

Janet followed her husband and when they got to the kitchen David asked, "Well, what do you think?" She said, "I think everything is going just fine. Both Lisa and Greg are unabashed, and seem eager to learn. I think they are ready for the next lesson, what about you?" David answered, "Yes, you're right. They are responding quite well to the lessons. Lisa is ready and willing, and Greg is really into it likewise. I was wondering what we should take up next?" Janet said, "Let's expose them to the pleasures of oral sex. But first I want to bring some of the toys out for Lisa to see and play with. We'll get her off first with the dildo, and then I'll show her how to give a blowjob. We'll let her suck Greg's dick, I know he's needing some relief. Did you notice how swollen his balls are?" David answered back, "Yeah, he will be getting blue balls soon. That's a good idea. You girls can cum much more often than we guys can. It will be interesting to watch Lisa fuck herself with your toys and show her brother how she can cum." They now had finished filling the brandy snifters and headed back to the living room. Janet headed for the bedroom to get some toys.

Dad handed out the brandy and they all settled down to enjoy the warm feeling of the alcohol. When Janet returned she had a handful of gadgets which she placed on the floor in front of the fire. "Lisa, take a look at the toys you and I can enjoy." She had laid an assortment of dildos and vibrators. Lisa picked up one of the vibrators and saw it was cylindrical, smooth and long. She asked, "What's this? It doesn't look as interesting as these rubber looking cocks." Her mother told her, "That's a vibrator dear." She then located the switch and flipped it on. The vibrator came to life and made a audible humming sound. She then held it out to her daughter who took it and said, "Ooooh, so that's a vibrator. I've heard some of the girls at school mention them. How do you use it?"

Her mother told her to lay down on the rug where she could face the couch and to spread her legs. That was so that her father and mother could watch the proceedings once they were under way. She told her son, "Greg, you get down here too. You will find this interesting." Lisa now laid down and opened up her legs to allow her mother access to her pussy.

Her mother next asked Lisa, "Are you still wet from earlier dear?" And putting her own hand on her daugher's cunt she checked to see. She gently stroked Lisa's pussy feeling her slit and sliding her finger into the opening of her hole.

Lisa did not mind her mother feeling her cunt but she did answer her by saying, "I'm not sure. But that can soon be remedied. Can Greg play with my pussy again?" Her mom said, "Sure, that's what he's here for. Greg you lie down beside your sister and stroke her cunt. You will need to make sure she's good and wet. The way you can tell is to run your finger along the slit of her twat like this." Showing him, she continued stroking Lisa's pussy a few moments letting him see how she slid her fingers along Lisa's pussy. She gently probed Lisa's fuckhole and finding some wetness she would spread it around her vaginal area. "See how I am spreading Lisa's juices all around her cunt?" Janet asked her son.

Greg had laid down beside his sister and laying on his side he propped his head up with one arm as he reached over with his other hand to play with her twat. He had been watching his mother gently stroke his sisters's cunt, so he had a pretty good idea what to do. He already had a raging hardon in anticipation of playing with her cunt again, but seeing his mother play with Lisa's twat was a turn on as well. He answered his mother, "Yeah Mom, I can see how you are spreading Lisa's juices all around her pussy. Let me try now." Greg eagerly anticipated playing with his sister's young pussy. Janet gave way to her son by removing her own hand and fingers from Lisa's pussy. Janet now joined David her husband on the couch where they could watch their children.

Lisa opened her legs up to give him access and he quickly rubbed her clitoris with his fingers. Lisa watched her brother and encouraged him saying, "That's it Greg. Rub my pussy, make it wet so I can put that vibrator in my cunt. I liked you playing with my pussy. You seemed to like it, and you sure know how to make my pussy get wet." Greg looked at his sisters face and could see the lust in her eyes. He moved his fingers down from her clit and stroked her open slit. He loved playing with his sister's pussy and he wanted to enjoy this as long as he could. He probed her hole with his forefinger and she arched her hips up in response to his action. "Ooooh she's hot!", said Janet. "She loves what you are doing Greg, so don't stop now." Greg continued fingering his sister's hot twat pushing it deeper with each thrust. Each time he stuck in his finger it went deeper and he twisted it around spreading the wetness. He had been using his middle index finger inside her pussy and now he could stick it in up to the second knuckle. Eventually, he could place his entire finger inside her cunt and he fucked her with his finger. David encouraged his son saying, "That's it boy. Finger fuck her now with your finger. Once she good and used to that try using two fingers."

"Ooooo yes Greg. Try fucking me pussy with two fingers now!" Lisa was really enjoying the show she was putting on, not to mention the fine finger fucking her brother was giving her. Her pussy was good and wet now. Greg now took his fore finger and placed it next to his index finger and pushed them into his sister's cunt. Moving them in and out he continued finger fucking her a few more moments.
His mother now handed him the vibrator and motioned for him to use it now instead of his fingers. Lisa had her brother's hand in her own hands moving his fingers in and out of her wet cunt. She was assisting him by ramming his fingers into her well soaked pussy. She was very near climaxing when Greg removed his hand from hers and replaced it with the vibrator. He located the switch and turned it on. He next placed the tool to the entrance to her hole and eased it into her cunt. It slid in easily due to Lisa's pussy being very wet and the vibrator was narrow and smooth. The vibrator was thicker than Greg's fingers and as he slid it into her cunt she again thrust her pelvis up to absorb the tool. She again grabbed her brother's hand and began shoving the vibrator into her cunt. Looking into his eyes she said, "Oh Greg. My pussy feels soooo good!" Looking down at his stiff dick she said, "Ooooo I wish this vibrator was your fat cock. Do you like playing with my pussy? You must because your dick is hard and I like seeing your hard dick."

After just a few strokes of the tool in her cunt Lisa began to climax. She arched her head back and cried out loudly, "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH IIIIIIIIIIIIIII'MMMMMMMMMMM CCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!" She grabbed her brothers hand and shoved the vibrator deep into her cunt letting the vibration bring her to climax. Wave upon wave of pleasure overtook Lisa and she continued pumping the instrument in and out until she could no longer take the stimulation. Her young pussy continued secreting juice and it ran out of her crevice and onto Greg's hand.

"Wow," said Greg as he witnessed his sister's orgasm. Lisa opened her eyes and smiled at her brother. "Thank-you Greg, that was unbelievable." She felt very close to her brother now that they had shared this moment and naturally she pulled his face to hers and gave him a long sweet kiss. Greg responded eagerly, feeling much closer than ever to his beautiful sister. Their parents applauded the sucess of their children.

"Now it's your turn to reciprocate the favor Lisa, and give your brother some relief," said her mother. Lisa eagerly took her brother's very stiff dick in her hand and began to jack him off. She said, "I just love playing with your cock my brother. I'll have you cumming in no time." But her mother stopped her and said, "No not like that dear. I want to show you another way."

"Yes it's time for your next lesson my children," replied Dad. "Janet be a dear and demonstrate the next lesson for Lisa."

Janet said, "Lisa, let's you and I get back on the couch. Dad, you get up and stand before me and Greg you get up from the floor and stand over here by Lisa." They got up from the floor and returned to the couch. "What I am going to show you next is how to give pleasure to a man by putting his cock into your mouth and sucking on it." Lisa looked at her mother with a shocked look on her face and said, "What!, I'm not sure about that. Isn't that dirty?" Her mother answered, "Remember what your father and I told you earlier. Sex is not dirty and nasty. It's a pleasure that can be enjoyed by consenting adults. C'mon, I bet you will enjoy it. I know I do." With that she invited the boys over, and had Greg stand in front of his sister. David stood in front of his wife. His cock was now much more limber than previously. Janet looked at Lisa and instructed her, "One of the pleasures a man truly enjoys is having his cock sucked. Men not only enjoy the pleasure of feeling your warm moist mouth engulfing their cock, but its the thought of a woman servicing her man in this manner that they like as well. They love to look down on a woman and watch her suck his cock into her mouth." With that she took her husband's tool in her hand and she brought it to her lips. Her husband pulled her hair away from her face so that his children could watch their mom put his cock into her mouth to suck it. Before taking it into her mouth she looked at her children and said, "I want you first to watch me, and when you get the idea, you may proceed to try it on your brother." She then turned to the task at hand and promptly took her husbands dick into her mouth. Lisa and Greg could not believe it and so they stared at their mother begin to give head to their father. At first Janet could get all of her husband's limber tool into her mouth. She reached up with her hands and cupped his large sack of balls and gently kneaded his balls, massaging them. David stood there with one hand at his side and the other holding his wife's hair atop her head to keep it from falling into her face hiding the children's view.

Janet's mouth did indeed look full. Her mouth was wide open and her cheeks pushed out from the mammoth cock filling her mouth. Her lips completely encircled his swelling prick. As his wife's mouth was stuffed full of his cock, David said, "What you cannot see at this moment is what your mother is doing inside her mouth. She skillfully uses her tongue encircling my dick with it and she sucks on my cock. I can not stay limp long, and you'll notice that my dick begins to swell." Indeed, as the teenagers looked on they saw that their mother was having to let some of Dad's big dick out of her mouth as she could not keep all of it inside. Grow it did, and as David's dick swelled to its full length, Janet kept the huge head in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched open wide just enough to get the head inside. Janet stopped for a moment and pulled her husband's dick from her mouth. It was now long and hard and Lisa just stared in amazement that her mother had been able to stuff the monster in her mouth. The big veins stood out as his cock glistened with the saliva deposited by Janet's mouth. She looked at her children and slowly licked the length of his shaft up and down, sometimes taking the bulbous head into her mouth. She would also show her teeth and would gently bite the head of his dick and lick the slit with her tongue. After a few moments of this she turned her attention to the more serious cocksucking lesson she was giving her daughter.

David now said, "Now she going to take my cock into her throat. This is more difficult to do because my cock is so large. The problem is that anything that comes in contact with the back of your throat causes the gag reflex to kick in. But with practice you can get over that and take a cock down your throat. This increases a man's pleasure as it feels like he is fucking. See how your mother is doing this." As the twins watched their mother they saw her begin to go down on their father. She would take his cock into her mouth and it would completely disappear as her face came all the way to his pubic hair. Then she would pull her face back letting the cock ease from her mouth. She moved forward again taking the length of his dick disappear into her mouth and throat. After a few more moments going down on him she looked up at her husband eyes.

Dad now said, "When she looks up at me this way I know she's ready for me to fuck her face. Now mind you, she's not just letting me go in and out her mouth. She's working her tongue around my dick, and she' also sucking my cock as it enters her mouth. This squeezes my dick and makes me want to cum in her mouth."

"Ooooo. That sounds nasty. Mother, do you let him cum in your mouth?" asked Lisa.

Her mother's mouth was stuffed and she could only nod her head in a "yes" fashion. But she looked at her daughter and taking one of her hands from her husbands balls and rubbed her tummy in a circular motion indicating that she loved it.

David said, "Lisa, dear, don't knock it until you try it. Your mother loves to suck my cock. She's always pulling it out and putting it in her mouth. She likes it when I fuck her face. She takes great pride in her cocksucking abilities. She says her mouth is like another cunt for me to fuck. Does it look like she finds it distasteful? Look how she is swallowing my cock. And she loves to eat my cum. Sometimes she wants me to cum on her face, but even then, she will pull the globs of cum to her mouth and suck it down." Janet now took both her hands and placed them on her husband ass and pulled his dick deep into her mouth and throat. David moaned and put his hands on her face. He began to slowly pump his wife's face stuffing her mouth with his big dick. As they demonstrated this aspect of oral sex to their children Lisa looked over to her brother and said, "I get the idea now Greg. It certainly looks erotic doesn't it? I'm ready to give it a try. It actually looks fun, and if Mom and Dad are enjoying it, then there must be something to it." Greg said, "Sis, I would like nothing better than for you to suck my dick. Let's get it on!"

Having watched her mother carefully, noting her technique Lisa who was seated on the couch, turned to her brother semi-erect penis and using the fingers of one hand slowly brought it to her mouth. She gingerly stuck out her tongue to sample it first. It was a little salty, but other than that there was not much else. She fed a little more of his peter into her mouth and got used to the meat inside her oral cavity. This was a new experience for her and she was a little timid at first. She rolled her tongue over the head of his dick and tried sucking. She could feel his dickhead begin to swell in her mouth and she once again felt in control. "Imagine", she thought, "That I have the power to arouse this reaction in a man." She fed herself a little more of his cock feeling it expand in her mouth. She felt proud that the training her mother was giving her would not go to waste. She took her brothers' balls and kneaded them in the same manner that her mother had done to Dad. Greg moaned with pleasure as his sister began to pick up quickly on the art of cocksucking. At this point David and Janet suspended their activity to watch the exercise of the offspring.

"That's it Lisa. You are doing just fine.", said her mother as she removed David's cock from her mouth. "Your brother is obviously enjoying your cocksucking." And indeed he was. Lisa looked up at her brother and saw that his head was tilted back and he was rolling it back and forth. She looked back down and began to concentrate on the task before her. Her brother's cock had now reached it's full length of seven inches, and she began to pull the head back to the edge of her throat. She also most choked however, and ran into the gag reflex. Her mother saw her predicament and encouraged her daughter, "Honey, just relax. Take your time, just enjoy feeling his cock in your mouth. Remember, you're in control. Each time you go down just imagine that you can swallow his prick whole. Eventually, you will try and you will be able to let him glide down your throat. Your muscles will relax and take over, then you'll be a real cocksucker."

Lisa felt encouraged by her mother's kind words, so she relaxed and closed her eyes. She actually began enjoying the feeling of this meat inside her mouth, and she sucked her brothers cock in and out of her mouth. Each time she went down she imagined she wanted to swallow his member whole, and as she concentrated she could see that her face was coming closer to her brother's pubic hair. "I'm almost there.", she thought, and with the next plunge she told herself to gobble up his prick and swallow it. As her brother's dickhead slid past her lips Lisa placed her hands on her Greg's ass and she pulled him into her face. His dickhead reached the back of her throat and she eagerly tried to swallow him whole. It was at this point that his dick glided into her throat. She went all the way until her nose touch her brother's loins. She loved the tickle of his pubic hair in her nostrils. Her mouth felt so full and stuffed, but Lisa was very proud of herself.

"Well looka there," said her Dad. "You taught her well my love. She has her brother's dick down her throat." After a few pumps, getting used to his massive member in her throat she looked up at her brother's eyes. "Son, that's the go-ahead signal. You can now fuck your sister's face. She wants you to. She really loves sucking cock. She's a natural, just like her mom."

Greg grunted and placed his hands on his sister's head. He pulled back his dick and moved it forward feeding his cock into his sweet sister's mouth. "Yeah, she loves this dick don't you Lisa?" She continued looking into his eyes with a look like 'Yes my brother, please fuck my mouth with your cock. I need to feast on your sperm. Shoot your wad into my throat.' Greg was really getting into the experience. He was very excited, but he was trying to get as much from the exercise as possible. His sister was sucking hard on his cock squeezing it as she wanted him to cum in her mouth. Even though this was her first experience at sucking a dick she knew that this is something she would have to do regularly because she loved cocks. Having seen both her father's massive prick and her brother's dick she wanted to go down on them often. Even as her mother loved sucking her father's dick she felt the same way toward her brother. Lisa continued working her mouth, sucking his cock into her throat and forcing him deep by pulling his hips to her mouth with her hands. Lisa could see now why her mother enjoyed sucking her father as she did. She hoped she would get the chance to suck her father's huge member. He would be so proud of her. Lisa also hoped she would get the chance to suck her brother often. Greg began to pump her face more aggressively now and Lisa was not easing up in her sucking of his member. She greedily gobbled his cock trying to feel his thick hot prick as far down her throat as possible. Her mother saw this and said, "Look at how she is eating Greg up!" She dropped to her knees beside her daughter and whispered something in Lisa's ear." Lisa took one of her hands which were grasping Greg's ass to pull him to her face and she reached around and fumbled with trying to stick one her fingers into his asshole. Greg had no idea what was happening but when he felt Lisa shove her finger into his asshole, he exploded in a furious orgasm. He grasped his sister's face and shoved it down onto his cock pushing the head of his dick deep into her throat where she was using the muscles of her throat to try and swallow his meat. This had the effect of squeezing his cock and Greg shot his load into her throat. Lisa on the other hand not prepared for this onslaught, tried to maintain control. The surge of jism down her throat felt good so she swallowed as much as she could. However, the load was too much and she allowed some of the hot sperm to spew from her mouth around her lips. Surge after surge of cum gushed from Greg's dick and a big glob ran down the length of his shaft and looked like it was going to fall to the floor. Greg's mom came to the rescue and sticking out her tongue she caught it and said, "Ummmm. Waste not want not." and she and Lisa finished licking up the leftover cum from Greg's dick, then Lisa licked her lips and said, "Not bad at all. His sperm tasted soooo good." She ran her tongue over her teeth feeling the sticky coating of his cum in her mouth.

Greg looked at his sister and smiled at her accomplishment. "Lisa you are a very good cocksucker, and I want to thank-you for the pleasure you have given me. Where did you get the idea to stick your finger in my ass?" Lisa pointed to Mom and said, "It was her idea. She told me it would put you over the edge. I had no idea the anus is such an erogenous zone." Greg replied, "My knees got weak and I thought I would collapse. That was an unforgettable experience."

"So Lisa, did you enjoy swallowing your brother's jism?" asked David her dad.

"Oh yes! It was very good. I love the taste of his cum in my mouth. It felt so good shooting down my throat. It reminded me of the hot butter they pump on top of popcorn at the movies."

Her father grinned at his daughter and said, "Well there's plenty more where that came from. But now its my turn to train you Greg on the joys of eating pussy. You will find that as much as Lisa enjoys sucking your cock, she will equally like feeling your tongue bring her to orgasm."

"Ooooh, I can hardly wait," said Lisa as she took her place before her brother awaiting her father's instructions.

"I'm going to demonstrate and teach you how first, so gather around. Mother, you sit down on the couch and lean back." Janet settled down onto the couch sitting near the front edge, and she spread her legs. She laid one of her legs on the arm of the couch to not only give her husband free access, but to also give her children a good view of her cunt. Her large labia were swollen of anticipation of the coming cunt lapping her husband was so adept at giving. David looked at his son and said, "Now you children can appreciate why your Mother shaves her pussy. Her cunt is beautiful to look at, and with the hair removed you can see the nice detail of her lips and everything. But especially nice, is that when you want to eat her pussy, you don't get any hair in your mouth. Nobody likes having hair in their mouth. It's not quite the same for girls as for boys. You see, our cocks stick out away from the hair so that you can suck our dicks with little or no interference from the hair. But your pussies on the other hand, have hair growing right around where we want to lick, and it's much nicer to lick a clean area than one with lots of hair."

"I see," said Lisa. "Mom can you show me how to shave my beaver so that my cunt will be clean as yours?" Janet replied, "Yes my love. I'll show you how to keep your pretty pussy clean as a whistle. That will make it more inviting."

Dad now spoke to his son, "Greg when you were up close to your Mother and sister's cunt earlier did you notice the fragrance of their pussies? It's very intoxicating as I'm sure you'll agree. And believe me son, pussy is delicious. Your mother cunt tastes so good. She especially enjoys feeling my tongue fuck her twat." Greg transfixed by what he saw and heard nodded his head in agreement to his father. He somehow knew that he would enjoy eating pussy. His mouth watered in anticipation of putting his mouth to work on his sisters' young beaver. He recalled when his face was inches away from his mother's luscious cunt and he smelled her muskiness how he wanted to taste her pussy. Greg had nearly licked his sister's slit when he had first gotten to see her cunt close up during their genital introductions. It was so natural to want to put his mouth on her sex that he had impatiently been awaiting the opportunity to do so. Standing next to his sister Greg took Lisa's hand and held it while they both watched their father dine on their mother's pussy.

Dad now went to work burying his face in his wife's twat. Her large labia were spread and David flicked his tongue at the hood covering her clit. He swirled his tongue all around her pussy, and at times he would lick up and down her slit, letting his son see how to do it. Then he would try stiffing his tongue and using it as an oral prick he would push into her love hole. There he would push it in and out, gently fucking his wife's cunt with his tongue. As her juices flowed he would suck them into his mouth. As his tongue worked its magic inside her hole his nose was rubbing her clit. Janet pointed this out to her son's attention, "Greg, can you see how your father is sticking his tongue into my fuck hole. And as he uses his tongue like a finger, his nose is rubbing my clit. Ooooo that feels soooo good!!!! It just drives me wild!!!"

Greg had to get down to try and view what his father was doing, but his father's head was buried in his mother's lap. He got the general idea however and said, "I'll bet his nose smells the sweet fragrance of your pussy Mom, and his tongue can taste that pussy juice. I hope you will let me taste your pussy now that you've let me see it. I would hate to see such a beautiful cunt like yours and not be able to eat it."

Those words seem to have an effect on his mother as she arched her back thrusting her pelvis into her husband's face. "Yes, yes my love. Did you hear your son tell me how much he wants to eat my pussy?" Dad stopped for a moment and looked up and said, "He'll get his chance soon enough, but let's continue with the lesson. Janet let's move down to the floor and you sit on my face. Greg, I've shown you one way to eat pussy, now I'll show you another way in which you both can enjoy oral sex."

David laid down on the floor and Janet squatted over his face. She turned so that she was facing his feet. At first, she sat up straight, sitting right on his face. David returned to eating her cunt out. This gave Lisa and Greg another view of his cunt lapping and they could see their mother's large labia smother their father's mouth and nose. Janet said, "Now that I'm sitting on his face I'm in control. I can move my hips back and forth adjusting the position of his face so that I can get more stimulation. Your father especially loves when I sit on his face and grind my cunt down hard smothering him with my juicy pussy." And indeed you could see the juice of her cunt mixing with his saliva, running down his face and chin. Dad was greedily lapping up the juice best he could however, and you could hear him smacking and sucking at his wife's cunt. "In this position, I can now return the pleasure and go down on my love's cock," said Janet. With that she leaned her body forward and took her husbands erect tool into her mouth and she began to suck it.

"69", said Greg. "That's what they call 69 Lisa". They studied their parents now enjoying giving each other pleasure orally. David motioned for his kids to come around to his end and see what he was doing. Janet's ass was spread open over her husband's face, and they saw their father now move his tongue from their mother's cunt to her asshole. He began to lick around her anal opening and as he licked he would stick his tongue into her butthole.

This had an immediate reaction on the part of Greg who said, "Oh WOW!!! Would you look at that. I can see now why Mom shaves the hair from around her asshole now. Oh that's just beautiful." He took his cock in his hand and began to jack his very hard dick. "That's gotta be heaven to Mom to have that luscious cunt and beautiful asshole sucked that way. And while Dad eats her, she giving him a well deserved cocksucking. Dad can lap up the juices from her cunt and ass while she sucks the jism from his dick down her throat."

Lisa who was rubbing her pussy replied, "Ooooh Greg, will you eat my pussy now? And would you tongue my asshole? I gotta have you eating my pussy. Please, please, please, please, please, oh please say you will."

Greg quickly laid down on the floor beside his parents and told Lisa, "Sis, you can seat your ass upon my face. Let me lick your young cunt and taste your pussy juice. Please spread open your cunt and smother my nose and face with it. Let me suck your asshole too, as I love seeing your asshole. I want to put my nose in it and also my tongue."

"You talk so nasty Greg", said Lisa, "I want you to suck my asshole with your mouth and tongue, and you can eat my pussy too! While you lick my pussy and ass, I will suck your beautiful cock and again. I want to feel your dick in my mouth. I want to taste your sperm again, and swallow it down my throat!"

She sat on her brothers' face and Greg wasted no time in opening his mouth and sticking his tongue into her slit. At last he could enjoy what he had eagerly awaited. Now with his parent's blessing he could taste the sweet smelling and no doubt sweet tasting pussy of his sister. He kissed her pussy and enjoyed the sweet fragrance of his sister's sex. Lisa was already quite wet, and Greg wanted to suck her juice into his mouth. Following his fathers example, he used his tongue as a fuck toy, stiffening it and pushing it into her crevice. As her juices flowed, he lapped and smacked, sucking as much into his mouth as he could. Greg really enjoyed the taste of pussy and he could see why his father enjoyed it too. He stuck his tongue into her hole and tried scooping the sweet nectar his sister was secreting for him to enjoy. Meanwhile Lisa went down on her brother taking his cock back into her mouth. In this position of "69" she found that her brother's cock with its hardness and natural curve was more easily taken down her throat. She liked this and so she set about the task of moving her head up and down sucking his cock like it was an popsicle. Her head bobbed up and down on his tool, and in this position her nose came down to his sack of balls. She looked forward to his cumming in her mouth and she planned to be ready this time for his load of sperm. She would not be taken by surprise and waste any of his jism. She wanted to take her time and suck his wad down her throat. She would savor the taste of his sperm in her mouth feeling the stickiness on her teeth and gums, coating the inside of her mouth and throat. Now she felt Greg's hands on her ass pulling her cheeks apart. Then she felt her brother move his tongue to her asshole, and she wanted to squeal with delight but her mouth was stuffed with his stiff meat, and she did not want to stop her cocksucking. Greg's tongue was giving her new pleasure as it licked around her anal opening. She had no idea that the ass was such an erogenous zone but she loved the feeling of her brother's tongue licking around her puckered opening. Eventually, Greg tickled her asshole with the very tip of his tongue and Lisa tried relaxing her butthole just a bit so that he could stick his tongue inside. Greg lifted his head and push his tongue as far as he could reach into her rectum licking and sucking out the natural lubrication he found there. This caused his sister to squirm with pleasure and she nearly collapsed on his face. She was bucking her ass in his face and making it difficult for Greg to keep his tongue in her ass, so her brother reached one of his hands underneath between her legs and feeling her cunt he pushed his thumb into her hole and with his other fingers he reached up and fingered her clit. He had his thumb hooked in her fuckhole and now he could pull her ass back to his face where he lustfully sucked her asshole. His sister loved the attention her nether region was receiving along with Greg's fingers skillfully stroking her clit. She could no longer hold back the orgasm that was rapidly building inside her. Greg felt his balls swell and he knew he would soon be spurting his seed in his sisters' mouth. Sucking his sister's asshole and feeling up her cunt was adding to his pleasure and her juice was flowing freely over his thumb and wrist as she could go nowhere with it hooked inside her hole.

David and Janet were busy enjoying their own oral treasures and they could only catch a glimpse of their children scoring very well on this exercise they had been given. Janet not as rambucious as her daughter did not jump around on her husbands face. When David began rimming her asshole she would backup and lean her ass up against his face so that he could easily suck her bunghole. She knew how her husband loved her asshole and she had a feeling that her son Greg had the same craving to lick it. She knew her daughter likewise would happily let her brother suck her asshole. Seeing her two children loving each other and having the time of their lives made her feel satisfied. Knowing their pleasure she began to climax. Her husband David likewise could not hold back his load as his wife sucked his big member deep into her throat. Janet squeezed her husbands' balls and felt the familiar shudder that accompanied his orgasm. She never grew tired of his meat pumping his hot wad of sperm into her belly, and she greedily slurped and sucked him dry. She felt her own pussy exploding with an orgasm and she ground her ass against her husbands face, pushing her asshole onto his tongue. At the same time Greg and Lisa climaxed together. Lisa was moaning as her brother had control of her cunt not letting her escape his rabid tongue darting in and out of her asshole. Greg's cock buried in his sister's mouth erupted, shooting load upon load of hot steaming jism into her belly. Lisa much more prepared this time captured all his sperm and she hungrily swallowed his seed. Finally, as the orgasm's of all the family subsided everyone disengaged.

Greg and Lisa were wiped out. Lisa rolled over and lay flat on her back licking her lips. She still had some residual cum of her brother leftover in her mouth and she lazily daydreamed about the future and when she would again enjoy the tasty treat of sperm in her mouth. Greg laid next to his sister and reminisced about her fine tasting pussy and asshole. He would have to enjoy that treat often. His sister was so beautiful, and he had enjoy sampling her wares as no one else had yet. David and Janet got up and looked at their children laying wiped out on the floor and they mused over what they must be thinking.

"Come on you two", said Dad. "That's enough lessons for one night. Let's get ready for bed and we'll pick up with the lessons tomorrow."

"You two looked plum tuckered out", interjected Janet their mother. "But I know the look of satisfaction and both of you have it. Tell me, what did you think of oral sex?"

"Oh mother. It was divine, absolutely divine. Greg brought me so much pleasure. I had no idea how good it could be. Did you see how he rimmed my asshole? I never felt anything like that before. And I especially enjoyed sucking his cock again. I just can't get enough cum to satisfy my craving", said Lisa. "Not only that, but Greg tried some trick on me that made me cum ooooh soooo hard!"

"Yeah? What was that?", asked her Dad. "Developing some techniques of your own, eh son?"

"Nah, not really Dad. I was just improvising, doing what I had to do. Lisa kept squirming around on my face I could not suck her asshole. But I fixed that. Lisa's deliciously tasting pussy and ass are now a sweet memory", replied Greg.

"Can we start early in the morning on our next lessons? Can we Mom and Dad?", ask Lisa.

"We'll start early enough I'm sure.", replied Dad.

"I have an idea.", said Mom. "This cabin has only two bedrooms and in times past when we've come here as a family Greg has always had to sleep here on the convertible sofa. Son would you like to sleep with your sister in the second bedroom?"

Lisa and her brother looked at one another with renewed affection. The prospect of sleeping together greatly appealed to each of them. Their eyes twinkled with this idea, and they both nodded emphatically in approval.

"You won't get any negative response to that suggestion honey.", said David. "They are dying to sleep with one another. I don't think you'll ever be able to pry them apart from each other again. However, there is one stipulation. It is very important that you do not go beyond the scope of the lessons we've given you tonight. Are we in agreement on this point?"

Greg and his sister verbally replied, "Yes. We'll be good, we promise." Greg took his sisters hand and off to the other bedroom they went. They look so natural together. David and Janet watched their children walk away when Janet remembered something. "You kids take a quick shower together and freshen up before you get between the sheets. And don't use up all the hot water!"

Greg waved his hand in acknowledgment of his mother's request. He looked at his sister and said, "This should be fun." He felt his prick beginning to swell thinking about taking a shower with his voluptuous sister, soaping her big tits and the rest of her body. He told her, "I'll wash your back if you wash mine."

Lisa looked at her brother with the same feeling of lust and answered, "I'll let you wash my back, but you better promise to let me wash every inch of your handsome body."

And so they reached the shower and adjusted the temperature of the water and stepped in the large walk-in shower stall. This was a new experience for them both and they enjoyed feeling the hot pulsing spray of water on their skin. Greg took the lead and told his sister, "Here, I'll lather you up first." With that he stood behind her and took the bar of soap and began to wash her backside. He concentrated on slowly running the bar of soap over every inch of her lovely curvaceous body. He took the opportunity to completely explore his gorgeous sister personally in this private shower. His sister had beautiful clear skin which he had never noticed before. She had a very trim figure which she kept in shape by an active lifestyle. 'She's a gorgeous girl,' he thought to himself. 'A ton of guys would kill to be standing here doing what I'm doing!', he continued to think. He ran the bar of soap down to her ass and his sister spread her legs and bent over slightly to give him access. He pushed the bar of soap into the crack of her ass and down under her pussy. He rubbed the bar of soap all around several times to make sure it would lather up good. He then went down each of her legs rubbing the bar of soap around her front and back and he worked his way back up to her butt. His prick was hard, and he stood right up against his sister and reached around with the bar of soap to lather her front side. He rolled the bar of soap into both his hands and rubbed his hands and the soap around his sisters' tits. Lisa felt her brothers' very hard and erect cock in the crack of her ass. It felt so good, and she backed her ass up against his front slipping her body next to his. He was cupping her breasts massaging them together. She had nice large mounds, and he loved feeling them. He lifted her tits up soaping the underside and covering her nipples with the soap. He rolled her nipples between his fingers. Lisa was in heaven getting this attention. Greg slid his hard cock up and down in the crack between the cheeks of her ass which glided easily because of the soap. He leaned forward and tenderly kissed the back of her neck. Lisa responded and turned her head up and their lips met. Greg kissed his sister full on the mouth and Lisa lovingly let her brother tenderly feed her his tongue. She turned around in the shower to embrace him more fully. She felt his hard hot prick against her belly and she reached down to grasp his shaft. He moaned when he felt her hand wrapped around his dick. Greg in turn reached around and took the cheeks of his sisters' ass and pulled her to his body. He tugged her cheeks enjoying the feel of her flesh, massaging the big mounds of her ass. He wanted to fuck his sister badly. His balls ached, and he longed to fill her virgin cunt with his hot dick. Lisa likewise wanted her brother. As their tongues intertwined in each other's mouths she pulled him forward pushing her pelvis up to his cock inviting him to enter her. Lisa was ready for her brother to fuck her hot cunt. They continued french kissing one another a few more moments letting their passion rise higher and higher.

Lisa finally broke away however, and said to her brother, "Greg we must stop. I want to feel you cock in me so badly. But remember that Daddy left us specific instructions for us to not go beyond the lessons we learned this evening. Let's hurry up and finish our shower. When we get in the bed we can do something though. Will that be okay?"

Greg hung his head down and nodded in acceptance. "Lisa you are so beautiful. I love you so much. I do want to fuck you. You are so sweet and I love everything about you. Many things I haven't paid attention to before I am seeing for the first time and yet they've always been there all along. I feel so close to you and I must have you. I hope Mom and Dad let us fuck one another tomorrow. If I can't have you I'll just die. I hope you understand."

Lisa tenderly kissed her brother again on the lips and looked in his eyes and said, "I feel the same about you love. You are my brother, my twin brother, and yet I never really noticed how handsome you are. We share many of the same interests. I have been drawn much closer to you since we have shared these intimacies today. I love you too, very much. I want to consummate our love just as much as you do. I too hope our parents will allow us to fuck each other my love. They just have to. I know your cock will feel soooo good in my virgin pussy. Today, when you were fucking my pussy with that vibrator I was imagining it was your cock. I know you will know how to fuck me, and I can hardly wait for the moment when you will. But for now, let's enjoy what we can do. Now, let me wash you down."

After kissing one another again they broke their embrace and Lisa took the bar of soap and returned the favor of washing her brother's backside. She rubbed down her brothers athletic physique feeling the hardness of his arms and shoulder muscles. 'He's a hunk', she thought. 'I know the other girls at school would enjoy washing his Adonis body just as I'm doing.', she mused. She felt a sudden twinge of jealousy at the thought of her brother with other women. Then she laughed at herself and thought, 'I must be crazy. Where do I get off thinking I can keep my brother to myself. We'll always be close I'm sure. And ours is a very special relationship. No one can take that from us.'

They at last finished showering and they felt clean and refreshed. They didn't bother putting on any underwear or pajamas. They felt no shame in their nakedness. They climbed into the large king-size bed and pulled the covers over their bodies and drew close to each other to warm themselves. They used their hands and explored each other bodies as they again began kissing each other. Mom and Dad quietly cracked open the door to look in on them, and saw that all was well. They closed the door to give them privacy. Janet looked at her husband and the father of their children and said, "They look so natural together. Lisa loves her brother, and Greg loves his sister. I think its so sweet how they are treating each other." David asked her, "Do you think Greg fucked her in the shower?" Janet shook her head no and said, "No, I'm sure they wanted to however. But I think we would both know if they had done that. I'm quite proud of those two. They respected our wishes and have learned their lessons so well. Tomorrow they will expect to fuck each other so that will be lesson one. Did you see how they were kissing each other? They are so much in love."

"Yes, I suppose you're right. We'll let them fuck the hell out of each other tomorrow. I'm sure their experience with each other had drawn them much closer together."

"Speaking of fucking the hell out of each other, what I would really like you to do is just that! I have sucked your cock and you've eaten my cunt but what you haven't done today is to pump your meat into my pussy like you know how to do!"

And taking his cock in her hand she lead him into their bedroom where they ended up showering together as their children had. As they showered Janet with her back against the wall of the stall took her husband's tool in her hand and after soaping his dick, stroking it to make him hard, she then put it to the lips of her cunt. Her husband got the idea. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass and hoisted her off the ground. Janet wrapped her legs around her husband and he fucked his wife right there. He pumped his long thick cock in and out of her cunt just like she wanted it. She nibbled on her husband's ear lobe and then licked the inside of his ear. Then whispering in his ear she said, "I saw you eyeing Lisa's beautiful young body. Her big boobs and ass. I know how you liked looking at her sweet asshole too! You licked your lips as you looked at her virgin pussy and asshole. You couldn't hide your big erection as she showed you her sweet virgin cunt and asshole. Are you eager to fuck your darling little girl Lisa? Do you want to eat your beautiful little baby's cunt and lick her asshole?"

David grunted and thrust into her vigorously. He answered her by saying, "You know I do love. Seeing her pretty little twat, and watching our son deflower her cunt and asshole with his tongue made me hot! She's beautiful even as you are. She takes after you. She does have a beautiful body and her cunt and asshole made me want to fuck her. But didn't I notice you eyeing your son's big dick too! You liked his wanting to see your cunt and asshole didn't you? You enjoyed showing him your beautiful pussy, and when he wanted to see your asshole, you jumped at the chance to encourage his kinky request. I know you want to suck his cock and swallow his cum. And I also know that you want to feel your son's dick pumping your hot cunt too, don't you my love? You loved watching his cock disappear into his sister's mouth. You want to suck his cock too don't you cocksucker?"

Janet swooned with lust and whispered again in David's ear, "His cock is not like yours my love, but I do need him in my cunt. I want to feel him in my ass too! I know that while he fucks my ass, you will enjoy tasting your little girl's twat as she sits on your face. Her asshole will be no stranger to your tongue as well. You love sucking our assholes don't you love?"

David loved hearing his wife talk this way and he pounded her pud fast and hard. His thrusts shoved her higher along the wall where he had her pinned. He answered her back, "Yes I will suck her lovely butthole while your son fucks your ass. And you will love having your son lick your hot cunt and asshole while you suck his dick into your mouth you cocksucking slut. You and your daughter are both cocksucking, cumloving sluts who need big dicks filling all your holes. I'll bet you want me to fuck your ass, while your son stuffs his dick in your mouth. Is that what you want you fucking whore? We'll both shoot our sperm into your mouth and ass and your cumloving daughter will lick the cum from your ass."

"Yes! Yes! OOOOH YES! Janet screamed. "You're right. Me and my daughter are sluts. She want's to suck your cock and drink your cum. I saw her looking at her father's big fat cock and I know what she was thinking. She wants you to fuck her throat as you do mine. She can't wait for you to feed her your big dick so she can swallow your cum! And I want to let my motherfucking Son of a BITCH boy fuck my ass and shoot his wad deep into my bung!!!" And they both began climaxing. David shot his load of sperm into his wife as he rammed his meat into her hot twat again and again. Janet was squeezing the life out of her husband as she had both arms and legs wrapped around his torso. As their thunderous orgasm subsided she looked at her husband and kissed him and said, "I love it when you talk dirty to me love." David looked at her and said, "I know you do too love and I meant it." Janet said, "Ooooo you're soooo right. Tomorrow we have so much to do don't we?" David answered her, "Yes we do love, we are going to needs lots of rest. Let's hit the sack. So off to bed they went.

Greg and Lisa lay close to each other kissing and exploring their bodies using their hands. They especially enjoyed attacking one another's tongues playing a game of hide and seek with their tongues. Greg was feeling his sisters boobies and she had her hands on his cock. She especially loved feeling his hardon. It simply amazed her. He reached down and took one of her tits to his mouth and began to suck it. He then took his free hand and reached down to her pussy. She spread her legs giving him access and he felt her wetness.

"Lisa, you are so hot my love", Greg told her. He gently pushed a finger and into her hole and pumped it in and out fucking her with his digit. She whispered in his ear, "My pussy is hot love, and I love what you are doing to it. Don't stop. I hope tomorrow that instead of your small finger I will feel your big dick in my pussy." She took her free hand and wrapped it around his and guided his hand as he pumped his finger deeper into her cunt. He continued suck her tits, gently biting her nipple. He stopped momentarily and removed his finger from her cunt. His finger was soaking wet and was glistening with her wetness in the moonlight coming through the bedroom window. She look at her brother and said, "What's wrong? Why did you stop? My pussy needs you to finish what you start. Please. Please. Please make me cum." Greg brought the finger he had been fucking her with to his mouth and he licked some of the juice off. He held his finger up to her lips. Lisa took her brother's finger and put it in her mouth. She rolled her tongue around it thinking how it reminded her of his cock previously only much smaller. She tasted her own cunt juice and marveled at the sweetness of it. She could see why her brother enjoy licking her pussy as he did. He pulled his finger from her mouth and whispered in her ear, "I want to eat your pussy. That's why I stopped fingering you cunt. I only wanted to get your delicious juices flowing." He changed positions, got between her legs and began to enjoy his feast. Lisa made no complaints and she knew her brother would make her cum with his tongue. Her father had taught his son well on how to eat pussy.

Lisa opened her legs wide to give her brother access to her cunt. Greg put both his hands under the cheeks of her ass so that he could pull her pussy tight to his mouth. He inhaled the aroma of her moist cunt, letting her fragrance intoxicate his passion. "Lisa your pussy is so lovely, I just love sucking your juices into my mouth and tasting your beautiful cunt.", Greg told his sister. Lisa moaned softly as her brother spoke these words. Greg put his mouth down to his sister's pussy and began to lick along the slit between her labia. His sister reached down to spread open her slit. Greg licked and kissed her pussy and as her juices flowed he sucked these into his mouth. Using his tongue he flicked it around her clit and sucked her clit into his mouth. Lisa grabbed his head with her hands and pulled it down hard into her cunt. Greg continued furiously flicking her clit with his tongue and then moving it down and pushing his tongue into her hole. He sucked at her pussy, drawing her juices to his mouth using his tongue as a spoon. Lisa was moaning continually now and she was very near climaxing. She lifted her legs and placed them on her brothers' shoulders, and he massaged the big mounds of her ass flesh, pulling her pussy to his mouth as he tried to push his tongue deeper into her cunt. At last Lisa began to climax, thrusting her hips into her brothers' face, and he nearly suffocated from her hands and feet pushing his upper body and face into her sex. He continued without letup eating her pussy and sucking her clit until she pushed him away. "Oooooh, Greg honey, stop, please stop! I have to catch my breath lover. Whew! Oh you are so splendid. I just love how you make me cum with that tongue of yours. Kiss me my sweet, and let me taste my pussy on your lips." Her brother got up from his position and brought his face to hers. In the moonlight she could see the area all around his mouth and chin was very wet. He was licking his lips savoring the taste of his sisters' orgasm. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply letting his tongue enter her mouth where she sucked it in and rolled it around in her mouth pulling the juice of her cunt from his mouth. She very passionately kept her mouth on his, sucking his face and tongue letting him know how she appreciated the pleasure he had given her. She broke the kiss only to lick his lips and face to taste the remaining juice of her cunt he could not himself lick off.

"What shall we do now lover?", she asked, "How can I reciprocate the favor? Would you like me to suck your beautiful cock? Can I please? I would love to taste your sperm again before I go to sleep."

Greg had his stiff member in his hands slowing jacking it off. He answered, "I would like to try something different Lisa. Something that we didn't cover in our lessons today, but I don't think Mom or Dad would object to."

"Ooooh, I'm game. What would you like to try love?", asked Lisa.

"Well, I think we can both get what we want. If you want to taste my sperm, I can satisfy that request. What I have in mind is to fuck your lovely tits. I've seen pictures of guys sitting on a girls chest with their cock stuffed between the crack of a big pair of boobs. It's so sexy and provocative. You have a beautiful nice pair of tits that I have been dreaming of fucking. What do you say?", asked Greg.

"I love the idea. It does sound so incredibly sexy. You would like to fuck my titties? She reached down to cup her breasts holding them out to her brother. Then she pulled on them by her nipples, twisting her nipples in her fingers. "Yes, I would love the feel of your hard hot cock between my titties. And I could watch you fuck them too! I could squeeze my boobs around your big dick and when you cum I could have my mouth open ready to taste your jism. That's an a exciting idea, and I don't think Mom or Dad would mine. You're so inspirational lover!" Lisa was definitely into this erotic act.

So Greg got up and squatted over his sisters chest. He first of all held his dick to her lips and told her, "I'll need a little lubrication first Sis. Can you oblige me?"

"Ummmm, certainly my love.", said Lisa. She opened her mouth and let her brother feed his dick to her. She took hold of his tool and rolled her tongue all around his dickhead, depositing saliva on it. She moved her head back and forth licking the length of his member making it good and wet. She also cradled his balls in her hand, gently squeezing them.

"That should be enough.", replied Greg and he moved back a little and lowered his dick down to her tits. Lisa opened up her cleavage, and Greg placed his cock down next to her chest. His big sack of ball lay on the upper part of her abdomen. She mashed her tits together forming a tight enclosure for her brothers cock to screw. Greg also placed his hands on her boobs to help manipulate this makeshift fuck pocket. He began to fuck her boobs looking down at his cock move in and out of her cleavage. "Ooooh Greg, Your cock feels soooo good fucking my titties. Fuck my tits. Fuck them lover. My tits are for your pleasure, so fuck them. Fuck them. Shoot you wad in my face and let me taste your sperm when you cum.", Lisa said. Greg grunted and told his sister, "Lisa you slut. You like me fucking your big titties don't you? You want my big dick fucking your boobs. You like seeing the head of my cock push through close to your face where you know that my jism will shoot when I cum."

"Yes, Yes!", cried Lisa. She had reached one of her hands back down to her sopping cunt to frig herself. She was really getting off on her brother fucking her tits. Greg fucked his sister's big tits again and again. Greg was in heaven being able to look down at his sisters huge round globes, and at the same time to feel the warmth of her mashed breasts wrapped around his cock. Greg was nearly ready to climax himself so he said to his sister, "I about to cum my love. Your fucking tits are making me cum!!!!!!!! And with that he began to pump stream upon stream of hot sperm into his sister's face. Lisa had her mouth open wide to catch as much of the jism as she could, and quite a lot of the gushes hit the back of her mouth. Much of it landed on her face, chin and chest. Greg was squeezing her tits around his cock pulling the last bit of cum out and it puddled on her chest. Lisa who had been frigging herself came at the same time as her brother. She used her fingers to pull the jism from her face, chin, and chest back to her mouth where it belonged. Lisa was the first to speak. "Ummm. What a nice bedtime snack. Thank-you my love." Greg replied, "Thank-you. That was fucking great! You were beautiful Lisa. I love you so much." Lisa looked at her brother, smiled at him and said, "I love being your slut. Please fuck my tits anytime. It was such an erotic experience we'll have to share with Mom and Dad in the morning." "Yeah!", said Greg. "I'll bet they will get a bang out it."

With that, both brother and sister were fully satisfied for the evening. The lay in the bed together snuggled up against each other. Lisa lay next to her brother with her back against his front. Greg had his arms wrapped around his sister. They kissed one another tenderly in this position and then fell asleep for the night.

End of Chapter One.

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