Certain things happen for a reason and some things I would think happen to someone because of certain situations the person has during some time in his life. Mine is a story of a series of events that happened during my puberty or the age where my sexuality develops and my hormones on overdrive.

I was born into a well-to-do family in the Philippines and if most you would like to know, hiring household help here is fairly easy, both literally and financially. Both my parents were working so I had a nanny who always watched over me since I was a child. They changed from time to time but one, her name Josephine stayed with us until I went of to college. She started from what I vaguely remember; I was about 7-8 years old at that time. Her duties were to take care of me, this included feeding, bathing, and etc.

The bathing I never minded before, but my parents never taught me much of a sense of modesty towards being naked so they just never actually minded me (not that they were bad parents, they were very good, but they just never taught me modesty that much) being bathed by a person who does not have much relation with the family up until my 18th age and I guess, my nanny, a girl from the provincial region did not mind that much, never blamed her.

I started feeling the signs of puberty when I was thirteen; a trickle of hair had already grown from my pubic area and my voice was changing and it was bathing time, she just came in and told me it was my bath. I was innocent at that time and never minded the hair, my erections, even peeing in front of her was fine with me, I found it to be very normal in her presence. So bathing time came and I remember having an erection that time, my penis was still growing to its full potential of 9 inches, it was about 5 inches then, erect. She just did what she normally did, scrubbing here and there and then began to work on my pubescent penis. As she was scrubbing (stroking) it, I felt a certain tingle happen, the feeling a male has when he first experiences the pleasure of touching one’s self. Me being the innocent boy, asked this to Josephine. I asked in Filipino: “Josephine, I feel something funny here, it feels good and I feel like peeing.” She said that this is normal and kept stroking, turning a bright shade of red. She then told me: “I’m gonna try something but can we keep this a secret?” I told her “Yeah, as long as this feeling stays you can try whatever you want.” So she proceeded to give me my first handjob and after this with the strokes getting faster and faster, I experienced my first orgasm with a big “UUGGGGHHHH!!!” and sperm flew all over the bathroom and Josephine’s face. I told her that it was the best feeling I ever had and asked her if she could do this every bathing time and I promised to keep it a secret between the two of us. She also told me that she was the only one who could do this and if I did it, she would quit. I being the naïve boy, agreed with all consent not knowing this was leading to humiliating situations and exposing situations as well.

The bathing rituals continued everyday and I was very satisfied going to school. For those wondering, the school I went to was a conservative Christian school so we had no sex education or I would have known then and there. When I went home, she would undress me, and tease my cock, stroking it up to its length and leaving it be until bathing time the next day. When I was 15, my cock grew to its maximum length of 9 inches and she always praised me on how long my cock was for a Filipino boy and mine was the longest she was ever seen. Know the baths were taking an unusual turn because as she was stroking me, she quickly began to slide her mouth in and out of my cock. I was appalled at first thinking that it was unsanitary and told her to stop, she just continued, letting her tongue run through the head of my circumcised dick. I quickly came to orgasm and felt very very good so she asked: “How was it?” a smirk on her face. I told her “Wow! That was very good!!! I never felt that way before…” She said that it was better than stroking it and only women could give the best of what she did (She never gave me the names of actions she was doing, always referring to them as her duties). Later on, she began bringing in other people; our other household help was one of the first to see my cock at full display being stroked and sucked by Josephine. She then told me that they also had duties to me and now, after school, I was parading in my 15 year old birthday suit, unknowingly, displaying my most private parts to the household help. They would just go near me and begin stroking my cock and I would let them do as they please just thinking it to be a fact of life and my modesty being massacred to a bloody pulp.

All this things were unknown to my parents and this continued until I went of to college in the big city and this was also when Josephine left our household as she had no more “duties” to handle anymore. I never tasted pussy till college but I always have the women dominate me or take the lead during sex, if they just want me nude, I would comply and if they wanted to expose me to other people, I willingly comply. I am now knowledgeable in certain sexual situations like bondage, voyeurism, cfnm, etc. I really love sex no doubt about it but I will always find it very arousing when women dominate the scene. I was literally used as a confused youth and up to now, myself, a 21 year old, I willingly allow women to stare at me in all my naked glory without asking for anything in return but the occasional handjob/blowjob.

I have more stories involving these situations especially during my college life where I learned to heighten my level on the things Josephine did to me. I would want some feedback. Thanks.

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I masterbated during this story

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That was amazing. I love getting handjobs. They feel so good

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2014-05-02 23:23:36
More more

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learn to bathe yourself retard.

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complete bullshit...

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