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Title is named after my favorite nirvana song about a girl.this chick was a huge nirvana fan so she reminds me of the song.
So I was in ninth grade and I was horny as all hell. Which is to be expected I suppose. Im 15 brown short hair
5"9 and a bit skinny but muscle still showed. dressed a bit on the skater side. Smoked alot of weed and drinks. Now mind you I'll take what I can get. Especially at this age.
You see ive gone through much emotional turmoil up to that point in my seemingly dull and meaningless life. I was hurt,lonely,and most of all horny. So dont get me wrong when I explain this.

So as I said im 15 yo. And any piece ass that flashed me a smile I fanatisized about bending over,and im sure u can fill in the rest. I live in a town of about 10,000. Not huge but good sized. Now that all of this out of the way plz enjoy.....

So we'll call me Isaac,similiar to my actual identity. Ive been in love. Funny to say that at my age. But its true. Honestly twice now. And both have been bitter and unrequited. Theres this girl lets call her zoey. She is a very pretty red head originally. She dyes her gair often. She has beautiful alabaster skin. Ive known forever and since the beginning of 9th grade ive felt an irresistible connection between us.
"Hows your day going" I asked. "Its fine" she flashes me a gorgeous smile. Her pink lips enticed me so heavily. Yet I had no sexual tendency toward her. Tbh I truly wanted one of those relationships where we sit on her couch for hours watching movies and cuddling and kissing. I love her... "hows your day" she asked. I told her the mundane details. "Fuck" she said. Precious how she lost whatever game she was playing on her phone."well then stop being bad at everything" she kicks me and I grin ear to ear. The bell rings and I walk steadily to my math class. A warm glow on my cheeks and hands thinking about zoey. I sit down In my seat and chill until class begins. Then my primal instincts get the best of me.
Now lets call her dana. Dana is a brown haired girl shorter then me and with a body you wouldnt beleive. She walks in whereing tights and a tank top. Such outfit should be illegal considering what they do to me every day. I see her ass jiggle before she sits down she catches me staring intently. She looks at me flirtingly and asks "like what you see"? I turn away with embarrassment taking course.she turns around satisfied. My bitch of a math teacher enters and says to get up cuz were going to some sort of assembly. I rise as with my classmates. Dana looks at me expecting me to eye her again. She leans in close and says " my parents are at work" I looked at her and smiled knowing what this ment. As the school is walking through the halls, we took a much different route. W e went through the back door of the school and just kept walking. "Do you have condomns"? She questioned. I shook my head and she said it was fibe her parents should have some somewhere. We opened the door to my heaven. I sat down pepped talk myself intensely. She walked back down stairs her tits bouncing with every step. I salivated and hardened thinking of what was to come. She tthrew me a condemn. "Can you do what your eyes can". I simply said "you'll have to see". She layed me down and unbuttoned my pants. I went in for a kiss. She went in with her tongue. My hands wandered to rubbing her thick thighs. I could feel heat resonating from her say about twenty minutes later we started getting serious. I turned her around where she and I where eye to eye and I was on top of her. I peeled away her shirt her stomach wasnt toned but she was in no way fat. All thickness went to her ass. I started to unbutton her bra and she slaps me. I stare confused. "Eat me out first". With out hesitation I go down on her.
Now as I said im lonely and horny so ive seen quite a bit of porn. I rubbed her thighs and kissed her from her toes to her inner thighs. I then slowly licked her soken pussy from the bottom to her clitorus. I took note she moaned intensely when I licked her clit. She started moaning for more. I then inserted my finger. I once read somewhere about find a g-spot. And that exactly what I did. With my left hand I began my search. With my right I rubbed her clit. The more I prodded the more she jerked and breath heavily. She stripped her blue bra releasing her breasts. Her exquisite pink nipples drew my attention. I started to suck on them and continued to finger her tight pussy.she rocked back and forth she was almost screaming. My cock was enlarged and it burnt. I wanted inside her so bad. An insatiable thirst I wanted to sink my teeth into. This wasnt love this was lust at its finest. It felt so wrong and I loved ever moment of it. I whipped out my dick and slipped the condemn over my head diwn to my swelled testicals. She looked at me as if to protest cuz I stopped playing with her. She was just about to say something then I stuck my dick in her mouth. Eyes wide but accepting she let my fuck her pretty mouth. I whispered "my turn" she simply nodded and exepted her fate. My dick was so ready to cum but I was far from over. I was going to make her jizz again. I started to stick my head in her pussy. Her grip to the couch tightened. Now I dont by any means have a novelty sized penis. My dick is pretty averaged sized. About the length of my wrist to my fingers. She gasped when I went in all the way. And I have to tell u it did wonders for me. I was officially not a virgin any more. I. Getting some fucken pussy. And I was goddamned happy about it. I was moving my powerful cock in and out of her wet mound. She moaned louder as time progessed. Like a pendulum of sex swinging back and forth. Her ass hits the base of my cock. I reach down and grope her soft tits. And suckle on her neck. I increase speed and power. Im so close to cumming my vision is foggy and motion is a blurr. I hear a car pull up and we immediately say fuck. She trys to get up but her pussy is so tight my cock is stuck. Her father unlocks the door. Interlocked in each embrace we make to the bathroom with our clothes she locks the door and we continue our business. Shes bent over the sink and im pounding as hard and fast as I can. Shes biting her hand to contain her outburst of pleasure. I continue to hammer away until my erection twitches and releases. I cum into the condemn so hard it almost comes off she bends over and strips me of the barrier and starts lick my dick eating the cum that still surrounds. And at that moment I realise how beautiful her blue eyes are.

I make it back home. And think about the events. I end up txting zoey about it later. After she insisted to know y I skipped school. She gets mad and starts telling me how selfish i'am. I plea and ask whats wrong. She simply wont say. Torturing me,a thought occurs. Maybe this love isnt unrequited maybe she is afraid of it.
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