let the games begin
As mary slid seductively down the teenage captives chained body, i pulled my fingers out of megan and stuck them in marys mouth. She suckled them lovingly at first then the taste pushed her into more lustful licking and sucking. She quickly grew weary of the sexual fingerpop and wanted to eat from the sourse, releasing my fingers and nosing her way down to the girls warm and wet pussy. She kissed softly, adeptly at the girls pussylips, and whispered " it's been so long..." Her kisses became harder and harder and soon her tongue was parting megans cunt and lapping up the juices that were flowing so freely despite the girls captivity. Against her will megan found it impossible to resist the flow of pleasure running through her. She had never before been with another female. much less even been in this situation. Had it not been for the wine perhaps she would have resisted more, but the spirits and marys tongue together had broken through any walls of resistance at this point. Megan moaned around the hard rubber ball-gag that was strapped around her head and was actually biting down on the ball, eyes closed, neck muscles tense....she was pulling atthe restrainets at her wrists and ankles but not as if to escape but mearly wanting more freedom to move and writhe in pleasure. Marys own desire was getting the best of her and she swung one leg over the girls body, straddling megans young face and then without ceremony began rubbing her own pussy against the ballgag and quickly coated the girls face in her juices. She found her clit with the ball and soon her own building orgasm caused her to ignore the girls pussy , arching her back, gripping the sheet in her tight little fists and she began to rape the girls face. She was moaning, screaming crying out as she all but exploded, riding the girl harder ... almost violently. Megan no longer being stimulated started to struggle, wanting air, wanting mary to stop, but a woman on the edge of a hard cum would have to be put to sleep to stop so megans thrashings didnt slow mary down but rather helped her cum that much harder, squirting her juice over megans young face, some of it seeping past the ball-gag into the girls mouth. Marys moaning had deteriorated into gasping and the occasional " oh god".. her body was shaking as she finally slid off the girls face and rested beside her body with her head on megans lower stomach. Megan gasped for air, her mouth still gagged but her nose finally free, she sucked as much air as possible into her burning lungs and once more there was panic in her eyes, things were getting real for her, her mind was now exploring what was happening and she couldnt get a grip on the whole truth. That not only was this happening, but we had decided already that we were keeping this girl as our forced slave.

While the girls both caught their breath mary began to trace the girls pussylips lightly with her finger, smiling at me. Megan was crying again now...mumbling against the gag. " Do you like that baby?" mary askedlooking up towards the girls face....her imperfect face. Megan was a beautiful girl at 17. almost a full woman, but she has a self- esteem issue that was going to make breaking and training her all that much easier. her nose was a little crooked. Not horrible, not disfiguring, but enough that she noticed it when she looked in the mirror, enough that she had dreamed of plastic surgery for several years..... But now her face was less perfect, covered in warm sticky woman cum, makeup running down her face with tears leaving black trails behind. Neither the nose or tears bothered me. the rape aspect of this turned me on more. I wanted this first time to be non-consensual, and knew that it could turn brutal to satisfy the monster in me.

Mary pushed a finger inside the girls pussy, then another, fucking her slowly but steadily. Soon it was three fingers, then four and the pace was picking up and the girl though still crying was now arching her back a little, bucking her hips against marys hand moaning what might have been simple " Oh Oh Oh" but could have been a muffled " No No No " just as easily. my slave tucked her thumb into her palm and slid her hand right into the girls cunt which brought a pronounced "Ow!" from the gagged teen but mary didnt stop. She wore the girls box like a glove and began fisting her slowly, turning her hand inside the girl and then lowered her mouth to the girls swollen clit. often in our sex games i had promised mary free run over the first encounter with another slave girl and i watched her work without any thought of stoping her. She bit the girls clit rather roughly and the teen again cried out against the pain. mary released the tender nub and told her to get used to the pain, embrace it.... because there was going to be more. She began explaining to the girl her new purpose in life, to satisfy her new Masters every desire, regardless of small pains and discomforts. Her sacrifice was little enough in the service of a Dominant man... her pleasure was in a job well done, her thanks would be my orgasms. Her payment would be my cum in herbody, on her body, in her mouth.... She explained that megan was now property, owned by me, and everything in her life was now mine to control. She fucked her fist deeper and harder into the helpless teen while making her points. I knew this wasnt about pleasing the girl, it was rough, hard.. it was a tool she was using to make sure the girl knew her role in our world. I was the king, mary my slave/queen and megan now was but a humble lowly slave who could be used and abused at my will.. and with my permission abused at marys whim. " You will not resist Master unless he wished it bitch" she was shoving her fist hard into the girl causing megan to grunt with pain at each thrust. " you will call him Master, and speak only when directed, and you will give up your body for his pleasure. you will learn to enjoy sex, enjoy being humliated, used, abused, and you will enjoy it because it brings Master pleasure." She grabbed the girls nipple with her free hand and pinched it hard.... " the pains of sex are nothing like the pains of punishment and believe me you do NOT want punishment my sweet." she slowed her pace and used her free hand to find the girls clit once more and rubbed it in a circle, her fist stopping altogether as she began to restimulate the girls twat.

I moved from my spot at the side of the bed and leaned on my elbow near the girls head. my left hand reached out and cupped her rather small breast and I used my thumb to caress her nipple. " You're mine now megan. you will never leave here without my consent and likely never alone.. we shall see how you progress, how you accept your life here." I told her.
" You will, I hope learn to love it here, love me and mary and love your place in our world. For now however, your place is in this room, chained, gagged and enslaved."

I lightly pinched her nipple while mary continued to rub the girls clit, her fist still burind deep in megans box. " you will be well used, so that you know you are fully appriciated. Mary will train you to my liking and any trouble you give her will be dealt with by me. Punishment may be the crop, the paddle, my bare hand, a belt.... It may come in ways you never imagined, like nipple clamps or other minor tortures. i encourage you to work hard to please mary and me. It will make this easier for you... but rest assured, i enjoy the punishments too so its all the same for me.

She was sobbing but staring at me perhaps hoping it was all a joke, some sort of game. The fist in her and my hand massaging her tit proved otherwise. " Now then" I continued, " if you promise to be a good girl and not get hysterical i will have mary remove the you think you can control yourself?" She started to shake her head no but hen quickly corrected and nodded vigorously. " If i ask you a question you will respond with yes Master or No Master.... anytime i allow you to speak you wil address me directly as Master, failure to comply will require punishments. Do you understand?" again she nodded her head, tears still running down her face. " You will address mary as sister, you will never again speak our names and you address mary directly as sister anytime you speak with her, understand ? " She nodded very weakly this time and i felt she was coming to some resignation about her condition.

I directed mary to remove the gag, and as she first pulled her hand from its warm human glove i reached for a towel on the nightstand but mary had other ideas. Nimbly using just her one clean hand she unbuckled the restraint on the girls head and puled it free then offered the sopping wet fist to the girls lips. " lick it clean slave, show Master your desire to obey." Megans face went from fear, the revulsion and she blurted out " God No, that's gross" and mary very quickly correcter the teen, reminding her that she had no choice.... her correction was a sharp slap of the girls face using the pussy juice coated hand that rang out with a loud smack and caused the girl to begin crying louder and begging please please please.... I couldn't help but smile. My cock was raging already and i had yet to allow myself even the slightest physical stimulation. " next time you tell me no or do not address me as Master told you to i use the fist again, only this time it will be in your mouth bitch no DO WHAT YOU"RE TOLD!" mary had pushed her fist against the girls lips, mashing them flesh against teeth to make her point and megan burst into tears, sobbing wildly.

i shook my head and took the ball gag from where mary had dropped it on the bed and the girl began saying " NO No Nooooooooo then shouted NO!" but i dropped the gag back in the drawer and i knew mary made a mental note to make sure it got cleaned up later wether she did it or made the new slut do the chore. " Shut her up" I said, Cover her mouth with something.......wet." Mary smiled sadistically and quickly mounted the girls head, a leg on each side of the girls face and her calves tucked under the girls arms and she smothered the bawling whore with her own pussy. Mary grabbed megans hair with both hands pulling the teenagers face into her shaved hole and began fucking her face. Megans body bucked hard against the restrains but with marys weught on the girls face combined with the leather restraint cuffs and chains she could offfer only token resistence. Mary released the girls hair and leaned her body back far enough that the girl could get a breath of air, then quickly slammed her pusy back against the girls face, grinding down and smearing her juices over the girls mouth. after a few moments she let the girl breathe again then raised up on her knees looking down on her sister/slaves tear and cumstreaked face. " this time i dont let you take a single breath until youve licked my pussy." without even waiting for a response mary drove her box back over the girls mouth and began grinding against her face again. The girl again tried to buck and fight, but was truely helpless. The seconds ticked by, seeming longer than they realy were as i caught myself holding my breath waiting for the girl to break down and do the deed. Watching them was making me hot and hard and i was ready to join in. I started undressing as megans breathless seconds crept by. As i was jsut about finished mary let out a small moan and growled " you can do better, you WILL do better if you want to breathe" Then she arched her back suddenly as megans lack of oxygen spurred her to eat mary out. Mary seemed to have forgotten her end of the bargain so i gave her a playful swat on the ass and reminded her to let the child take a breath as i climbed between the girls well muscled thighs. Mary raised up on her knees again and the girl begain gasping violently. Mary praised her for her efforts and told her to do it just like that again and this time slowly lowered herself on the girls face, then leaned forward on her hands so she wasnt resting her full weight on the girl and megan could breathe more freely as long as mary allowed her to.. which meant as long as she licked marys wet hole, she would have air.

I dont think megan realized where i was until i ran my hands over those tan sexy thighs and pushed my knees up hard against her ass. her body bucked as the next stage of her nightmare was begining. She was barely accepting the last stage and wasnt even giving her best efforts to please mary and yet i was overcome with my own lust and pushed forward. I grabbed my cock, the first time i had touched it since the start, and it throbbed in anticipaction. I rubbed my hard shaft against the girls wet twat anjoying the look of her newly shaved pussy, the smoothness, the uncluttered perfect look of it. She was perfectly smooth and well lubricated from marys earlier work and i enjoyed the light stimulation of rubbing my dick head against her slit. using my thumb i gently spread her lips and exposed her clit and slapped it with my cock. The girl jerked and mary let out a loud " Oh God" and again balled her hands into fists grabbing at the sheets on the bed." i dont know what you did Master but i think she liked it" mary announced, looking over her shoulder at me. She has always enjoyed watching my stroke my meat but the sight of me rubbing it against this underaged teen girls pussy combined with the total situation made her instantly cum. Meagan was moaning against marys box, now smothered completely again as marys whole body convulsed, her back arched, she shook her head violently and she shouted " i'm Cumming, oh GOD YES IM CUMMING"

When her orgasm subsided she fought to get off the teens face and flopped down again with her dead down be the girls legs so she could watch me. megan was again gasping for air, not knowing when she might again lose the simple pleasure of breathing. " I looked at mary and instructed her to suck my cock and she moved as fast as she could ( considering she too had drunk alot and just had possibly the best orgasm of her life and her legs were quite rubbery)and she took my cock deep into her mouth. She knows exactly how i like oral sex, deep and slow. No rapid head bobbing for me, no teasing around the tip, i wanted my cock down her throat and wanted slow and gentle head. I allowed myself a moment to think forward to mary teaching megan how to deepthroat me, knowing that i would likely get puked on at least once in the process....but also knowing that soon enough i was going to fuck her throat hard and fast like a second pussy. Mary had litteraly sprained her tongue once while i was roughly throat fucking her so im sure she will gladly leave that act to the new slut.

After a few monets of enjoying marys mouthings i directed her to put my cock in megans pussy and she released my cock from her lips and cooed " Yes Master" enthusiastically. As much as i had always wanted to watch her with another woman, she wanted to watch me fuck someone other than her. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and she positoned the tip of my cock against megans hole, rubbing up and down to spread the pussy lips then when she had me set she guided me into the tightest pussy id had since i was a teen myself. Megan was begging me to stop but mary and i were both so caught in the moment that we completely ignored her pleas. i wish she was a virgin i thought..... but thats ok, i was certain at her age she had never had a cock in her ass so id break that cherry for her at least.... but first i would enjoy raping my new whore............

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