Read the first one or you wont understand whats going on. Have fun.
"You!!" Allies father screamed

We lay there. In silence. Not saying a word.

"Allie... You are not aloud back at the house!" Her father boomed. I could tell he was serious. Her mother had died about 2 years back so he would have to change his mind on his own.

"But Dad!!" Allie cried. Her voice fading. I knew she was going to cry.

"And you.." He said to me ignoring his daughter. "are fucking dead!"

With that he picked me up by the throat. I didnt squirm. Im a 3rd degree blackbelt but I decided to take my licks. He threw me with force against the wall. I felt my back pop as I hit the wall. He came to me and punched me in the face three times. I didnt groan or anything. I loved Allie too much to show her I was in pain

"DAD STOP!!" Allie screamed


With that I was pissed. I wasnt going to take him yelling at her like that "HEY! SHUTUP! YOUR FOCUSING ON ME HE--" Boom! Another hit in the jaw. "Thats better" I said.

He stepped back but he wasnt done. He spun with his leg out and kicked me hard right in the gut making me fall to my knees. Still not grunting even though this hurt incredibly.

"Bastard.. I never want to see either of you around me again." He then left slamming my door knocking my tradegy and comedy masks off the wall.

I rose.. Allie was crying now. "Adam.... I have no place to live or no clothes or.... anything....." I kissed her.

"You have here. Im telling my parents that your dad kicked you out. They wont care if you live here." I wished to god they wouldnt care. But Allie bought it and she just cried into my chest.

That morning I woke up with Allie in my arms. I wasnt sore but my jaw popped when I opened it to yawn.

"Morning handsome!" Allie said. She kissed me. "I smell food.. I think theyre up." Saturday..... yep.. This was when theyre both off.

"Okay Im not even gonna brush my teeth Im just gonna tell them." My heartbeat raced. I had no idea what was going to happen. I walked out my door Allie right on my tail. I ran up the stairs, and stood in the hallway that divided the kitchen and living room from the rest of the rooms. Watching mom pour pancake batter onto the skillet.

"Morning Adam! And... Allie?" She knew something was up. Allie never came to my house in the morning. Only if it was serious. Like when her mom died. "Allie... Why are you here so early?"

Well shit mom ya didnt even give us 5 minutes, I thought. Just trying to keep my cool trying not to worry Allie.

"Well uh... Thats what I wanted to tell you..." I said

"Wait until breakfast is over. Your father is still asleep and he might get mad at what I think your going to tell me." Dad was always pissy in the morning.

"Well.. Lets go sit on the couch.." I said and let Allie pick where she wanted to sit. In the middle so I sat left to her letting her lay in my arms as we sat down to watch infomercials.

Breakfast flew by. And Allie and I still were on the couch. Mom sat in her rocking chair (Yes she has a rocking chair) and dad sat in the big comfy one. "Tell us whats wrong. And please dont tell us your pregnent" Mom said to Allie. Our facial expressions didnt change.

I glanced at Allie. Fear in her eyes. Mine burned with courage fueled by my own fear. She nodded and I told them these exact 5 words. "Allies dad kicked her out."

Dad turned around quick. I never saw him look like that. Kind of scared me. "WHAT." He said. His voice echoing in the room. I turned off the TV.

"Y-yeah..." Allie said. "He found.." She buried her face in my chest

"He found me and her together while you guys were out. Kicking the shit out of me at the same time" I said

Neither of my parents fathomed by my cussing. I knew they were stunned. They always ALWAYS got mad when I swore. But not this time.

"Well what do you want us to do?" Dad asked.

"Let her stay here" I said stalely. Allie sobbed a little softer in my arms as I hugged her and kissed her on the head.

My parents silent. Knowing this was the right thing to do. But I knew thered be a catch. Minutes passed until dad said "Okay.. But she has to keep her grades up. Well give her clothes food and a spare room unless..."

"Yeah." We both said

"I'll use Adams" Allie finally said on her own. Eyes red but no longer crying. "What do my grades have to be?"

Mom and Dad not caring about me living with her said "At least straight B's." Mom said. That was good because mom knew Allie always got A's if lower never lower than a B+.

"Deal" Allie and me said.

"Okay... deal.." Dad said and went to the master bedroom.

"You two.... Please.... be careful..." Mom said. I knew what she ment. Safe sex. No babies. We both nodded and ran to my room.

That night Allie and me went shopping and bought her new clothes and shoes and 2 purses. We got home at about 10. No sign of her father coming for her. We knew he was gone. At least for awhile. We unloaded the last bag from my trunk threw it in my room and started kissing in the door way of my room. I lowered her to my bed and she took off her top and bra and lay there. I took off my shirt and pants standing in my boxers.

"Ready Allie?" I asked in one of those really funny porn star voices.

"Ready baby...." She said in a seductive tone.

I growled like a lion and jumped on the bed. Almost automaticly I had a hard on. She literally just pulled my boxers down and started sucking me off. "Oooohhh daaaaamn"

"Mph urklllk mmppphrr.." She said my dick in her throat. She had learned to deep throat well!

"Okay.... ughhhhhh shiiiit" I moaned Begging for more in my mind. Just watching her head bob up and down on my dick made me nearly cum right there. But I held it in.

Must have knowing I was going to blow my load soon She pulled her head away from my cock. "Im gonna try something incredible." And pulled out a tube of KY. Where it came from I still wonder.

Wondering what she was going to do she unscrewed the cap with her teeth. "Talented? Oh what the-- Oh my god" I said as she showed me her ass. She shimmied out of her skirt and took off her thong. "Holy shit" I moaned. My cum now dripping from my cock. Only precum but there was lots. She put the tip of the bottle one her ass and squeezed some jelly into her ass.

"You know what to do." She said and winked. "Fuck my ass. Hard."

"No need to be told twice!" I said grinning like an idiot. I threw my boxers on the floor. "Are you sure you want me to fuck you there?" I asked.

"YES! NOW DO IT!." She yelled at me.

"Okay okay just a second." I walked to my door bare ass naked and closed my door. I then locked it.

"Oh yeah" she said and laughed.

I crawled onto the bed and started rubber her tits. Her nipples rock hard. I was from the back of her which made my cock harder. I slowly put the head of my cock into her tight ass.

"A-a-a-Adaammmmm!!" I stopped like a deer in headlights. Not going in any further. "Keep it there for a minute" I did as I was told. Stood still and waited. After a few minutes Allie raised her hand slightly to say 'go on do it' so I pushed in about 2 more inches. "Ahh.... mmmmm....." Allie moaned. She wanted more.

"You like?" I asked.

"Mmmmm yeah..... Never knew it'd feel so good" Allie said.

I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her ass until my cock was buried in her. My pubic bone touching her ass. I pulled back until all but the head was out. I slowly, but alot quicker this time, Put my cock in her ass. "Ooooh ADAM!! Keep going! FASTER!!!" She commamded me.

"Alright thats what Im talkin about." I said. I pulled my cock out and pushed in faster. I kept going faster and faster until my nutsack was slapping her ass.

"OOOOH OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! KEEEEP FAAAASSSTTEEE!!!!! AHHHH!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!" She kept screaming. Some words finished some words left unfinished. I was in heaven. My cock right in her poop chute. It felt so good having my cock slide in and out of this tight ass. Much tighter than her pussy I have to add.

"Ughhh!! ALLIE!! Im gonna cuuuuuum" I yelled

"Oooohh BABY DO IT!!! CUM IN MY VIRGIN ASS!!!" She yelled.

Withen 5 seconds my cum blasted her in the ass. I felt it hit the sides of her hole filling her. She orgasmed at the feeling of my warm cum in her ass. I did also.

Allie collapsed on the bed I soon followed. My dick was still in her ass and my cock went limp as we lay on the bed. I slowly pulled out making a quiet pop and I got a moan from Allie. I wrapped my arm around Allie feeling her tits and her pink hard nipples.

She turned to face me and gave me a deep kiss. "Thank you..." She said weakly.

"Close your eyes." I said. She looked at me like she didnt know what was going to happen. I hoped she didnt. But despite the look she closed her eyes and slowly creeped my way to her pussy. I licked up and down her pussy lapping quickly causing her to moan and shak slightly.

"Ohhh Adam this is a nice sur-- Ooooh RIGHT THERE!!" She said. I obviously had licked her clit causing her to shake faster. This made my tounge wiggle faster causing her to cum. This time I got all of her pussy juice and came up to her and kissed her right after. She tasted herself turning her on even more.

"Adam that was great.... Shower... Now.... With me." She said.

"I dont need to be told twice!" And ran to the bathroom. But that my friends is a different story.

Part 3 coming soon. This is by the way all real. All the names have been changed though. Hope I gave you a nice cliffhanger! This all about happened 3 months ago just about so Ill update with what I got. 3 or 4 more stories are coming soon though.

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