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My name is Mary. I was named after Mary Magdalene by my dear, devout, and utterly clueless mother. Or maybe it was the Virgin Mary. Whatever. Either way, you just can’t get any more Catholic than that. I don’t know how she thought I was going to turn out, but if she thought I was going to be a sweet virginal Catholic schoolgirl, she really should have kept me away from catholic schools and the local parish priest. He seduced me in the confessional when I was 11 years old, because I made the mistake of telling him about showing my pussy to a boy at school. He asked me for a lot of detail. He was also the guy who taught me all about playing with my pussy, right there in the confessional, and knowing what I know now, I’ll bet he was jerking off the whole time. You’d be amazed how horny a priest can get when you’re honest in the confessional. Later that morning, in the rectory, all the time he was slamming his fat cock into my formerly virgin pussy, he kept telling me all about how he had to drive Satan from my body and fill me with the spirit of God.

He was the first in a fairly long string of men of the cloth who wanted to take their turn with me, or multiple turns. I guess they realized that a trailer trash girl like me wasn’t likely to tell on them, and even if I did, they knew I wouldn’t be believed. Once that realization sank in, they figured it was open season. As for Father O’Leary, after he fucked me that once, he settled down to having me suck his cock a couple of times a week, in this dirty little basement room he’d take me to.

Well, by the time I was 13 or so, I was a sexual omnivore. That’s the word one guy used. I sucked and fucked every boy I knew, and many I didn’t know. Older men, too, including a few of my teachers, the local sheriff’s deputy, and all the members of a motorcycle gang that rode through town one day and picked me up hitchhiking. Then I figured I shouldn’t rule out over half of the human race, and branched out into girls. I was absolutely insatiable -- I simply could not get enough fucking. I must have swallowed oceans of come, and had buckets of it squirted into my pussy and my ass. I really developed a taste for it. God only knows how I avoided getting pregnant, or contracting some dread disease. Just lucky, I guess.

Anyway, at 15, I ran away from home, away from my fanatical mom, and found a guy to make a fake driver’s license for me. Mom said I was a whore of Babylon when I left, and I guess the shoe fit. I lived in a string of sleazy dives, just drinking and doing drugs and fucking my brains out. When I needed money, I worked in strip joints dancing and doing lap dances, or turned tricks. As long as there are men around, it’s easy for a girl to make money, and most of them don’t spend a lot of time worrying about how old she is, trust me.

But when I turned 18, something snapped inside me. By that time, I knew that if I kept going the way I was, I would die. Simple as that. I had hit rock-bottom and needed to change my life. Being an impulsive sort of person, I decided to change it in a big way, ironically, in the bosom of the church that had started me down the path of destruction. And that’s what I’m going to tell you about.


I walk slowly up to the small door in the middle of a long masonry wall, carrying a small tote bag. The sign on the wall says “Saint Bernardin Convent”. I hesitate for a long moment, knowing that I’m making a life-changing decision. Finally, I knock on the door. After a few moments, a woman in a full-length white robe answers. She’s in her late thirties or early forties, a nun, I guess. “May I help you, child?” she asks in a kindly tone of voice.

I hesitate again, unsure what words to use. “I…I wish to join the convent. I want to dedicate my life to service. To serve God.”

She looked at me for a long moment, taking in my short blonde hair, my halter top, my faded, torn jeans. “It is a big decision. Are you sure you want to do this? Have you thought it through? Because, you know, once you commit to this life, it’s very difficult to turn back.”

“Yes…I have. I’m sure this is my calling.”

“What’s your name, child?” asks the woman, looking me up and down again.

“Mary,” I reply.

“How very appropriate,” she says, with a wry smile. “Very well, you may enter. You can call me Sister Monique. I will show you to your quarters.”

She turns and leads me down a long corridor, then down a flight of stairs, and through several turns, through an iron gate which she unlocks and then locks behind us, then down another flight. I follow obediently, and as we descend, I notice that the walls are now made of stone, lit with candles. I sense that I’m entering an almost medieval cloister, untouched by the modern world for centuries. “Here”, she says simply, stopping in front of a heavy door and opening it.

I look into the simple room, containing only a rudimentary bed, chair and table, then glance at the door, which has a small opening in it at eye level. “We have no need of creature comforts here,” says Sister Monique, as if reading my thoughts, “and no need for privacy. I will have suitable clothing brought to you, and then you may bathe and sleep. There are shower facilities a little way down the hallway, on the left. You will be awakened when it is time to begin your duties.” She turns and departs.

Later, after I’ve taken a long, hot shower, I lie on the bed in the darkness, clad only in the sleep shirt I brought with me. I stare at the bare, stone ceiling, and my thoughts drift, as they always have before, to sex. I will never experience it again, I think to myself. I will never feel a man’s stiff penis thrusting powerfully into my vagina, my mouth, my ass. I will never feel a man’s tongue caressing my most secret places, feel the hot flood of a man’s cum, bathing me, soothing me. My life will change now.

As I contemplate the choice I’ve made, I find myself growing wet between my legs. The needs of my body are insistent, despite my efforts to fight them. I pray fervently for strength, but I know I have none. Just one more time, I think to myself. One more time, and then I’ll be done with it. My hand drifts downward, pulling the hem of my shirt upward, exposing my naked sex. Gently, I touch myself, my fingers caressing lightly, rubbing my labia, slowly parting the folds of my pussy. No one will see, I tell myself, glancing at the opening in the door, but seeing and hearing nothing in the corridor outside.

I bring my hand up to my mouth, and lick and suck on my fingers. Moving my hand downward again, I slide my fingers into my wet folds, stifling a soft moan. The pleasure is intense, magnified by the thought that it is the last time. Slowly, patiently, not wanting to rush it, I allow my arousal to build. My wet fingers ease inside my vagina, moving slowly in and out, fucking myself with them. Then I lift them once more to my mouth, tasting my essence there. I gather my saliva and spit it on my fingers, quickly moving them between my legs again. My saliva bathes my yearning clit as I caress it, my fingers slippery. My hips rise and fall as I imagine myself being penetrated by my lover, feel the slow thrusting of his cock in and out of me.

I masturbate this way for a long while, holding my climax at bay, savoring it. At last, I plunge my fingers deep inside me, and my hips thrust upward. I slide my fingers out and rub my clit harder, feeling my body arching upward and convulsing in an exquisite orgasm. I bite my lip to keep from crying out, my body trembling from the force of my climax, my breath coming in short gasps.

Finally, it’s over, and I collapse back on the bed, shuddering in the sweet aftermath. I glance at the door, and my breath catches in my throat. Someone was there! Just a fleeting glimpse, and then it was gone. Did I imagine it? I lie in the dark, listening, trying to collect my thoughts. After a few moments, I get up and move silently to the door, opening it a little way, looking up and down the dim corridor. But there is no one there.

I go back to bed. Minutes pass, and soon I drift off to sleep, my dreams haunted by visions of strange medieval rituals, of hooded men whose faces I cannot see.

I am awakened a little later by a knock at the door. Rising to open it, I see an attractive young dark-haired girl in the same kind of simple white hooded robe Sister Monique wore, standing in the corridor. She can’t be more than 15 years old. She’s holding a bowl of water, a towel, and a small shoulder bag. She smiles at me ingratiatingly, and tells me she is here to shave me. “It’s a ritual of our order,” she says. “It symbolizes our purity of spirit.”

I can’t conceal my shocked look. “You mean…you want to shave my pussy?” I ask, incredulous.

She looks at me in surprise upon hearing that word, but maintains her composure. “Yes. Please don’t be afraid, I have done it many times. I will be very careful.”

Reluctantly, I submit, raising my sleep shirt to my waist and lying back on the bed with my legs parted. Moving between them, she sets the bowl of water in front of her, and removes a strait razor and shaving cream from the bag. I gaze down at her, and think I catch a fleeting smile as she admires my pussy. She quickly composes herself and begins her work, first bathing me with a washcloth, then applying the shaving cream, then carefully removing the sparse blonde curls. She is very gentle, very methodical, moving the folds of my cleft to make sure that she shaves every little nook and cranny. The experience is tremendously sensual, and I feel my labia parting, my vagina bathed in warm wetness. I know she can see how turned on I am, and I find myself wishing that she would lick me there, or rub my clit until I come. Get a grip, I say to myself. She’s a fucking nun.

Too soon, she is finished, bathing me carefully again with the wet towel. She smiles at me, and welcomes me to what she calls “The Order”. She tells me her name is Sister Rachel, but just Rachel will do when we’re alone. Gathering up her things, she bids me goodbye and walks to the door. Suddenly, a thought crosses her, and she pauses. “Don’t worry, Mary….everything will be all right,” she whispers quietly. “You’re safe. Just go with the flow and submit.” With that, she smiles and slips out the door, closing it behind her. I return to my bed and lie there, alone with my thoughts and wondering just what in the world she meant by that. Eventually, I drift off to sleep.

I am awakened in the darkness by Sister Monique. She touches my shoulder, and I slowly remember where I am. She is looking down at me sternly. “You must come with me, Sister Mary,” she says. “Put on your robe.”

I can’t read her face. Something in her voice frightens me. It lacks the kindness and compassion it had when I met her. Obediently, I get up and put on the white hooded robe that has been left for me, with nothing underneath. She gives me a capsule and a little cup of water. “Take this first,” she says. I start to question her, but think better of it, swallow the capsule, and then follow her out the door. She leads me through the catacombs, and I quickly lose any sense of direction in the twisting corridors. Eventually, we enter through a doorway, and I find myself in a large room, dimly lit by torches along the walls, with a cross at one end, behind an altar. There are men standing there in a semicircle, clad in brown, hooded robes, like monks. Their faces are hidden in the shadows of their hoods, just as it was in my dream. Sister Monique instructs me to stand on a large raised platform in the middle of the room, facing the men. My mind races. Who are they? What do they want from me?

The man in the center of the semicircle, who is wearing a red robe to distinguish him from the others, lifts his arm and points to me, speaking in a low voice that echoes in the cavernous room.

“You have had heretical thoughts,” he says. “You must be cleansed of these thoughts before you can join us.”

They saw me! My mind races, constructing defenses for my actions. “No, I….”

“Be silent!” he commands me. I fall silent, trembling in fear. His voice becomes calm. “You will be punished, and the demons will be driven from your body. This is your penance. You will be cleansed of evil. Then and only then will you become a full member of The Order.”

He claps his hands once, and one of the men from the semicircle moves to me, motioning for me to follow. Sister Monique follows behind me as I am led to another, smaller room. There is an iron ring in the low ceiling, and more of them on the walls. “We must remove your robe,” she says. I meekly submit to her as she helps me lift my habit over my head, leaving me naked. I’m embarrassed to expose myself this way to the man, and I sense him staring at me. I am particularly aware of my bare pussy. I wonder if he is like the other priests I have known in my life.

Sister Monique reaches into a nearby box, and produces a length of thick rope. “Hold out your hands,” she says. Questioningly, I hold my hands out to her, and she quickly ties the rope tightly around my wrists, binding them together. The man in the hood moves to her side, takes the other end of the rope, reaches up and slips it through the ring in the ceiling. Then he pulls the rope through, and walks to the side of the room. He pulls slowly on the rope, raising my arms over my head and suspending me a few inches off the floor. I gasp as I twist slowly around, my full breasts pulled taut against my chest. My skin is very fair, almost white, gleaming in the dim light. The hooded man ties the end of the rope to something on the wall, one of those things like they have on docks to tie boats up to.

Sister Monique walks back to the box that contained the rope, and reaches in. My body slowly turns away from her, and when I can again see her, she has what appears to be a cat-o-nine-tails in her hand, with long, black tendrils. I stare wide-eyed as she approaches me, my mind racing. My God, I think to myself, she’s going to whip me!

I twist helplessly as she raises her hand, and suddenly brings the “cat” down across my breasts. The tips of it sting as they strike my soft, naked flesh, and I yelp with sudden pain. She ignores me, calmly raising her hand and striking me again and again with the stinging tendrils. The cords flay my back, my ass, my breasts…sometimes even my bare, exposed labia. The pain is intense, and I fear that the cat is leaving welts all over my body. I whimper and cry and scream with each blow, and yet, through the pain, I feel myself becoming strangely aroused. My nipples are taut and erect, my clit is throbbing, and I am wet between my legs. Incredibly, I feel as though I might come if she keeps this up. I pray fervently for the torture to end, and for my body not to betray me yet again, the way it always has in the past.

After I’ve hovered on the brink of orgasm for what seems like forever, twisting slowly in a circle as she flogs me, it is over at last. The man in the cowl unties the rope from the wall and lowers me to the floor. Meanwhile, Sister Monique unties my wrists. I know from her manner and her actions that my ordeal is far from over. “Come with me back to The Temple,” she says.

She leads me back into the large room, still naked, to the raised platform in the center of it. The hooded man resumes his position in the semicircle of men, who are now seated in plush chairs. Sister Monique presses me down to my hands and knees, and I find that the floor is padded with soft mats, like those in gymnasiums. There is a low pedestal in front of me, also padded. Sister Monique calmly moves in front of me, lifts her robe over her head, and stands before me naked. She is much older than I am, perhaps 40 years old, and yet, her body is firm and well-proportioned, with large, full breasts and incongruously tiny, erect nipples. She sits on the cushioned pedestal right in front of me, her legs parted widely. Her pussy is clean shaven like mine, and I wonder if Rachel has attended to her. Her labia protrude a little as she sits on the cushioned pedestal. Even though I’m shocked and frightened by this turn of events, I’ve licked a lot of pussies in my life and I don’t need any instruction on what is clearly expected of me. I’m pretty sure by now that this is no ordinary convent.

Go with the flow, Rachel had said. I lean forward and extend my tongue, touching her at the entrance to her vagina. My tongue-tip slips between the folds of her labia, and I realize that she is wet. Very wet. I taste her as my tongue slithers into her a little…then glides upward the length of her cleft, glancing off her hidden clit. She reaches down with her hand, and her fingers press just above it, retracting the little fleshy hood that covers it. I lap at her with short strokes of my tongue. Her breath catches in her throat, and I know I am pleasing her. My tongue flutters against her clit, moving rapidly from side to side, nudging it this way and that. Then I take it between my lips and suckle it, before assaulting it once again with my tongue. She squirms against me, welcoming my oral assault.

As I make love to Sister Monique’s pussy, patiently kissing and licking it, I suddenly feel a presence behind me. I can’t turn to see who it is, but I sense, somehow, that it is Rachel. Her small hands are on the exposed cheeks of my ass, spreading them gently, and I feel her pressing her face between them. Her tongue slips forward and makes contact with my labia, sending a shock wave of pleasure crashing through my body. Eagerly, she begins to lap at my sex, her tongue gliding up and down my cleft, nudging my labia apart. She licks me in long strokes, from my clit to the tight rosebud of my anus, and I shudder with ecstasy as I renew my kissing and licking of Sister Monique’s pussy. She raises her legs, inviting me to thrust my tongue inside her vagina. I stab my tongue deep inside her, my nose mashed against her clit, and she moans softly.

Rachel’s knowing tongue is driving me insane with pleasure, driving me quickly toward my own orgasm. My arousal builds and builds as her lips and tongue make exquisite love to my pussy, and I sense that Sister Monique, too, is nearing her climax. Suddenly, she reaches out and grabs my head, forcing it against her sex, and writhes her hips as she gasps out her come. Tasting the flow from her pussy takes me over the edge as well, and I try to scream, but my voice is muffled by her steamy, dripping-wet sex.

I tremble in the aftermath of my tremendous climax as Sister Monique slowly rises from the pedestal. Without a word, she moves aside. The monks (if that’s what they are) are still sitting in their semi-circle, watching me, but I see now that they have opened their robes, and they are slowly stroking their erect cocks. They, too, are clean-shaven, and I wonder if that is also among Rachel’s duties. My mind has been unable to comprehend any of these events – these aren’t like any nuns or priests I’ve ever known or heard of. But I am helpless to do anything about it now, and I resign myself to whatever sordid plans these people have in store for me.

My reverie is shattered by the sudden appearance of six young girls, younger than me, clad in the now-familiar white hooded robes. They slowly, silently surround me, with Rachel in front of me, standing where Sister Monique had been. She is carrying an antique lamp, like the magic one in the story about Aladdin, which she sets down on the pedestal. As if by a pre-arranged signal, all of them remove their robes, letting them fall to the floor with a soft rustle of fabric. Rachel smiles at me and picks up the lamp. Her body is breathtaking, slim and nubile, with silky black hair and dark, flashing eyes. Leaning forward, she extends her hand, and pours a stream of warm, fragrant oil from the lamp onto my bare back. When the lamp is empty, she sets it down, and the girls all reach out, putting their hands on me. Slowly, they spread the slippery, scented oil all over my body. I expect it to sting, because of my previous whipping, but it doesn’t. It feels soothing and good. Their hands are everywhere…first on my back, my shoulders, then reaching around and caressing and squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples. Hands glide over the full, round moons of my ass, slipping into the crevice between them. Fingers slide over my anus, between my labia. I begin to writhe with pleasure as they caress me. Their hands are everywhere at once. In the midst of my pleasure, I look up, and I’m gazing at the naked hairless pussy of Rachel. God, she is gorgeous! I lean forward and lap eagerly at her pussy, my tongue teasing her glistening labia, dancing wildly against her clit as she sighs happily.

Now I feel slippery fingers being inserted into my pussy…and into my ass. The girls are slowly penetrating me, their fingers moving in and out, as one of them clasps the cheeks of my ass with her hands, parting them. I moan into Rachel’s delectable teenage cunt as they fuck me with their fingers, driving me closer to yet another orgasm. She squirms against me, holding my head, guiding it, and I hear her soft voice, in a breathless whisper. “You’re here both to serve and to be served, Sister Mary….let yourself go.”

I suck her clit between my lips as she writhes against my mouth, and I feel my body suddenly explode in an orgasmic frenzy. Rachel cries out in ecstasy as she, too, reaches her climax. And still the hands caress me, thrust into me, rub my frantic clit, driving me from one orgasm to the next, almost without pause. I wonder how much more pleasure my body is capable of. I soon find out.

Rachel rises from her pedestal, and walks slowly around my body. In her hands are what appear to be two long scepters made of clear, smooth glass. One of them is tapered at the smooth, rounded tip, widening gradually to perhaps an inch in diameter before tapering back to a slimmer section. She holds it by a round glass orb at the other end. The second one is shaped just like a cock. A big cock, perhaps 10 inches long, and thick. It also has a round orb at the other end to grip it with. She moves out of my view, but soon I feel the tip of the penis-like scepter, sliding along the length of my pussy, parting my lips. I feel it begin to enter me, stretching me. Whoever is holding it pushes it slowly inside my vagina, inch by inch, until the flared head rests against my cervix. Slowly, she begins to push it in and out, withdrawing it all the way each time, before sliding it past my lips and deep inside me again. And then I feel the narrow tip of the other scepter, pressing against my tightly puckered asshole. One of the girls still has her hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart as whoever is holding the scepter slowly penetrates the tight ring of muscle, slippery from the oil and stretched by the girls’ fingers. I gasp as it stretches me, wider and wider, until I’m sure I can’t stand it any further inside me. Desperately, I suck air quickly into my lungs, and as I do, I feel the thick midsection of the scepter pop inside me. The pain is intense at first, but it recedes quickly as my body adjusts to the obscene double penetration.

After a moment, the girls begin to fuck me slowly with the two scepters, forcing them slowly in and out of my pussy and ass. The “monks” watch eagerly, stroking their rock-hard cocks. I wonder if they will all fuck me too, and I find myself hoping they will.

The two girls holding the scepters continue to fuck me, their pace slowly accelerating, twisting them with their hands, while the others continue to caress and fondle me. One of them rubs my clit with her oily fingers, driving me from one furious orgasm to the next. I lose count of the number of times I come, sobbing and moaning as they wring pleasure from my body.

At last they stop, and I tremble from exhaustion and the power of my multiple climaxes. Gently, they ease the two scepters from my body. Another act of the bizarre ritual is about to begin.

The “monks” stand as one, and walk single file down from the altar, all but the leader, the man in the red robe, who remains in his seat. I think of him as the High Priest. The girls lift me and turn me over onto my back, placing me on top of the pedestal, which is big enough for me to lie on. My ass is resting on the edge of it, and my legs are raised and parted by the girls’ hands until I’m nearly bent double, my knees back, my pussy completely exposed to him. The first of the monks approaches, stroking his cock as the girls remove his robe, leaving the cowl over his head. I still cannot see his face. Without a word, he moves between my legs and guides his engorged cock into my dripping-wet pussy. It stretches easily to accommodate him, and he buries it inside me to the hilt in one hard thrust as the girls hold me. I moan out loud, thrilled to have a big, thick cock inside me again. He doesn’t speak, but begins to saw his cock in and out of me with long, hard strokes, withdrawing each time until the flared head rests barely between my labia. Rachel stands beside me, reaching out to caress my clit with her fingers as he fucks me, smiling down at me like the angel she is as I come again and yet again. It’s as if that switch has been turned on in my body again, turning me into an insatiable sexual machine. I hear my own disembodied voice, as if from a great distance, and it’s crying out, begging them to fuck me more, to fuck me harder, to never stop fucking me.

The other girls are now on their knees, slowly sucking on the cocks of the other monks, like fluff girls on a porn movie set. The man in red watches and waits, but now I notice through the fog of my arousal that Sister Monique is on her knees before him, her lips gliding up and down the shaft of his massive cock as she engulfs it in her mouth. It is huge, bigger than any of the others, and as thick as my arm, but she somehow takes it deep into her throat each time.

Soon, I hear the monk whose cock is inside me groan aloud, and I feel the hot, thick spurts of come as he empties the contents of his sperm-filled balls in my pussy. When he’s done, he withdraws his dripping penis, and his place is immediately taken by the second monk in line, who thrusts his cock into my sopping, come-drenched cunt. I watch as the first monk resumes his place at the back of the line, his limp, spermy cock awaiting the mouth of one of the girls to revive it.

One after another they fuck me and empty their pent-up come in me. The sounds and smells of sex permeate the room. I notice, bizarrely, that they seem to be arranged in order of penis size, each one longer and thicker than the last. All of them are plenty big, and I wonder fleetingly if these men are screened for entry into The Order. Or maybe they’re the product of some kind of selective breeding program. Soon their commingled semen is flowing out of me like a river down over my ass and forming a thick white puddle on the pedestal. My body convulses again and again. I can’t seem to stop coming.

Finally, the last monk in line has spewed his come into my drenched, oozing vagina. The girls are still sucking on them, making them hard again. The first monk now lies down on his back on the pedestal, his cock throbbingly erect as it rests against his stomach. Rachel pulls me upward, and motions me toward him wordlessly. Nodding, I crawl slowly to him, straddle him. Rachel guides his stiff cock to my drooling pussy and I slowly impale myself on him, burying him deep inside my sloppy cunt. Quickly, the second monk climbs up behind me, and pushes me forward, and Rachel dutifully position his big cock at the entrance to my asshole, slippery from all the come that has oozed across it, and stretched by the glass scepter. He presses forward and slides easily inside me, fucking his cock all the way into my ass with one hard thrust. I gasp at the double penetration, not quite believing how easily my body accommodates both of the huge cocks. Slowly, they begin to fuck in and out, sometimes alternating with each other, sometimes thrusting into me both at the same time, making me groan with pleasure. The third monk now appears before me, his cock rigidly erect, and Rachel guides it to my lips. It’s as if she’s giving me the gift of three big cocks. I suck it willingly, hungrily. At last I am doing what I was made for: I am filled with cock. I surrender to my true nature and concentrate on bringing these three faceless men to orgasm, wanting to feel their sperm as it erupts and spews into my body.

Soon, the cock in my ass swells ominously and begins spitting hot spurts of come into me, making me even more slippery than before. When he’s spent, he pulls out and is replaced by another of the monks. He thrusts into my sperm-flooded ass easily. Then the cock in my mouth flourishes and floods my mouth with warm, thick pulses o f sperm. I gulp it down as best I can, but some of it escapes and oozes down my chin. He pulls out, drooling ropes of semen, and another monk takes his place, shoving his cock into my welcoming mouth and fucking it slowly as he holds my head. Each time, Rachel assists them, even fondling their heavy balls from behind as I suck them. I dimly hear her girlish voice telling them to fuck me more.

On and on the orgy goes. I think they’ll never stop fucking me, never stop pumping their hot, thick sperm into my holes. My mind is filled with the vision of how thoroughly slutty I look with so many cocks stuck in me, and the obscene thought makes me come yet again.

At long last, they are done. I gasp from exhaustion, sperm oozing from every orifice as I try to regain my breath. And then there’s a female voice at my ear, soft and soothing. Rachel again. “Mary…there is just one more thing you must do.” She pulls me up onto my unsteady legs, and leads me to the altar, where the high priest in red awaits me. He is a well-built middle-aged man with sandy hair. I stand before him with rivulets of thick, white come oozing down my legs. His cock is gargantuan, inhuman. How did Sister Monique ever get it down her throat?

“Sister Mary,” he intones solemnly. “This is your final act of contrition and submission. The end of your penance. For you, there is no God but me. When you fuck me, you fuck God. When I empty my sperm inside your body, it is God’s sperm filling you. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” I reply, as if I’m hypnotized. I am past caring now, with no will of my own, other than to be fucked some more. I want that huge, monster cock inside me. I approach him, and turn away, slowly sitting down on his cock, resting my hands on his knees. Rachel grasps it with her slim fingers, which don’t even reach all the way around it, and guides it to my pussy. Slowly it impales me, stretching me beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. No wonder he’s the alpha male of this place, I think to myself, as I take him deep in my well-fucked pussy, overflowing with the sperm of twelve men. Slowly, I ride his colossal cock, gradually accelerating the pace of our fucking. I have no thoughts but of his cock. My entire consciousness is centered on it. After a long while, he pushes me upward with his hand, and Rachel guides his monstrous dick to my asshole. Slowly, I lower myself on him again, as her hand grips the fat shaft, and forces it slowly into me. It’s even thicker than the thickest part of the glass scepter, and yet…somehow there’s no pain. Soon he is buried deep inside my ass, and I’m moving slowly on him, rising and falling, impaling myself on the huge phallus. I lean back against him and he wraps his arms around my waist, moving me up and down easily on his deeply embedded cock, as if I were one of those plastic dolls you can buy in sex shops.

Sister Monique approaches me and kneels, parting my legs still wider with her hands, and begins lapping at my sopping cunt with her tongue, licking the sperm of all of the monks, her long tongue skewering deep inside my flowing cunt…then slithering up to tease my clit. Expertly, she sucks and licks me, driving me yet again into orgasm, repaying me for the climax I gave her earlier. Too soon, I hear the High Priest groan and feel his come erupting into my bowels, his cock pulsing again and again, spewing out an impossibly huge quantity of semen. One more shattering orgasm is wrung from my tortured, exhausted body as the Sister Monique fastens her mouth on my clit and sucks and licks it hard…and then everything fades to black as I pass out.


I awaken in the bed in my room. As I slowly regain my awareness, I realize that I’m naked, and that someone is in bed with me, spooning against me from behind, her arms around me. Her hand cups my breast, capturing my nipple between her fingers. It is Rachel.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, sleepyhead,” she murmurs, kissing my ear and snuggling against me. “I thought you’d never wake up.”

Slowly, it all comes flooding back. “Oh, my God…I must have fainted,” I say sleepily, stretching and enjoying the touch of her hand on my breast.

“It’s not surprising, after what they…what we…. put you through,” she says. “We…the other girls and I….bathed you and put you to bed afterwards. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I think so. I little bit sore, I think.” I look down at my naked body, but can see no marks from my whipping. It’s as if it never happened.

Rachel nods. “It gets…easier. It can be very nice here, if you relax and don’t fight it.”

I suddenly realize that I have a million questions for her. “Rachel…what is The Order?”

She pauses, thinking. “I guess you’d call it a cult, Mary. A sexual cult.”

“How many people belong to it?” I ask.

“Oh, hundreds, maybe thousands. There are chapters all over the world. You only saw a few of them, mostly the elders of this chapter. But there are many more. You’ll see. Sometimes they take us on trips to other chapters.”

I turn abruptly to face her. “What will I have to do?”

“Ummmmm….well….you’ll have to service them. Anyone who wants you to. In lots of different ways. But there are rules. The members are carefully screened. They’re clean and disease-free. And they’re absolutely forbidden to hurt us. If they break the rules, they’re history. And it’s not like you have to do it full-time -- we have a lot of time to ourselves. We can even go shopping, to the beach, things like that.” She smiles at me, and her fingers toy playfully with my erect nipple.

“Rachel…how long have you been here?” I ask.

“Oh, I was born and raised here. My parents were already members when they had me. My father is one of those who fucked you.”

She pauses for a moment before continuing, her voice low and soft. “You can’t escape, you know. Don’t even think about it. They won’t let you get away. Not until they decide they’re finished with you.”

“When will that be?” I ask. How fitting, I think to myself. My penance for almost fucking myself to death is to be held captive and be one of the designated fuck toys of a thousand men.

Rachel shrugs. “A month…a year….ten years. You may be here a very long time. You’re very talented, you know.” Then she smiles again. “But don’t worry. We’ll have lots of fun together, you and I.”

“But if they let you go outside, don’t any of the girls run away?”

“They can track us, Mary. They implant some kind of device in us that lets them do that. You already have yours. It was implanted last night. But listen, Mary, you mustn’t worry. It’s like I told you. Just submit, and you’ll love being here.” Rachel pauses for a moment, then smiles. “I’ll love you being here.”

I lean forward and softly kiss her full lips, thinking about last night’s events, and the role Rachel played, heightening my pleasure. After a long pause, I answer her. “You know, Rachel…I think maybe I was made for this.”

She giggles and throws her arms around me, her youthful breasts pressing against mine. “I was so hoping you’d say that! Don’t worry, I’ll help you learn the ropes. There’s a dining room for us that will be open in a few hours. The food is wonderful. Later, this evening, there will be a brief ceremony inducting you into The Order, and then a kind of a private show for the members, in the theater. I’m told they’ve recruited a new member, with a wife and daughters.”


“Yeah. I should have explained. We have lots of different rooms and facilities. They never stop thinking of creative ways to entertain themselves. You’ll see.”

I smile and kiss her again, exploring her nipple with my finger, happy to have made such a delightful friend. My arousal is reawakening. “Thank you, Rachel.”

“I know a better way you can thank me,” she says with a saucy grin. She turns herself around so that she’s facing my pussy, and I hers. Her arms slide around my ass, and she presses her face between my legs, her tongue-tip slipping between the folds of my cleft. I respond in kind, tasting for the first time her delectable young pussy. She smells heavenly, fresh and clean and perfumed. Slowly, unhurriedly, we lick and suck each other, taking our time, comfortable in each other’s arms, smooth skin sliding against smooth skin. She reaches around me from behind as she sucks on my clit, and gently presses her fingertip against my anus, easing it inside. I do the same, my moistened finger finding the tight little rosebud of her teenage ass and slipping in. We slowly, lovingly build to a shuddering mutual climax, clinging to each other as we come. And then, intertwined like that, our fingers in each other’s assholes, we kiss each other’s clits softly, and both drift off to sleep, newfound friends.



2014-07-14 14:29:07
i would join that order

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-30 05:12:57
that was the best sex story i ever read keep it up 10/10

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2008-09-10 19:59:27
wow. :D


2007-06-22 08:57:46
See, boys and girls. This is why you do your research before you go joining anything!

And Kimi, I'm in love with you. Very nice writing and a beautiful mind!

Greg S


2007-03-31 12:43:25
reminds me of the TRUE catholic church. thats allthey do is fuck kids, both girls + boys. " alright boys + girls, time to go fuck { i mean time to go to mass } " damn, i should become a catholic. 10/10 again, kimi. how can anyone have such a perverted mind as u. i think all thru high school, { and possibly middle school } u must have had ure mind in the gutter even then. but i love ure perverted mind, keep up the good work, and make sure u get us off.

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