Hope it was worth waiting for. Enjoy.
Vickie stood before her Daddy wearing only a smile; all 4’6” of her. Her baby tits just beginning to grow were no more than soft cones with little girl puffy, brown nipples. Her raven hair hung down her back touching the crack of her round stick-out ass. And her clit! Her grown woman sized clit was swollen and visibly peeking out of its hood. Just 10 years old and Vickie was hot, sexually aroused.

With one hand she fondled the bulge in her father’s wet fishing pants. With the other she pulled down his zipper. He remained still, staring down at her. She was busy, her hands trembling a bit. She bit her lip as she unsnapped the waist of his pants pulling them down to the floor. She squatted in front of him awkwardly like a little girl, her legs wide open, untying his shoes. She struggled to get the wet canvas off of his feet. Dad let her struggle; it was exciting to watch her work for what she wanted. Then he stepped out of the pants pulling his sweatshirt over his head. Now he stood in front of his daughter wearing only wet, white jockey shorts.

Moving to her knees, Vickie’s face was just inches away from that thick bulge in Dad’s underwear. He did not move. Vickie leaned forward reaching behind him putting her hands on either side of his ass. She pulled him to her and kissed his penis through his shorts. Looking up at her Daddy she breathed “It’s so big and it’s so beautiful Daddy.”

As he watched she kissed him again but this time with her small mouth open licking and kissing the ‘white cotton penis’ in his shorts.

She looked up at him with a baby girl questioning look and said “Daddy… can I?”

“May you what?” Her Daddy replied with a grin.

“Can I get your penis out Daddy?”

“Do you know where it is and how to get it out Vickie?”

“Yes sir.” She said.

“Yes, you may.”

Without a word, just an impish smile she pulled the elastic waistband away from his belly above his cock, she reached in his underwear, licking her lips and pulled out his thick, half hard penis and his balls. With that same smile, staring intently at her prize, Vickie took it in both hands jacking-off the big thing; working to get her Daddy completely hard just like she had the night before. She stopped, pulled his underwear all the way to the floor. Wow! She massaged his big balls with one hand stroking him to erection with the other. She was getting good at this!

This was her first time to see it and touch it in the bright sunshine. It really, really was so beautiful to her, a strange descriptor for a cock maybe but that is what she was thinking in her little girl head. Beautiful. And scary because it seemed even be bigger today than it was last night. The head of his cock was bigger than the rest and the whole thing was kind of a golden, tan colored. She love the look of it, the smell and the taste of it.

She could not even imagine how it was going to fit inside her. But if her Daddy wanted to put his thing in her she would do whatever he told her. She figured he wouldn’t hurt her…. at least no more than he could help hurting her, maybe just enough to please himself using her for real sex for the first time. She had learned in school that it hurt the girls, even big girls the first time they were fucked. She still didn’t understand exactly why. It couldn’t be that bad though because all the girls she knew had either already been fucked or just like her, wanted to be fucked. Must be worth it!

Daddy was getting harder and Vickie was about to start sucking. She almost had it in her mouth when her Dad backed away from her and told her to go sit on the bed. What! He must be kidding. He said he had something better…a big surprise for her. No way. A big surprise? What could be bigger or better than her Dad’s penis? In her mouth!

He went to his duffle bag to get something. Vickie did as she was told. Good girl.

Her Daddy turned around with three surprises. A couple of DVDs in one hand, a long, round, weird looking pink thing in the other hand but the best surprise of all, his penis now totally hard was sticking straight out in front of him just like she’d imagined. Better even! Daddy was ready for sex too.

Vickie was sitting on the bed Indian style. In that position her fresh, young pussy lips were open. Her Father could see she was already getting wet. She was pretty and sexy pink inside. Her big clit was hard and her vagina was lubricating, starting to drip a tiny bit. Her little girl cunt was wet with a clear, slippery, delicious looking fluid. Time to eat that pretty soon he thought.

Vickie was stared at her naked, rock hard Father.

“Vickie.” He said, and she jumped! “I want you to watch what grown women do during sex, how they please the men that are fucking them. You need to learn.”

“Yes Daddy.”

He put a DVD in the player and sat beside Vickie on the bed. The DVD was one he and her mother had watched many times together. “Rocco Does Poland”, a superb anal sex video with a true master butt fucking beautiful young Polish girls. Now the girls were young but not nearly as young as Vickie. But Vickie would learn from watching these girls like her mother did ….seeing them go from disbelief about the size of the cock about to go up their ass, through the initial struggle and pain of entry, on to heavy anal fucking and finally to helplessness, completely submissive anal sluts performing ass to mouth. Deep anal sex and then deep throating that same big cock straight from their assholes. The girls go almost unconscious, so sexually crazed that Rocco spits in their waiting mouths as he is ass fucking them and they swallow it hungrily! He finishes in their mouths. Anything for this man who has brought them to this place of ecstasy. Vickie has a lot to see, quite an anal education ahead of her today. Her Daddy already had a raging, pre cum dripping hard-on just thinking about her tiny asshole stretched around his cock.

One hour later, the video is over, copious amounts of hot sperm has been shot up the assholes, in the mouths and all over the faces of the pretty Polish girls. Vickie is wide-eyed; pussy juice is running down over that little brown asshole leaving a wet spot on the sheet. Vickie is ready.

Her Dad was watching her intently as he has been throughout the video. He continued to stroke his cock while carefully finger fucking Vickie’s hot, wet cunt. This penetration was brand new. He had never really touched his daughter except for massaging her tiny tits. Now he began to suck her puffy nipples as his middle finger worked its way in to her pussy. She loved it. Until now she had done all the touching. Now she needed to be penetrated completely. Vickie was breathing heavily. Panting.

“Vickie, I want you on the edge of the bed resting on your tits and your knees. Arch your back and raise your head as high as you can without taking your tits off the bed. Now.” He said.

Without a word she assumed the position. Her little back arched, her head up and back, knees wide apart. This position completely exposed that hot pink cunt and her asshole. He stepped up behind her. From this view she was a miniature version of her mother but without pubic hair. As he hoped Vickie’s asshole was perfect, a rose bud and beautiful. And there was a surprise! While Vickie had no pussy hair yet there were 6 or 7 little black ‘angel hairs’ around her asshole. Long enough he could take them in his fingers. Vickie probably had no idea they were there or she may have been self-conscious showing her Dad her young asshole. Her mother was blessed with hair growing all the way up from her cunt to her butt hole.

Though it was hardly necessary he told her to reach around with both hands, pull her butt cheeks wide open for him. She did exactly as told. He leaned forward savoring the smell of a 10 year old asshole. He put his tongue to her anus and licked and licked and licked. Vickie was frozen but moaning, then “Oh God Daddy! Lick it. Lick it some more! He started licking each side of her little butt checks. Long, broad tongued licks of her tiny butt stopping now and then to kiss her asshole.”

Daddy stuck his finger in her wet cunt and then slowly began pushing it into her virgin asshole. After some resistance her sphincter suddenly relaxed and his finger slide easily into his daughter ass. Now in and out, in and out. Using more of her own lubricant to easy his access. Vickie humped her back slightly. She had never had anything in her asshole before but a thermometer. And her mother always did that.

She looked back now between her legs to see his beautiful big cock pulsing to his heart beat which was quite fast. He moved closer and rubber it on her butt, down her crack dragging it across her waiting asshole. He produced a little bottle of some kind of stuff he put on his cock. Whatever it was it worked! He pushed his hard penis firmly against her baby asshole. In one long, slow stroke her Daddy had mounted her from behind and was now filling his daughter asshole with his long, thick cock. Vickie almost blacked out. A combination of pain, shock, sexual overload had taken her to the edge of consciousness. Then she went out!

This child on his cock was so little, so light, so immature. Now she was momentarily blacked out, completely. So he was going to try something he had wanted to and tried to do with older women. But they were all too big and too heavy. Her Dad took her little body by the hips pushing his rock hard penis as absolutely far into her asshole as it would go. Next he grabbed a fist full of her long dark hair and pulled her head way back. An unconscious Vickie was impaled on his erection. He picked her up holding her off the bed with his cock up her ass and one arm holding her hair! He could slowly walk around with her like this. As he did he ejaculated hard, shooting wad after thick wad of cum into her asshole. Daddy’s cum was oozing out of her butt hole around his cock dripping down her legs and to the floor. Vickie would lick all that up later he thought.

This was by far the most erotic thing he had ever done in his life. He had dreamed about it and now here she was, a very small 10 year old girl, his daughter…her arms and legs dangling as she was hanging from his penis and by her hair.

The little girl began to stir on the end of his dick.

Wake up Vickie! I have another movie for you to see!

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That's the funnies thing I've heard all day! And so true!(And I don't think Frederick's is nerslsaciey slutty -- just slap at hands the first few times lol)

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And I do so love the bras i have found at VS... BTW.. i have also shopped at Fredericks and don't think all their bras are ncseesarily slutty looking) might now be shopping there more

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Congratulations! I totally agree that you are very inpisring!! Hmmmm,browsing Home Depot and Lowe's? If that's where you're taking your long walks, no wonder they are exhausting. Just teasing! You've nominated some very talent people! I enjoyed visiting their blogs/websites. I really got lost in time visiting them. Inspiring and beautiful! You choose the best food for the soul!

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Boring and unrealistic.

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