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Sarah is still captive, but now things are changing
The man fucking her now began to groan, Looping his legs around Sarah’s thighs. Sarah grunting from the thrusts couldn’t help let out a sigh of pleasure. The man who she was sucking off pulled out of her mouth stood up and backed away but as soon as he did another one replaced him with his own. Sarah tried to say something but was cut off by the next man's cock driving into her mouth. The one fucking her then wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her even tighter into him.

His groans became more frequent his grip on her tighter then Sarah shrieked as his jism exploded inside her grasping cunt .Her pussy felt rubbed
Raw by the rapid friction of his long prick. Sarah lost it tears running down her eyes
She didn’t care anymore she just prayed to god that it would not make a baby up inside her. But hope disappeared when she realized that there were more boys waiting to squirt her full of sperm, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Cruel Intentions Pt 3

Sarah was trembling with another feeling Her clit had been rubbed too hard for too long for her not to feel something. Burning pleasure began to spread through her brutalized cunt as the men’s bubbling-hot jism filled her up. Sarah couldn’t keep her ass from jerking back against the man’s thrusting cock. She couldn't stop her
pale pink pussy-lips from quivering around the thick, thrusting stalk of rock-
hard fuck-flesh it was then that a glut of sticky pussy-cream rolled down her trembling, thighs.

The pleasure was so sudden and unexpected that before Sarah could stop her self she was gasping with lust and began bucking her hips from side to side in a bump and grind. Stacy and Mel watched on smiling everything was going great soon Sarah would give in to it and she would be theirs but Stacy still sensed some resilience from Sarah but soon all would be done.

Sarah glanced around and saw dozens of leering, lusting faces-and dozens of hard, dripping cocks. The man who had taken what Sarah was sure was the 6th man’s place jerked her face around and rubbed his leaking cock all over her face and lips Sarah’s face was already covered with jism and she barely noticed the new coat of fuck-lube the man was laying on. And when he shoved his cock between her lips Sarah sucked him to the roots with ease. The man who had been fucking her withdrew then another dropped to his knees behind her, plunging his seven-inch cock fully into Sarah’s pussy in one, swift, sure stroke. Now Sarah was sure she had fucked the whole group of men but now some were coming back for a second turn.

Sarah bucked and twisted against the one who was fucking her cunt. She squeezed her pussy against the plunging shaft while she swung her ass in a sexy wringing motion. "She likes it," one of the men said grinning
Sarah was beginning to change she was now longing for the man’s cock, pleasure was rushing through her body her face was coated in cum she was being fucked wildly. And she liked it very much. little remained of the Sarah that had walked into the club earlier that night with her “friends”. Sarah moaned with passion as the boys fucked her helpless, young body.

Just as certain as she was that she would soon have a baby inside her, she was also certain that she was soon going to be cuming while they raped her. Two men then placed there hard cocks in each of her hands while the rest continued to maul her body then two of them stood up took out their cocks and started stroking them vigorously “Wank us off,” yelled the two men she did so working their cocks in her hands she was now sucking cock being fucked wildly and wanking two guys off with her hands she was fast becoming the slut she necer wanted to be.

Sarah was now on all fours a man underneith her fucking her pussy, another with his cock filling her mouth, two others holding her arms and placing their cocks in her hands, and finally one man was behind her inserting his dick into her thight asshole.
All at once the men started fucking Sarah in unison Sarah couldn't think just move with the thrusts as she was rocked back and fourth. sarah was now loving this she felt so full every part of her body was taking something and she was in heaven. after a while the man came in her ass then withdrew and the group forced her to lay on her back then the men took their positions once again.

The two men Sarah was beating off and the one she was sucking came at
almost the same instant. The ones she was masturbating edged forward on their knees so they could hose down her beautiful face with the their gluey fuckslime.
Sarah passively swallowed the cum the third man was pumping down her throat Sarah savouring the taste of jism as it rolled over her waiting tongue. Her clit was buzzing and her crotch was sticky with pussy-cream. Now Sarah was loving it and found herself wanting more and more She loved the meaty taste of cock and the salty, slimy, hot taste of cum, she washed it around her mouth and smacked her lips on it as though she had never tasted anything more delicious. She also rubbed and pulled the cocks that were plastering come all over her cheeks, chin, and nose.

The brutal, degrading gang-bang was shattering her sexy body and innocent mind with its humiliation. But god it was turning her on by the time the two men pulled away, Sarah's face was dripping with jism. "Cumming!" the man fucking his cock up her cunt moaned, locking his hands around Sarah’s waist and yanking her back on his jerking cock. He filled her up with his cock-slime "The little bitch is tight he yelled in pleasure Sarah shrieked with pain and pleasure as her pussy filled up with fuck- cream.

One of the guys then began spanking Sarah, slapping her ass hard leaving red welts on it, this seemed to turn Sarah on even more and she began to beg for them to keep doing it. but the men soon lost intrest and went back to fucking her using her as they wished, Stacy and Mel watched on Mel sliding a finger into her panties and began fingering herself, Stacy meanwhile was smiling and chuckling too herself.

For Sarah the jism seemed to boil all the way up inside her stomach. Her cunt-
lips contracted wildly around the base of his thrusting prick, and her clit vibrated as a tiny orgasm crested inside her. "The bitch is getting off," one said, Sarah moaned with pleasure then another of the men's cock was in her mouth which she sucked lovingly. For most of the early morning all the men had fucked Sarah repeatedly she sucked them all off multiple times and took it up the ass most of the night. After her 20th orgasm she was fucked back and fourth like a rag doll untill she was eventually fucked unconscious and lay in a motionless heap on the floor covered in dry sticky jism and her own cum.

When Sarah awoke she was hanging in mid air chained, her feet about 2 foot off the ground. Her whole body was covered from head to toe with hard sticky jism she looked around and noticed a shower head above her. Suddenly water came cascading down on her abused body showering her in warm water Sarah sighed with relief her pussy was sore and welcomed the water that flooded her body and cleaned her off. Sarah opened her eyes she noticed Stacy before her “so how ya feeling.” asked Stacy staring at Sarah’s wet naked body. “Like a rag doll.” replied Sarah “is it over yet” “not quite,” said Stacy "almost just one more thing to do." “what’s that." asked Sarah.

Stacy walked toward Sarah entering the shower fully clothed the water began to covered her, her clothes became transparent Sarah could see that she had no bra on just a white collared shirt. Stacy was now standing right in front of Sarah. Stacy grinned and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt and letting it fall to the floor revealing her full breasts then removing her thong both girls were now completely naked. Stacy moved closer, her breasts rubbing against Sarah’s firm stomach. Stacy’s right hand slid down and began to rub Sarah’s pussy slowly and sensually then placed her mouth over Sarah’s left nipple kissing and sucking it passionately her tongue exploring Sarah's breasts

Stacy knelt down slightly and inserted her finger up into Sarah’s pussy forcing it deeper and deeper until she reached Sarah’s clitoris pinching down on it. Then with her free hand Stacy released Sarah’s hands and feet and Sarah came crashing down. Stacy forced Sarah onto her knees. Sarah wasted no time driving her face into Stacy’s pussy taking her by surprise she pulled Sarah’s hair in excitement. Sarah slowly licked up and down Stacy’s slit every now and then penetrating her lips slightly, this made Stacy go wild and really clutch and pull Sarah’s hair. Stacy swayed back and fourth slowly then Sarah inserted three fingers into Stacy’s cunt working them in and out slowly first but then faster and faster Stacy began to moan loudly humping Sarah’s hand like a dog then forcing Sarah’s face into her pussy.

“Suck my clit you little bitch.” demanded Stacy, Sarah searched with her tongue and found it then played with it using her tongue then getting her lips around it and sucking on it. Stacy was already grinding her pussy against Sarah’s face. Shortly after Sarah brought her to orgasm. Stacy then forced Sarah on her back she was laying on the floor with water splashing all over her body. Stacy stood over Sarah smiling but then two other figures emerged it was Cindy and Mel. Cindy then sat on Sarah so her ass was facing Sarah’s head Stacy was gone “Lick out my asshole bitch” yelled Cindy now had this been the Sarah from before she would never of done this in fact she was untied so she could of easily got out of this right now but she was a different kind of girl now, so she inserted her tongue deep into Cindy’s asshole.

It tasted pretty vile but even this was turning Sarah on as she continued to lick out Cindy’s hole she never tired of it and continued hearing Cindy’s soft sighs of pleasure. Mel was on her hands and knees with her head between Sarah’s thighs licking and sucking Sarah’s cunt like a dog that had discovered water after days of thirst. Soon both Cindy and Sarah were moaning in ecstasy, Sarah cuming all over Mel’s face and Cindy almost falling off Sarah.

After a while Cindy and Mel stood up Sarah did too, the water stopped. Cindy stepped up to Sarah staring her in the face. Sarah quckly darting out and kissed Cindy deeply even licking Cindy’s face in a long slow stroke sliding over Cindy’s left cheek. Sarah and Cindy kissed like two lovers who had been apart for years, when they finally released each other Stacy was standing next to Cindy with something in her hand.

“What’s that?” asked Sarah “the final test.” said Stacy “put it on and fuck Cindy to orgasm.” Sarah took it from Stacy’s hand and put it on straight away, she turned to Cindy who was already bending over rubbing her own clit. Sarah approached Cindy lined up the dildo parted Cindy’s legs further and then shoved deep into Cindy’s pussy Cindy let out a deep groan as Sarah worked it deeper and deeper into her, Sarah gripping Cindy by the hips as she fucked her harder and harder. Mel was watching on then whispered something into Stacy’s ears, Stacy Smiled and nodded.

Sarah was humping Cindy as fast and hard as she could to the point where Cindy let out a grunt each time Sarah slammed into her, Sarah then slammed her pelvis as hard as she could into Cindy’s ass Pushing the 10 inch dildo right to the hilt there was now no gap between Sarah and Cindy they were connected to each other. Now Cindy was moaning in pleasure letting out sighs of ecstasy while Sarah found this an overwhelming experience it was a major turn on, she loved slamming into Cindy.
Mel moved closer to the two girls she placed a hand on Sarah’s shoulder, then from behind inserted two fingers up Sarah’s bum hole forcing then deep into her, this seemed to have little affect on Sarah as she continued to hump Cindy.

After about ten minutes of this Cindy let out a huge moan as she came all over the dildo Sarah continued to thrust a few more times her hands groping the small of Cindy’s back, then withdrew Cindy falling to the ground. Mel removed her fingers from Sarah’s butt. Stacy walked up to Sarah “great work come with me.” Sarah followed Stacy up a stair case which eventually led to the room all the guys had gangbanged her then through a door and they were back in the club.

Sarah looked at the clock it was 5:00am she then looked at Stacy “so there you go, you are free to leave here right now and you will never have to see us again.” “Or you can stay and join us.” “Where you will never be alone of need anyone else again.” what will it be.” Sarah looked at the door, which was slightly open she looked back at Stacy who walked over to a door in the corner. It opened inside there were about 10 men all in there 20s there was also two girls she had never seen before. “So what will it be” said Stacy with a grin on her face. Sarah took another look at the door-leading out it was an early morning sunrise she could hear the birds singing. She thought for a minute then walked toward Stacy

“You know I think I’m going to like it here” said Sarah as she walked into the room, the men closing it behind her. Stacy smiled evilly another member and another victim now that there was enough of them the real game could begin.

The End?

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2013-02-01 22:03:53
A tragic fire at the bar which was a front for a meth lab killed all the girls except Sarah. Even Mels mom. Seems the boys involved .. well at least their heads were found south of the border. Seems that Sarahs grandfather was one of the don that removed JFK back in 63 and his son took the mob to the international level. One never knows!


2006-08-08 22:06:34
Cruel Intentions 2 is on it's way, should be posted soon.


2006-08-08 20:44:42
oh my i read all 3 stories i wanna know what else happens we need more


2006-08-05 09:39:34
great stroy, Let the games begin, let Sarah help with the next recruit. Where the hell were these girls when I was growing up??


2006-07-31 21:13:01
yeah nice story, keep writing

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