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Virgin neighbour finds a craving for cock
Monday mornings, I hate Mondays i thought to myself as i lay in bed. I got out of bed and did a few push ups knowing that it would raise my tempertaure and hopefully be enough to get a sick day.

"Sean!" Mum yelled, "Wake up"
"Aww" i groaned, loud enough so she would hear.
"Whats wrong?" She asked doubtfully knowing that since i had obtained my drivers license i had been trying to get off sick for the last few weeks.
"My head, it really hurts" I said, trying to sound sick
"You're not just saying this to get out of school are you?" She asked.
"No Mum i swear I've got a real bad headache, can i just sleep for another thirty minutes and see how i feel" i asked knowing that a yes would probably result in me getting the day off.
"Hmmm" She thought for a minute before replying "Ok I'll let you sleep and I'll wake you before i go to work to see if you're feeling any better"
"Ok Mum. Thanks"

She walked away and i smiled, success i thought instead of going to school I've got a whole day of watching TV and sleeping, every 17 year olds who is in thier final year of school dreams. I returned to sleep for another 30 minutes before Mum came back in.
"How are you feeling?" She asked
"Aww, it still hurts" I groaned
"Ok, I call the school and tell them you wont be coming in, but you need to call Tilly and tell her you're not going to school" She said
"Ok Mum Thanks" I said

I laid in bed untill i heard the car leave, finally the house was mine. I got my phone and searched through the numbers before i cam across Tilly's. Tilly lived across the road from me she was 14 and in grade 9. I've never really liked Tilly, she is one of the most beatiful 14 year olds i have ever seen. She has brown shoulder length hair and big green eyes, Her legs are long and smooth and the connect to a nice little ass that is the pefect size. But her best assest would have to be her tits, no one her age has nicer tits than her, infact probably most girls from school would not compare to her. But Tillys problem was her pesonality, She was a spolit snob who was always trying to out-do everyone and always being a bitch to people she thought wern't as good as her. This was enough for me to not like her but since i have known her since i was 5 andour parents were good friends i had to take her to school.

I called her up "Hello" She answered
"Hey, Tilly its Sean, umm im just calling to let you know that i wontbe able to take you to school today because im sick" I told her
"Ohh, Thats Ok I'm not going to school either" She said
"Ok, well See-ya"
I hung up, There thats all i need to do for the day now i can just lay around the house and be as lazy as i want.

Half the day had passed and i had done nothing, I turend the TV to see what was on. Nothing was on except for a movie that looked better than anything else. I sat down in the chair watching the movie when a sex scene appered on the movie. My cock began to stir so i relased it from my pants and beagn to stroke it. I was stroking feverishly when i heard a noise from the side door, I quickly turned my head and i was shocked to see Tilly. I tried to cover up my cock but it was too late.
"Oh God, Sorry" She said as she turned her head away and stated to walk away
"Fuck!" I said "Tilly wait" I put my cock back in my pants and began to follow her. "Tilly, come back I'm sorry" I called after her but she walked home.

I went back inside embarrsed that i had been sprung but at the ame time i was glad she saw me. I decided to head over to her house an hour later to apologise. I knocked on the door. "Hello" She said as she opened the door.
"Tilly, I'm sorry for before i didn't expect anyone to see me" I told her
"No I'm sorry Sean i shouldn't of reacted like that, I was just shocked thats all" She said
"So..." I paused
"Yes?" She asked
"Did you like what you saw?" i aksed jokingly
She laughed "Sean!" she said as she hit me across the arm.
"Why did you come over anyway?" I asked her
"I'm bored" She said "And I thought you might not really be sick so i came over to check, and i guess i was right"
"Well you were right. How about you come over now I'm bored aswell, we can watch a movie"
"Ok, she said I'll be over in a few minutes" She told me

I was sitting at home waiting for Tilly to come over when she arrived. She looked beatiful, she was wearing small tight khaki shorts and a whit singlet midriff top taht showed off her beatiful flat stomach and her perfect breasts.
"Wow, looking good" I said
"Thankyou Sean, I dress to impress" She said joking
"I can tell"
We watched a movie for a bit before we got bored and started to talk.
"Sean. Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked me
"No unfortunately i dont. What about you, whos the lucky man in your life?" I aksed
"Haha, I don't have one" She told me
"Fuck off Tilly. I've seen the guys follow you at school" I told her
"Yeah they follow me but I don't like them they're just boys." She said
"So you just Fuck em' "
"No! I'm still a virgin. Infact your dick was the first one I've ever seen that wasn't in a porno"
"Hahaha. When do you watch porno?" I asked her
"I watched it at a friends one cuz' none of us knew what they looked like" She said
"Fair enough, not as good as my show though" I said jokingly
"Sean, can i look at it again?" She asked as she shuffled across so she was sitting next to me.
"Are you serious?" I asked back
"Please" she said
"If you want" I told her

I pulled the zipper on my pants down and then undid the button on my boxer shorts.
"There it is" I told her
Tilly slid over and told me to stand up, she then undidn my pants and my boxers and they slid off on to the floor
"I need a better view" She said
I sat back down and watched her and wondered to myslef what she was thinking. Then tilly grabbed my cock and stated to jack me off. She continued this untill my dick had reached its full 7inches.
"Do you like that?" She asked
"Fuck yeah!" I said
"Then you'll definately like this" She told me

She got off the couch and positioned herself between my legs, she then looked up at me and smiled before she put my cock in her mouth. I grabbed her hair as she was bobbing he head up and down on my cock.
"Use your tounge more" I told her
She started lickin under my cock while giving me the blowjob
"That's fucking great! Play with my balls" I told her
She continued to suck my cock and play with my balls for another 5 minutes untill i shouted
"I'm going to cum Tilly"
She stopped sucking and started masturbating me again within seconds i had exploded all over her hand.
"That was so good, except you should learn to swallow cum" I told her

"Want me to return the favour?" I asked
"Please!" She said
I wasted no time, i got her off her knees and back on te couch where i proceeded in kissing her while i took her top off. I started to work my way down her body kissing her neck before I reached her tits. I took her nipple into my mouth and started to suck, I could hear her groaning then she said
"That feels good"
"You're tits are fucking perfect" I told her before i went back to work on them. I continued to suck her nipple while my hand reached down and undid her shorts. I started to rub her pussy lips through the fabric of her underwear. Her groins became louder and more frequent finally i slid my fingers down he underwear and beagn to rub her pussy lips. I slipped one finger inside her pussy and began to move it around. I pushed a second finger in and began thrusting them in and out of her pussy. She was groaning real loud and real frequent and she began to squirm, i knew she was about to cum so i pulled my fngers out from iniside of her.
"Dont stop!" She told me

I just looked up at her and smiled as i pushed her back down on the couch. I slid down so my face was only a few inches from her underwear. I lifted her legs up as i slid her undies off, i was greeted to the sight of her moist pusyy which had a few short brown pubic hairs at the top. I placed my mouth on her pussy and started to lick up her juices.
"Oh FUCK!" She yelled
I continued to eat her out ocassionally flicking my tongue in and out of her pussy and paying special attention to her clit. I reached up and played with her breasts while my mouth worked on her clit and pussy. I continued this for a few more minutes before i felt her squirm again.
"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She yelled
With that she came in my mouth and i licked up all the juices that came out.

I finished cleaning her up before i positioned myself between her hips and began to kiss her. Our tongues played with eachothers for a few minutes before she said
"Fuck Sean i have to go, my Mum will be home soon"
"Can't you stay for a bit more?" I asked her as i kissed her neck
"No I've really got to go" She said as she stood up and stated putting her clothes back on
"Fair enough" I said
I walked her to the door and opened it to let her out
"Sean" She said "Can we do this again?" She asked
"I hope so" I said as i pulled her body into mine and began to make out with her. We kissed for a few minutes before she broke it off.
"I have to go Sean before someone sees us" She said as she gave me a peck on the lips and walked off home. I watched her as she walked away and as she turned around and gave me a wave and i thought to myself. "I can't wait to fuck her!"

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2009-01-20 08:07:06
I'd fuck um both cool story.

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2009-01-20 07:59:16
I'd fuck um both cool story.


2007-01-04 04:20:40
Nette Geschichte von zwei Jugendlichen die ihren ersten fick vollziehen !


2006-12-12 19:49:38
LONGER only because it would mean more decent writing so go ahead and write more


2006-08-11 14:24:45
Nobody's asking for a reference manual, but could you make things a tad more realistic?

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