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[i]I was 5 when my mom died and a year later my dad remarried to Jan.She was 17 then and was concidered the hottest girl in town.When I turned 13 my dick swelled up and dark curly hair began growing around my crotch including on my balls whick had doubled in size.I began jacking off all the time and one night I became really excited when I heard my parents bedsprings squeeking. My cock grew rock hard so i jacked off while listening to my dad putting the dick to my step mom. A few years before jans doctor had told her that she was unable to have kids and since then my parent rarely fucked. They would fight about it all the time and it usually ended with my dad calling Jan a frigid bitch and him storming out of the house to his favorite bar. One night after a really bad fight my dad went to the bar and Jan sent me to bed early .I was really horny that night so I snuck into their bedroom to borrow one of my dads fuck books. I figuered that since Jan was doing the dishes I would have plenty of time to thumb through his books and find a really good one. I was wrong because a minute later I heard Jans foot steps coming towards their bedroom. I quickly hide in their rooms huge closet and as soon as entered the room she began taking off her clothes. When Jan had removed all of her clothes including her Bra & panties I could'nt take my eyes off of her big titties and hairless pussy.My dick grew rock hard and I stared at her until she had put on her nightie. Before getting into bed Jan turned on a small light so my dad would'nt trip over anything when he got home from the bar. It was'nt long before Jan was snoring and I was about to sneak out of my parents room when I heard my dads voice downstairs. My dad was'nt alone either because I could hear 3 other male voices with his and they were getting louder. The next thing I heard was a loud crashing sound of the french doors of my parents room slamming hard into the wall. My dad had flung the doors open so hard & fast that the doornobs had lodged into the wall. My dad and his 3 buddies rushed into the room and before Jan knew what was happening the four of them had tied her wrists to the bedposts and stuffed a sock into her screaming mouth. When Jan had been secured my dad stood at the end of the bed and in a drunkin rage yelled," Im sick and tired of you telling me no you fuckin barren ass bitch so tonight we are going to show you what that tight pussy of yours was made for". With that said the four men began to undress and I realized that I knew the 3 guys from the last hunting trip I went with my dad. Kent , Sammy and Jimbo were my dads best friends and when they had removed their clothes I could'nt believe that they were going to gang-rape my step mother. I couldnt help but see that my dad Kent and Sammys cocks were about 6 or 7 inches long but when I looked at Jimbos crotch I was truely amazed because he looked like he had an elephants trunk hanging between his legs. My dad then looked over at Kent and told him to take Jans tight pussy for a test drive. When Jan finally realized that she was about to be gang-raped she went berseck and tried to free herself. "So you want to play it out like this huh bitch", Kent said as he climbed onto the bed. He quickly straddled her legs and grabbed the top of her nightie and began violently ripping it off of her. When he was done ripping her nightie away all the guys could see my step moms sexy young naked body. Kent then forced her legs apart with his own and shoved his dick deep inside my moms dry tight pussy. An agonizing muffled scearm came from Jan as Kent violently fucked her. All the guys including my father was rooting Kent on by yelling " Give it to the bitch, give it to her hard boy". He was fucking her hard & fast and began gyrating his hips as he jabbed his dick into her pussy. I could see Kents muscular buttocks flexing as he filled Jans violated pussy full of his manly cum. As soon as kent had pulled his spent dick out of Jan her pussy was filled again with Sammys cock. Jan laid there crying as Sammy fucked her the same violent way that Kent had and it wasnt long before he too was blowing his wad deep inside her puss. As Sammy was rolling off of my mom Jimbo was getting on the bed. Now Jimbos a mean tempered hillbilly who is known around our town as a wife beater and a bully and when he straddled Jans chest his huge half hard cock flopped down across her big titties. Seeing Jimbos huge penis freaked Jan out and she began fighting with everything she had to get away from him and his pet monster. I really didnt blame her I wouldnt want to be raped with his huge dick and as she stuggled even harder Jimbo balled up his fist and punched her in the side of the head so hard that he damn near knocked her out cold. I couldnt belive that he had hit her so hard but what really shocked me was that my dad was just standing there smiling as another man was beating on his wife. "Now listen hear you fuckin barren ass bitch you might be able to fool these other guys but I know that all women are nothing but cocksuckin , dick takin whores who like it rough. Now tell these guys what a good cocksuckin whore you are", Jimbo hissed as he propped her head up with a pillow and pulled the gag out of her mouth. Jimbo then grabbed ahold of his huge dripping cock and began rubbing pre-cum across my moms lips. When Jan didnt say anything it pissed Jimbo off and he punched her hard in the head again. Jimbo then began slapping her hard across the face over and over again while yelling down at her ,"Im only gonna tell you this once whore when a man tells you what to do you better do it .Do you understand me whore. Now tell these guys what a good cocksuckin whore you are". Jan was crying but this time she obeyed him and with tears running down her reddened face she told everybody that she was nothing but a cocksuckin whore. All the guys were laughing their asses off and Jimbo told my mom to suck his dick. Jan reluctantly parted her cum smeared lips apart and she had the look of total disgust on her face as he stuffed his huge mushroom-shaped dickhead into her mouth.He began sliding his big 11 inch cock in & out of her mouth while telling her what a good cocksuckin whore she was. It was strange because the more complements he gave her the wilder she began sucking on his enormous dick. Jimbo then pulled his throbbing dick out of her mouth and leaned forward until his huge low hanging balls slapped against her lips. He told her to suck on his balls and without thinking twice she began hungrly sucking on his huge nuttsack. When she had licked and sucked on every inch of his hairy balls he pulled his nuttsack away from her slurping mouth and knelt in between her sexy creamy white thighs. "Now remember you wrothless ass whore from now on whenever a man gets up in you ,you best treat them like their fuckin royalty and while Im fuckin you if you dont make me feel like Im a fuckin king im gonna beat the living shit out of you", Jimbo hissed . As Jimbo leaned forward I got a real close up look of his huge cock as it hovered just inches above the entrance of my step moms violated pussy. As Jimbo eased his hips forward I watched as his huge swollen mushroom shaped dickhead first touched and then penetrated Jans well fucked pussy. Jimbo then roughly shoved the entire length of his giant penis into Jans stunned pussy. Jans eyes flew wide open and even though Jimbo was hurting her by jabbing his big dick into her she began bucking her hips up & down to please the man who was brutally raping her. Jans body began shaking and 30 seconds later she was cumming all over Jimbos massive dick. Jans out of control body was wiggling and twisting around underneath Jimbos huge muscular body while he continued pounding the shit out of her with his big cock.When she had recovered from her orgasm she started begging Jimbo to untie her hands so she could worship his muscular body. "You best not be lying to me bitch because if you are I willbeat the crap out of ya got me", Jimbo granted and with out missing a beat he untied her hands.As soon as her hands were free she began massaging his broad shoulders and passionately kissing his thick neck. She was bucking her hips upwards engulfing every fat inch of Jimbos 11 inch dick and everytime he flexed his muscular buttocks it would drive his pulvic bone hard into my step moms swollen clit causing her to moan even louder. When he spewed his cum deep inside Jans quivering cunt he remained on top of her and told her that if she didnt service all the guys the same way she had him he would punch her in the head again. Jimbo didnt have to threaten her anymore because between the gang-rape and his hard punches they had completley broken her down. She was now their sex slave and as he pulled his spent dick out of her cum-filled cunt he warned her that he ever found out that she hadnt given up the pussy whenever her man had asked then he would do something really bad to her. For the rest of the night the guys fucked her in every hole she had and by the time the guys left her cum-filled pussy looked all beaten up. When the guys were gone I figuered that my dad was done for the night but as soon as he got into bed with Jan he ordered her to spread her legs which she did. He shoved his dick deep inside her cum-filled pussy and I could tell by the way he was flexing his buttocks that he wasnt fucking her but just wiggling around inside her.Jan was rubbing her hands up and down on his back while her tongue was licking & kissing his neck & shoulders. My dad then pulled his cum covered cock out of her cum laddened pussy and rolled over on his back. He grabbed the back of his young wifes neck and pushed her face down to his cum-matted crotch and said," Whore I want you to lick my friends cum off of my dick and when your done I want you to suck me off until I cum down your throat ". Jan went right to work and after she had sucked up all the globs of mixed cum of my dads 3 friends she she went down on his throbbing dick. Jan was really into her new role as a sex slave and while her mouth was bobbing up and down on my dads dick he was telling her the new rules of the house. She was to give up the pussy whenever and to whoever she was told to and on evevry friday night he was going to video tape her being gang_baged by his friends. She was to be obedient at all times and she was to call him master or she would be punished. A few minutes later my dad nutted in her mouth and when she was done swollowing his cum he told her that she couldnt take his dick out of her mouth until she was told too. Jan obeyed her master and ended up falling asleep with my dads limp dick in her mouth. When they were both asleep I slipped out of their room and jacked off 3 times and I relived watching my Step Mom being turned into a sex slave. The next morning as I laidd in bed I heard my dad fucking Jan again and I started stroking on my rock hard cock in unison with my dads dick as he pounded it into my step moms tight pussy. When my parents werent fucking I noticed that my dad was spending a lot of time in the basement. Whats up with that.[b]

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