payback for a cheating wife
Id been working out of town in the oilfield, Id be gone 5 or 6 days at a time. I came home from a hard week looking forward to some family time. My wife, my kids and my wifes 16 year old little sister were all waiting at home. Only things werent so picture perfect. I hadnt been in town for an hour when a family friend who happened to be a cop came to see me. He broke the news bluntly, like cops do, and informed me that the all night parties and underage drinking at my house needed to stop. All the time id been out working my ass raw, my little ( ok not so little after 2 kids) wife and her college age coworkers had sponsered a good many hot summer night parties at my place and had let pretty much anyone in who had a few bucks to kick toward the booze fund. I assured my pal that i knew nothing about it but would get to the bottom of things.

I made some calls to other friends in town and got a second slap in the face when i found out that my adoring wife had been banging a 17 year old high school senior and her little sister was selling weed. Now this is a small town, less than 1200 people so their behavior was pretty stupid, no one keeps secrets in a small town. My wife had driven 40 miles away to do some shopping and i knew with her on the loose with a checkbook i wouldnt be seeing her anytime too soon. So i sat and fumed for a while trying to decide just what to do.

It was about 6pm when Tiff, my wifes 16 year old sister showed up from the pool. She was wearing a white bikini that did nothing to hide her nipples but had a towel around her waist concealing any other goodies, and came in with her mirrored shades still on. She knew she had a great body, knew she was hot and id heard all about how she got boys worked up, hot and bothered but never came through with so much as a handjob. She used her sexuality as a tool to get what she wanted, a promise of future fun for whatever she wanted at the moment, a ring, a trip out of this pisshole little town for dinner and a movie, a new leather jacket or a pair of expensive shoes.

I was sitting in my recliner and she didnt notice me till i spoke up. " i know whats been going on while i was away" She jumped and grabbed her chest, I'd scared her. " what do you mean?" she said trying to sound innocent. " I know your sister has been banging that tony kid from the highschool." She made a silent " Oh with her sexy red lips but didnt make even a breath of sound. I let the silence hang and staring at her till she got nervous enough to speak again. " W-w-w-what are you going to do?" She stammered, talking faster than she could think.I got up and walked over to her and took her shades off, standing right in front of her tiny petite body. being a large guy i literally towered over her. " Well tiff i believe in tit-for-tat" i said and groped her left tit giving it a firm squeeze. " Whoa what the fuck man im not into that shit" she said stepping back away from me. I followed her though and had her backed into the corner behind the door. I pushed the door shut and turned the deadbolt..

" Didn't you hear what i said? i know whats been going on, i know about your little pot enterprise and so do the cops. One call and you get sent off to jail and at 16 you get tried as an adult so its gonna be a prison diploma you end up with."

" you're shittin me man. you wouldnt turn me in. " she was worried but trying to bluff, trying to see how serious i was. I smiled at her sadistically. " i dont have to turn you in tiff, they already know, a cop was here earlier looking for you... but if you cooperate, i might be able to get them to drop the charges if we promise to clean up your act, maybe pay a fine....but if you dont want my help....fuck it i'm not going to jail."

" Come on man youre not serious are you? this is all still a virgin!"

This was soooo good, my cock was already hard and this little whore was gonna pay not only for her cheating sister but for being the biggest cocktease in the county. " oh baby I assure you that im serious. and you dont have a chopice anyway, Im going to fuck you every which way, there wont be a part of you thats still virgin after im done. And if you what I'll still win, i'm way stronger then you, and if you tell anyone, I'll have my friends with the cops and sherrif vouch for me, tell the judge how i confronted you with the drug dealing and you cooked up a lie to try to get out of your own troubles. i cant lose and you dont have any choices left."

She started to cry, to beg to try to bargain but she already knew she was going to do whatever i told her to.

Finally with tears running down her pretty face she asked what she had to do. I lead her to my barroom in the basement and sat on the couch making her stand right in frony of me. I tugged the towel from around her waist and tossed it aside. The damp swinsuit was clinging to her body in a way that made me want to ust tear it off and fuck her raw. She had a nice little cameltoe showing and the bottoms were so tight and wet that it was obvious that she shaved her muff. I told her to go behind my bar and get my camera and stop at the fridge and grab me a beer and as she turned to obey i slapped her hard young ass with a loud smack. She yelped and jumped forward away from my hand and was rubbing her ass still when she went behind the bar. She came back before me and itook the camera and beer from her and after a long swig, sat the beer on the end table.I looked her body over again from the well defined pussy to her hard nipples. The bottoms tied on the side but the top was a standard type that tied on her back. i told her to untie the top and while her hands were busy i reached over and yanked the string on the bottoms. The fell to the floor exposing her baby smooth pussy. She tried to cover up with her hands but i slapped her hands away and told her to stand at attention. Once she was standing erect ( me too!) and perfectly still i took a few digital shots of that gorgeous cunt. " get the top off bitch" I growled at her. As she was lifting it over her head i snapped another picture. She tossed the bikini top on the sofa and kicked the bottom off her foot. I made her spread her feet and rub her own hard body, taking pictures close up. She was crying again but i decided to loossen her up some and handed her my beer. She downed the bottle and asked for another and i figured it would jsut make things easier so i let her drink al she wanted and i nursed a fresh one. Before long i was on my knees on the floor shooting pictures and she was on the couch rubbing her pussy with one hand and holding a beer bottle with the other. She was getting worked up and i was throbbing hard. I sat the camera aside and rose up and started sucking her nipples. She had b size tits, not too big but enough to draw attention to. i worked her little lipples over, sucking, licking and biting and ran a hand down to her crotch and started rubbing her pussy. I pushed her over to a laying position and stood up and undressed. her eyes went straight to my hard cock, the first she had ever seen. I grabbed a handful of her hair and roughly shoved my cock at her lips. She tried to turn her face away but i held her hair firmly and barked at her to open her mouth. Once my cock was in her mouth she did what must come natural to some girls and began giving me head. She was slow and uncertain about it but i like slow head so that was fine with me for a while but prety soon i was fucking her throat like a two dollar whore, she gagged and sputtered and i had to pull my cock out often to let her breathe but drove it right back in again and again. i grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots of her with my cock on her lips, in her mouth, buried in the back of her little slutty throat, her face contorted with discomfort...." yeah take it bitch " i would say cruelly. I knew i would cum in her mouth at the rate things were going and i had plans for her yet so i pulled out and let her breathe again . i grabbed her by the hair and drug her off the couch and she spilled the beer she had managed to hang on so tightly too until now. I positioned her face down on her belly and straddled her body, her legs pinned between mine and started rubbing her cunt again. Soon i was rubbing my cockhead against her and she was moaning and crying at the same time and sputtering the occasional No.....but i pushed into her tight virgin whole anyway. id never had a virgin before and was thrilled with this perfect conquest. i broke through the hymen and began fucking her nice and deep ignoring her pleas for me to stop, ignoring her cries of pain. I had one hand planted beside her head and my other was tangled up in her hair pushing her face into the rug. I slammed into her without mercy for a minute or two. ( yeah i know alot of guys talk about fucking a girl for 3 hours in her pussy and 2 more in her mouth and ass but thats just bullshit) then i reached for the camera again and let go of the little slut. I leaned backward and got a good picture of my cock inside her, you could see streaks of blood on my shaft,

I got an idea and got off her telling her not to move. I grabbed a marker and some paper from behind the bar and made a few cue-cards. i remounted her and leaned back again laying a sheet of paper on her ass. it read " popping your sisters cherry" and this time the blood was even more obvioous. i sat the camera beside me and went back to fucking her, stopping every few minutes without pulling out of her, just to control my urge to cum in her. i got more pics of her face, some in pain some in pure pleasure. thank god for digital cameras, Id hate to have to change film in the middle of this tight pussy. I curled a thumb into her along with my cock and then pulled it out and began rubbing her asshole, lubbing it up with her own juice. I did this a couple of times before pushing my thumb into her ass and she groaned deeply. " please dont, not that.. not there please. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as i pulled out of her twat and pressed into her virgin asshole. She tensed up so bad i couldnt get in her. I slapped her ass hard and she jerked, and when she did i pushed about half of my cock into her ass. She screamed again and was crying as her ass grabbed my shaft like a vise. By now though it was too late, i was in too far and becan to slowly fuck in and out of her tight hole, going deeper each time. Soon enough i was buried full length inside her and fucking her at a slow pace. like anyman though eventually i just had to increase the pace. She was grunting " uh Uh Uh Uh Uh uhuhuhuhuhh" as i thrust. I was close to cumming so i grabbed the next sheet of paper and layed it on her lower back, leaned back and got another pic with the paper reading " fucking your sisters ass HARD" Then another paper that said " you wont do anal but little sister sure did' . I rocked my cock in and out then thrust hard and got a great picture of her face swimming in pain. it was too good to pass up so i quickly scribbled another note and laid it by the girls face. it proclaimed " i guess you're right, it does hurt" laying the paper aside i couldnt hold back anymore and pumped into her ass over and over again, deep hard thrusts without mercy and without care for her pleasure. All too soon i could feel myself ready to erupt and i thrust deep into her and held my throbbing cock in her ass as i came harder than any time in my life. After i finally pulled out of her i ordered her to spread her legs wide but other than that not to move. She did as told like a good submissive girl and i laid the another sheet of paper on her thighs and got a great shot of her battered asshole oozing my cum, which was dribbling down her equally abused and bloody cunt. The paper read " Revenge is sooo sweet."

I used her towel to clean off my cock then decided to take a few more pictures, of me fucking her with an empty beer bottle, of her licking the bottle clean, of her fisting her own tender pussy, and before long i was rock hard again and fucked her pussy some more before cumming on her face and getting a few more pics. She had shwoered and gone to bed before my whore wife ever got home. i had assured her that as long as she did what she was told i would keep the cops off her back and i enjoyed fucking her several more times before the summer ended and she went back to her parents house in Arkansas. It was always good but never quite like that first time, i could never get things that hot again... i guess the first time is something special after all. I have never showed her sister the pictures, and we seperated and divorced withing the year. I may never again see tiff...... in person... but i still have the pictures of the day i got my ultimate revenge, maybe someday they will make their way into the net......maybe

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ThereÂ’s a terrific aumnot of knowledge in this article!


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What a fudge packer!!!


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Hmmm not bad, you could have improved it by adding more expressive features to the sexual part but not bad.

Good Plot.



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If she did go to the police, he'd be fucked, but it was a decent story.


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