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The fun with my sons continues
Part 3

I clearly remember a day when Steve walked in and started having a conversation with Matt. I was on my knees at the time, sucking his cock and tugging on mine of course. After he came in my mouth, I jumped up onto the kitchen bench and continued playing with my cock, with my legs spread of course.

They ignored me and walked into the lounge room and started talking about something.

Matt called out to me, so I wandered into the lounge room, still playing with my cock.

He looked at me and said, "I was trawling the Internet for porn and stumbled onto a site that caters for animal fetishes".

He stepped aside and let me see the monitor. There was a girl in a well-designed cow costume.
I stepped in for a closer look, but didn't sit down; instead, I bent over and spread my legs.

You've got great udders; I think this is perfect for you, said Steve.

I had a little chuckle to myself. I do enjoy it, when anybody calls my huge tits, udders.

I pointed out that (except for a few alterations) the costume really did look like a cow. It was a full body suit, covered in black and white patches, just like a Jersey cow.

Both of the boys started laughing, but I could feel my son's finger working its way into my ass. “Well, you’ve been a whore for a while now, so we think it’s time that you tried something different”.

I started getting really excited.... It's got a cow head and holes to see through and a hole for the mouth. The front of the costume has two large cut outs that will leave my udders entirely exposed. The crutch area is completely cut away, that will allow instant access to my pussy and ass.

The thought of being paraded around as a cow made me want to fuck right there and my pussy was already dripping with anticipation.

Matt was really turned on by my level of enthusiasm and I felt his cock slide into my ass. He started fucking me, but they continued to concentrate on what we were looking at.

I really want to be the "cow slut", I said

Matt came in my ass and pulled his cock out.
I stood up and looked at them both and said, "I really want this; we all know I need a lot of cock and we all REALLY want me to be the most depraved slut that I can be ".

They nodded their heads in agreement.

The next day I ordered the costume.

The costume arrived and after taking it out of the packaging I realized that they hadn't sent the right costume.

It took me a little while to figure out that it was actually a black (latex) dog costume. At first, I was in a bit of a panic.

But, being the ever resourceful mother....

I cut holes for my tits and I cut out the whole crutch area. I won't need that!

I got into the costume and once I had the head piece on, I stood in front of the mirror admiring the whole outfit. The costume was well thought out. It had pads on the knee and palm areas so that I could crawl around quite easily.

I have very pale skin, almost Alabaster in color, so the contrast against the black latex looked fantastic!

I've been on hormone therapy for a while and one of the many side effects (for me) is that my body hair grows insanely fast. That's why I have to shave my pussy, every couple of days. None of the boy's friends had shaved me for about a week, so my black pussy hair blended in with nicely the latex.

Damn, I looked good!

I was very surprised by how exhilarating and (for me) primal it felt. I got down on "all fours" and just stared at my reflection in the mirror. My udders are so big, that they were almost touching the carpet and really complemented the outfit. The head piece I was wearing made it impossible to look around to see my pussy or ass.

It made me laugh because I realized that with the restricted head and body movement that "this" must be what a real dog would feel like.

It probably sounds really strange, but (being inside the costume) REALLY made me feel like nothing more than an animal. Or to be more specific, right at that moment I really felt like a dog.

For the first time in my life, I'd NEVER (consciously) felt such an overpowering sense of "base" animal instincts. I loved the feeling and instinctively KNEW that I wanted to feel like this a LOT more!

The longer I stared at myself in the mirror, the more I felt like an animal and looked like a dog.

I was SO turned on, I was sweating profusely. I could feel my cock throbbing and I was squirting… I was ON HEAT!

At that moment, the ONLY thing I wanted to do was to MATE with another animal. I didn't want a man; I didn't even want a guy with a big cock. I had no thoughts in my head about a human being at ALL!
I NEEDED to be fucked by an animal and I ONLY wanted to be treated like an animal.

I'm built to fuck and I NEED to be treated like a dog… a dog that’s a slut!

The whole house was very quiet at that moment and even though I couldn't see it, I could hear the steady stream of my pussy juices hitting the carpet. I was completely overwhelmed by the feeling that I needed to fuck!

At that moment, I absolutely "knew", that the primal instinct that had consumed me, was overriding all my other thought processes. It really was THAT strong. If a dog or a horse had been there (at that moment) I would have let him fuck me without hesitation. I wanted to embrace that feeling and experience it a LOT more.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I was in an almost hypnotic state. All of a sudden, things started to become crystal clear to me. I started making decisions about the things that I WILL do in the future. My history has shown that I did do most of them and more, lots more!

* I've always enjoyed and preferred it when guys take control and just use me, treat me like a slut. The problem is that it usually takes time to build that sort of relationship with a guy. Now I "want" to be treated like an animal,
as often as possible.

A male dog or a horse WILL instinctively know when a female is on "heat". There won't be any polite conversation or foreplay. Just being near the female will be enough to get his cock hard. The smell emanating from her cunt is so strong that he instinctively KNOWS that she needs to fuck, he can smell it! From now on, I want that as often as I can get it. I don't want to be asked, I NEED to be mounted and ridden like an animal.

* I'm going to buy a couple of the horse and cow outfits as well.

* Even going back to a time when I just old enough to know better, I’ve never been fussy about who or what fucked me. I'd only ever been fucked by a dog a few times and it was fun. But from now on it was going to be my mission to find a dog or dogs to fuck me and then other animals.

* I'm going to let my cunt hair grow back. Dogs and horses don't shave, do they?
I'm NOT going to keep it neatly trimmed. It will be un-kept and very long.

* I'm going to buy a MONSTER rubber dildo. I'm not talking about one that's 12 inches long.
I want one that's at least 18-20 inches long and much thicker than my arm.

I was already on hormone replacement, but I wanted to be a sex crazed slut. I’ll make an appointment and visit my doctor and see what else I could do to enhance my sluttiness. The idea of being a cow was still fresh on my mind and I wondered what it would be liked to be milked, could I get my big udders pushing out fresh milk for my son and his friends to enjoy?

I absolutely love being fist fucked. I do it to myself sometimes, but nowadays Matt, Steve and his friend do it to me.
I don't care how long it takes, but I'm going get that entire dildo into my cunt.

I was still staring at myself in the mirror when I heard one of the boy's voices.

Wow mom, what happened to the cow costume?

I turned around so that my cunt and ass were facing them. I then explained that they had sent this one by mistake.

It looks fantastic... your white cunt and big pink cock look great against the latex!

Thanks, do you think I look like a dog, I said?

They both seemed a little hesitant. Well, not really, but the outfit looks really good.

I was still "well and truly" in Primal mode and being in the outfit (I think) made a lot braver that I would normally be, or maybe it was the Hormones.

NO, I said..... I am a dog, I'm an animal and I NEED to be treated like one.

Matt had an inkling as to where this conversation was going, although I don't think he was ready for what I was about to say.

I got up and stood in front of them and said, "when I'm in an outfit, then I AM a dog or cow or whatever and should be treated like one".

They kind of laughed and grabbed my nipples and pulled on them, so I realized that I had to be more direct.

I'm going to buy more of these outfits.

You mean different types of dog outfits?

Yes, and a couple of "horse and cow" outfits, as well. When I'm dressed in an outfit, don't YOU think that I SHOULD be treated like an animal?

So, you only want to get fucked from behind? Matt asked.

No, would you fuck a female dog, cow or horse, Matt?

At first they both screwed up their faces, but then realized "exactly" where the conversation was going.

No I wouldn't, Matt said. And I'm certainly not going to stick my cock in YOUR big dog (or cow) cunt anymore, but you still have an ass that we’re both going to keep fucking.

I got back down on all fours and said, “Well, dogs and horses can't talk, so YOU need to TELL me exactly how a dog like me should be treated”?

Steve really surprised me, because he knew exactly what I was thinking.... that's my boy!

Well, seeing as you ARE a dog and you can't talk.... I guess that must mean that you're obedient?

I nodded my head.

Spread your legs and show me your (dog) cunt.

I spread my legs and we could all hear the steady dripping of my pussy juices onto the carpet.

Our house was at the end of the street and right next to a 200-acre rural reserve. There were quite a few dogs roaming around the reserve at night and because it was poorly lit, we wouldn't always see them, but we could hear them.

They were both really into it and I couldn't have stopped them even if I wanted to and I had NO intention of doing so.

When you get the other outfits, I guess that means we get to choose which outfit you wear.

I was so turned on, I was starting to shake and both of them noticed it. I nodded my head.

Steve grabbed my cock and started dragging me backwards. I think that you would prefer the horse costume.... wouldn't you?

I nodded my head vigorously.

Matt walked over to my bedside table and grabbed my biggest dildo. He knelt behind me and Steve yanked REALLY hard on my cock and Matt "shoved" the whole dildo into my cunt. As soon as he did that, I started cumming and squirting everywhere. He then pulled it back out and dropped it onto the bed.

Both boys started laughing and started walking towards the front door of the house. I was a little surprised, but Matt and Steve kept walking.

A couple of minutes later I heard Matt callout to me, Hey Suzie get out here.
I realized that he'd given me an animal name, I really liked that.

So I quickly crawled out of the house and onto the front lawn.

Steve had gone to the kitchen and grabbed a plastic container of Maple Syrup.
I crawled up next to him.
Lay on your back, he ordered.
I obeyed and automatically spread my legs.

He opened the bottle and emptied some of the contents all over tits, cunt and ass. The syrup was sickly sweet and it had a very distinctive smell.

Follow me, he ordered.

I crawled on my hands and knees for about the next 15 minutes. At first, it was a little awkward, but the pads on my palms and knees worked really well. After all that had been going on, I suddenly realized that I needed to pee.

I was a long way from the house and I could just see Matt and Steve off in the distance.
So, I stopped, spread my legs and started to piss. That felt SO good to do that, just like a dog.
The combination of my pee, pussy juices and the syrup created a very pungent odor.

All of a sudden, I was acutely aware of a lot of unfamiliar noises around me. Problem was I couldn't turn my head properly to see what or who it was and it was very dark. I heard panting and growling. I got a little scared when I realized that it was a pack of dogs. I started crawling towards Matt and Steve. As I was crawling towards them, I realized that I had lost control. I was squirting continuously and NEEDED to fuck really badly!

I was REALLY hoping that all the dogs could smell that I was on heat!

I was about 40 feet away from them and Matt called out, "Stop".

I stopped still and waited. The pack of dogs had obviously been following me the whole time.

Susie, from now on the ONLY time your legs are together is if you're walking on two legs.

I'm very obedient, that was the last time I ever had to be told do that.

I spread my legs and waited anxiously.

All of a sudden I felt several warm raspy tongues on my cunt and I instantly started cumming. Obviously the dogs liked the taste of the syrup and my pussy juices. After a couple of minutes they stopped.
I got VERY agitated and started wiggling my ass.

Then, all of a sudden one of the dogs mounted me, it only took a few seconds for his cock to find its mark and he started fucking me. I started shaking uncontrollably and couldn't stop.

Both of the boys were (now) naked. They just stood there stroking their cocks and watched as several dogs took turns fucking me.

After the third or fourth dog had fucked me, I realized that my cunt was too big for the smaller dogs and even though they had knotted inside me, their cocks had slipped out.

Before the next dog started fucking me, I took a few moments to "take stock" of the situation.

I started thinking about how I looked and exactly how I felt at that moment.

I was on my hands and knees, with my legs spread. I had dog cum running out of my cunt and even before the next dog started to fuck me, I was still squirting. I was for all intents and purposes just a dog with a cock and cunt and on HEAT!

I realized that the "primal" mating urge that I'd felt a while ago, hadn't subsided at all. In fact, it was getting stronger and I wanted to embrace that feeling. I wanted a LOT more of it.

It felt like an Adrenaline rush and I was totally addicted already.

Matt and Steve walked over to me, just as the next dog started fucking me. They knelt down and watched intently as the huge dog continued to fuck me.

Matt's was so turned on that his face was distorted. You ARE a dog and this is how you get fucked from now on and I'm never touching your big dog cunt anymore, ok.

You love having a BIG cunt, don’t you, said Steve.

I just kept nodded and cumming.

The dog that was fucking me came and I could feel him knotting inside me, I started cumming again and this time I couldn't stop. My legs were shaking and I was grunting very loudly.

Matt leaned over near my head and said, Bet you can't wait for the horse outfit, so you can get fucked by a horse.

I nodded my head. "I really need a BIG horse cock to fill up my big cunt.
Suck Steve's cock and let him fuck you", I said.

Without even thinking about it, Matt leaned over and started sucking Steve's cock.

The dog that had knotted me had finished and walked off, but I continued squirting.

I really loved watching Matt sucking Steve's cock. After a couple of minutes, Steve "pushed" Matt down on his hands and knees. He got behind him and realized that his ass was too dry.

I quickly rolled on my back, spread my legs and said, "Use the lube in my big cunt".

Steve was so turned on, he didn't even think about it. He stuck his cock in my cunt and the pulled out.

He positioned himself behind Matt and started fucking him. I was so turned from watching this, I was pulling on my cock as hard as I could and continued squirting.

I wiggled underneath Matt and sucked his cock. It didn't take long before he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

After Steve came in Matt's ass, we all relaxed for a little while.

The boys got dressed and walked back to the house. Because I was crawling, it took me a lot longer.

I got back to the house and went inside. And I finally stopped squirting, at least for now!

I heard Matt call out to me, from the lounge room.... Hmm, he called me Suzie again!

I crawled into the lounge room and the boys were looking at something on the computer. I realized that they were on and adult website, looking at dildos.

Matt looked around at me and said, now that's the one that I'm going to buy you!

I looked past his shoulders and saw what he was looking at. The dildo was called Blackie and it was 20 inches long and about 4 inches thick.

I just nodded.....

We're gonna practice with Blackie until I can stuff the whole lot in your cunt.... and we're gonna keep practicing until your cunt is SO loose that it WILL slide in without ANY effort at all, ok?

I nodded my head vigorously in agreement.

You do realize that guys are only going fuck your ass or mouth from now on. Your cunt is going to be so big that I WILL be able to slip my whole arm in your cunt.

Tomorrow, we're going into "town" to buy you the horse and cow costumes.

I'm going to make it my mission, to make sure that you have an obscenely huge cunt and once we've done that I'm going find as many horses as I can to fuck you.

Susie, do you WANT to have an obscenely huge (horse) cunt?

I nodded and again I started squirting again.



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I'm waiting for part 2 to be published and (hopefully) then the story will make a lot more sense.

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i loved it! what a wonderfully filthy gapewhore

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