Incestual blackmail and domination turns into very dark and painful business
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a repost from years back. The inspiration for the story was a former submissive girlfriend with two teenage sons that clearly took a sexual interest in their own Mom. How could they not? If you do not like some of the themes listed, then please find another story on this great site.
All characters are over 18 years of age.


Joe and Mike made strategies for the prostitution of their Mom. They knew a lot of teenagers. Teenagers did not have big money, but they only took a few minutes to satisfy. If Mom could service two at a time like today, even 50 bucks per customer were good money.

Another customer group were the adults. Most of them had big money, but they also took a lot of time to satisfy. They had to increase prices for adults.

A third group was the specialty customers like the anal and the spanking guys from two days ago. They were willing to pay $1000 dollars or perhaps even more for hurting Mom a little bit. But how should they find these customers? On the web, of course. Mike found a page for prostitutes and made an advertisement with pictures of Mom and the video from her first anal rape in the kitchen. The ad promised special MILF slave services within rape, BDSM, spanking and painful anal sex. Shortly after, they had received more than 50 requests for more details and prices.

While their Mom was sleeping after having been fucked raw by twenty teenagers, her sons made a price list for her special services:

Pussy rape 30 minutes: $1000

Anal rape 30 minutes: $2000

Oral rape 30 minutes: $1000

Spanking with hand 30 beatings: $1000

Spanking with belt or paddle 30 beatings: $2000

Even at these prices more than 20 customers wanted to buy Mom’s services! Some wanted the full package which would mean $7000 in earnings for just 2½ hours!

There was just one problem in this: The pussy rape. Their Mom was ALWAYS wet because she was such a slut. But if she screamed loud enough as if it hurt it might not be a problem. She had to learn that.

One of the customers wanting the full package had asked if their slave was available this Saturday evening. They made an arrangement. He would arrive at 7 PM. If the going was good he might want to buy more time with the slave than the standard 2½ hours. Mom was in for a hard time and she did not know it yet. The brothers agreed on not fucking their mother today. They had used her extensively this morning before the 20 teens arrived. She needed all her strength tonight.

Sonia woke up late afternoon. She had slept for five hours! Her body was in quite good shape in spite of the 22 men – including her own sons – that had fucked her this morning. Her jaw was aching after she had sucked so many dicks, but her pussy was good in spite of being fucked at least 15 times, her own sons’ morning efforts included. It seemed her cavities had adjusted rapidly to the new sex regime in their home. Actually, she felt rather horny and had to masturbate. She kept her climax quiet. Her sons might not like she satisfied herself.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Oh no – not a new customer! She thought. But it seemed to be a pizza delivery. How thoughtful of the boys to think about food. She heard Mike yell:

“Mommy! We have ordered pizza. Come and eat.”

Time was only 5 PM. Rather early for dining but teenagers were always hungry. Sonia left the bed and posed in front of the mirror. She was very satisfied with the sight. Her long curvy legs, firm bubble butt, flat stomach, big firm breasts and a beautiful face with big blue eyes and dark brown hair. Not a wrinkle to see at this distance. Who would think she was 45? Sonia looked ten years younger. She went downstairs in her nudity for dinner.

“Mom, we will get visitors tonight. But only one. He is an ass man, so it might get a little tough, but with a local anaesthesia you will not feel pain.”

She knew something was cooking! That was why they had ordered pizza so early. The anal rape two days ago had been SO BAD!

“He is also going to spank you, Mom. But I assume that you are used to that by now.”

The severe spanking she had received Thursday evening had also been bad – especially when the guy had used his belt. She still had marks on her ass from that event.
“He also wants to rape you, Mom. But that is difficult, as you are always wet because you are such a dirty slut. So you will have to pretend that it hurts when he fucks your pussy. You are very good at screaming and saying NOOOO NOOOO DON’T and so on. Just do that and we are home free.”

Rape, anal sex and spanking. The recipe for a lot of PAIN. Sonia did not like this customer AT ALL. But she did not dare to protest. She knew her younger and most sadistic son Mike would love to rape her little twinkie again and make her suffer extreme pain as punishment for disobedience. So Mommy just nodded.

“Take another bath Mom and put on a little makeup. The customer has requested that you only wear red high heels, red nails, red lips and a collar with a lead. And a blindfold. Your arms are to be in handcuffs behind your back. He will arrive at seven so you have 45 minutes to make yourself adorable. Remember to shave your pussy. We will clean up the kitchen.”

At seven sharp the doorbell rang. Mike opened the door. In the hall stood Joe with a lead that connected to the collar around Sonia’s neck. She was kneeling on the floor completely naked apart from the heels, ball gag and collar. She was blindfolded, and her perfect small hands were handcuffed behind her back. Her lips and nails were red. Sonia looked extremely sexy and fuckable. But tonight she would become a rape victim.

The visitor was an elderly man of rather small stature and some overweight, but well dressed and well groomed. He brought a large suitcase with him. He called himself Mr. Smith.

The man approached Joe and Sonia, looking at the beautiful woman with great admiration.

“Well well! What a lovely surprise! This is by far the most beautiful slave I have ever encountered. What a perfect body. May I ask about her origins? Which nationality is she?”
“She is our Mom”, Mike said plainly.

“Really?” Mr. Smith raised an eyebrow and looked down on the slave. “May one touch her?”

“You can grope her as you like, Sir. Especially her tits and ass are remarkably firm.”

The customer touched her skin, felt her tits and her ass and was seemingly impressed.

“She has the most perfect body and complexion. Her tits are amazing, as you said. If this is your mother she has certainly given birth at a very young age. She can’t be more than 35?”

“That is a business secret, Sir”, Joe said with a smile. The customer smiled back.

“OK. Let’s get started. I guess you will want prepayment for the 2½ hours. Here are 7000 dollars,” the man said and handed Joe a thick envelope. Joe passed it on to Mike and asked him to count the money. “I might want to buy more time, because she is so beautiful and sexy, but let’s see how the evening develops. One more question, though: Do you fuck your mom?”

“Why do you ask, Sir?” Joe was not happy about Mike’s mom information.

“Because incest is an interesting depravity and I would like to see you two boys fuck your mother as a starter. You could warm her up for me”, he mused.

“We fuck her ten times a day, Sir. That is no problem”, Mike replied.

“OK. I would like to buy 30 minutes extra where you two guys fuck your mother hard. And I mean really hard. Can you do that?”

“That would cost you another 2000 bucks, Sir”, Joe said. Mr. Smith went to his jacket and took out another envelope which he handed over to Mike.

“I need to have a word with your mother. Is that OK?” Mr. Smith asked Sonia when the boys were born, what their birth weight was, which schools they attended and other questions only mothers would remember in detail. Then Mr. Smith said:

“OK, I am convinced. Let the family show begin. Let me take over that lead, Sir. Please remove her handcuffs. Come with me, Slut, on all fours. Is this the door to the living room?”

Obediently Sonia followed the stranger into her own living room like a dog. Her sons were already naked and with hard-ons which she could not see, of course, but she heard them undressing. Joe suggested that they placed Mom on the same stool they had used for the teenage gangbang this morning and Smith agreed. He sat down in a sofa and watched the spectacle. He looked very much forward to see this extremely beautiful woman being fucked raw by her own two well endowed sons.

“Let her suck both of you for a start. I want you to force your cocks into her mouth at the same time and push as deep as you can.”

With great enthusiasm, the sons raped their mommy’s mouth to please a complete stranger who had paid them $2000 for sexually abuse of their own mother. Sonia gagged and gagged while her sons force fucked her throat.

Mr. Smith asked Joe to fuck his mother’s cunt while Mike continued to deep throat her.

“Is she wet, your mother?”

“Yes Sir, very wet”, Joe replied while fucking his mother’s pussy.

“Is she tight?”

“Very tight, Sir. Why don’t you try her yourself?”

“Later, son. Later”

The boys changed places regularly and pumped their mother really hard as Mr. Smith had wanted. Sonia climaxed three times thanks to her sons’ big cocks and hard work.

“I want you to come in her mouth. Get her down on her knees and let your mother suck you. Slut, you are going to swallow your sons’ sperm, is that understood? Say YES SIR!”

“YES SIR!” Sonia said and began to suck whom she believed was Mike. She still had the blindfold on. She used all her skills and was rewarded with another huge load of her son’s delicious cum. She then blew Joe. By now Sonia loved the taste of her sons’ semen. Acting as a complete, degraded slut in front of a stranger turned her on immensely.

“Great show! Your mom seems to be a perfect cocksucker, boys. What do you think?”

“She is the best, Sir!” the boys replied in unison.

Mr. Smith grabbed the lead and pulled Sonia towards him. He asked Joe to fetch the handcuffs in the hallway and locked her arms behind her back again. He then lifted her onto his lap with ease so she was on her stomach with her perfect ass pointing upwards, ready for spanking.

“Mommy, how many times did you climax when your own sons just fucked you?”

“I…I don’t know, Sir,” Sonia replied. Mr. Smith began groping her ass and then smacked her hard, one blow on each buttock. Sonia jumped and screamed.

“You came three times, slut, when you own sons fucked you. Only a complete SLUT would do that. Tell me that you are a SLUT, Mommy,” he said and smacked her again two times.

“AAUUWWW! I am a slut, Sir!”

“When you sucked your sons you seemed to like it. Tell me bitch: Do you like to suck your own sons?” SMACK SMACK.




“What do you like, bitch? TELL ME!”


“OOOOUUUWWWW! I like to suck my sons, Sir!”



“You are not a slut. You are a SUPER SLUT! Only super sluts would enjoy sex with their own children. Are you not ASHAMED, bitch?”


“OOOOOUUUWW! Yes Sir! I am ashamed! I am a super slut, Sir! Oh please stop Sir!” Sonia began to sob.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! Smith slapped her red hot buttocks four times. Sonia shrieked in desperation and pain.

“You are a SINNER! And sinners must be punished, slut! Do you understand, dirty bitch?”

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! Sonia’s screaming was so loud that Mike put his hands on his ears. But he was fascinated to see his mother’s suffering and abuse. His cock was throbbing.

“YES SIR! I AM A SINNER! I MUST BE PUNISHED SIR!” Her shrieks went into piteous weeping. But none of the three men in the room felt any pity for the desperate mommy.
Mr. Smith put his fingers into Sonia’s pussy. She was soaking wet.

“You are a HORNY sinner! Your filthy fuck hole is overflowing with cunt juice! You SHAMELESS SLUT! DEPRAVED MOTHER! YOU NEED HARDER PUNISHMENT! DO YOU AGREE, BITCH?”

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! Sonia had hardly any energy left for screaming but she did her best.




Sonia screamed and shrieked incessantly. When the worst pain from the beating had gone she was sobbing, crying and shaking, completely devastated. Her sons watched the show with great interest.

Having delivered the 30 blow spanking Mr. Smith now wanted to move into the rape part of the evening. He positioned the crying mommy on her back on the sofa, her head over the edge of the seat and her long legs bent over the back of the furniture. Still her arms were in handcuffs behind her back. The stranger undressed and sported a big erect cock. He went down on his knees and forced his member into Sonia’s sobbing mouth.

“SUCK THAT COCK BITCH!” Smith shouted, slapped her big tits and pinched her sensitive nipples. Immediately Mom’s mouth closed itself around the big cock and she started sucking. Smith fucked her slowly, enjoying her expert treatment. Still she was sobbing, but managed to do a proper blowjob.

Her attacker was now going deeper into Sonia’s little mouth and hit her throat, which made her gag violently. It also blocked her airways. He kept his cock still for more than a minute where she could not breathe. It was SO TERRIBLE. Then Smith pulled out of her mouth and smacked her cheeks with his big organ, then put it back and let her suck on his dickhead only. She did her very best sucking, desperately hoping he would not deep throat her again. But he did. He blocked her air for two minutes, where she almost fainted. Her limps went spasmodic and her head was dizzy from lack of air. The rapist then withdrew his cock only a centimeter, allowing her to breathe for a few seconds and then blocked her airways again. He only allowed a minimum of air.

Sonia felt like she was suffocating for the full 30 minutes she was throat raped. She felt more dead than alive when Mr. Smith finally withdrew from her abused throat and mouth and was so exhausted that she didn’t even manage to sob. Just her tears were dripping down on the floor.

Now Mr. Smith went for the pussy rape. He was quite certain that Sonia would be completely in her love canal dry after 30 minutes of oral torture, even though she was a slut. He reinserted the ball gag in her abused mouth, dragged the helpless and almost lifeless mom to the dining table and placed her in the good old rape position: legs on the floor, body on the table, ass in the air. His big cock entered her fuck hole and heurika! She was dry. That would probably not last for long, so Mr. Smith immediately forced his big pole into her unprepared cunt and enjoyed the strong friction. He had never raped such a beautiful woman. He would make sure she would never forget him.

Sonia reacted with a terrified scream as the rapist brutally shoved his cock into the bottom of her tight and dry orifice. It felt like being stabbed with a knife! OHHH NOOO! STOPPP! The ball gag blocked her words and turned them into babble. Smith fucked her hard, using the full length of his big cock and forced it all the way in in just one painful movement. He stabbed Sonia’s pussy again and again, making her shriek and yell and babble like a frenzy.

Her sons had no doubt that Mom was really being raped and that she was in extreme pain, and they watched the brutal attack with great interest. None of them ever thought of helping their own mother in her dire distress. On the contrary, they found the violent mommy abuse highly arousing and took mental notes for their own purposes.

After some time Mr. Smith could feel cunt juice grease his movements and reduce the friction in Mommy’s battered pussy. He would not allow her any enjoyment or freedom for pain and began to smack her ass while he continued fucking her. Sonia’s wailing became monotonic only modulated by the fucking.

After exactly 28 minutes of mommy rape, Mr. Smith could no longer postpone his climax. With a roar he injected his load of sperm into his sobbing rape victim and it felt like the ejaculation would never stop. This slave was simply the best he had ever encountered in ANY respect. She was so perfect for his taste and purpose.

When he stopped abusing their wailing Mom, Mike applauded and Joe joined him.

“Great show, Mr. Smith! You really made her suffer!”

“Thank you boys. My pleasure.” Mr. Smith saw that he had blood on his dick, grabbed Sonia by her hair and forced her from the table down onto her knees. He then smacked her face and ordered her to clean up her mess. On the brink of complete fatigue, she managed to lick and suck her blood and juices from his big cock.

Mike could not wait any longer! Seeing his mother being raped and in complete despair and desolation was SO GREAT! He had to get relief and force fucked his mother in her mouth right after her terrible rape ordeal. Sonny boy fired his load directly into Mommy’s throat almost choking her. Making Mommy their fuck slave was the best idea he had ever had!

In the meantime, Mr. Smith had asked Joe if they had any kind of contraption where his mom could be tied up for the remaining abuse. Joe fetched the buck they had used a few days ago for Mommy’s spanking and anal rape. Exactly the same would happen to her this evening. In common, they carried the wailing and weakened Mommy to the buck and tied her up. Bloody sperm was seeping out of her mutilated cunt. Perhaps she hoped that the worst would be over, but now the most terrible abuse of Mom would begin.

Mr. Smith fetched his suitcase while Joe took the opportunity of getting a blowjob from his Mom in bondage. Just like his little brother, watching Mum being raped and suffer extreme pain and desolation made him SO HORNY! He had to fuck her and get relief. After refilling her throat with hot jizz he reinserted the ball gag. Joe knew the last hour would inflict a lot of pain on his Mom, so better keep her quiet.

Mr. Smith had a variety of whips and paddles in his bag. He asked the boys which type of strike weapon they could accept he used for their mother. They replied that they had no experience whatsoever in whips and would be happy to get a demonstration of the various kinds that he had brought. Joe made it very clear, though, that they did not want any permanent scars on their Mom.

Mr. Smith told them there were five basic types of whips: Crops, paddles, floggers, whips and canes. He picked out one of each and suggested that he would use them on their mom, so they could see how the instruments were supposed to be applied, and which effect they had, and then the boys could try them afterwards. Joe and Mike thought this was a splendid idea.

For a start, Mr. Smith picked up a flogger, which was a whip with many leather strands. He explained this was in general the least painful device, as thee many strands spread the stroke power over a large area. He compared it with the contrast, the cane. If you applied the same force to the cane as to the flogger, the impact would be much harder with the cane as it has only very little surface area.

“The cane and the bull whip are usually the most feared strike weapons in BDSM, young gentlemen. They make the deepest impressions, literally speaking. But the bull whips are usually several meters long and not suited for indoor use, so the cane is the ultimate all round weapon if you want to inflict severe pain on your victim. My favorites for indoor use is the flogger, the riding crop and the cane.”

He then went on to demonstrate the various devices on their tied up mommy, who clearly had heard the talk about whips. She had relieved herself in pure fear and a poodle of piss was lying on the tile floor below her ass. Joe quickly fetched a mob and a bucket and removed the fluid.

“Now boys, you have a very naughty Mom. Peeing on the floor is a major offence that deserves hard punishment. Don’t you agree?” They did.

Mr. Smith raised his arm with the flogger and with an elegant twist landed it on Mom’s right buttock with a loud SMACK. Ignoring her gag muffled shrieks he did the same thing to her left buttock. Now Mom had a lot of red stripes on her beautiful ass.

“You can swing it vertically, as I just did, or lateral like this.” He swung the whip sideways and landed the strands on both Mom’s buttocks with an elegant sweep. “And just like in tennis or badminton you can use forehand like this (SMACK) or backhand like this (SMACK). You want to try?”

Mike took the flogger and swung it violently against Mommy’s ass, but he missed the target and hit her back. Swearing, he tried again and did hit Mommy’s ass this time, but seemingly very hard, as her wailing reached new heights. He then handed the whip over to Joe, who was less impatient and took time to aim right. In a perfect copy of Mr. Smith’s technique he placed the leather strands first on Mommy’s right buttock and then on her left buttock. All three of the men completely ignored Mommy’s heartbreaking wailing

“Good work! Now we try the paddle”, Mr. Smith took a device that looked like a table tennis bat, just a little bigger and made in black leather. “This has a big surface and makes a lot of noise, so the psychological effect is good. But if you really want to inflict pain you have to use a lot of force.”

He smacked Mommy’s ass with the paddle, which made her shriek in a very highly pitched tone and cry hysterically. It left a nice round red spot on her skin.

“You see, by using moderate force the pain inflicted with the paddle is not so big but the loud noise makes the victim believe it is severe. But you can of course apply enough force to really inflict pain.” He swung the paddle again and landed it on the right side of Mommy’s ass. She shrieked and wailed for several minutes afterwards. This time, the spot looked much more dark red and Mommy was shaking in extreme pain. Small drops of blood showed up on the battered skin.

Mike hit Mommy very hard on both her buttocks. Joe did the same, but aimed for Mom’s upper thighs. She was shaking violently, uttering a heartbreaking ramble of babble and moaning. She expressed the most severe suffering as the stranger and her sons kept on with the torture of her defenseless body.

Mr. Smith then presented a riding crop. He swung it not against Mommy’s ass but against her big tits hanging on each side of the buck. It had a quite narrow leatherhead, which made it a precision instrument where you could aim at small targets like clitoris or nipples only. As the surface area was rather small it could also be extremely punitive with a high strike force.

Clearly, Mommy did not like the riding crop at all. Mike hit her nipple with a smashing blow and the buck almost fell over because of her strong spasms. Joe tried to hit her clitoris but the way Mom was tied up made it impossible. Instead, he hit each of her hanging tits making very nice red marks.

Now, Mr. Smith picked up the last instrument, the cane. He warned them that they should only use this with the outmost care, as canes could literally cut people’s skin into pieces. There was a high risk of making permanent marks. BE VERY CAREFUL, Mr. Smith insisted. He also told them that the use of the cane was laterally and it should only be used on the ass and the loins. Perhaps tits but that depended strongly on the victim’s pain limits. But it needed to hit tissue. Asses with a lot of tissue were perfect for canes. Never hit shinbones, spines, shoulders or other body parts with protruding bones. The boys nodded their heads.

“Now I will demonstrate a soft blow and a hard blow on your beautiful mother. Are you ready for the pain, Mommy?” Mr. Smith said mockingly. Mom wailed even before the cane hit her already striped arse. After the hit she was shaking violently. A beautiful red line across her buttocks was now to visible, perfectly horizontal.

“Now this was the moderate force. As you could see and hear, your mother reacted strongly to the cane. This blow will be much worse for her. Watch and learn”, Mr. Smith said. While he swung the cane he went down on his right knee, so the cane landed vertically and exactly on the middle of Mom’s right buttock. It crossed the previous horizontal line in a perfect 90 degree angle. This time her spasms actually made the buck tumble over, had it not been for Joe catching it. Instead of her constant wailing Mommy had turned completely silent. She had fainted.

Cold water brought Mommy back from oblivion. She woke up to see her two sons and the stranger Mr. Smith stand in front of her, naked and with huge erections. Mom could feel a sizzling pain from her buttocks and remembered how brutally beaten she had been. She still had the ball gag in her mouth and was tied up on the buck.

“Well now, it seems Mommy is back in business”, Mr. Smith remarked. “Should we continue with the cane training then? Please be careful so you won’t mutilate your beautiful Mom, boys.”

“OOOOOHHHHNGNGOGOOO!” Mom replied behind the gag. The next second her world exploded in pain, as her younger son Mike hit her hard with the cane just on the sensitive border line between thighs and buttocks. A perfect hit Mr. Smith remarked, but he should be careful not to apply too much force to the strike. Mom was howling and weeping. Mike’s second lash with the cane was a masterpiece. Going down on one knee during the swing he managed to make an almost perfect vertical line om Mom’s left buttock. She now has two horizontal and two vertical cane lines on her beautiful ass.

It looked SO GOOD, Mike thought. They should definitely by a cane as soon as possible.

Joe placed his first cane strike on the upper part of Mommy’s ass, creating perfect symmetry between the now three horizontal lines. On the advice of Mr. Smith, his last hit on Mom was a few inches below her buttocks on her upper thighs. That had some impact on Mommy’s noise level.

“Well, young gentlemen, I have tutored you and mastered ten strokes you’re your beautiful Mommy’s body. Now I need to give her another 20 lashes as we agreed upon. Now which instrument would you prefer? I will leave the choice to you, as she is your mother.”

Mommy heard this and became absolutely hysterical. The mere thought of another 20 lashes were certainly not preferential for her. She produced a high pitched wail that only stopped when Mike forced his big cock into her ass.

“SHUT UP MOM OR I WILL FUCK YOUR ASS without lube! This customer has paid 2000 bucks for hitting you 30 times with a whip and he is going to do it. If you do not behave like a good slut, we will choose the cane for you. Do you want that?”

“NNNNGNGOGOGOOOOOOOOOOO,” Mommy whimpered and shook her head violently. Reluctantly Mike withdrew from her fabulous asshole. That was reserved for Mr. Smith.
The brothers agreed on the flogger as Mr. Smith’s instrument for the remaining 20 lashes that he intended to inflict on their defenseless and desperate Mom. Her ass was already a crisscross of red lines and 20 strokes with the cane might mean limited business opportunities in the near future.

Mr. Smith divided his lashing of Mommy into series of five, each with four strokes.

The first four lashes he landed on Mommy’s super sensitive big tits, quite a difficult operation with a flogger but as a true expert Mr. Smith aimed perfectly so all 18 leather strands landed on target each time. Mommy was hysterical. The next four strokes aimed at her upper back between her shoulders. The third salvo was the lower back. The next four lashes hit her sensitive thighs. The last four strokes decorated Mommy’s ass with even more stripes. Now, she was covered completely in red stripes from her neck to her knees.

Mommy was a whining and whimpering bloody mess. Her tears had created a pool on the floor. The only session missing was the anal rape, but she did not seem to have much stamina left to withstand 30 minutes of painful rape without fainting. Mr. Smith came up with a solution: A certain tropane alkaloid, also known as cocaine. It had a strong invigorating effect for a few hours, exactly what their Mommy would need to endure her 30 minutes anal rape. The boys found this to be another great idea from Mr. Smith.
They had to give Mommy the cocaine through her nose, but how could they do that? Again, Mr. Smith had a solution. It was necessary that she would inhale air, so they had to make sure Mom’s lungs were completely empty. He suggested that Joe and Mike simply sat on their naked mom and by their combined weight forced the air out of her lungs. Once they jumped down she would inhale, and Mr. Smith would be there with a teaspoon of cocaine. It would be necessary, though, to block her mouth completely with duct tape so she inhaled all the air through her nose only. Her very beautiful nose, as Mr. Smith remarked.

The operation was very successful. The brothers managed almost killing their mother when they mounted her in full weight and force drained her lungs. Mr. Smith closed her nose with two fingers and the boys jumped down again. He then placed the spoon with cocaine right under Mommy’s nose and released her nostrils. In her desperate inhalation for much needed air, Mom sniffed all the cocaine into her nose.

After a few minutes, Mom seemed to be in full vigor. Her big blue eyes were suddenly almost black from the extended pupils, her temperature increased and she was kind of hyperactive, looking around all the time and constantly testing the robes that tied her to the buck.

Mr. Smith went to Mommy’s ass and forced a finger into her anus. It was very tight. A glimpse of fear turned up in Mom’s eyes. He continued to expand her sphincter using his fingers. He then applied a little bit of lube. Not too much, so the friction inside her anus would disappear, but enough to let him enter Mom’s cavity without too much pain for himself. Rape demanded a certain friction to inflict enough pain for the victim when she got fucked. Mr. Smith then forced his big dickhead into the mother of the two teenagers eagerly watching his every movement intended to harm their Mom.

“GNNNOOOOOOOOGHH!” their Mom shouted as she felt the pole invade her sensitive asshole. Mr. Smith had a lot of girth, which was Mommy’s misfortune. Slowly, enjoying the resistance of her anal muscles, Mr. Smith forced his way into the back entrance of the piteously weeping MILF. Mommy’s pain was excruciating but she knew from extensive experience it would be much worse before it ended. Her own sons used anal rape as a punishment for their Mom.

It took Mr. Smith five minutes to impale Mommy completely on his big cock. Five very long minutes for the tortured woman, who could feel every millimeter of invasion overloading her pain center. Cocaine did not reduce the feeling of pain, rather on the contrary. People could become hypersensitive and feel much more pain than they would, had they not been under the influence of cocaine. Unfortunately, Mr. Smith had not informed the sons of this fabulous fuck slut about this, but if he had it would probably not have made any difference. The teenagers seemed to be extremely sadistic and enjoyed seeing and listening to the rape and torture of their beautiful Mommy. The worse, the better, apparently.

It seemed that Mommy had reached a sort of catatonic state during the anal rape. She lay completely still and only moaned very little. That will change, Mr. Smith thought and began to force fuck the super sexy MILF. He withdrew his cock so only the head was inside Mommy, and then forced it all the way in and slammed his loins against her delicious ass. Her plaintive cries increased as he fucked her harder and harder and finally reached extremely high pitched shrieks that could shatter glass. No doubt, this mom was not enjoying this fuck at all.

Mr. Smith fucked Mommy at a constant pace, enjoying the perfect friction that stimulated his cock perfectly but was immensely painful to his victim. Inflicting so much pain on such a beautiful woman was so great. Raping her in front of her own children who had even participated was an added bonus and extra humiliation of the slut. Mom changed between hysterical crying and piteous weeping, depending on how fast he fucked her. In between, Smith would withdraw his cock completely, stay out for 5-10 seconds to make her believe the torture was over, and then brutally reinsert his member in her asshole, knowing that this was extremely painful for the bitch.

Finally, he reached climax violently, fucking the bitch extremely hard while he shot his huge load into her bowels. He kept on pumping Mommy for a few minutes, before pulling out and moving to her other end. He ripped off the duct tape, removed the ball gang and forced his slimy, brown cock into her mouth.

“SUCK IT, BITCH! CLEAN YOUR SHIT AWAY! GET GOING!” He shouted and spanked her ass. Slowly and in front of her own sons, the completely desolated and sobbing Mommy began to suck Mr. Smith and clean her own shit off his cock, while tears rolled down her beautiful face. What a perfect ending of a perfect rape, Mr. Smith thought. This is not the last time I wqill rent this great piece of ass. There is so much more to do to her.

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