Mommy is turned into a true pain slut whore and is abused by sadistic men
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a repost from years back. The inspiration for the story was a former submissive girlfriend, who had two big teenage sons that clearly took a sexual interest in their own Mom. If you don't like some of the themes listed above, then please find another story on this great site.
All characters are over 18 years of age.


Mr. Smith, as he called himself that night, was a very happy man. He had just raped the most beautiful woman ever encountered by him in all her tight orificies and spanked her violently. Best of all, her own sons had participated in the painful abuse of their own mother. He had made the agreement with the boys that he could come back anytime and continue the abuse and torture of their Mommy, who had still been wailing piteously when he left her house.

It was late night after the evening long rape of Mom. The boys untied their weeping molested mother from the buck and carried her to the bathroom where they washed away the sperm and blood from her beautiful body. Her ass was a red and blue crisscross of stripes from the whips and the cane both Mr. Smith and the boys had administered on the defenseless woman. Then they put Mom to bed together with Joe who was her bedmate this time. He did not use her sexually any more that night, but just hugged the wailing and shaking woman until she fell asleep

The next day Mom was still asleep when Joe woke up. Apparently, she had not heard the alarm clock giving her the signal to suck her son and neither had Joe. Yesterday had been very demanding. Almost lovingly, he caressed his Mommy’s beautiful body. She woke up slowly and began to weep. Impatient for his morning relief, Joe forced her head down on his throbbing cock like Mr. Smith did yesterday, blocking her airways completely, The tension in her throat when she fought for air was a great stimulus for his cockhead, What a wonderful feeling! In between, he allowed Mommy some breath. Finally he pumped her mouth full of jizz which she obediently gulped down.

After the morning blowjob mom and son lay closely together while Mommy weeped with a soft whimper. Joe caressed her soft body and kissed her face, which did not change her mood. He then moved down to Mommy’s lovely tits and began to lick them with his tongue. The big soft breasts carried stripes from both the flogger and the cane. He let his fingers track the prominent cane lines that Mike had inflicted on Mom with great brutality. His cock started growing again.

Joe then turned his apathical mom onto her stomach and looked at her battered thighs, ass and back. What a great sight! They had to buy a large collection of whips. He kissed Mommy’s lovely buttocks that sported a myriad of red stripes, the most prominent from the cane had turned bluish. He tracked the cane stripes with his wet tongue, which made his Mom shake and moan. She probably remembered the great pain the caning had inflicted on her. Joe greedily licked all his Mommy’s stripes and then continued down between her buttocks. He licked her little twinkie that Mr. Smith had raped so brutally and painfully just a few hours ago.

Mommy whimpered when she felt her son’s tongue on her butt hole, which was very sore. Joe continued further down to Mum’s pussy. He turned her over on her back and spread her long legs, where the thighs were beautifully striped with whip marks. He began to caress Mommy’s labia and clitoris with his lips and tongue, recalling how Mr. Smith had raped her pussy so badly yesterday. Probingly, while sucking Mom’s swelling clit, Joe inserted a finger into her feminine ovary. She whimpered at his touch, apparently still sore in her cunt but he could also feel wetness. Mommy was horny!

Joe continued licking his Mom and gradually changed her soundtrack from sorrowful weeping to lecherous moaning. He began finger fucking the pussy and launched an attack on the clitoris, which was now swelling and super sensitive. How he loved the sweet taste of his Mommy’s cunt juice and to suck her rosebud. Suddenly his Mom climaxed. Her body convulsed violently, her moaning became a roar and she squirted huge loads of jizz straight into the face of her amazed son. He had never seen Mommy squirt before.

Joe continued to suck and lick his Mom and she climaxed again, this time producing even more jizz as she went through spasms and squirted again. Her moaning was very loud. She certainly acted differently than how she used to orgasm. Joe had seen his Mom climax many times but never as violent as his. The squirting was certainly something new. Perhaps her long rape and torture yesterday had changed her sexually, Joe thought.

His cock was throbbing and he took Mom from behind, both laying on the side as was his favorite morning love position. In the beginning Mom tried to withdraw her pussy from his penetrating cock and wailed, probably because she still was in pain from the rape, bur gradually she started fucking him back. In the end Mom came again, screaming and howling and squirting like Joe had never seen before. But she was in for more.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH FUCK ME MORE!” Mommy squealed while Joe pumped her harder and harder. He moved position to their knees so he fucked her doggy style. This allowed him to use much more force when he pumped his horny Mom’s super wet cunt.

“YES! YES! YES! I’M COMING! DON’T STOP! AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!” Mommy’s body shook in violent spasms and again she squirted like a fire brigade, soaking the bed linen completely. She then almost fell asleep like a baby.

It was like Mom had accumulated tensions that needed to get out, Joe thought. She had definitely changed sexual behavior after her painful ordeal yesterday evening. Perhaps Mom really LIKED to be raped and spanked and feel deep pain, but could not or would not give in to it when it happened.

Probingly he grabbed Mommy’s big tits and groped them really hard. Mom moaned but did not move away from his hands. He pinched her nipples lightly which only added to Mom’s apparent excitement. But when he pinched her really hard she screamed loudly and her body convulsed violently. Did she get an orgasm? He pinched her nipples even harder and Mommy screamed wildly, this time also squirting!

“Hey Mom did you just get an orgasm?, Joe asked bewildered. She nodded her head, momentarily out of breath. “But I just pinched your nipples, Mom? How can you come so hard just by that?” Mom shook her pretty head. “I don’t know”, she whispered. “Something has changed inside me”.

Joe got to the conclusion that if nipples could provoke such orgasms in his mother, then her clitoris had to be even better. He caressed her swelling rosebud and took it between his fingers. Gradually he increased the power of the pinching. His mother’s breath increased accordingly. She started moaning. This is painful for her, not pleasant, Joe thought. She gets turned on by pain!

He released her clitoris and Mom relaxed, but then he suddenly pinched it again with great force. She climaxed immediately! She shrieked loudly, squirted from her pussy and her body convulsed so much that she almost fell from the bed. When Mom had fallen silent and relaxed completely after several minutes of tension and heavy breathing after the strong orgasm, Joe pinched her clit once more, and she climaxed again! Wow, she goes from naught to hundred in a second, he thought. Mr. Smith had certainly made an impression on Mom, changing her sexual behavior so dramatically.

Mike opened the door and came into the room, asking what was happening, since Mommy screamed so much and so loudly. He had woken up by her noise in his room downstairs.

“Something has happened to Mom. She gets turned on by pain, apparently. Let me show you. Mom, spread your legs. See what happens when I pinch her clitoris.”

Mike stepped back in surprise when he saw his Mom’s instant and violent orgasm. “WAUW! That was impressive! Mom, why do you suddenly come like that?”

“I don’t know!” Mom said. “Something has changed in me. It must have been those terrible things, you and that stranger did to me last evening. I have never experienced so much pain for so long as I did yesterday. And today pain makes me cum like a bomb. I have never had so strong and instantaneous orgasms before. I have never squirted before. It is really strange!”

“Let me try, Mom”, Mike said and laid down on the bed besides her. He reached for her clit and pinched it hard, just like Joe had done, and his Mom again came instantly with a wail and a big squirt. Mike waited for a few seconds and pinched her again with the exact same result. After the fifth orgasm his Mom rolled over, protecting her intimate parts and completely exhausted.

“STOP! You are going to kill me! It is too much!” she moaned.

Mike looked at her beautiful striped ass and got an idea.

“Mom, I want to fuck your asshole. You know I love to do that because you are so tight and I like to torment you. But if you now gets turned on by pain, anal sex should make you climax a lot. Let’s try.”

Before Mommy knew of it, Mike straddled her thighs and inserted his big cock in her tiny butthole. He then leaned over and forced his way through her sphincter.

NNOOOOOOOO! Mommy screamed, STOP IT! PLEEEEEEASE!. But Mike fucked on relentlessly and penetrated her completely. He then started moving back and forth violently, raping her ass in the worst possible way.

Mommy screamed both in agony and in orgasm. The longer Mike fucked her little twinkie, the more it became orgasm and eventually she was moaning and wailing in constant climax. It was impressive to watch for Joe. Getting aroused he asked Mike to let him fuck Mom’s butthole and seconds after he plunged his big cock into her ass.
It seemed that Mom got orgasm after orgasm, big and small but in a constant flow. If he fucked her hard she climaxed stronger. He got an idea and turned the two of them around, so Mom was on top of him.

“Mike, pinch her clit while I keep on fucking her ass. Let’s see what happens.” Mike pinched Mom hard and she erupted like a volcano, shrieking so loud that the windows almost shattered, and letting go of both her squirt, piss and bowels. Then Mommy fainted.

After the boys had cleaned up, and put the squirt soaked and dirty bed linen in the washer, the three of them had breakfast. Munching his cereals, Mike suddenly looked at Mom and said: “Mommy, I know what you have turned into. You have become a PAIN SLUT. I have seen that in porn videos. That is a woman that gets turned by pain. Some women can only get an orgasm if they feel pain, like being whipped or tortured.”

Mom looked at him with her big blue eyes full of fear: “Oh God. And you are probably already planning all sorts of painful ordeals for me, aren’t you? You have turned into a real sadist, Son.”

“What a great combination: A pain slut and a sadist. Couldn’t be better,” Mike grinned. “Get over here and suck my cock, Mum. I want to punish your butt while you blow me, you dirty PAIN SLUT”. Hesitantly, their naked Mom went to the other side of the table where Mike had moved his chair to create space for his maternal cocksucker. “Kneel Mommy and start sucking.”

While Mom sucked Mike he started spanking her striped ass with one hand, while he pushed her head down on his cock with the other. He smacked her hard, which made her whimper in pain initially, but gradually her rate of breath increased and she started moaning. Clearly Mom was getting horny. Following some really hard spanking she was very close to climax, but still sucking cock. Mike stopped smacking her butt and her moaning stopped. Several times Mike could bring his mother close to orgasm with four or five heavy spankings. Mom’s pain orgasms were quite easy to control. Finally he spanked her long enough to trip her over into a hard and loud climax with his cock deeply buried in her mouth.

Mike did not stop. He continued spanking his Mom’s butt while she sucked him, and she kept on cummin’, squirting her motherly jizz all over the kitchen floor. Finally, her son unloaded his cum in her mouth and released her head. Totally burned out Mommy fell to the floor, breathing heavily. Mike looked down at his beautiful naked Mom, lying exhausted on the floor in a pool of her own squirt and her face full of her son’s sticky sperm, and said:

“Mommy, you have turned into a real pain slut. You came at least five times simply by being spanked. I can’t wait to see what a good whipping will do to you now”.

Mike leaned over and reached for his Mom, pulled over to his chair on the slippery floor and placed her on her back with her long legs pointing up in the air. He then grabbed her clitoris and one of her nipples. Then he pinched his mother’s intimate parts hard. She came hard, again and again.

It seemed that five orgasms were Mom’s maximum. I should tie her up and just go on and on, Mike thought. Why not ten or twenty in a row? Mommy’s new sexual preference opened up for many new possibilities. One thing had gone, though. He could no longer punish Mom with anal rape and spanking. Which means of fear and discipline did they have, now that she had turned into a pain slut? He had to think of something.

After breakfast and Mom’s many pain orgasms the boys told her to clean up and then go shopping. They had some plans to make and went through the figures:

Friday night: $3000

Saturday morning: $1000

Saturday evening: $9000.

They had made 13.000 bucks in just two days by selling their Mom!

The teenage project had been overwhelming, because they put the price much too low and too many teenagers turned up. On the other hand, the interest was high, they had money and only lasted a few minutes before they shot their loads into Mom. So if they set a high price and limited the number it might turn out profitable.

There was also the matter of disciplining Mom so they could keep her in their power. Something that would scare the shit out of her like spanking and anal rape used to before. Mike had done some research and found out that you could buy electrical devices, both dildos, magic wands and other types of products all meant to induce pain. Judged from the porn clips available they seemed to be very efficient, judging from the screaming and physical reactions from the women exposed to them. They also need some whips.
Joe and Mike went on the internet and bought a variety of whips and torture instruments for their beautiful Mommy.

When Mom came home, she had to go through the usual sex control to ensure she had not made out with other men. Joe inspected her panties, her pussy and her anus for sperm. She seemed clean. What her sons could not know was that in the mall she had met some of the teenagers that were turned off yesterday morning when much too many wanted to fuck her tits. They offered her $100 for a blowjob and for groping her body. Being the slut she was she agreed and they found a handicap toilet in the mall large enough for her and six boys.

Mom took of her sparse clothing and let the boys admire and grope her voluptuous body. She bent over to let them see her two fuck holes and swung her big tits to tease them. How she LOVED to be a cock teaser! Mom then bent over and started to suck the first boy while the other guys continued to grope her body and stick fingers into her cavities.
As Mom had expected, the first blowjob only lasted about a minute before the teenager shot his load into her throat. She sucked eagerly and cleaned him up. The other five boys did not last much longer. All in all, she had made 600 bucks in less than 15 minutes and was very satisfied. She had just found a new stream of income, independently from her dominant sons.

She looked in the mirror and cleaned away the cum from her face and tits before putting on her underwear and tight dress. She then made the boys promise not to tell her sons about the blowjobs, otherwise they would never again be able to get sex from her. Mom went straight from the blowjob boys to the bank and opened a new account where she deposited the money. Then she went to the supermarket and from there took for home.

Joe said: “Mom, we have made 13,000 bucks in just two days!” (plus 600 today, she added in her thoughts). “You are a walking goldmine Mom. We have made plans today so you can earn even more. We will put out a tender by SMS where people can make bids for you. We will start with one blow job, Mom, and see how high the price can climp.
Mike took a video of Mom giving Joe his midday blowjob in an expertly manner and sent it out as MMS with this message:

“One blow job for sale to the highest bidder. Lowest bid is $200. The auction will close in 60 minutes.”

His phone pinged constantly with bids. Most of them were between 200-25 bucks, but two were for $300. Mike sent out a new MMS with another Mom video and wrote: “Highest bid so far $300. Who will go higher?” Both bidding $300 went up to 350. Well, Mike thought, why not take two?

He made them an additional offer: For $350 extra they could spank Mom 30 times as well. They both took the offer.

The first guy would turn up in 30 minutes and the next in 90 minutes. He went into the living room, where Joe was sucking their naked Mom on the sofa. Mike lifted up her head and sat under her, so she rested in his lap. He enjoyed seeing his mom so horny while his brother was pleasing her, and caressed her face and tits.

“Mom, you will get two visitors this afternoon. Blow jobs 350 bucks each. One of them will also spank you,” he told his lecherous Mom. Perhaps that pushed her over the top and into climax. Watching his Mom orgasm made Mike’s cock rock hard and he simply had to fuck her.

Mike had just unloaded inside his Mom’s fabulous pussy when the doorbell rang. Shit! Mom had distracted him so much that he had not checked the time!

“Mom! You have to wash! You are full of sperm and squirt. Hurry!” He then went for the door. Outside was coach Hansen! Their football coach for many years. Mike looked flabbergastered.

Coach Hansen smiled at Mike’s obvious confusion: “Take it easy, Mike! I am your customer!” he said and waved his phone with the video of Mom sucking Joe on the screen. “May I come in?”

“Ehhh…of course Sir! Do come in!”

Coach Hansen was a kind of fatherly authority to the football team, especially Joe and Mike who did not have a real father. He sent gifts for Christmas from Europe that was all. Mixing up his father figure the coach with his slave Mom and see them fuck was a mental somersault for Mike. Joe came by and seemed just as surprised by the visitor as his younger brother.

“So you two boys have taken power over your mother, rumor has it. Is that true?” Coach asked with a smile.

“We have made a deal, Sir. Let’s call it that”, Joe said nervously. Then his mother turned up, stark naked and flinched by the sight of Coach Hansen.

“Oh, hello Sonia! It’s been a while since we have met. I just received your impressive marketing material where you suck cock. Probably Mike’s or Joe’s. Good job! I want that too.”
Joe regained the initiative: “Let’s go into the living room, Sir. Mom, come along. Did you bring the money, Sir?” Coach gave him seven notes. “Thank you, Sir. Have a seat and my Mom will be there.”

Sonia (Mom) had been fucked by Coach Hansen many times before. It was quite odd to have him as a paying customer. While she watched him undress and sit in the sofa, she tried to do the math of how many fucks times 350 bucks. It turned into a substantial sum of money. Mom kneeled in front of Coach and caressed his well known big cock with her hands while she licked and sucked his balls. She then gave him a tit job which made him moan loudly. Her tongue licked his shaft and her lips kissed it before she finally took his cock in her little mouth.

“Ohhhh, you are an expert cock sucker, Sonia. You are SO GOOD,” Coach moaned while she massaged his big cockhead with her lips and tongue. At the same time she masturbated his cock with one hand and squeezed his big balls with her other little hand. Slowly, she then took his whole member into her mouth and let his head touch her throat, so she gagged. She knew how men loved that gag feeling. Mom then moved her head up and down, in between releasing the cock and licking it with her little tongue before she put the huge organ back between her sucking lips, deep into her throat and gagged for his pleasure.

Coach Hansen had to surrender to their cock sucking expert Mom within just five minutes. He held her head down on his cock while he spew his sperm into her throat. Joe and Mike had both developed a boner, fascinated by watching their beautiful naked Mom suck this big cock so expertly. They had to fuck her again!

Coach Hansen leaned back on the sofa. “Ohhhh that was so great, Sonia! You are fabulous! But I only lasted five minutes! Before I spank you, why don’t we have some more fun for old time’s sake? Boys, I can see your boners. Wouldn’t you like to fuck your sexy Mommy?”

Mom was standing on the sofa on all fours and Coach Hansen sat below her, caressing her big bouncing tits while Joe fucked her cunt and Mike her mouth. Coach were giving instructions as if they were playing football: “That’s right, fuck her hard, Joe! HARDER! I want to hear that wet Mommy pussy slurp, Joe! Mike, keep your cock down Mommy’s throat for at least a minute. Sluts like your Mom love to be gagged, don’t you bitch?” He slammed her ass.

“Sir, please try to pinch Mom’s nipples and do it REALLY hard. She loves that. You wait and see,” Mike said while he was almost suffocating his Mom with his cock. Coach did exactly that and Mom exploded in an instant orgasm, soaking the coach with her squirts.

“I’LL BE DAMNED! Your Mom has the most sensitive nipples I have ever touched! And what a squirter! I am completely drenched. I LOVE squirters,” the coach beamed. Then he did it again with the same impressive result.

“Sir, her clitoris is even better to pinch”, Mike said. Coach Hansen lay down on the couch with his face just below Mommy’s pussy and pinched her clit. She squealed like a pig and exploded in another giant climax. Her squirts hit Coach Hansen’s open mouth. He kept on pinching Mom and eagerly drank her jizz for every orgasm she had. It was like milking a cow, Mike thought from his forward position. It took all his efforts to keep his cock inside Mommy’s mouth as she screamed and howled and her body convulsed and moved around.

For each climax, Mom’s pussy contracted around her eldest son’s pumping cock like a fist. Coach Hansen forced her into five or six orgasms, it was difficult to tell exactly. When Joe ejaculated a huge load inside his Mom she had a vaginal and clitoral orgasm simultaneously and completely lost control over her body. Again, squirt, piss and shit spluttered from her cavities onto Joe and Coach Hansen. Again, Mom fainted and dropped down on Coach Hansen’s face.

It took a while to clean up both Mom, Joe, the coach and the couch, and suddenly the doorbell rang once more. Time was up for Mommy’s next visitor! DAMN, Mike thought as he ran for the door, suddenly realizing he was completely naked. He spurted into the living room and fetched his shorts and t-shirt, put it on and headed for the door.
Meanwhile, Coach Hansen left their house through the backdoor on the promise from Joe that he could come back in the evening at eight o’clock and spank Mommy as he had already paid for. Joe fetched Mom from the bathroom where she was putting on makeup, and placed her kneeling on the floor in the living room.

Mike had hardly opened the door before the person ringing the bell for the third time marched in with an angry expression in his face.

“Why on Earth do you keep people waiting outside for so long for everyone to see?” the man complained. He was dressed in a peculiar way wearing a cap, sunglasses and a winter jacket with the collar up, even though it was summer. Apparently, he did not want to be recognized by anyone.

“I am sorry, Sir. Unsuspected difficulties. Won’t happen again,” Mike apologized.

“OK. But you must understand that I am taking a risk by coming here. Nobody must recognize me!” The man said with gusto.

“I understand, Sir. We promise you absolute discretion. Perhaps next time you should use our backdoor. That would be more discrete”, Mike said. He could hear Joe and his Mom whispering in the living room.

“Good idea, Son. Now I assume that it is your own Mom that….ehhhh….provide the services you offered this morning?”

“It is, Sir. She is very good, Sir. I am sure you will be completely satisfied with her, Sir.”

“Well, take me to her, then. I am quite excited about this.”

Mike led the customer to the living room where his Mom was kneeling on the floor, completely naked apart from the high heels she had put on, and looking extremely beautiful and sexy. The customer became ecstatic by the sight.

“My God your Mom is beautiful! Much better than I had anticipated. STAND UP, SLUT, so I can see you properly. Put your arms behind your neck and turn around,” he commanded her with great authority. Mom did so and her big protruding tits seemed to fill the room while she moved. She then did something unforeseen: Standing with her back to the man, she spread her legs, bent over and pulled her buttocks apart, showing him her fuck holes.

“OH MY GOD! WHAT A BODY! AND WHAT A SLUT! I must fuck her! I want to fuck all three holes, not only her mouth. Name your price!” the man burst out. He began to undress. Joe did the calculation.

“That would be another 1000 bucks, Sir, if you also want anal and vaginal sex on top of oral and spanking.”

The man reached for his wallet and gave Joe 10 dollarnotes.

“How much time do I get for 1700 bucks? Three hours?”

“You get 30 minutes per service, Sir. Four treats means two hours, Sir. But you can buy additional time after the two hours for 500 dollars per half hour.”

“Fair enough. Now I have to reveal my identity for you. You will all three of you have to promise me you will keep my visit absolutely confidential.”

“We promise, Sir,” they said in unison.

As their visitor undressed, it turned out he was none less than the catholic archbishop! The family only went to church – the cathedral - once a year at Christmas Eve, and it was always the bishop that celebrated mass. Sonia knew his face with the aquiline nose very well. Brought up as a catholic, Mommy suddenly blushed with embarrassment and instinctively covered her intimate parts with her hands. The bishop motioned at her and said, irritated:

“Oh, stop that! Take your hands away. I am not here for prayer.”

Mom removed her hands to her sides but looked down on the floor, still embarrassed. Her sons wondered what had happened. It was very unusual for their slutty Mom to blush. “What is wrong Mom? Do you know this guy?”

“Your blushing Mommy has certainly recognized me, but you might as well know, boys, that I am the bishop of this city. That is why secrecy is so important for me. Can I trust you in this?”

“Certainly, Sir. We do not want to ruin neither your career nor our own business. We have a mutual need for discretion, Sir,” Joe replied.

“A very good reply, Son. I will take your word on that. Now I want your Mom to suck my cock. I take it that she is a good at it? Your phone video was very intriguing.”

“She is the very best, Sir. Please take a seat and let Mom take care of you. MOM, WAKE UP and give this gentleman a blowjob. The very best you can do. Get down on all fours and get over there,” Mike commanded.

The bishop, now completely undressed, sat on the couch (luckily, he had chosen the dry end) and watched Mommy’s big tits swing below her as she slowly approached him, still blushing. His flaccid member started to grow. When Mommy reached him, it was half-erect already.

“Now take that cock in your mouth, SLUT, and suck it good!” The bishop commanded. Mommy took the cock by her hands and started licking the shaft as she had done with Coach Hansen. The boys watched fascinated as the episcopal pole grow to full size in the experienced hands and mouth of their mother. Mom licked the shaft, the head and the balls of the bishop for several minutes before she dived down for the final blowjob. Slurping and sucking, she took in the whole cock and gave him the first gagging.

“OOHHH, THIS IS DIVINE! OH GOD!” The bishop exclaimed and started to moan. Mommy slurped and gagged loudly on the big member. Then she gave him a tit job, massaging his cock between her huge udders. The bishop leaned back and closed his eyes in joy, moaning heavily. Mom took his cock back in her mouth and started sucking really fast, moving up and down the long shaft. But unlike Coach Hansen, the bishop did not want to come too fast. He grabbed Mommy by the hair and removed her from his throbbing cock, which was on the brink of bursting. He looked her in the eyes.

“You have very beautiful eyes, my child. But you have been very bad, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Your Grace,” Mommy whispered meekly. “I have been bad.”

“You have fornicated in the most shameless ways with many men and even young boys, is that true?”

“Yes, Your Grace, it is true,” Mommys voice began to tremble.

“You are also fornicating with your own sons, I have heard. Is that really true, my child?”

“Yes, Your Grace, it is true”, Mommy whispered and started sniffling.

“Keep on working on that cock with your hands, bitch! Good. Now, you know that carnal lust per se is wrong, but carnal lust for your next of kin is VERY wrong. In fact, it leads to eternal damnation. You are SO LOST, my child,” the bishop said with his best episcopal voice. Mommy started crying, but kept on with the masturbation of his dick.

“Amens will not bring you indulgence, my child, especially not for such a grave sin as sexual intercourse with your own children. I might be able to help you, but I need to study this carnal sin before I can pass my judgment. Boys, please come over here and assist your mother”, the bishop said with great authority.

“Stand on both sides of your mother. Take off your pants, my sons. Now, my child,“ the bishop addressed Mommy, “I need so see how you commit you sins. Start masturbating these cocks, slut! DO IT!”

Sniffling and blushing, Mommy started masturbating her boys in front of the archbishop. This was mindboggling. First, he told her incest led to eternal damnation, and now he wanted to see it in the flesh. Within very short time both her sons sported huge erections thanks to Mommy’s experienced hands.

“So this is how you lead them into carnal sin, bitch! SHAME ON YOU! Now I want you to suck cock – the one to the left first.” Mommy took Joe’s cock in her mouth and started sucking, utterly embarrassed. The bishop watched the blowjob for a couple of minutes and then ordered Mom to suck Mike’s throbbing cock, which she had masturbated while taking oral care of his brother’s member. Shortly after, the bishop asked Joe to lay down on the floor. He ordered Mommy to straddle him and take his cock into her “home of sin”.

“Now, FUCK YOUR SON, bitch. Let me see how you commit the sin of intercourse with your own children.” Mommy started fucking her eldest son, tears running down her cheeks. Then she had to fuck Mike, of course.

“Very well. You can stop fornicating bitch. Get off your son’s cock. Now tell me, boys, was your mother’s cunt wet and willing? Did you enjoy being fucked by this shamelessly naked temptress?” The boys confirmed that they Mommy was wet and willing, and that they enjoyed the intercourse.

“You are only children, easy to lead stray for a shameless temptress like your mother!” The bishop winked to them outside their Mom’s field of vision. The boys suddenly understood the bishop’s intentions and could not help but smile, but only for a second. “Come over here, Mom, on all fours I need to inspect you.”

Mom moved over and the bishop clearly focused on her big bulging breasts as she approached.

“Turn your ass against me, bitch. I need to check if you are enjoying you carnal sin as your boys claim.” He groped her crotch and massaged her lips before sticking two fingers inside her pussy. He moved them around and pulled them out, full of sticky cunt juice.

“SHAME ON YOU! You are SO WET, bitch! The only cure for your corporeal sin of incest is corporal punishment! DO YOU UNDERSTAND, BITCH?”

“Yes, Your Grace,” Mommy said in a low voice, utterly ashamed.

“Now you will place yourself on my lab and I will SPANK YOU SEVERELY! MOVE, SLUT!”

Shivering, Mommy lay down in the bishop’s lap, her bubble butt placed by his right hand. A hard blow landed on her ass and she screamed, mostly in embarrassment. Four more spankings followed, making her moan and sob. He hit her REALLY hard. Unfortunately, as the pain increased so did her climax. She tried to fight it. It would be SO AKWARD to get an orgasm in the lap of an archbishop! He groped her firm buttocks with great please before continuing the punishment with the next five beatings. When he smacked her for the ninth time, she suddenly came in a roaring climax, squirting and screaming. This completely unexpected reaction to spanking amazed the bishop. He looked inquiringly at her sons for a possible explanation.

“Pain excites her, Sir. It makes Mom cum as you just witnessed”, Joe explained.

“She is a pain slut, Sir. The more it hurts the more she cums, Sir. And she squirts a lot”, Mike added.

“Oh really? I better wait with the rest of the spanking, then. Mommy, you are SUCH A SLUT! I need to see the last sin performed. Get down on the floor on hands and knees. MOVE!” He shoved her down from his knees. Joe and Mike still had hard-ons and he asked them to fuck their mom. They did not hesitate and plunged into her holes, as always horny for their mother.

“Fuck her hard. She deserves to be punished. DON’T YOU, YOU DIRTY BITCH!” He took her head by the hair and pulled her away from Joe’s cock. Mike continued plowing his mother, making her head move back and forth in the hand of the clergyman.

“Yes, Your Grace, I deserve to be punished,” Mommy said while she grunted because Mike fucked her pussy so hard.

“I am sorry, lad, but I need your mother’s mouth,” the bishop told Joe and pulled her over to his cock. Mike followed behind her, never leaving her pussy. The bishop forced Mommy’s mouth down on his cock and gagged her hard, so she choked and could not breathe for more than a minute. He allowed her a second of air and then blocked her throat again with his episcopal member. This went on and on for 10 minutes, before Mom was relieved from her suffocation and feeling more dead than alive. In the meantime, Mike had cum and Joe took over his place, fucking his suffocating mother.

Now, the bishop ordered Mommy to suck her eldest son and let his load of sperm hit her face. Joe came pretty fast, and his semen covered his mother’s beautiful face and dripped onto her protruding breasts. Then her customer plunged into her mouth and forced her to suck him, and soon his huge load added to her humiliation. She was totally drenched in sperm from her son and her paying customer. The ladder told her to go and get washed.

When Mommy came back, the bishop and her sons were sitting beside each other on the couch, the customer in the middle. The clergyman clapped his hand on his knees and told her he would finalize the punishment of a sinful slut mother. Her sons would participate as revenge for her foul seduction.

She followed his order and was placed with her legs on Mike’s knees to the left of her spanker and her upper body on Joe’s lab, his big cock deep in her mouth. The bishop instructed him son to choke his Mom for at least a minute at a time and only allow inhalation for a second to distract the slutty bitch from climaxing. Mike had been ordered to fist fuck his Mom in her foul hellhole. The ever sadistic sons was only happy to add to their mother’s sufferings.

Mommy’s severe spanking resumed. Her older son raped her mouth and throat, almost choking her with his big cock. Her younger son was painfully raping her pussy with his big hand and the bishop was spanking her ass SO HARD. In common, the three strong men held her so tight she could hardly move. Mommy was crying and utterly desolated.

The choking was terrible and Mom thought several times that she would faint or die. How could Joe do this to her? Mike molested her pussy causing extreme pain. Apparently, he had not greased his hand. Heavy blow after blow from episcopal hands made her aching buttocks shake and sizzle. OHHH IT HURT SO MUCH! AND SHE NEEDED AIR SO MUCH!!

The bishop had hoped that the triple punishment would prevent Mommy from cummin’ but he was wrong. The intensity of the terrible pain and the choking had the opposite effect on the slutty bitch. At the fifth stroke from his hand, she came like a freight train and climaxed constantly until the bishop had given her the full 20 stroke spanking. The intense pain turned into intense lust in Mom’s depraved head.

She could not moan and scream due to her son’s efficient gagging of her throat, but squirt after squirt from her cunt and her body’s orgasmic spasms made it absolutely clear to the three men abusing Mommy, that this pain slut was cummin’ very hard.

Ironically, Mommy’s own squirting had greased her younger son’s fist and made it possible for him to complete the rape of his mother. Mike’s hand was now fully inside her overstretched cunt and fucking her viciously and painfully, making his Mom climax and squirt again and again. Joe was still choking Mom, intensely following his younger brother’s brutal violation of the very vagina that gave him birth.
Sitting in the middle of it all, the bishop looked at the amazing scenery of two sons raping and choking their own Mom. What a great family, he thought. I would like to be their confessor.

He stopped Mike from further rape as he himself had not yet fucked Mommy’s pussy. Joe let go of Mom’s head and she inhaled air, as she had never had any before. The overflow of oxygen to her air starved body, and the immense influx of orgasmic hormones in her blood made Mommy very sleepy and she fell into a graceful sleep – the second fainting that day.

Mom woke up a few minutes later to a wonderful feeling between her legs. The bishop was licking and sucking her pussy and clitoris. She was laying in her own bed, as her massive squirting had completely drenched the couch and carpet in the living room. Within a few minutes, she was climaxing again, squirting the clergyman right in his face. He opened his mouth and swallowed a lot of her jizz. Another squirt freak, Mommy thought, thinking about Coach Hansen who had literally milked her earlier today.

He turned her around and lubed her tight little asshole, which hadn’t seen any action since morning, and his sizeable cock. “Please be careful, Sir, my little twinkie is so tight,” she begged.

“I surely hope so”, the bishop said, put her hands together on her back and shackled her with a pair of handcuffs. Her sons, as always present when their Mommy had sex with other men, watched with interest. Handcuffs are good, they thought. Mommy will be in a lot of pain shortly. Their cocks began to swell by the sight of their wonderful mother laying naked and in bondage on the bed, about to be ass fucked by a bishop, and by the thought of the suffering it would inflict on her frail body.

The intruder dragged Mommy’s long legs off the bed and placed her knees on the floor. Her body was laying on the bed and her fabulous butt was protruding in the direction of her customer’s big cock, which would cause her so much pain shortly. He lubed his hand and tried to expand Mom’s very tight asshole, which proved quite difficult. Only one finger could get inside.

“Sir, if you spank her while you penetrate her asshole she will let go of her sphincter and it will easier for you to fuck her, Sir.” Useful information about a mom from her son, the bishop thought and spanked her butt while he kept on the pressure on her twinkie with his two fingers. Joe had been right; suddenly his fingers were inside Mommy’s most intimate orifice. He started finger fucking her slowly, gradually relaxing her anal muscles and allowing one more finger to slip in. She began whimpering. Mike fetched the ball gang and asked if he should put this in his mother’s mouth to silence her. What a great idea. Thank you, the bishop said.

He fucked her as deep as possible with his finders and considered pushing a fourth finger in Mommy. On the other hand, he would like her to be as tight as possible to maximize his sensation and her torment. Like many other men, the bishop found great joy in hurting women, especially anally. He certainly would have loved to fist fuck Mommy’s narrow orifice, but that would destroy the pleasure of cock fucking her butt. The bishop was convinced, though, that Mommy’s sadistic boys would allow him to mutilate their mother’s rosebud at another occasion.

Next time is fisting time, he thought, lubricated his cock, withdrew his fingers from Mom’s twinkie and inserted his cock. Forcefully, the bishop pushed through her sphincter and had about half of his length inside her, when Mom started screaming. The gag reduced the noise level, but left no doubt that Mommy was in great distress. Relentlessly, the anal intruder pushed even further into Mom’s asshole, causing her extreme pain and securing the absolute attention of her sons, who were watching the anal rape of their Mommy with great pleasure.

Finally, the bishop had his full length inside Mommy and now began to fuck her for good, withdrawing so only his dickhead was inside her orifice, and then in one brutal trust penetrate her completely. Mom was moaning and shivering from the onslaught. He fucked her faster and harder, his loins smacking against her ass. Suddenly, Mommy lifted her gagged head from the bed and shrieked into the gag, squirted and had strong convulsions in her body, but also in her anus. It felt like a fist grabbed the bishop’s cock and squeezed it, every time Mommy hit climax. BEST ANAL FUCK EVER, he thought.

The boys watched their Mom being raped in her tight asshole and her cummin’ as the bishop continued to fuck her, until he blessed their mother’s bowels with his sperm. The man pulled out his cock and a brownish mix of sperm and shit seeped out of their Mom’s battered arse. Mike saw his chance.

“Sir, Mom is used to clean dirty cocks with her mouth. Do you mind if I fuck her ass while she sucks you?”

Seconds later, the bishop forced his foul tasting cock into Mommy’s mouth, while her own son continued the painful onslaught on his mother’s damaged asshole. Later Joe took over, completing the vicious and humiliating invasion of his own Mommy’s tight orifice. Meanwhile Mom was cummin’ countless times, screaming, yelling and convulsing as her own sons fucked her anal cavity raw.

The bishop still needed to fuck their Mom’s cunt, but as he had a meeting with a convent shortly, he had to leave. Of course, Mommy’s sons promised that he could fuck their Mom anytime he wanted, as he had already paid for it. And why didn’t he bring some friends for a free test drive? Great idea I might do so, the clergyman said and sneaked out of the backdoor, wondering why these boys had developed such a fetish for watching at and participating in their own Mommy’s sufferings.

The ways of the Lord are past human understanding, the archbishop reminded himself. And as long as he could get a piece of this fabulous woman’s ass, he could not care less.


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