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Vengeance 21

Ellie returned from classes on the eleventh to find several wrapped packages on the coffee table in the middle of my room. Imagine the sight if you will, a gorgeous, tan Greek beauty wearing a fairly transparent white tank top and black nylon shorts with curly dark brown hair falling everywhere. Punctuating her appearance was a black collar with four D-rings at right angles around it.

“Happy Birthday,” I said from my computer, putting up an away message and getting up from the desk.

She smiled mischievously and put her books down. “Thank you…wonder what I got?”

“You’ll find out,” I answered her.

“Oh, I don’t get to find out for myself, you’re gonna show me?”

I looked her right in the eye, “yep. I do have one present that you can unwrap though,” my hand brushed over my hard cock.”

She laughed. “Is this the dialogue from a cheesy porno or what?”

“Just get on your knees, slave.”

She quickly complied and moved towards me. I grabbed her chin with one hand and slid my cock out of my pants with the other. I turned her face to the side and began rubbing my head on her cheek. She sighed with pleasure as my warm cock touched her spring-breexe cooled skin. I slapped it against her a few times as flecks of precum flew over her face. One hit her lips, and she eagerly ran her tongue around them drawing in the salty liquid.

After a few minutes of teasing her with my cock, I slid it back into my boxers and pants and pulled her to her feet. I lifted her white tank top over her head sending her breasts bouncing slowly to a stop. To her delight I ran my tongue in circles over both her nipples, before I slid her thin nylon shorts down her pleasantly large (muscle, not fat mind you) legs.

Surprisingly, Ellie had chosen today to wear panties, something she often made a habit of not doing. It was (of course) her favorite pair, a bright red thong. Unsurprisingly it was also wet. They followed the shorts down her legs and Ellie stepped out of the last of her skimpy coverings with a giggle.

“Actually there’s one you can open,” I said handing a small package to her.

She eagerly tore it open. “Sexy,” she said with a smile. It was a fairly ridiculously overpriced, dark red silk and suede blindfold that had that irresistible quality to it.

She handed it to me as I stepped around behind her and tied it tightly at the back of her head. While extremely comfortable, the blindfold also completely blotted out her vision.

Once I was sure it wasn’t going to slip off, I grabbed a short length of rope and tightly bound her wrists.

“This is present number two,” I said unwrapping it near her head so she could hear it. I pulled out a large metal hook. The hook end was about three inches, with the other end twice as long with an eyelet with which to thread rope through at the top. Wanting to be careful that it stayed clean, I slipped a condom over the “business” end of the hook, and set it quietly down on the table. I then lifted her arms and bound them to the 5’ foot high lofted bed that was about five feet behind her. Then I tied a length of rope from the front D ring in her collar to my bed on the other side of the room so that with her arms pulled backwards, and her neck pulled forwards, she was immobilized and bent over in the center of the room.

“Spread your legs Babe…and open your mouth.” Ellie grinned as she complied. She knew that, bent over, she was fairly close to cock-level and was certainly hoping for a salty treat. That was, not, however what I had in mind. Bunching them into a ball, I shoved her still damp panties into her mouth. She grunted at the surprise of something unexpected going into her mouth and the sudden taste of her own juices. Once they were in, I slapped a grey bar of duct tape over her mouth.

I paused for a minutes to marvel at the sight of this helpless spread legged beauty trapped in the middle of my room. I unwrapped another package. “Present number three,” I informed her, as I slid it into her pussy.

She made a nice little moaning sound as I rammed it home. Without it even having been turned on, she knew what was coming. A nice little bulge towards the end of the vibrator would hammer away at her g-spot while an adjustable arm was pressed tightly against her clit.

After making sure it was in the perfect place, I grabbed the hook off the table and began to spread lubricant on the end. The only thing that hadn’t cashed in its V-card was Ellie’s ass, and that was all about to change. When I was satisfied with the amount of lubricant I had applied, I pressed it up against Ellie’s asshole and began to slide it in. She moaned deeply as I slowly slid it up until it could go no further.

She let out a surprised squeal when I tied the end of the hook to her hair and tightened it so she had to arch her back. Finally, to complete the ensemble, I attached a spreader bar to her legs, keeping them nice and wide, making sure that she could move as little as possible.

I stepped away to admire my work again, then flicked the vibrator to high and let it go to town on her helpless pussy. She started convulsing immediately as the high powered vibrator gave her no time to catch her breath. Muffled screams started pouring into the gag as she tried to do anything she could to relieve the ecstasy that was being brought down upon her. It was useless as her screams grew to deep moans and her pussy dripped. I heard her grunt and bite down on the gag as the first of her orgasms hit. Her body tensed up as the wave of pleasure rippled through her body. The orgasm abated, but the vibrator was not slowing down and Ellie continued to moan and grunt.

I moved around her, making sure things weren’t too tight, and generally enjoying her fantastic breasts as much as I wanted. After her second orgasm, I removed the gag and let her moans and screams pass through the thin dorm walls and into the adjacent rooms and hallway.

Working towards her third orgasm, the constant stream of pleasure zoned Ellie out and made her fairly oblivious to what was going on around her. I cut the copes that bound her hands and neck (leaving the wrist cinch intact) and, after moving the coffee table, laid Ellie on the floor. I carefully removed the blindfold and set it aside, though it didn’t matter. Ellie’s eyes were clamped shut, and her cheeks were wet with tears. I removed my clothes, and knelt over her, for a few moments enjoying the contortions of her face as the vibrator continued on indefatigable.

I smacked the side of her ass, hard prompting a small yelp, momentarily breaking her heavy panting and moaning. I hit her again, harder, and she tried to lift her hips and allow me a full swing at her ass. She got them a few inches off the ground before the fatigue from the position she’d been in for several minutes and the onslaught of the vibrator brought them back down.

Finally I moved forwards and lay my dick across her lips. Her eyes fluttered open, and she stared at me as I slid it into her mouth. Blissfully happy, her eyes fell shut again, and her moans quieted, muffled by my cock. The distraction between her legs prevented her from working into a rhythm, so I grabbed her hair and did it for her, being careful to thrust in so I didn’t pull too much against the hook.

After a few minutes it became evident that the hook and her bound wrists were making things difficult and uncomfortable, so I relieved her of them. Her fingernails dug into my legs and ass as she struggled to find a place for her hands. I began thrusting in harder, faster, deeper as she worked her way towards another orgasm. Her tongue fell limp and she just let me plow away at her face as another wave of pleasure was upon her.

Timing it just right, I came onto her eager tongue at the same time as an orgasm rippled through her body. I turned the vibrator off as my cum drizzled out onto her tongue. She eagerly swallowed each drip as it came. Finally she sucked out the last drop and her eyes opened and smiled at me. I slid the drenched vibrator out of her pussy and laid it on some paper towels on the coffee table. Lastly I loosened the spreader bar and tossed it aside.

Ellie just laid there a while, still in the spread-eagle position, panting and trying to regain her breath. I cleaned up after the birthday girl, stopping every so often to run my hands over her body and give her a kiss.

A half hour later I helped her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around me and leaned on me for a while.

“Happy Birthday Babe”

She moaned happily and slid her hand down to caress my balls. “Mmm, thank you.”


2010-04-02 13:20:19
This series is awesome, it really reminds me of my girlfriend. Can't wait until some more anal


2008-10-11 05:41:38
just click on The Author at the top of the page to go his profile where you can read all of the stories you've missed


2006-11-09 03:04:30
i cant find all the ones the person before me said and i would really lyke 2 c them.
hopefully, u will repost but if u dont.. then i cant do anything about that..
luv ya work.


2006-09-25 10:26:27
the numbers that r not availiable r : 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13.


2006-09-09 18:44:26
Vengeance 22 is pending approval.

~the author

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