Yet another chapter. Enjoy.
"Holy shit" Im thinking as we ran down the hall. "Im gonna have shower sex!" I thought. We got into the bathroom and we realized 'Shit we didnt bring clothes!' "Fuck it we'll wear towels!" I said

I turned on the water making it hot but not really hot. Only enough to make some steam. Allie literally jumped in and when she landed her tits jiggled. "Join me?"

"Gladly!" I said and jumped in as well. We stood there for a moment. Allie had water running down her tits sliding past her bellybutton and slid past her pussy making her squirm ever few second. "Hey save some for me!" I said hoping she wouldnt get spent from the water.

"And what about you!" She said. The water that didnt hit her hit the tip of my cock making me hard from the water and this naked girl in front of me.

"It needs shelter!" I said.

"Oooohh... shelter huh." allie said sexily. She turned to me and guided my cock into her pussy. "Mmmmm.... Shelter enough?"

"Yep!" I said. I slowly started rocking into her. My dick sliding in and out of her making her moan with pleasure. I kept watching my dick slide into her and then come out at a ,I guess you would call it, medium pace. Not fast but not too slow. Making the pleasure last.

Her pussy was getting wetter. The water helped but my dick made it even wetter. I started going faster then slowing down seconds later making her cum harder but also teasing the shit (or in this case cum) out of her. "Mmmm damnit.... Keep going fassssss shiiiit.... faster!!" She would say. Going faster and slower when she talked.

"Why this is funny." Her pussy started getting tighter.

"Im gonna cum!!!" she yelled. I stopped sliding my dick in and out and pulled out. "HEY!! What thuughhhhh shiit..." She said. My head went south. I started licking her pussy making her cum some more "HERE IT COMES!!!" I licked faster and faster at her clit and in a matter of seconds cum covered me. I licked as much as I could letting some go down the drain.

"Lucky fuckin drain." I said. Allie laughed. My dick still had some of her cum on it.

"Hold on..." she said. And went down to my cock and sucked. She actually had some of her pussy juice in her own mouth. "Man I taste good!" She said. I moaned as a response. I was so turned on. I watched her head go down on my cock and slowly come out all the way. Shed then lick the head of my dick stroke my cock and swallow my cock. Then shed slowly come out repeating this process.

"Holy shit..." I managed to say. Allie and I were now soaked with water. We were in for about 10 minutes now. I looked at my watch... Saturday. Laundry day..

Allie stopped. "Is it me or is this water...." The water was getting hotter.... MOM! SHIT. She hads turned on the washing machine!

"SHIT! We gotta get out!!" The water had dramaticlly raised in heat. I tried sliding open the door to let allie out. CLANG CLANG CLANG!! The goddamn wheels were jammed! "Allie turn off the water!!" Fuck man you have no idea how hot this shit was. Have you ever turned up your shower so the water was at its hottest? Thats what it was like.

"Shit!" She yelled as she got burned. And hit the knob in.

We stood still as the water at our feet drained. I laughed. She did too. Why didnt we turn off the water first I dont know.

"Im not finished yet.." She said and started the process again without my word.

"Ugh... yeah...:" I moaned. My cock was starting to get harder than it was before.

After about a minute I felt my nuts tighten. "Im gonna cum soon..." I said. Allie slowed down her sucking. Karmas a bitch.

"How do you like it." She said.

"Not well." I said.

"Sorry." and she deep throated me! She fit my entire cock in her throat and sucked harder than ever!

I was going to cum in a matter of seconds. Allies spit was making her gargle on it. She choked but kept it in making loud coughing and wheezing sounds. I wasnt forcing her or telling her to do this either! She knew what she was doing and liked it.

"Im gonna CUM!!!" I yelled. Cum erupted from my cock into her throat. Allie swallowed it all. Her spit my cum and my cock was still in her throat. I tell you I havent cummed that hard in my life. EVER.

I heard her come up after I came and she let in a HUGE wheeze of air. Gasping but smiling at me.

"What the FUCK was that?!" I asked loudly.

"I wanted to gag on your cock so I did." Her voice was weak. She had fucked up her throat.

"You sound hurt. Whyd you do that?"

"To make you cum hard." She said. She whinced with pain. It hurt her to talk.

"I did. Well dont talk. Im going to pry this fucking door open and get you some hot chocolate. Or something to help your throat."

"Oh--" She stopped and tears welled in her eyes. She nodded. She hurt herself.. For me. Damn I love this girl!

"Allie I dont know why youd do that for me. I love you" I said and leaned in to kiss her. She kissed back forcing her tongue into my mouth. We stood there and french kissed for quite awhile. I eventually broke the kiss and told her "Now lets get outta here." I know I sounded like a goon but hey. I was trapped in a bathroom with my naked girlfriend.

I grabbed the brush you use to clean your back and held it by the head. " Step back" I said. She nodded and was by the shower head. I pulled back and screamed "HIIEEEEE" Yes that was my martial arts cry. I slammed the head through the glass making a handle for me to pull open the glass door. I pulled back on the "handle" Cutting my hands but I eventually opened it a few inches. I stuck my hand through the open part and pulled. Making the door slide open with lots of schreeches but it eventually opened big enough for us both to get through. We avoided the glass and went to the sink. I opened up the cabinet and I grabbed a small towel for me and put it around my waist. I got a big one for Allie because she had to cover her tits and pussy. I cleaned off my hand with my towel and told Allie she could leave the bathroom if she wanted.

She shook her head no. "Im going to stay with you:" She managed to say before sliding to the floor and crying silently. Her throat hurt worse.

I pulled her up with my forearms and kissed her. "I love you... But you dont have to watch."

She shook her head no and that was all I needed. I turned on the water and pulled out the glass. I took out the tweezers and pulled out the smaller pieces. I put preoxide on my hands and like 3 feet of gauze. My hands looked like I was wearing skin tight gloves.

I wrapped my arms around Allie and kissed her her she put her arms around my neck and we kissed in front of my sink for about one hour. I opened the door and we walked out heading towards my room.

"We should get dressed" I said finally. I looked at the time. 1 pm... Fuck it Im taking a nap after I make the coco for Allie I thought.

She nodded. "Coco..." She moaned. Her voice still hurt to speak.

"Aye" I said. "Ill put on some jeans and make it and bring it down."

"No..." She said


She pointed to me then herself. She wanted to go with me.

"You wanna go with me?" She nodded. I felt like I was talking to a pre schooler. She was hurt. It was partially my fault for not pulling away. But she did it.. Im still gonna nurse her back to health. I thought

I put on some jeans. Commando I was. She put on some of those sexy ass shorts girls wear. Commando as well. She put on one of my t-shirts and I watched her tits dissapper under my shirt.

"Lets go." I said and led her upstairs.

Once we got upstairs I opened up the cabinet and pulled out the Nestle' Quick. I still call it that. If you dont you'll know it as "nes quik". I warmed up some milk and made her the coco. "Marshmallows?"

Allie nodded. A big grin on her face. She loves hot chocolate.

After she was done we went back to my room. She fell asleep on my bed. I eventually did the same and cuddled up next to her falling asleep as well.

Allie woke me up at about 10 pm.

"What is it?" I asked

"My throats healing" She said. She sounded raspy but she could still talk.

"Good!" I looked at my hands. I rubbed one. "Ouch shit. Still some glass... Ill put more peroxide in later."

"Does it hurt to talk?" I asked.

"No not anymore. I dunno what I was thinking..." Allie paused for a few minutes. "I feel like a slut.."

Oh shit, I thought. "No your not! You just did what you wanted." I did NOT want her to cry again.

"Yes I am. I tried to be like those girls on those 'Gagging on cock' movies!" She said loudly.

"You were curious. It doesnt make you a slut." I knew she hadnt done it before.

She smiled at me and kissed me. This was a hell of a way to wake up. She put her tongue in my mouth and it felt like our tongues were doing an indian rain dance in each others mouths.

I slowly unzipped my pants. I really dont want wake up with my dick being stuck in a zipper. Not fun. Allie copied me. She slowly slid down her shorts to her knees.

Allie pulled away. "Im going to ride you like a horse!" I had no problem with this. My cock was out and ready.

Allie stood on her knees and "walked" over to me. She threw her left leg to my left sideand slowly eased my dick into herself until she was all the way in. Allie lowered her head to my chest and we lay there. Allie on top of me and me under her. She was light. 115 lbs at the most. She looked incredible. She was so pretty in the moonlight.

Allie raised her ass but kept her face in my chest. Feeling my cock slip out of her pussy must have struck a nerve or something because she started to cum. Mildly but hey she was cumming.

She slammed her ass back down on me. She moaned with pleasure. Her pussy made slurping sounds as it went up and down on my cock. And man, she was tight. When she pulled off her pussy came sort of inside out as it kind of was wrapped around my cock.

"Uhnnn Adam.... Your filling me more than usual!"

I had no idea why she was so tight. She was tighter than the first night we had sex.

"Yeah I know..." I was feeling so good right now. Just laying there being pleased as my cock pleased her at the same time.

After a few minutes of her fucking me she came. And she came hard. I was all over my cock onto my sheets. She paused and shook on my chest. She orgasamed.

"Adam finish yourself off inside of me!" I think she wanted ME to fuck HER so Iput her on the bottom and I fucked her. But at about the same rate she was fucking me.

"Allie.... Your so tight tonight.... Hey that rhymed." I laughed.

"Hee... I knowwww shit!" Man she was sensitive.

"Im gonna cum soon!" Only a little while longer.

"Do it Adam!" She moaned. Her voice getting stronger. The raspiness wasnt as bad.

I thrust a little harder and my dick shot off like a bottle rocket. 6 spurts of cum blasted her pussy. "Ohh fuuuuuuck" Allie moaned. I grunted. She felt so good.

After our orgasms I took off my pants put on some boxers and put on a clean pair of jeans. Allie took off her shorts put on a sexy red thong and then put on new shorts. Copycat.

"Damn Im hungry." Allie said.

"Me too. Pizza?" I asked

"Oh cool! Pizza sounds good."

"Peporini?" I asked

"Yeah.." She said. We hadnt eaten anything really all day. So now was the time to eat and then probably pass back out.

"Yes Id like one extra large peporini pizza please..." I covered the mouth piece "What kind of crust?"

"Hand tossed!" Allie giggled.

"Hand tossed!" I said to the lady on the phone. "About 40 minutes and its 20 bucks." I ran to my room and took a 20 out of my wallet.

"What are we gonna do now?" She asked me. "40 minutes'll be awhile.."

We both looked at the couch then the tv. "A movie?"

"Yeah! Hmm.... Spaceballs."

"Yes that flick ROCKS." I said laughing. I put in the movie and lay next to Allie on the couch. I wrapped my arm around her and we stayed like this unti our pizza arrived.

Part 4 coming soon. I'll try to make it longer and have more sex but hey. This is true and sometimes the finer things in life are sitting on the couch. More sex though. You can count on it.

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