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Hi, I'm Cindy. I'm a cocksucking, pussy-eating, cum-gobbling slut. Nice to meet you.

Hi, if we haven’t met yet, my name is Cindy; I’m a cocksucking, dick-riding, pussy-eating, ass-fucking cum slut. And these are my confessions.

My very first orgasm, and the half-dozen that followed, I climaxed while a cock spurted hot cum in my mouth and I fingered myself. The next 20 or 30 times I came, I was squatting in a glory hole, again with a series of cocks in my mouth, leaking precum or shooting a load down my throat while I fingered myself. In college, I lived in a dorm with a she-male room mate who took my virginity. She was my lesbian lover, with long, silky hair, soft tits, and a dick I could suck. It was confusing, but I liked it. My first gang bang was a combination blow-bang and cum shower at a frat house. While I ate cum from over a dozen men, some right in my mouth, some shot on me and licked up, a lesbian named Twylla ate me out. Man, was that great!

Just thought you should know who your’e dealing with. I hope reading about my experiences makes your dick hard or your pussy wet. I hope you cum while you read my confessions and imagine me doing you, or imagine that you are me. Man or woman, I wish you could cum in my mouth while I was having an orgasm. People say there’s nothing like it. Maybe some day you will, who knows?

Anyway, here’s the next chapter in my confessions.

= = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 6 — Homecoming

= = = = = = = = = =

College was changing me. Or maybe it was just life that was changing me and I happened to be in school. But it’s hard to imagine I’d have gotten so close to Lonni anywhere else. If I’d just met her socially I probably would have taken her at face value: a cute girl with a great sense of humor, long blonde hair, nice tits, a very feminine fashion sense, and an assertive, almost aggressive manner.

My lesbian tendencies would never have been strong enough to overcome my shyness and really open up to her, if we hadn’t been dorm roomies. And it wasn’t until I knew her intimately that I discovered Lonni was a she-male, a girl with a dick.

And what a pretty dick! Slender and streamlined—just perfect for slipping into your pussy, and irresistible to suck on. Lonni liked to fuck me from behind while reaching around to rub my clit. She was so considerate…

It usually gave me a little orgasm to be fucked that way, which I guessed meant I wasn’t totally lesbian. I mean, from behind I couldn’t even see her tits! (I could feel them on my back though. Mmmm.) But what really turned me on was to do Lonni sixty-nine, with her lips around my love button and her cock deep in my throat. I had massive orgasms that way.

So Lonni took my virginity, and since then she was the only girl whose cock I fucked.

You know, I don’t think that came out right… I mean, I hadn’t let any guys’ cocks into my pussy either.

Just my mouth…

I know, I know: for a lesbian, I suck a lot of cock. It’s almost involuntary for me. See, I kind of imprinted that way during my first orgasm. You know, like a baby duck: if the first thing it sees is… well, no, it’s not exactly like that at all, come to think of it. But…

My point is, if you added up all the times I’ve sucked a cock and all the times I’ve cum, you’d come up with pretty close to the same numbers. Well, if you added them ALL up, you’d come up with just one number, so you’d have to, like, divide it by two or something… um…

You know what? Never mind. I liked cocks. I liked other girls. My closest girlfriend had a cock. End of story.

Well, and of course there was Twilla. Did I mention Twilla? She was a redhead, and a 100% all-girl lesbian—in black leather, with a blindfold and nipple clips in her jacket pockets—and I owed her one full night as her unconditional sex slave, basically because she made me blow a bunch of guys at a frat house. That, and because she had protected me. Well, and made me cum a bunch of times. And anyway, I actually ASKED her to make me do it, so it wasn’t like she had MADE me do it… only she really had.

But it had gone really well, and I was grateful. Plus I was kind if in love with her, in my own semi-submissive, free-spirited, cum slut sort of way…

Right. So, you can see now how it all made sense at the time.

Sort of.

Twilla dropped me off at my dorm, and left without getting specific about what night I should come by to pay my debt. I was a little anxious about it, but I think she preferred it that way. She had a way of making me afraid and making me soak my panties with pussy drool at the same time, you know?

Speaking of pussy drool, I was a mess. My blouse looked like it had been crumpled on the floor, stepped on, and used to wipe cum—a lot of cum—off somebody’s face, because, well, it had, right? My pants looked about the same, for the same reason. I had no idea where my panties were (probably hanging on some frat room wall as a trophy, like a stuffed moose head). My hair was matted with cum, and my tongue and tonsils were coated with it. I hadn’t had a wink of sleep all night.

And I had a glow of contentment, a bounce in my step that was threatening to let me walk on air, and a pussy that was so marinated in a mixture of my own girl cum and Twilla’s saliva that it was running down my thighs.

It was great to be home.

I needed to get my clothes off again, take a long shower before Lonni saw me, and then have Lonni fuck my brains out. I needed a cock in my pussy, soon, and only Lonni’s long, slender cock would do. There is nothing like a string of orgasms to make you want to just fuck, am I right girls? (Pure lesbians are excused from answering…)

Naturally Lonni met me at our dorm room door, gave me a big sloppy kiss, and started to undress me. It turned out we both had guy cum on our breath, and that the abundance of saliva and pussy sluice running down my leg was no obstacle at all to getting Lonni inside of me. Quite the reverse.

I pulled Lonni down on top of me, her small, beautiful breasts pressed against mine, nipple to nipple, girl body to girl body, and she slid her hard beautiful cock suddenly inside me, all the way to the hilt, her slender hips bumping into mine. We both giggled.

I hadn’t realized how tense I was until I relaxed into the warm rhythm of Lonni’s body riding into mine. There was no sense of urgency after the first frenetic moments when we needed to connect. Instead there was the simple fulfillment of my girlfriend’s cock sliding in and out of me, my well-oiled cunt clutching her tightly, but too slippery to even slow her motion. She rocked my hips from side to side as she burrowed inside of me, finding my tongue with hers, her sweet mouth familiar in mine. She was fucking me, and that was enough.

We must have fucked contentedly for an hour, neither of us in any hurry to cum, just hungry for the comfort and security of each other’s bodies after a long night of strange adventures.

Eventually, Lonni did cum, with the cutest little mew, and I felt her cock slip out of me on a trail of her own fluid. I held her close. Then we ran a deep, hot, bubblebath, soaked together until we were yawning, and crawled back into my little bed together to sleep in each other’s arms.

Only to be awakened a few hours later by Twilla Van Dyke, knocking at our door with bagels, trimmings, and strong, dark coffee. Ambrosia. We ate on the floor, the two of us just in blankets, wrapped around our shoulders.

Lonni and I both skipped the cream cheese—enough was enough, for a while anyway—but Twilla ate it by the finger-full, smiling at me suggestively: a bit of byplay she didn’t try to conceal from Lonni, who was gracious about it.

Twilla had brought food. Lonni was part guy. It was all good.

Twylla inserted herself into our tiny domestic scene with ease; just one of the girls. She found nice things to say about Lonni, even admiring her breasts at one point. Lonni was going out of her way to be nice to Twylla too, on the basis of Twylla’s apparent connection with me: they were joking, confiding, touching… It took me a while to realize that Twilla was quietly seducing Lonni into a three-way with me.

I had to admit it was an attractive notion; say what you will about Twylla’s Machiavellian tendencies, she was smoking hot: red hair, slim curves under skin-tight black leather, zippers designed for instant carnal access… then she offered to show us her tattoos. At some point while we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the beautifully tattooed naked bodies twining over and around her beautifully tattooed naked body, the blankets fell away. We were putty in her hands.

I was a little worried about how we were going to deal with Lonni’s dick. Twilla was very clear about her body being a cock-free zone, so once she was done playing with her breasts, Lonni didn’t have a lot to offer a full-on dyke like Twilla. No pussy, anyway. And once Twilla zeroed in on my pussy and mouth, which I was sure she would, I wouldn’t have a home available for Lonni’s cock, either.

I needn't have worried. It was all stage-managed perfectly by the master manipulator: Twylla got me on my hands and knees with Lonni on one side and her on the other, artfully maneuvered Lonni into her favorite position behind me, then pulled the bait and switch, slipping beneath me and claiming my pussy for her mouth’s tender attentions, while pulling my head down into her own eager snatch.

Lonni was momentarily at a loss, until Twylla reached up and spread my virgin ass cheeks in front of my pretty dick-girl’s face, lubing a finger with spittle and demonstrating what an attractive erogenous zone my little puckered pink-and-brown asshole was, sliding her finger in to the knuckle and making me moan.

I gasped with shock and pleasure as Lonni’s cockhead pressed hard against the entrance to my virgin asshole. Then she slowly entered me, opening my ass for the first time. It was so good. Lonni was every girl’s dream of a first anal encounter: her cock was slender, the head streamlined, and Lonni could be very gentle. Still, I was stunned at how incredibly full I felt with Lonni’s cock up my ass, even moving ever so slowly. It was SO intensely intimate.

And then Twylla began to lash my clit with cavalier licks of her tongue, and pulled my face down until I was fully immersed, nose first, in Twylla-land. My lips and tongue again encountered Twylla’s thick clit as a penis in microcosm, my awareness narrowing and focusing until her clitoris seemed to swell in my mind, presenting a landscape to explore. For the second time, I was eating pussy with the same worshipful focus that I had sucking cock, but this time my own clit was being licked, sucked, and nibbled into ecstasy by a tongue that knew me intimately, had made me come a dozen times already. Oh. My. God.

I came convulsively, with Lonni’s cock completely filling my clenching, spasming bowels. I grunted like a beast, and assaulted Twilla’s sacred tower with my whole mouth, determined to drag her over the edge with me. She came, willingly. Lonni was sucked down into our vortex like a wood chip in a maelstrom. I felt her cock pulsing with her own orgasm as she shot my virgin ass full of her milky cum, cum that I knew by touch and taste, whose texture I knew so well I could identify it by the way it lubricated her lovely shaft inside my ass.

Some lesbian I was turning out to be—cumming for all I was worth with a cock shooting semen up my ass! Great. I hadn’t been confused enough already; now I was a cock-sucking, BUTT-fucking lesbian… The humor wasn’t lost on Twylla.

I could feel her dark chuckle vibrating through my labia, sending me into aftershocks.

Damn that woman.

= = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 7 — Mydentity Crisis
= = = = = = = = = =

So there I was, in the middle of a girl pile: Twilla Van Dyke underneath me, idly lapping nectar from my twat and teasing my clit—just to keep me squirming—her tart, fragrant pussy dew dribbling from the corners of my mouth (or was that my own drool? Probably both…), and my she-male girlfriend Lonni behind and on top of me, her pretty tits pressed against my back, all of us in a state of post-orgasmic bliss—and what’s going through my mind? I’m wondering if I’m really a lesbian.

I know, right?

Okay, obviously I liked girls, liked them better than the guys I’d met, but that just showed I had common sense, right? I mean, guys our age… really, apart from those delicious cocks, why bother?

But girl-oh-girl, did I ever love to suck their cocks! Last night I had sucked off a dozen of them, swallowing every load of cum, and loved every minute of it. Even though the guys were serious jerks. Plus, even though I thought of Lonni as my girlfriend, that was her cock in my ass, still so engorged—and clamped so tight by my nearly-virgin asshole—that it couldn’t slip out. And I didn’t want it to come out! I could feel her semen slowly seeping out of my ass around her slender shaft. At least, it had always seemed slender before: in my ass it felt thick, and huge. And good.

For that matter, I had climaxed while fantasizing that Twylla’s swollen clit was a cock I was worshipping. What kind of lesbian does that?

But if I wasn’t a lesbian, what was I? I mean, here I was: the filling in a three-girl sandwich, and it felt awfully nice. Well, it was sort-of deliciously nasty, to tell the truth, but that was SO nice… And while I was sucking those fat, mouth-watering cocks, and had both hands full (of cock), it had been Twilla’s female tongue and lips that brought me to climax after shattering climax. If I was heter0, what was THAT all about?

“Hey,” Twilla interrupted my thoughts, “small, dark, and thoughtful—if you’re not going to suck me off… get the fuck OFF me, girl. You must weigh a hundred pounds, not counting dickgirl and the five pounds of cum she just shot up your ass. Is that… what’s DRIPPING on me?!”

I scrambled to untangle myself and climb off her, dislodging Lonni’s cock from my ass in the process and spilling the splooge out of my asshole—right onto Twilla’s face. Oops. Not good.

Twilla was doing a slow burn. She glared at me. “Clean. That. Up.”

Lonni scrambled to get a washcloth from the bathroom, but Twilla caught her by the wrist. “Not you.” Her eyes were locked on mine. I found myself falling into them. “You,” she said. “You know what to do.”

I hesitated a moment. I actually wanted to do it, but it was so nasty…

“You’re my slave. Tonight. Starting now. As we agreed. You’re mine, slut. Now, lick it up, before it spills off.”

Feeling hypnotized, I lowered my mouth to her face and began to lick the slippery cum off her satin cheek. I trembled inside. I was licking up globs of Lonni’s clotted cum, still warm from being inside my own asshole, off my master’s face. She smiled, cruelly but affectionately, and reached up into my crotch, sliding her finger into my tingling pussy and rubbing my suddenly aroused clit with her thumb.

“You like it,” she said. “It excites you to do nasty things. But you need me to make you do them.” She twisted her finger inside me, inserting another one and hooking her finger tips inside my entrance, She tugged me toward her by the cunt, her thumb spinning whorls around my swollen clit. “You’re a dirty, dirty girl, cum slut. And tonight you’re mine. Aren’t you?”

I swallowed. “Yes,” I replied, “I’m your slut, your slave, for tonight, as I promised. And, and you're right, I like it—licking Lonni’s cum off your face. I want to lick your face clean with my tongue. I want to lick your whole body clean.”

“Good.” Twilla released Lonni’s wrist. “Dick-girl, your cum is leaking out of my slave’s ass. Onto my hand. Take care of it.”

Lonni bristled. “I’m not your slave, dyke!”

“No,” Twilla purred, “but your slut girlfriend is. Do you want me to take my anger out on her? Really?”

Lonni went pale. “No,” she said quietly.

“Then get your tongue up her ass. You’ve done it before. Suck out your cum. And feed it to my slave.”


“Your cum. Which we both know she loves to eat. Right where you put it, so enthusiastically, just a moment ago. Now suck it up, and put it in your girlfriend’s mouth. You know she wants you to.”

I shivered in perverse pleasure as Lonni’s rolled tongue penetrated my asshole and I experienced the amazing suction as she slurped at my ass. I could feel the last of her cum trickling out through my anus. Then she was beside me, her face above mine, her lips pursed.

I met her in a lover’s kiss, and sucked the cum from her tongue. It was Lonni’s cum, from her beautiful cock, and I wanted it. If it had been in my ass, it was only because she had fucked me there, cum inside me there. It was beautiful. I refused to let it be anything but beautiful. My kiss told Lonni that, without words. She smiled at me, amazement in her eyes, as I lovingly swallowed her seed, sipped from her own lips.

Twilla sighed in exasperation. “You two. So lovey-dovey. You’re spoiling everything.”

I looked at her with naked adoration in my eyes. “May I lick your feet, master?”

She huffed. “I suppose,” she said, mollified. “Actually. That would be nice.” She leaned back, closed her eyes, and began to stroke her clitoris. “Suck my toes while you’re at it. Mmm. That’s nice.”

She sighed, and dreamily slid her finger up and down the left side of her slit while I sucked on her toes, swirling my tongue around them. It felt pleasant, harmless. After a while she sighed agin, more relaxed, and spread her legs for me.

“Bring that pretty face to my cunt and clit now, slave. Suck something. Yess… Worship my pussy with your mouth and tongue, as only you can… Mmm… Get me off, quickly now, then we can go back to my place—and I can get you tarted up for the ball.”

“Bll?” I asked “Wht bll?”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, dear. Not when it’s full of me. Hum if you like. Yes, the ball: the Dom’s Ball. It’s tonight. Now hush and eat me. I’m trying to decide which leash and collar will go best with your skin and hair.”

I lost myself in pussy worship. I wasn’t lesbian or hetero, I realized, as I sucked a bead of slippery moisture from her vaginal opening and anointed her clitoris with it—except in the moment, the same way I was a slave in this moment, but wouldn’t be tomorrow. I wasn’t homosexual or heterosexual. I was just sexual. A cumslut. Dedicated to the resolution that Cum is Good.

I sucked her clitoris into my mouth as readily as I would a cock, massaging it with my tongue, seeking it’s sensitive pleasure centers, enjoying it, not hurrying, coaxing it to as powerful, intense, and prolonged an orgasm at it could tolerate.

This, I thought. This is what I do. This is who I am.

Wait a second. Leash? Collar?

Just what exactly the fuck had I gotten myself into now?

= = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 8 — At the Dom Ball
= = = = = = = = = =

I was seated across from Twylla, alone in the back of the stretch limo. She had replaced her customary neck-to-ankle tight black leather with a fancier, more revealing and sexier outfit.

She was still in black leather, and it still looked stunning with her dark red hair, lips, and nails. But she now wore a choker of diamonds on black wire around her neck, which was otherwise bare, and a low-cut sleeveless bustier. Her breasts were pushed up and out, more than half exposed, showing just a few millimeters of pink aureole.

Tattoos of darkly colorful naked women twined up from between and across her breasts, over her shoulders, down her back and most of the way down her arms. Their aquiline faces were contorted in ecstasy. Their hands terminated between the thighs of other tattooed women.

Twylla’s bare midriff was covered with a single bold tattoo, in dark rose and light pink, of open labia, a glistening clitoris, and a yawning vagina centered on her navel, with a thorn at the bottom, from which dangled a single drop of scarlet blood.

Her black leather pants featured cutaway areas that showed off her calfs, inner thighs, and a small open circle at the center of her clean-shaven mons pubis. She had a little black whip curled up and attached to her belt

She held a thin leather-and-rhinestone leash in her left hand, attached to a leather collar, decorated in spikes and diamonds, around my bare neck.

I have to admit, volunteering as Twylla Van Dyke’s unconditional sex slave for a night was arguably not my smartest decision ever. I can’t even say that it seemed like a really good idea at the time. But part of me wanted it. The truth was, I would likely do whatever she asked anyway—she had that effect on me—and this put at least some limit on it. I didn’t want to admit how turned on and wet it made me to think of letting her do whatever she wanted to with me, but I didn’t have to. She knew.

So I was wearing a collar, a black domino over my eyes, a gauzy flesh-colored thong, platinum-and-diamond clips on my nipples, and nothing else. The downy hair on my mons was gone, shaven clean, exposing my pale pink flesh around the thong, which was narrow and tight enough that it passed between my labia in front and between my ass cheeks in back.

“I look like Princess Leia in this outfit,” I grumbled.

“That was one of the few scenes in that testosterone-filled spill-ogy that I actually liked,” she replied archly.

“Don’t look so glum,” she continued. “You’re getting off easy. I almost kept you all to myself for a night in my dungeon. THAT would have been… interesting for you: to learn where pleasure and pain become one. Instead I’m just showing you off to impress a few people.”

“How few?”

She fondled my crotch with the toe of her low, soft leather boots. I didn’t want to enjoy it, but I couldn’t help myself. It was Twylla’s toe—it felt good. “Oh, a dozen or two. If we were in San Francisco or New York this would be real ball, with over a thousand Dom’s, some with whole slave harems. As it is, it’s not much more than a fancy potluck with twenty or so Doms, each with a favorite dish to share.”

“Potluck? What dish?” There was nothing in the limo except Twylla and me.

“Oh, stop fretting. Where’s your spirit of adventure, my bold little trollop? You’re my dish, of course, but I’m only signed up for appetizers and dessert. I’m just sharing a little taste of you, to make the others jealous. You won’t be anyone’s main course but mine, little pussy. All mine.” Her words made my girl parts tingle. It was warm in the limo, but I shivered anyway.

As we neared our destination, Twilla pulled on the leash to draw me near and unzipped a flap on her crotch that exposed her upper labia and clitoris. She wrapped her legs around my head.

“Make me cum, little pussy, and be quick about it. I want to make an entrance.”

I thrust my tongue between her moist folds, hooking my tongue-tip under her swollen clit. I planted my lips on her bare mons and labia and sucked her outthrust clitoris into my mouth. Her familiar tart, winey flavor greeted me like an intoxicant, and I focused on the sensation of sucking and licking Twylla’s sensitive genitals. I flicked my tongue rapidly up her clit face, launching it off her tip, repeating the motion as quickly as I could, while moving my whole mouth in slow circles, sucking her clit up and out in the same wide circles. I began to hum in pleasure.

The limo pulled up to the curb. “Not yet,” Twilla grunted. I paused. “Not you, slut, god, don’t stop now! I’m talking to the driver.”

I buried my mouth in her mons again and slathered her clit with my saliva, licking and sucking while shaking my head from side to side.

“Oh, yes! Oh you cunt. You cunt. You sweet… now. Now! Both of you!”

I attacked her clit furiously and the limo door swung open as Twylla climaxed loudly with her thighs around my head. There were bright flashes and the sound of camera shutters clicking. Twylla unwrapped her legs, zipped up the flap over her clitoris, and gracefully stepped out onto the red carpet. She tugged gently on my leash and I followed at her side, on my hands and knees.

“Good girl.” She petted my hair. “Roll over.”

I was glad I had a domino protecting my anonymity. I obediently rolled onto my back and she stroked my belly. “GOOD pussy,” she cooed. Her fingernails moved down my body, approaching my quim, and a trail of goose-flesh followed them. “So sensitive,” she approved. “Come.”

She strolled, swaying, into the ballroom as the doorman held the portal open, and I trailed on all fours like her faithful pet cum slut, trying to match the swing of my slender hips to hers.

It was dimly lit inside. At first glance it looked like any formal cocktail party—people in black standing around or mingling, drinking and picking snacks off trays. A second glance revealed that the tray bearers were naked, and festooned with additional tidbits on their bodies—women with fruit or whipped cream on their breasts and males with little sausages hanging off their cocks. Guests leaned in or bent down to nibble food and body parts. The servers were clearly aroused by the interactions. Cocks were thick and swollen, and nipples stood tall, hard and proud. There was a definite erotic buzz going through the crowd.

On closer inspection, instead of suits and little black dresses, the black-clad guests were in cut away leather with spikes and chains, and a few had human pets on leashes. This seemed to be a special status symbol, and Twylla delighted in showing me off.

At the back of the room there were buffet tables set up under red lights. Some held only traditional platters of food, but others also featured a naked man or woman spread-eagled and bound on a large lazy susan, and adorned with edibles. Twylla led me to a table that was partly set with bowls of peach halves, sliced cherries, whipped cream, and syrups. The table was labeled DESSERTS and had manacles attached for someone’s wrists and ankles—mine, I realized, with a mixture of dread and longing.

Twylla looked around. “There should be an appetizer table,” she said.

“Van Dyke! Don’t you look sumptuous?” boomed a large-breasted woman with short blonde-gray hair—really short. Like crew cut short. “And THIS is sweet,” she added, looking me up and down. “Life is short, Twill. Eat dessert first. Forget the appetizer.”

“Donna. I love what you’ve done with your hair,” Twylla replied. “Thank you, she is sweet. Would you like a taste?”

“I thought you'd never ask.” Donna gazed at my exposed labia and licked hee lips. “I’d love a little nibble.”

Twylla offered her hand to help me step up onto the low table. I laid down on it, splaying my arms and legs. My head hung off the table, and Twylla lifted it onto a little pull-out shelf just for that purpose. Then Twylla bound my limbs in place and I was helpless. She ladled peaches over my breasts and my hard nipples raised themselves above the syrup. She sprayed a mound of whipped cream under the entrance to my cunt and I felt myself dripping into it.

This thrilled Donna. She spun the lazy susan to bring my spread legs to her mouth, bent and licked up a dollop of Cindy and cream, lathered my clit with it, and licked it off. I have to admit, it felt amazingly good, if a little sticky. “Oh, she’s delicious! Such a delicate bouquet.” Donna began to root in my pussy, sucking and eating.

She was only the first. I was rotated back and forth, my naked body spinning to bring my tits or pussy to a hungry mouth, where I was casually tasted, licked, and nibbled. It was strange and exciting to have my body available to strangers, to be drizzled with syrup and have it licked off, or just to have some part of me sucked on while I lay bound and helpleaa. It was getting me hot.

But nowhere near cumming.

Until Twylla proudly introduced my mouth to Max. Max took my head in one large hand, supporting it while he slid the shelf back in, then lowered my head until it was hanging off the table. He spread a little chocolate syrup on his enormous cock, topped it with a dollop of whipped cream, and fed it slowly into my mouth, so I could eat the sweetness off, bit my bit. I’d never tasted chocolate cream dick before. It wasn’t bad.

As I licked and sucked the sticky syrup off his dick, Max’s already respectably thick member swelled and enlarged until it barely fit in my mouth. It was huge. I began to feel real heat in my loins. Max settled into place, at Twyulla’s urging, and worked that giant schlong all the way down my throat. He grunted in satisfaction, completely filling me. Then he was off, really fucking my face and throat, with deep, ponderous thrusts.

His cock pressed deep against the back of my throat, making me gag up wet strings of saliva, turning my throat into a hot, slippery passage for his staggering length and girth, and bringing tears to my eyes. I could breathe only on the out-strokes. My throat was completely full of Max when he plunged deep. I was quivering with sexual arousal. My mouth had never been fucked so thoroughly or completely. I was in full cock worship mode.

A line of women formed at my cunt, taking turns spreading my pussy with sweets and eating me out. With Max pumping his massive tool down my throat, the sensations on my clit rose to a new level, and I climaxed, a new sensation with my arms and legs tied down.

I came again as each new mouth ate me, panting around that monster dick that was reaming my throat. Everyone wanted to taste my orgasms. I was shuddering with climax after climax. I was close to blacking out when Max thrust home with a ram, his balls on my nose, and shot his massive load, shooting thick ropes of cum deep down my throat. I gurgled, unable to scream, as semen filled my throat, my mouth, and began to dribble out my nose. Someone was eating my pussy and I convulsed in an cataclysmic orgasm, straining against the ties on my wrists and ankles. I passed out for a timeless moment.

Twylla was supporting my head. I was coughing up a foamy mixture of throat slime and Max cum. Hands were unbinding my limbs. “She’s fabulous,” someone said quietly. There was a general murmur of agreement. “I hope I didn’t overdo her,” rumbled Max apologetically.

“I’m sure she loved it,” Twylla snapped, helping me up.

I belched involuntarily, then began to wipe the snot and cum off my face and suck it into my mouth. “I did,” I said, smiling gamely and swallowing. “Thank you, Max,” I nodded to the cluster of dykes at my feet, “ladies. That was spectacular.”

There was a sustained burst of applause, which made me feel really good for some reason. Twylla bent her lips to my ear. “I’m so proud of you,” she whispered. “Now I’m going to take you home and fuck you properly.”

And she did. She held my hand on the limo ride back, stroking my forehead, then laid me tenderly on her big, round bed, lowered her pussy onto my face, sucked my clit into her warm, welcoming mouth, and worked a large vibrator as far into my cunt as it would go. Then she turned the vibrator on. Oh my god. We sucked and licked each other in a passionate frenzy, and she worked a finger in and out of my ass. I was buzzing in my ass, my cunt, my clit, and my mouth, all at once. I bucked and came, again and again. And then I did pass out, into a deep dreamless sleep.

= = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 9 — Sweet Sorrow
= = = = = = = = = =

I woke to sunlight streaming in through opened curtains, the furry feeling of too much pussy on my tongue, my throat sore from Max’s gargantuan organ being stuffed down it, and the inviting smell of dark roast coffee. It was Sunday morning. What a weekend! Twylla, Delta Pi, Lonni, Lonni and Twylla together, then the Dom Ball… I felt like a cum sponge. It felt pretty good, actually. I was a popular gal.

Twylla brought in a tray with coffee, cream, toast, and orange slices. My mouth watered. Twylla was wearing a silk dressing gown. She set the tray down on the bed and twitched her gown partly open to reveal a pert breast crowned with a pink nipple. “Kiss mama good morning. It’s from her generous teats that all good things flow.”

I sucked the delicate nipple, bit it softly with my teeth. “Ahhh,” she sighed. “You do know how to treat a girl, girl. But eat your breakfast, while it’s hot. I can wait.” She grinned. “I’m always hot.

“You sure are,” I agreed, trying to consume coffee, toast, and oranges all at once.

“Don’t go all country girl on me. I detest simplicity. Eat up, we have a lot to do after breakfast.”

It felt as if a switch had been turned off in my head just then. I paused to swallow a bite of toast. “No,” I said.

“No? What…”

“I love you, Twylla,” I said. “You know that. But bondage, slavery… they’re not for me. I was willing to give it a try. More than willing, for you. But…” I shrugged.

“My, how much you’ve grown, over the weekend,” she said scathingly.

“I have learned a lot,” I replied simply.

She turned serious. “I hate it, but you’re probably right,” she admitted. “I would have gotten bored with you soon anyway, especially that sincere gaze of devoted adoration.” She shuddered theatrically. “Then I would have hurt you.“ She looked uncharacteristically introspective.

“And I don’t want to hurt you,” she murmured. “To give you equal parts pain, pleasure, and humiliation, yes, but… But then, you don’t humiliate worth a damn, do you? You get embarrassed. You blush. Then you lick the cum off my boots with a smile and that little-girl pride, damn you—untarnished.”

She looked me in the eyes. I did adore her. But I was nobody’s slave. She grimaced. “Finish your coffee and go, damn it. Get the fuck out.” She walked to the door quickly. “I’ll call you a cab. Be dressed when it gets here.”


“Shut it. Shut that delicious hole and get out. We’re done.” And she walked out the bedroom door, closing it carefully behind her.

My dorm room was empty when I got back. There was a long note from Lonni and a letter from my parents. I started with the note from Lonni.

Have you ever suddenly realized how totally self-centered you’ve been, and wondered how anyone has put up with you? It sure came home to me that day. I’d been so concerned about my sexual identity—was I a lesbian, was I hetero, was I a submissive—and I’d taken Lonni’s pretty girlish tits and slim, rigid cock for granted, a pass that let me have both a girlfriend to cuddle with and a dick to suck, without having to decide. Never thinking about what Lonni might want.

Lonni wanted to feel like a woman. That’s why she was a she-male. That’s why she shaved her legs, wore makeup, dressed in lace. Why she had worked so hard to have soft girlish tits—hormones and probably a little enhancing surgery she didn’t talk about. It was why she had left home, left everyone who knew her as Leonard behind. To become a woman. Yesterday morning she had fucked me up the ass as part of an all-girl three-way. It had left her feeling like a weird cross between a guy and a lesbian, not like a traditional woman at all. And that’s what she longed to be.

Her note said she’d met someone the night before—a man, who had fucked her and made her feel like a woman. He’d fucked her in the ass as well as the mouth. Cum in both, sucked her tits, and never said a word about her cock. And then when she fucked my ass, something clicked. She’d tried to tell me, but somehow there’d never been a chance. She was serious about him. She thought maybe it was the real deal. She’d told him about me, and he was willing to try a relationship with the two of us, if I was willing too.

I thought about it. Who was this guy? Whoever he was, he liked Lonni, and made her feel special. And I could try sharing Lonni with him, not just lose her. And he was a man. Therefore he had a dick.

I liked dicks.

What the hell, I thought. I’d been with Lonni and another woman, why not Lonni and another man?

A man, I corrected myself. Lonni was a woman now. Like me. If I was doing this, it would be as a second girl to sweeten her man’s bed. Hmm.

Yeah, I decided. I was okay with that. I’d try it anyway. What kind of cum slut would I be if I didn’t? There was an address at the bottom of the note. It would take me an hour, but I could walk it. Maybe the air would clear my head. I texted Lonni to say I was on my way.

I stopped for lunch on the way, and Lonni was cleaning up from hers and Jeff’s when I arrived, so the timing was good. Jeff introduced himself and we shook hands. He was callused, had the hands of a working man. He wore a western shirt, jeans, worn cowboy boots, and had a little stubble on his cheeks and chin. Man, oh M-A-N. He put his arm around Lonni, and she leaned into him

“I reckon I love this gal.” he said without preamble. ”She’s a good woman. God only provided her with two holes, instead of the usual three, but I can’t hold that against her. I can only use one at a time anyway. Besides, her ass is sweet as butter, and a nicer mouth never took my seed with a smile.

“Still, a man likes a little variety. Lonni says you two are… close friends and you might provide a man with some genuine pussy, should you feel so inclined, in return for a couple’s companionship. That about right?”

It was unvarnished, maybe even crude, but it did sum things up. So. Sunday afternoon with friends. What to do?

Jeff gestured with an open hand toward the bedroom door. "Ladies? After you."

Lonni and I perched side by side on the edge of the bed. Jeff sat in an easy chair facing us and took his boots off. "Don't be shy. You two know each other pretty good, I hear. Go ahead and get cozy. Say, darlin', why don't you show me what your friend brought us?"

Lonni smiled a little nervously and began to unbutton my blouse. It felt weird to have Lonni undressing me while Jeff watched, but it was also sort of a turn-on. I had been invited over to fuck, after all. Might as well get to it.

I undid Lonni while she undid me, and in a few moments our pretty tits were swaying in the cool air. Lonni caressed my breast and gently pinched my nipple erect. I gasped a little. It felt so good. I felt a stirring in my cunt. I cupped her breast and returned the favor, but her nipples were already hard. This was definitely turning Lonni on.

"Mmm. I sure like the way that looks. Darlin', whyn't you lay on your back like? Yeah. An' you, miss Cindy, on top, but both of you sorta facing me, so I can enjoy the sights? Oh, yes, would you rub those pretty little titties on each other? That is so nice..."

Our tits brushed together, and it was nice. More than nice. Erotic. Her nipples rubbed against mine and we both shivered.

Jeff pulled his long, meaty cock from his jeans. Thick blue veins stood out against the pink shaft. The head of his prick was dark red, shading toward purple. I couldn't take my eyes off it. My mouth was watering, and I sucked Lonni's nipple into my mouth, a little harder than I meant to. She moaned a little. Her eyes were fixed on Jeff's gradually lengthening dick just like mine were.

Jeff began to stroke his cock leisurely, until it was thick and hard and standing tall. "Do you like to suck cock, Cindy? I know Lonni does."

I cleared my throat. "Yeah, I do." I husked. I wanted that cock in my mouth so bad.

"Why don't you two come on over here and taste the head of it then? I reckon there's enough to share."

Lonni's eyes met mine and sparkled. We practically dove for it. I let Lonni go first. She took that big red cock head into her mouth and sucked. Her cheeks puckered in and she got a look of absolute bliss on her face. Then she swirled her tongue around the rim, wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft, popped it loudly out of her mouth, and aimed it at me. "Want some?" She asked teasingly.

I was too hungry to taste that big cock to even answer. I bent my head over it, opened wide, and lowered my mouth, inch by aching inch, until the head and half of the shaft was inside me. Then I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it the rest of the way down, not stopping until his thick rod was stuffing my throat too full to even breathe. I pushed further, gagging a little, until my lips were pressed against Lonni's hand and the tip of my tongue touched his balls. It felt so good, so hot, so hard beneath the velvet surface. His musky taste was overwhelming, and something inside of me craved it.

Swinging my head in a slow circle, I gradually corkscrewed his long, turgid cock all the way back out of me, swirling my tongue around and around it. I gasped for breath as his tip swung free from my lips and swayed, trailing a thick string of deepthroat drool.

"Sweet Jesus," he exclaimed. "You two are the sweetest cocksuckers I ever seen, bar none. Damn, girls, do that again!"

He put one big callused hand behind my head and the other behind Lonni's, and alternately pulled our mouths down onto his monster cock, one after the other, sighing and groaning and thrusting his hips to feel it driving down our throats.

We just kept on mouth fucking him, harder and faster, Lonni focusing on tongue swirling his sensitive head, while I concentrated on deepthroating him and squeezing his balls. He began to swell in our mouths, getting even harder, his head was deep purple now.

"What do want, girls? You want me to cum or fuck you some first? I'm fuckin' close!"

He began to ooze oily, strong-tasting precum. It mixed with my saliva and my throat became so slippery that his cock was gliding from tip to base effortlessly.

"Cmm!" I mumbled around his thrusting shaft.

"Cum, baby" enthused Lonni. "Shoot that big hot load down Cindy's throat. Cum in her mouth!"

"Mm. Mmm-hmm. Cm n my mff!"

"Oh, Jesus! I'm gonna cummm. Oh! Ohh! Yesss!"

His balls tightened and his long rod pulsed, creamy wads of hot semen spurting from his swollen purple cock head into the back of my throat. I pulled back, and his cock continued to pulse and throb, gushing cum onto my tongue, filling my mouth. His cock sprung out of my mouth, fountaining smaller jets of semen onto our faces.

Lonni dove onto it, sucking the still engorged head into her own mouth, slurping on it, coaxing more of the milky fluid from his testicles. His still erect manhood continued to pulse, more slowly, as the last of his cum seeped out into Lonni's welcoming mouth.

Jeff stared at us, dumbstruck at the sight of our pretty faces, side by side, splattered with his cum, his cock still in Lonni's mouth, his sperm dripping out of mine. I knew what he hoped would come next. I wanted it too. So did Lonni.

Our lips met around his large, softening cock, cum spilling from mouth to mouth as we sucked it from each other's tongues, licked it from each other's cheeks and chins, slurped it off the shaft of his dick, swallowing loads of thick, warm jism. We passed the last mouthful back and forth, feeling Jeff's penis stiffening again as he watched.

I sucked the last few drops from Lonni's mouth and swallowed contentedly. God, this was fun! And Lonni and I hadn't even cum yet.

"Damn, girls! You know how to please a man. You're one hell of a woman, Lonni, to bring your man a fine girl like this." He stroked Lonni's cheek gently with the back of his hand. Lonni glowed. She was really buying what Jeff was selling.

"I plan to give you both a good fucking, in every hole you want. I'm good for another shot tonight, I reckon. Take me just a few minutes to get hard again, I can already feel that ole viagra workin', though.

"Tell you what, you girls do what you do while I stroke old Willie here hard again. Your pardon, miss Cindy, but I ain't much at eating pussy, much as I like to fuck it. That's more Lonni's department. So if you need that, I'm sure Lonni will oblige you, wontcha darlin?

"Ahem. I'm afraid I don't have much to do with Lonni's... other parts, either, so if you want to, I don't mind a bit. My job is to fill Lonni's mouth and her sweet ass, pet her tits and make her feel like a woman should. Her woman parts are good enough for me, but that's all the further I'm prepared to go.

"Lonni, darlin, whyn't you get this nice girl's pussy all wet and ready for your man to plow?"

As much as I enjoyed this guy's dick, I was tempted to tell him to go fuck himself. He wasn't good enough for me, let alone for Lonni. She deserved better. But I couldn't give her what she needed, and she seemed to think he could. She gave me a pleading look. Well, fuck, I couldn't give Lonni the cock she wanted inside her, but I guess I could loan her my pussy if she asked, and... she was asking.

I shrugged out of my jeans and panties, spread my labia for Jeff's viewing pleasure, and invited Lonni to climb aboard. I didn't think much of Jeff, but I liked knowing a dick was getting stiff looking at me. I like being desired, and I had just discovered that I liked showing off. Who knew?

Lonni's sweet girlish body mounted mine for the hundredth, and possibly last time. I would fuck Jeff, for Lonni's sake, but I didn't see myself playing house with them for more than a night. But Lonni's tongue was sweet, and skilled, and knew my girl parts better than anyone. She made me wet, then made me squirm, and finally, thrusting her slender she-male cock down my throat, and her finger up my ass, she brought me off with the tip of her tongue. I shuddered, cried out, and came.

The patter of rain began on the roof as a storm suddenly broke. I felt sure that Lonni and I had made it rain. The windows brightened, the lamps dimmed, there was thunder. It felt like the essence of sharing an orgasm with Lonni. We were sharing mine now. I still longed to share hers.

But not yet. Jeff was telling Lonni to make his cock wet with her mouth, to make it hard, so he could plow him some Cindy pussy.

Lonni had done her job on me. I was wet, post orgasmic, and yearning to be fucked. I wanted Lonni's slim, girlish cock, but instead I got Jeff's monster cock head rubbing itself on the entrance of my tight, girlish slit, and, god help me, I wanted that giant cock to fuck me, to plow me, to make every sad thing go away and leave me helpless and consumed.

My fingers flew in familiar patterns over my clit as this strange, huge cock stretched my cunt in new and interesting ways. God, how he fucked me. Deep, wide, and long. He drove that massive prod into my delicate quím, and my cunt stretched elastically, squeezing his head and shaft, my hips meeting his, thrust for thrust, my hundred pounds of lithe girl flesh wrapping his two hundred pounds of hard, working-man muscle like paper wrapping rock. I took all the cock he could give me, and wanted more.

I felt him tremble, felt his cock get slippery inside me with his precum, sensed Lonni's sudden concern, realized she would be hurt if he came in my vagina when she didn't have one to give him, and twisted my hip to avert his next thrust. His ponderous meat torpedo ran up my slit with all his weight behind it, knocking my fingers aside, sliding over my clit, along my pubic arch, and into Lonni's waiting mouth, making a diving catch like a seabird or a shortstop and snatching the prize.

I thought it might end there, with that big cock safe at home in Lonni's mouth, but guess I'd mixed a few too many metaphors, because it didn't explode on Lonni's tongue or down her throat. It bobbed there, frustrated. "I've had mouth," Jeff complained. "I need ass to finish. I need to plow until I come."

I slid out from under Lonni. "Sorry, big guy. You win. Too much for me. I'm fucked out. Sorry,” I said again.

"Lonni?" He pleaded. "Daddy needs to plow."

Lonni turned, offering her pretty ass. "Come to Lonni, daddy. Plow my ass. Split me open. Cum all up in me. Give it to me."

Jeff didn't bother getting Lonni wet. He spat on his palm, rubbed it on his cock head, and slammed that massive prick up little Lonni's ass. It had to hurt to have that swollen dick head jam open her anal sphincter like that, again and again, pounding her ass like a pile driver. I remembered how full my ass was with Lonni 's gracile cock inside it, barely moving. This behemoth was reaming her forcefully.

But Lonni wanted to satisfy her man, to be his woman in every way. She grunted as he filled her and stretched her painfully, but thrust back against him, meeting his every stroke. "Fuck me, daddy! Harder! Fuck my ass! Plow me!" She cried. "Fuck my sweet woman's ass! Pound me! Cum, daddy. Cum up my tight little asshole."

Jeff groaned, sweating, and began fucking Lonni's ass furiously, faster and faster, desperate to make himself cum, to release himself from his viagra-induced boner, needing to plow Lonni.

Amazingly, I saw Lonni's own cock stiffen as Jeff's huge member slammed her up the ass. I waited for Jeff to reach around and milk Lonni's cock the way Lonni's ass muscles were milking his. But he didn't.

He wouldn't, I realized.

This was a job for Cindy-Girl, cum slut of the downtrodden!

One thing I knew how to do. If Lonni was in for a prolonged, painful, butt-fucking, and determined to go through with it, I was going to give her the best blowjob of her life.

It's what friends do. I think.

Anyway, it's what a cum-slut does. And that's me.

I squatted under Lonni and rooted for her cock with my mouth. I found it and started sucking. It was so fucking good to feel her familiar cock sliding down my loving throat. I felt Lonni start to relax and let go. I didn't have do much, really. Every pounding thrust into her ass drove her deeper into my mouth. Every time that cockhead pulled out of her ass, it milked Lonni’s prostate, driving her closer to orgasm.

I loved Lonni and sucked her cock with all the passion in me, fingering myself to cum with her inside me. Jeff kept fucking Lonni's ass with a vengeance. I kept sucking to offer her solace. I lost myself in the rhythm of Jeff fucking Lonni's ass, Lonni's cock being pounded into my mouth, and my busy fingers trying to make it all come out right.

At long last Jeff cried out to Jesus and pumped his load of hot cum up Lonni's ass. Every pulse of Jeff's cock was mirrored with a contraction of Lonni's sphincter tightening around it--and by a pulse of Lonni's own cock, shooting her cum in my mouth--and by a shockwave running through my clit, as the three of us came together in a blind, frenzied, shattering wave.

We lay in a tangle. I listened to the rain. The rain Lonni had given me.

"Say, miss Cindy, would you like to suck my cum out of my woman's ass and feed it to her?"

I pulled my pants on and looked around for my shoes. "No thanks, Jeff. I've got to get back to the dorm. I'm expecting a message from my parents." I kissed Lonni on the forehead. "I love you. Be happy."

"I will. You too."

"Hey, you know me."

"I do." And she kissed me on the lips, in front of god and everybody.

It was an hour's walk home in the rain, but I don't remember being cold. I don't remember anything. Except Lonni's farewell kiss.

= = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 10—Reunion

= = = = = = = = = =

The letter from my folks was long, full of explanations and apologies to their little girl, but the upshot was simple: the money had run out, and I didn’t qualify for financial aid. Well, fuck.

My grades were good enough to apply for a scholarship, next year. If I wanted to finish this year, I needed a scary-big loan or a job with short hours and high pay. Yeah. Plenty of those, right?

None came to mind. I looked on line for student loans. No more available this semester.

It was March 3rd. My rent was paid until the end of the month, Spring Break started next week. It looked like I’d either be working through spring break, or spend the break looking for work. Either way, no party for Cindy. It was Sunday night, I was fucked out, but sad. The rain stopped and my dorm room seemed very quiet and empty with no room mate.

Monday after class I was at loose ends. I didn't want to go back to my empty dorm room. Lonni was gone--my she-male room mate and former lover had resolved to stop fucking women and become one. I enjoyed fucking other women, myself, but I did love to suck on Lonni's cock, and I could see how it made things confusing for her. But I would miss Lonni. I wouldn't mind a cock to suck, either, come to that, but there was none waiting in my room.

A room that wouldn't be mine much longer, if I couldn't figure something out.

I took a bus into the center of town, with a vague idea of checking out what kind of weekend jobs might be available, since my Internet searches hadn't turned up anything promising. Last night’s rain had scrubbed the air, and it was a beautiful spring day to be pounding the downtown sidewalks.

The downtown area was pretty worn out, and it got progressively more run-down as I neared the old railroad line that had been the city’s life's blood a hundred years ago, but was just a pair of long, parallel rust stains now.

But the more run-down it got, the more likely the shops were to put up a sign in the window instead of a listing on the Internet. The local donut shop needed weekend counter help. It would pay about enough per week to buy a bag of donuts. Great.

About then I realized that businesses reduced to putting a sign in the window for help probably couldn't afford to pay weekend workers enough to cover my rent. After that I wandered aimlessly for a while, trying to come up with alternative ideas. I just walked, my mind wandereing.

After a while I realized the sun was getting low and I wasn't anywhere a girl wanted to be, alone, after dark. I headed back, and was almost out of the squalid zone as the sun was going down and the cheap neon signs began to light up.

And like an old friend, there was the same cheap neon logo of my dear old gloryhole smut shop back home, blinking me welcome.

I walked in, feeling that sense of nostalgia that 18 year olds get for things that happened six months ago. The avalanche of porn and gaudy sex toys no longer intimidated me. Neither did the patrons; I had held the quivering dicks of men like this in my hands, heard them moan while I brought them to orgasm, completely under my control. This was Queen Cindy's realm. I still ruled.

There were no private booths, no cum smells, no glory holes. Still, I felt jauntier, more buoyant than I had when I walked in. On my way back out, I nearly ran into a nice looking guy on his way in. He wasn't furtive like the others. He was well dressed and self assured, as if he owned the place. It was like we were both visiting royalty. He looked me up and down, seeming to notice my bearing, in addition to taking in the usual sights (Yes, those are my titties, and yes, that’s my ass. Thanks for inquiring).

He was an older guy, late 30s or early 40s. He looked vaguely Mediterranean, kind of like Danny Thomas in those old black-and-white YouTube videos.

"Do I know you?" He asked, like it was a real question.

"Nope. I’m not from here."

He studied me, then named my home town.

"Okay, yeah. You must have seen me someplace."

"Downtown. In what they call the gaslight neighborhood now."

"Guilty. My old stomping grounds. Some coincidence, huh? What brings you out here?”

He shook his head. "Don't believe in coincidence. I own this place. Own the whole chain. Used to own one there. Closed now, though. What brings you here? You don't seem the type, if you don't mind me saying."

“Here in this town? I started at the U last fall. Here, here? Looking for weekend work."

"That right? You eighteen?"

I showed him my student body ID.

"Come into my office?"

"Mmm. Getting late. Don't really want to be walking around here after dark. Tomorrow?"

“I’m not here tomorrow. Look, it's dark already. Let me give you a ride back to the U. It's on my way."

"Will I be safer in your car than out there? No offense."

He laughed. "Much safer. I'm civilized. I may ask, but I do take 'no' for an answer."

"Yeah, okay. Truthfully? I might not say 'no'. I just don't want to be raped."

"Wouldn't do that. Wouldn't let that happen."

I nodded. “Okay then. Let’s ride."

"Uno momento. Louis, any problems? Anything I should know?"

"Bathroom faucet's dripping. Sales are down 2% month over month."


"Got all we need."

"Okay. Call the plumber we use, not some dildo. Tell him replace all the washers. I don't wanna have him back in a month. Ciao, Louis. See you in two weeks, maybe sooner."

"Will do. 'Night sir, miss.” We walked out together. And just like that, my life took a new course, carrying me closer to the cum slut that I am today.

His midnight blue SUV reminded me of Twilla's. Clean, expensive, fairly new. He drove towards the U by way of the hill above town. There were a few isolated one-car pullouts with nice views. He chose one. "You mind? I'd like to talk."

My heart was beating faster than normal. I was sure he wanted more than talk. But so did I. He was older, but not dorky or creepy: more sleek, a little sharklike. I liked the way he smelled. It reminded me of something. Something good. I wanted to suck his cock. "You really wanna talk?"

He gave a low rumbling chuckle, one I'd swear I heard somewhere before. "It's what civilized people do, first. But no, I don’t just want to talk. Would you be willing to fellate me for, say, fifty dollars? ‘No’ is a perfectly acceptable answer."

"I'd enjoy sucking you off,” I said honestly, “but fifty dollars wouldn't really change my situation, and it would lower my self esteem, a little. So no.”

"You'd enjoy it? That would be worth a hundred to me."

“That's a nice round number, but it’s the same problem. Look, let's just keep money out of it, ok?. You're getting a nice bulge in your pants there. How about if I set it free? I'd like to pet it." His bulge grew. "I'd like to taste it." It twitched, and swelled a little more. This was fun. "I'd like to suck your cum from the tip of it," it jumped, swelling visibly.

He spread his hands in a 'help yourself' gesture. His manner was casual, but he was breathing harder.

I unzipped him. His prick was straining against his underwear. I pulled them down and a long cock sprang out—clean and handsome, seven or eight inches of it, light olive colored, with a noticeable bend to the left. "It's you!" I cried. I had my first glory hole orgasm with this cock in my mouth. And my last.

I closed my eyes and lowered my face all the way down that long, beautiful prick. I let it lodge in the back of my throat and gave it a swallow, then closed my lips around the shaft and pulled back, letting the suction build until it popped out of my mouth audibly. “Mmm."

I liked that, so I did it again.

He gave a low groan. "Oh my god, it's you! The mouth in the glory hole! That was the best blowjob of my life!"

I grinned. "This one’s gonna be better. Do you mind if I masturbate? I'd like to cum when you do."

"This just keeps getting better. Please, touch yourself, by all means. Cum with me."

I sucked his dick back into my throat, unzipped myself, and held my fingertips to his lips so he could wet them—my mouth was already busy. He sucked them sensually, leaving a generous dollop of saliva. I used his spit as lubricant on my clit, dipping into my honey pot for a little nectar to make it slipperier. As soon as my fingers touched my clit I went into heat.

My mouth was having a warm reunion with his long, handsome cock. I pursed my lips, so he could feel his head pushing in through them, deepthroated him, swallowed to grasp him with my throat muscles, then sealed my lips around him so the suction built and built as I pulled back off his dick. I made a ring of my fingers and thumb and held them to my lips, so the rim of his cock head pulled out through something really, rally tight on the way out. Then I rubbed my hand around his head a few times to vary the sensations and spread my slippery deepthroat saliva, and did it all over again. And again. And again. I was in a rhythm, in the Zone. I was sucking this cock perfectly. It felt so sensitive, so warm, so hard, and so good to hold in my hand, to taste in my mouth, to fill my throat with. This was cocksucking at its finest.

The sensation of his manhood sliding in and out of my mouth, combined with the stimulation of my slippery fingers on the shaft of my own clit, were quickly bringing me close to climax. I began whisking my clit lightly, thrilled and wanting to stay there, on the edge, letting it build, holding back my orgasm to join it with his.

He reached down between my legs and slipped a thick, probing finger gently into my tight, wet little cunt. He reamed my entrance with his finger, teasing me, getting me hotter, closer.

"I've thought about your mouth," he whispered hoarsely, his breath hot in my ear as I bobbed on his shaft. "I've fantasized about it, gotten hard remembering it. I've cum in my hand, thinking about you. More than once. You suck so good. So good.”

I used my hand gripped around his base to shake his cock back and forth across my tongue as fast as I could, while bobbing my mouth on his cockhead. I was going to cum, now, and I needed to feel his cum spurting into my mouth when I did..

"Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmmm. Cmm. Cmm!” I called, my mouth full of his cock. I tasted his precum.

I came unglued, unable to hold back another second. I screamed with my mouth closed tight around the shaft of his cock, sucking, cumming, wordlessly begging him to shoot, to let me taste him. He stroked his palm softly on my face. “Yes. Oh, yes,” he sighed deeply. I looked up. We made eye contact.

And at that moment, he filled my mouth with sperm. Fresh, warm, thick, salty, bitter, musky spunk, like ripe Brie, with salty caviar and roast garlic. Even better than I remembered. His finger flexed inside me, in time with my own contractions, Extending my climax, milking it, as my mouth milked his. Our eyes never left each other’s.

We were quiet for a long time.

"Fuck,man," I said finally, "how much did you say I owe you?"

He laughed, deep, loud and long. "I'm in town once, maybe twice a month, mostly on Saturdays. Today's an exception. Can I see you?"

I blew out a little air, making cum bubbles, then swallowed the last of him. "I don't know where I'll be."

"Aren't you staying in school?"

I shrugged. "I'd really like to, but I haven't got dorm rent anymore. Tuition's paid for the year, and I have books for the semester, but I need to come up with rent and pocket money. Unless I can find a job that I can do while I'm in school, I’ll have to drop out and look for work.”

"How much do you need to get through the semester?"

I’d done the math already, a hundred times. I told him.

“Listen, I'm in the adult entertainment business. I throw small parties in town, once or twice a month. I need a new hostess. You’d greet people, take their coats, introduce them around, then just be yourself. Do what you feel. It would probably lead to sex, at some point, but no one would pay you for sex, quid pro quo. No one would own you. Guys would hit on you, but as long as you were polite, you’d be free to say ‘no’. And you’d be protected.

“It would pay well, more than enough to keep you in school.

“You wouldn't owe me sex, either, but I'd very much like to see you. I'd very much like to fuck you, in fact, but I'd want it to be like this: because you want to. Money’s great, but it spoils things sometimes. This, this is too good to spoil, for the kind of money we're talking about."

“I'd like to see you, too, I think. So call me when you're in town, ok? If my rent's paid, I'll be in school, so I'll be around. I’ll come to one of your parties and see how I feel about it. No promises beyond that. Does that work for you?"

"What's your name?" He asked,

"Cindy. You?"


"Nice to meet you, John. "

"My pleasure. Please consider your remaining dorm fees for the semester a gift. Can I drive you home?"

"You'll have to drop me off. Only students and parents in the dorms after dark."

"I understand."

"Did you really remember me—cum, thinking about me?"

"About fucking your mouth. How could I forget? Next time I masturbate, I'll probably be thinking about you, about this.”

"You'll get hard and cum thinking about me?"

"More than once, I promise."

"Um, it's early still. If I can get you hard, will you cum in my mouth again? I really liked it."

"Oh, god yes. Please."

"You said the magic word," I said approvingly. I felt his cock stirring in my hand. I slurped it into my mouth and suckled on it. This would probably take a while, given his age and all. Which was good. This was exactly how I wanted to spend my evening.

If I worked at it, I’d probably get another mouthful of cum. Yum.

I am such a slut.

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