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Kathy knew she had to hurry, her husband's friend Craig was waiting for her downstairs in the kitchen. She turned and looked in the full length mirror one more time at her fancy dress costume she was wearing to the work party that night. Her husband of ten years, John, had been dropping unsubtle hints lately about her old school uniform, wondering aloud if she could still fit into it after two children. To her delight, Kathy could still squeeze into the little pleated skirt, although her hips and thighs had spread just a little. To complete the effect of the naughty schoolgirl she had bought some black shoes and knee length white socks. The white blouse was easily found as was the tie. As for the little pleated skirt, Kathy took up the hem, and she liked the effect. It was almost obscenely too short; whenever she did anything other than stand still, it would ride up and give a teasing glimpse of what lay beneath. To finish the costume she chose her underwear with care. A push up bra and black, high cut, very sheer and flimsy panties was a wicked contrast to the demur innocent schoolgirl on the surface.

The effect on her husband had been explosive; he had fucked her lustily for hours the night before. The first was a ribald face fuck. He had wanted to save his strength for a more regular screw, but when she batted her eyelids up at him and said, 'please sir, don't come in my mouth,' that was too much. He emptied his balls into her mouth. The semen had oozed out the corners, ran down her chin, and dropped to her small but well formed breasts. Next, was a traditional, flat on back missionary with legs in the air, panties pushed to one side, balls slapping on arse. She was then finished off with a teeth clenching, gut wrenching, mind blowing anal.

The housewife touched her sore pussy but the memory of last night throbbed with lust in her womb. She skipped down the stairs and laughed when she saw Craig dressed in a Roman Toga.

'Hey Craig,' said Kathy, spinning lightly so the little skirt rode up, 'Do you like my costume?'

Craig's jaw had dropped and Kathy enjoyed the effect it was having on her husband's friend. She decided to flirt a little more. She reached across the table to pick up her handbag. She could almost feel Craig's eyes on her panty encased bottom. 'Gotcha!' she thought to herself. Staying where she was and turning to look at the almost slobbering Craig, Kathy continued.

Do you really like my costume, Craig, you didn't say.' Craig gulped and stood motionless except for an expected stirring in the groin.

Kathy was heady with the power she had over the poor man. 'I tried it on for John last night and you might say it's well and truly broken in.'

Craig gulped again and his face became more and more flushed; Kathy flirted some more.

'You're looking at my panties, aren't you? Do you like them? I was going to wear the normal white cotton ones, you know, like all those school girls wear, but, you see, I'm going as the naughty schoolgirl and I guess this is the only way to let people know, if they can see my panties.'

Kathy was confident she was in control and could stop the situation anytime. Yet, her head simply throbbed with anticipation and she continued her tease. Craig had moved closer and struggled to control his raging member.

'Tell me something Craig,' she leant further over the table, her skirt riding higher, 'do you like my panties like this?' She gave Craig her best 'come fuck me smile' and hitched her fingers in the sides of her panties. She jerked them up and, with a plop, both cheeks fell from their flimsy confines and the gusset framed her bulging and moist vagina perfectly. 'Or do you like my panties like this?'

Craig moved closer and commenced caressing the woman's arse cheeks. She sighed at the touch and arched her back to allow better access to her hidden vagina. Craig could see the effect his attentions were having on Kathy, the mirror on the wall behind the kitchen table show her parted cherry lips and half closed eyes. He trailed his thumb down the length of her crack and pushed against the fabric. She gulped and raised one of her knees to the table.

'Push it in, just a little bit,' she whispered.

Craig obeyed. Kathy trembled with lust as the man's thumb entered her pussy taking the thin material with it. She wasn't doing anything wrong, she reasoned, she still had her panties on, besides she could always stop. The thumb was pushing in further. It hurt a little as it dragged at her pussy lips; but when it slid across her swollen clit she had to bite her lip to stop from crying out.

Craig had begun a soft rhythm of gently fucking her with his panty clad thumb and the squelching noise of sex filled the kitchen as the housewife's juices began to flow.

Kathy glanced upwards at the clock, saw the lateness of the hour and was about to stand up to stop Kathy when something happened to break her resolve. Every faithful wife has a breaking point at which she will turn away from her vows and fuck another man. Kathy's turning point was her panties.

'No, oh... Craig, we have to get going,' she said unconvincingly, 'we'll ahh, be late.'
Kathy had decided that she would let him have a few more thrusts and then they must go. There is only so much punishment a pair of panties can take. Suddenly the flimsy fabric of her naughty schoolgirl panties finally gave way and Craig's thumb lunged deep into her cunt, nudging her cervix.

'OH GOD!' she cried, 'You're fucking me with your thumb! Shove it in harder! Ahh!'
Kathy had lost control and she bucked and writhed and grunted out her sloppy orgasm against the man's thumb.

Craig withdrew his thumb and Kathy flopped to the table, exhausted, her juices flowing freely from her torn panties. She then felt the heat of Craig's raging cock as he slapped it against her cheeks and nudged into her moist crevice.

No! Her mind screamed as she realised she was not on the pill and, turning around quickly, she dropped to her knees and beheld another man's penis for the first time in her life. She went cross-eyed as she gazed at it. She marveled at its size and shape, it was hard and gnarled like a piece of wood, yet satiny soft and luscious and inviting to the lips. She gripped it and Craig groaned and jerked. The cock was hot and throbbing as she closed her eyes and stroked it across her face, across the hollow of her cheeks, under her chin and through her hair. Wherever it went it left a little trail of pre-cum. She looked up at Craig's face as she slid it past her ruby lips and into her small mouth. She did all the right things John had taught her; she tongued the tip and licked along the sides of the shaft. She felt deliciously naughty and half wished her husband could witness her little performance. She started fingering her pussy through her torn panties.

She considered the situation she was in and rationalized a bit further. She wasn’t really committing adultery was she? After all she had only had the man’s thumb up her cunt and was now giving him an intense blowjob. He would probably come all over her face and that would be it. She wondered what it would be like to have another man’s penis in her pussy and such a big one at that. Surely she would be able to stop before anything happened. Surely the fact that he didn’t actually come inside her would make it alright. She could have a little fun doing a doggy and have him come all over her butt.

She teased him some more.
‘Do you think I make a good naughty schoolgirl? Slurp! Lick! It’s the panties, isn’t it? I’ve never been fucked by another man before,’ she declared relishing the use of such dirty language, and bobbing her pretty head up and down his raging penis. Craig just grunted, he was lost for words.

‘Would you like to be the first to fuck this naughty schoolgirl? We could pretend I’m still a virgin and I could squeal a little bit!’ Kathy thought how ridiculous that sounded but it was having a profound effect on Craig and that was what she wanted. She continued her slurping and flirting. ‘I guess I am a bit like a virgin, I mean, I’m a virgin as far as strange men are concerned. I’ve only ever had sex with my husband.’

Craig responded by withdrawing his cock and squeezing the tip so he wouldn’t come too soon. Kathy stood and kissed him deeply. He could taste his cock in her mouth.

‘How would you like to fuck me?’ she breathed.

‘Like a dog,’ he replied curtly.

‘But I’m another man’s wife; we shouldn’t be doing this, it’s very naughty,’ Kathy fought down a rising orgasm as she said these things, ‘But does that make it all the more exciting? The thought of shoving your big cock where only my husband has ever been? You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Craig nodded. He had undone the woman’s blouse and had freed her milky white tits. She tilted her head back and enjoyed his ministrations for a few minutes and then it was back to business.

‘Turn me around and bend me over the table.’ she panted, ‘then push your cock inside my pussy through the little hole your thumb made in my panties, and fuck me hard and deep.’ ‘But don’t come inside me,’ she added quickly, ‘I’m not on the pill.’

Kathy panted like a rutting dog and she turned and faced the mirror on the wall. How she looked the proper slut wife she thought; hair messed up as well as the make up; breasts hanging out; bent over the table, resting on her elbows, presenting her ripe and sodden cunt to a man with a throbbing cock. They both saw the look on Kathy’s face as he entered her. He poised the rigid member at the entrance, slid the head a few times between her swollen lips, and then, as the battering ram finally pushes through the last defences of the castle gate, he lunged his cock deep into her womb. She bit her lip and squinted her eyes. It hurt a little it was thicker and longer than her husband’s, and Craig had impaled her to the hilt in one go.

Kathy’s orgasm surged through her body. She had been held in anticipation for so long and to have such an organ in her tight vagina took her breath away. She did squeal as she thrust back at Craig and Craig started to thrust and buck in return. She did not see the build up of semen happening in the man’s balls, nor did she see the traces of pre-cum smearing the walls of her blood engorged vagina. The poor housewife was now in a state of constant orgasm as Craig slapped his cock into her cunt, balls bouncing against her clitoris. Her well rounded arse cheeks shuddered with each thrust. Her juices had mingled with his and made their way down her inner thigh to moisten the tops of her white knee length socks.

Kathy had lost control but still believed she could stop the man. She wasn’t committing adultery she reasoned, Craig would pull out at the last minute and that would make everything alright. But the ramming of the cock, the thrusting and grinding in her pussy and the stretching of its lips like never before, the slapping of balls, and the sheer indecency of getting fucked like a whore in her own kitchen was turning a faithful housewife into a slut.

Just as Kathy was about to remind Craig to withdraw before he came, Craig grabbed the woman’s hair and pulled her back. This had a dramatic effect on Kathy. She arched her back and the angle of entry was altered. Craig’s cock now scraped against the front wall of the woman’s vagina and the housewife moaned and grunted into her next and higher orgasm.

Craig lifted her from the floor with the force of his thrusting orgasm. The bucking was slamming the table against the wall. It was a struggle, a fight of copulation. Within the inner sanctum of her kitchen, the inner sanctum of the faithful housewife was breeched. Jet after jet of boiling, potent, seed laden semen shot past her cervix to plow the fertile field of her chaste womb.

The man gripped Kathy’s hips and held his cock fast inside her cunt as every last drop was released. He then gradually pulled out and marveled at the sight of her pussy lips still in the shape of a circle and the mixture of semen and juices oozing from the dark opening.

Kathy flopped to the table and rested while her breathing returned to normal. Her lust was subsiding and, as her reeling mind slowed, she took account of the time. She would have no time to change. She would have to go to the party with her torn little panties under a very short skirt that barely hid her dirty little secret. The trail of semen that leaked from her swollen pussy lips was evidence that this whore of a housewife was probably already pregnant.

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2016-02-11 19:39:55
Continued - I visited Sharon who really enjoyed playing the naughty high school girl having various costumes all with G-string type bikini panties. Sharon preferred that I kiss her like we were making out in high school and undressing her while she mildly protested. Then she wanted me to use her high school name Barbara. I really enjoyed fondling and plaything with her body as much as fucking her. Sharon or Barbara had the best looking naked breasts I could remember. He firm large dark nipples were pouty and swelled larger when I sucked those nipples making her climax. I always thought she told her husband about seeing me because my wife told me Dick her husband came over once to see her. He caught Carol in just a thin t-shirt and panties putting his arms around her kissing her while undressing her so she let him fuck her on the floor of our back family room. I think he probably fucked Carol more than the one time.

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2016-02-11 18:46:09
I did this to my next door neighbor. Sharon was gorgeous attractive 29 year old housewife married to a fireman sometimes not having sex for almost 10 days. Her husband asked me to take her to the costume party of their friends because Sharon really wanted to go and my wife was visiting her parents. Sharon liked to tease and flirt so when she wore the school girl costume with tiny thin bikini panties that showed she couldn't resist. Sharon's panties were almost like a thong and she was braless. Just like this the flirting escalated we me caressing her almost naked tiny ass and unbuttoning her blouse exposing the most gorgeous set of naked breasts and firm erect dark nipples. Sharon steadied herself with her hands on the dining room table letting me pull her panties down to fuck her from the rear while I fondled those wonderful nipples making her reach multiple orgasms. I held her lewdly gyrating hips while I reached a climax in her. I saw Sharon again like she was a high school girl.

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Yo anon readers 2015-07-17,2013-02-16 and 2012-11-08, what the fuck man!

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Very hot

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I hope that whore does get knocked up and her hubby finds out who the baby daddy is and then cut his nuts off for getting his wife pregnant..then kick the pregnant bitch out in the street........would serve the ho right to be a homeless slut!!!!!!!!!!

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