How would it be.
It was summer time she had chosen a short flirty summer dress, strappy heels. The bodice buttoned, and the skirt flared, it came to mid thigh. Wanting to reach for the pretty panties and bra, but He had said she wasn't to wear either. As she slipped the dress over her head, felt the light soft material caress bare flesh, she groaned. Bending down the pretty strappy heels slid onto her feet, she caught a glimpse of herself, bent over like this the dress drew high along her thighs just barely covering the curve of her ass. Slowly pushing back up she took a long slow look at herself, straightened her shoulders and grabbed the small purse.
Out the door and in the car before she could change her mind.

The cinema parking lot only held a few cars, and she stepped out of her car, shut the door and strolled across the parking lot. NOT giving herself time to think, she was so nervous and excited. Slowly though, she wondered if He was watching her, the length of her stride changed, the slow roll of her hips as she tossed her head. Feeling sexy and slutty at the same time, she stepped into the movie theatre. Bought a ticket for some documentary movie, she smiled at the boy who took the stub and made her way inside. The previews on, the theatre dark, she stopped just inside seeing a few people. He had told her middle of the theatre, seat in the middle of the row. Not seeing anyone in that spot, she walked down the aisle and moved to the seats in the middle. Reaching down to pull the skirt beneath her, one long leg crossing over the other. She looked at the previews, not really seeing them, taking slow deep breathes to quiet her nerves.

He watched from the coffee shop beside the theatre entrance, the only customer before lunch. He recognized her from the photograph she had sent by email. She was a year or two older and a pound or two heavier than the photo showed but that was good, he did not enjoy thin women. He kept his sunglasses on as she walked by not even glancing his way. He smiled to himself wondering if his instructions had been obeyed. He was sure they would have been, he was very specific. No underwear, none. Walk slowly. Sit in the middle row in the middle seat. He also wondered if she was as submissive as she appeared during their talks and online chats.
He finished his coffee, paid and left a small tip, smiled at the simpering girl behind the counter and went to purchase a ticket to the movie he had chosen for them. A good 10 minutes of the main feature had run by the time he found his way into the theatre, the couple of patrons sitting close to the front, except one with long dark hair and long crossed legs. He walked down the aisle and stopped at the row where she sat, stepped sideways until he was beside her and sat interlocking his fingers and laying his hands in his lap.
He whispered “ good morning “

There weren't many people around and as the beginning announcements flashed on the screen, the lights dimming, she finally turned to look around behind her. Not seeing Anyone, she wondered at first if she had mistaken the invitation.

Wrong date?

Wrong time maybe?

Inside her though, deep inside, her heart had sunk. Wishing she didn't always seem to have a glimmer of hope no matter what the situation as the time ticked by and the movie began. Lifting her chin proudly, one long leg lifted and slid over the seat in front of her, strappy high heeled sandal admired, a stupid half smile teasing her lips, well she got new shoes anyway.
Still, even if no one could see it, she was crushed and she blinked back tears looking to the screen, not having any idea what the movie was about, and berating herself for being such an idiot.

A movement to her right caught her eye, in the darkness she saw the outline of a tall man, not much more except in that moment when she lifted her eyes, and He met hers, she knew. The smile was HUGE and then she blushed and dipped her head. NOW she really felt silly, the excitement pouring through her was just too funny. As He moved into the aisle and took the seat beside her, she found she had trouble lifting her eyes to His.

The sound of His familiar voice as He whispered, "Good Morning" was like a caress.

Two parts of herself seemed to war inside. The first wanted to just jump in His lap and give Him a god awful pounce because she was so happy and excited to see Him. The other was the girl inside that could sense His strength, and it confused, excited and aroused her.

Finally she lifted a hand and brushed back the wavy madness of dark hair and came out with a reply that was just as quiet as His whisper. "Good Morning" fighting constantly the urge to fidget or ramble.

She breathed deep and you could almost hear the words, "breathe girl, just breathe" a fire house red blush creeping up her features. He smiled as she fidgeted and while he could not see the blush, her voice betrayed the way she felt. His hand slid up the leg so casually draped over the seat in front of her, his palm slowly sliding first up the outside of her thigh and knee then over to slide cool fingers down her inner thigh.

He looked in her eyes and ask, “Were my instructions obeyed? “

He did not wait for a reply but slid the hand further down her thigh, the short light dress riding up as he found out for himself that she was obedient. He smiled and nodded and the hand remained where it finished, the little finger resting lightly against the crease where her belly became her thigh, then the finger idly brushing and stroking against the flesh of her lower belly as he turned his attention to the movie.

He sighed and turned back after only a moment. “I made a good choice it seems, there is nothing to do here but pay attention to each other“

He watched her with a half smile on his lips as he pressed his hand down between her thighs and pulled the one nearest him gently away from the other until the knee was cocked slightly and he had access to her neatly trimmed bush and the damp lips hidden there.

He smelled good, if asked the first thing she noticed was He smelled good. The first touch of His hand made her breathe back up, there were no words to describe it. The flip flop of her belly, the slow long achy pull of reaction that started in her chest, dropped to her belly and pooled between her thighs. She had been so caught up in His just being there she forgot she had draped the long leg over the seat in front of her. His fingertips trailed along the outside of her thigh, and she found herself shifting the long limb giving Him greater access. Eyes lowering she watched His hand, breathing very slow, very deep, feeling it trail under her skirt, watching the material lift as His hand slid under. The pause, the question, answered with a nod, but He had already found out.

The touch

Long lashes lowered and the first involuntary sound slipped past her lips. Not a groan, not a cry, a sort of whimper that she couldn't control. The kind of moment that was not like any other, and you wished the feeling would go on forever.

Lifting her head turning to look at Him, seeing His gaze on the movie she took a slow deep breathe and tried to focus, tried to sit still. His next words whispered over her and she felt her mouth go dry. He was all and more in the flesh and she was lost. She didn't know whether she wanted it to stop or go, her body humming inside. THEN THEN "oh fuck" the word screamed in her head, the simple pulling of her knee, opening her, exposing her. Not even having felt His touch, but seeing herself in her minds eye and her blood thickened, like hot lava it moved slowly down her chest, pooled in her belly and then overflowed straight to her sex. The lips darkening as they held back the slick heat, just barely.

Rolling her head, she took a deep slow breathe, and then turned towards Him. Her dark eyes lifting to His then dropping to His mouth as if seeking a port in a storm, the emotions and feelings overwhelming. A slow smile as she slowly sensually rolled her hips upward, begging silently.

He felt rather than saw her knee move toward him, drew in a breath through flared nostrils and the woman scent was intoxicating, heady. His hand wanted to move like a snake. Fast, striking to her core instantly but he was patient in a way he knew she was not. He had almost an hour and a half to make her bite her lip, to make her want to scream his name. He would use most of it and smiled at the thought
His left hand was a slow caressing sensuously stroking torment to her senses, He moved it languidly with delicious slowness between her thighs, the heat emanating from her core tangible, his fingertips felt as if they were about to be thrust into a molten liquid. He stroked … one … single … slow … fingertip over her outer lips, the moisture already collected there like dew on rose petals, heated heavily scented rose petals.

He removed the hand, raised the fingers to his face and inhaled her perfume, tasted her nectar, then returned to the maddening caress, the fingertip moving with deliberate slowness to slide between her outer lips, to revel in the slickness between them as he sought then found the hard protruding bud of her clit and rolled it once beneath the ball of his finger before removing the now juice coated finger, sliding his arm around her shoulder and pressing the finger to her lips, whispering, “Taste what I am doing to you “

Her dark eyes were locked on His mouth, the scent of arousal a soft scent that spoke of woman, of passion, of need. Breathing slowly, feeling so exposed, the funny thing was her long legs ached to part further. Then she felt it, and the sound was deep and low in her throat, maybe a whimper. Her ass rotated deeper back into the seat and then rolled slowly upward towards the touch. Head lifting, then lowering, chin almost touching her chest as from the side He could see the long lashes lower. She went so still, all attention suddenly on the gentle stroke of His fingertip. Just feeling. Such a long moment it seemed, and when her eyes fluttered open it was in time to see Him draw the finger up, to catch Him tasting the tip of His finger, inhaling her scent. The picture made her still again. Inside it was the quietest moment in the depth of her soul. Watching Him still, seeing His hand move, feeling it along her inner thigh, and when the fingertip brushed the swollen lips, parted them, her hands grabbed the seats armrest and her ass tightened, lifted, begged silently. The swollen lips parted and she knew the dam was broken, nothing would be able to stop the weeping of her body as it cried out for Him. The touch to her clit sent her hips upward, one foot planted firm on the floor the other bent knee close to Him, hips lifting, holding, eyes closing.

And then the feel of His arm moving around her, pulling her close, eyes slowly opening to see His fingertips before her mouth and His words softly in her ear. Small hands slid to His wrist, pulling it slowly closer, lips parting as she looked at Him, and her lips closed over His finger, pulling it in deep, suckling it, tasting herself. Slowly she met His eyes, saying nothing.

He smiled and noted her lack of hesitation with satisfaction then withdrew the finger and pulled her shoulders close under his arm, slid the hand down her chest and under the bodice of her dress, lightly flicking the hard nub of nipple with his fingertips. He waited for the expected arch to fill his hand with her breast. He leaned then and kissed her gently, just a light brush of his lips on hers as her head rolled back with the touch on her breast. His tongue touched her lips softly, took the taste of her lips, ever so slightly tainted with the taste of her pussy, to his mouth and he sighed a barely audible moan and moved his lips and the tip of his tongue over her cheeks and to her eyes, tongue tip brushing the eyelashes gently.

All the while he was pinching and tugging on her nipple, feeling its swollen fullness between his fingers. His eagerness was pushed down firmly, as firmly as he was handling this woman he had met a few short minutes ago. Her eagerness he wished to foster, to encourage. He wanted her panting for him, so lost in her arousal she would cry out heedless of the people in the theatre when he brought her to orgasm, as he fully intended to do, and soon. His free hand was slid over the armrest between them to slide between her wide spread thighs, to seek and quickly find the centre of her overheated sex, to slip easily between juice coated lips and roll and stroke her clit under his fingers. The actions of his hands and mouth were having the effect on him he expected, his cock hard and becoming uncomfortable in his pants.

Her eyes lifted when He withdrew His finger, the long lashes lifting to His, wanting to say something but not knowing what it was. She was a riot of emotions and the deep pools of His eyes promised more. Feeling Him pull her closer her eyes dropped to His mouth just as she felt the bold hand slide beneath the top of the sundress. As He kissed her, her own hands fumbled and reached for the tiny buttons that ran down the dress from bodice to bottom, not caring, wanting His touch, she undid the top few and then felt the taste of His kiss. Arching her back as one hand finally lifted, slipping into the hair at the nape of His neck, as His mouth drifted away.

Eyes closed at the constant attention, plucking, pulling and she felt as if she were on the edge of her seat, knees parting wider as she tipped her hips, only her shoulders touching the back of the chair as she felt her body begin to move, nothing noticeable to anyone but Him, but she rocked overwhelmed by it all. Tears filling her eyes as they lifted to His, so many emotions behind the dark hungry pools. Hunger, need, gratitude, promise, not knowing whether to beg Him to stop or beg Him never to stop. Turning her body towards Him, a hand curling into His shirt...head lowering to His shoulder as one knee slid over His.

I felt your knee pushing over the arm of the chair, smelt the waft of female perfume as it rose from your hungry pussy, smiled and slid a finger slowly and deliberately inside you. The finger pressing deeper as your hips rose to meet my hand and your nipples hardened to long rigid nubs between the fingers of my other hand.

“Tell me what you want girl, smiling as I whispered “tell me now “

The finger joined by another inside your tight needy grasping cunt, the juice of your need and desire coating my hand. Sliding the fingers in and out slowly with deliberate gentleness. I continued the teasing slow dance of my fingers in your cunt and pinching your nipple harder, harder, as my breath against your ear whispered in and out evenly, at counterpoint to the rapid ragged pant of yours. My lips moved silently against your ear, the tip of my tongue flicking out to lick at your earlobe. All the sensations coming at once, ear, nipple and cunt all being teased and stretched out to make you squirm and wriggle.

“Tell me now”

Your arm held me close, needing to be able to inhale your unique scent, feel your strength, and have something to hold on to. My breasts feeling like they had swelled, the heaviness, the ache, and your fingers drew the tight nipple harder and harder still. But the pool of heat that was growing made me restless and my legs gave it away. Feeling Your finger slowly sliding inside me, trembling in Your arms feeling like i had stopped breathing, my heart had stopped beating, every single nerve ending was between my thighs. i could feel my eyes rolling back in my head as i tried to absorb and take to memory this exquisite feeling of that very moment. Indescribable but one day i would find the words and tell you, but not now. Now i felt Your breathe in my ear, the deep husky whisper that stopped me for a moment. The second finger slid deep and the muscles deep inside clamped down around them, my hips moved slowly fucking back into the sweet torture.

Nipples throbbing, body a live wire, but still, inside, hell i wanted the sweet torture to never end, not ever. Slowly i lifted my head, looking You in the eyes as my body shifted. The knee that had been across Your thigh now slid down between your feet, a high heel landing between Your shoes. Pushing up so i was out of my seat and straddling your thigh, my breasts bared for anyone who might look. For a moment you saw me revel in the way i felt, so damn sexy so damn female. Lowering my body until my lips grazed Your cheek and my breathe licked Your ear.

The whisper soft, heated. "i want more, please?" letting the tip of my tongue bathe your earlobe.

Feeling your ass sink down onto my thigh, rest there, taking some of the weight on your legs, some on mine. My fingers almost left the heat of your pussy then rammed back in deeper and harder as you settled onto my thigh. The pressure of you sitting on my hand then leaning back onto my chest making my blood pressure rise, adrenaline beginning to pump as my excitement at having this delicious woman open to me, make herself available for my whims and fancies began to overcome my desire to stay calm and cool. Turning to lick the small hollow at the base of your throat then biting at the flesh of your neck as my fingers slid in and out, massaging the walls of your pussy more urgently as they become slicker with your juice.

My cock hard and pressing against your thigh through the thin fabric of my trousers, as I clamped down, DROVE the feelings down, clamped down hard on my emotions and calmed my heartbeat, slowed the fingers movement inside you. My fingers stopped, my hand cupping your pussy with the only motion a gentle circling of them inside you as I BIT your earlobe and pulled your head down so I could whisper

"To the theatre bathroom. Now slut, hisssssssses,"runnnnnn"

There wasn't anything or anyone but You. So drawn into the web You wove that all that mattered was You. And being with You was more powerful then any drug i had ever known. As i lifted and felt Your two fingers ram deep inside me i cried out, am not even sure it was heard but my back arched, my breasts trembled and my head fell back as i seemed to freeze. Feeling Your strong thigh against my inner thighs, ass tilting to fit myself to Your fingers as they moved in and out, in and out. The feel of Your mouth, my neck so sensitive, the bite made a shiver run down from my neck, goose bumps to my toes and my head dropped forward, eyes closing.
When i felt Your cock nudge my thigh, i couldn't stop the hand that reached out, long fingernails tracing over the fly of Your pants, wanting to taste You. I could see myself on my knees, feel it against my lips and tongue, smell Your scent. A deep trembling breathe as my eyes lifted to Yours and i saw the fire. And it scorched me, burned me inside out.

Your fingers stopped, i felt Your hand cupping my pussy and the slow rotation and i matched it, moving my hips in the opposite direction, breathe broken, hands trembling. Dark head tilting as i felt You at my ear, listening for the sound of Your voice as my hips began a slow gentle lift to meet your fingers rocking just barely. The whisper at first i didn’t understand, so lost in You and what i felt, i had forgotten where we were. Blinking i met Your eyes and stood, the skirt of the sundress falling back into place the buttons of the top still open, moving without thought and slipping out one door and into the bathroom.

It hit me then as the bright lights made me blink, turning to the sink and gasping as i saw myself. Dress unbuttoned, my breasts swollen and marked by Your touch. My lips swollen and my hair a tangle. But my eyes, it was as if i didn't know myself. Reaching for paper towels and wetting them with cool water, reaching up to hold them my face, even as my body throbbed and my hips leaned heavily against the sink. The door opened, and i turned.

I waited until you slid past me and watched your ass wriggle as you walked into the flickering darkness of the theatre toward the exit to the lobby. Rose after a moment and followed you into the lobby, blinking in the brighter lights then walked to the bathroom door, certain you would have followed my instruction. Leant on the door a moment until the attendant looked my way then pushed on the door as he watched with widening eyes, the furtiveness of his look almost comic and drawing a smile to my lips as the door swung open.

The sight of you standing hips to the sink with a paper towel daubing at your face made me stop and fold my arms together. Stand and shake my head as if you were a school girl being chastised. I looked at the waste basket and nodded, waited until you dropped the towel then crooked a finger. Holding a hand out to stop you as you reached the centre of the room then turned my hand in a circle motion to have you turn and display yourself for me.

The marks on your exposed breasts make my cock swell, the sight of your inner thighs glistening with juice when I stepped to you and lifted your skirt above your waist with one finger, more so. I dropped the skirt and spoke quietly, almost a whisper, "Unbutton the dress all the way. Leave it on but open."

When the door opened, my eyes caught sight of You in the mirror. The lights were so bright and i suddenly went shy. Lowering my head, waiting for You to say something, the pregnant pause loud. Unable to stop myself, dark head lifting to find You, leaning against the door casually, arms folded across Your chest. Seeing the look and for a second, i had to smile, i felt so damn silly. In the next moment seeing You look to the waste basket and the nod, i turned, the skirts breezy fabric spinning along the tops of my thighs, the heels made a soft sound on the tile as i turned back and moved towards You. The c'mere gesture made me feel so damn sexy, the top of the dress unbuttoned enough to expose the soft swell of firm titflesh even now still showing the marks of Your touch. The hand lifted and i stopped. The tip of my tongue dragging on suddenly dry lips as I saw the next gesture. Hesitating at first, not because i didn't want You to see me, but i wanted You to WANT to see more.

Long nails dragged along my thighs as i caught the hem of the dress, drawing it up on one hip, then the other as i turned slowly. I hadn't a clue if You could feel the changes or see them, but i felt beautiful, sexy, slutty, all of them and more. I felt the best i had ever felt, and hungrier than i ever remembered. Turning slowly the dress's hem sliding up one side almost baring the curve of my ass as i turned, but one side of the hem dropped as the other lifted, slowly until I came full circle to face You.

Then You were there and i thought i looked up into Your eyes, seeming to hold my breathe as i felt Your body brush mine, felt the material slide high as You drew it up with one finger. My legs shifting, feet balanced more evenly, wanting You to touch me, begging for it by opening myself to You. When You spoke, i nodded once and for some reason stepped back a pace or two. Fingers fumbling with the tiny buttons one by one they opened, finally the last one. Looking up and rolling my shoulders back a small hand sliding onto the soft silken flesh of my belly, as my eyes held Yours.

I closed the gap between us with a step, my hands rising, the fingers taking your nipples between finger and thumb. Slowly I rolled each nipple , gently drawing each out, twisting slightly, watching your face and eyes as your eyes closed, pinching harder as your head rolled back, tugging each away from your tits until they popped from between my fingers, the rock hard nubs now hot pink and almost glowing. I murmured “Good girl, now turn and face the mirror. Watch yourself in the mirror” A hand caressing the skin of your belly as you turned and faced the mirror. The hand rising to slide under your hair at the base of your skull to press you forward and down until you were braced with your elbows on the counter bent at the waist and I swept the skirt aside to reveal your ass. I held the skirt aside , My hand rising then falling … a firm SPANK on your right ass cheek followed after a count of two by an equally firm SPANK on the other cheek, my eyes rising from your ass to look into yours in the mirror as I gently rubbed the slight handprints left on each cheek.

So close, my whole body ached as i stood, feeling You grasp my nipples, eyes closing as You pulled, head rolling back as the gasp escaped feeling the pain/pleasure deep in my core. Like a lightning strike from nipples to cunt. Hearing the " Good girl " and the directions that followed. Turning feeling You hand rise, the grip on my neck a comfort as well as an arousal, as i felt the cool counter against the tips of my breasts, long legs parting as i looked up into the mirror, seeing only a glimpse of me, almost a stranger in the mirror the wanton creature who’s scent filled the air around us.

Eyes watching Yours, growing heavy as i felt the cool air kiss the bared flesh of my ass, back tipping straining as You stepped behind me. Watching the hand rise, and crying out, not from pain so much, just the need to cry out as my head ached to lower, my lips parted, eyes glittered, the words breaking from my lips, "oh please Master" barely heard as the second slap landed. Long legs flexing as i went up on my toes, as my body strained back towards You, begging with my body to feel the touch of Yours. "please Master" the words a husky whisper, a plea.

I raised my hand again, brought it down harder, the flesh beginning to glow a soft pink as each spank landed rhythmically, almost metronome in the consistent 2 second intervals. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. Then after 8 each side, the soothing gentle massage of my warm hand on your hot ass. The dress now lying across your back, your ass and legs totally exposed, your spread thighs showing a hint of pussy between them. I caressed your ass cheek for a minute, two, who knew? Then my hand slid down between your ass cheeks, tracing the crease between them until it slid between your thighs to slide over your wet pussy lips, to separate them with one finger which slid between to seek out and find the small hard bud of your clit.

A hand still in your hair, not gripping but the contact allowing you to feel my dominance, my presence as I looked up and smiled slightly at your flushed open mouthed face in the mirror, all the while the finger on your clit rolling, rubbing, pressing, squeezing until I saw your eyes finally close and your head dropped The quickly, without hesitation or resistance from your dripping pussy, I slammed two fingers deep inside you, the grip on your neck tightening as I drove the fingers in and spoke, a huskily whispered command. "cum now slut. "

Knowing the command was to see myself, and the woman in the mirror was not someone i was sure i recognized, deep down in my soul i knew her, but focusing on the parted swollen mouth, the heavy lidded eyes, dark pupils dilated, the flush skin. The difference in sounds, smells, even light i thought later, should have made this part of me change. The woman i was beginning to see in the mirror was someone i knew to be me, the real me. But i didn't know her.

In that moment, dark eyes lifted to gaze at You, as You stood behind me. We had talked for hours but the reality of being here with You, was just unbelievable, I wanted to tell You i loved You, i wanted to thank You for "seeing" me, and showing me this person i had hidden from for so long. The tip of my tongue touched the corner of my lip and i was just about to speak, when (((SSMACK)))
the big hand dropped and i cried out. "fuck that hurt" trying to lower my head but knowing it would displease You. Face flushed as another and another fell, over and over, my feet beginning to shift as i couldn't and didn't try to escape. The tears filled my eyes and when i met Your eyes, when i felt the caress of Your hand, they tracked down my face, and my head lowered while i took a deep breathe.

Lifting my head my eyes finding Yours in the mirror, seeing that smile. The caress of Your fingers over hot flesh, unable to hold my head up, my hips and feet shifting. Without thinking one long leg bent, my knee lifting to the vanity, feeling swollen lips part and all of myself exposed. The grip of Your hand tightening, the vulnerability of the position as my hips moved slowly sensually, drifting for a brief second before I felt my hips slam against the counter, Your hand drive against my opened sex, Your fingers FUCK into me. My hands grabbed the edge of the counter and damned if i didn't grip it and fuck back, fuckfuckfuck the orgasm ripping through me, muscles screaming as i just thrashed beneath Your hold.

My fingers driving deep inside your spasming pussy, the velvet walls gripping and releasing, grasping and relaxing in staccato rhythm until the spasms passed and you began to relax back a little, the knee cocked on the vanity and my hand the two things holding you up as your other leg began to buckle. The soothing words I spoke gentle, calm, belying the rigid cock in my pants.

“slow breathes slut, slow easy breathes, there is more to come yet “

I stroked your hair gently and smiled as your head rose, your chin tilted up to press your head on my hand. I bent to suck your earlobe between my lips as the hand on your pussy, the fingers still lodged there began to slide in and out again, to bring you back to that peak of lust where you were scant moments before, not allowing you more than the briefest of time to slow your breathing and heartbeat.

My own lust and desire would no longer be denied. The hand which had been stroking your hair gripped it tight and lifted your head and body from the vanity. Your knee slid down as I turned you and pressed you down to your knees, My eyes riveted on yours as you folded and complied, your knees spreading without conscious thought as I nodded and pulled your face toward the front of my pants.
My voice quiet but commanding “Release my cock slut, please me with your lips and tongue," I whispered, “ you told me you are the best cocksucker in this city, prove it “

The world had indeed spun out on me, my whole body pulled inward as the wave of the orgasm rose and rose, shoulders curling forward, head dropping lower and even my legs in the high heels seemed to draw inward. Then suddenly in a flash uncurling, head thrown back, hips arching upward, arms straightening as the wave took me again and again, the orgasm spilling from Your fingers painting my thighs wet. Covered in a fine sheen of sweat, my whole body weak as it wound down. The directions to breathe followed by a deep inhale that came out ragged. Feeling Your touch and lifting my head, eyes still a bit unfocused as i turned toward the caress. Long lashes lowering as i took that moment and held it in my heart. The smile was one that clearly showed every emotion, the day being more then i would have dreamed of.

Your smiled forewarned me and i felt my own burn in my eyes. The tables were going to turn a bit, i knew it before Your fingers started to move again. My eyes rolling back slowly but something inside me knew. Long lashes lifted, the tip of my tongue sliding to the corner of my mouth. The tightening of Your grip and i purred softly as i slid to my knees and long legs parted wide, the sundress open and hanging off one shoulder teased the curves of my body. Hands slid up Your thighs as my head lifted and eyes met Yours. The words as my head was drawn forward, rubbing my face against Your slacks as my hands slid to the back of Your thighs and hands ran over Your asscheeks. You hadn't said i couldn't use my hands so leaning back, ass settling on my heels, my hands slid from Your ass. Molded over the outline of Your cock, a shiver of excitement speared outward from my belly. Fingers tugged the belt but left it hanging in the loops, eyes lifting as my fingers pulled the zipper down, and a small hand slid inside. A soft sound of appreciation, eyes sparkling as I felt Your excitement. I had known You were with me, could feel it in every glance, but the proof of Your arousal was intoxicating.

Pushing up to my knees, fingers wrapping around that hard cock, drawing it into sight. The wetness that slid over my fingertips i had to taste. Leaning forward, lips parting, my tongue drew a line from the base along the underside, lapping again and again, until curling around the fat crown and covering it hungrily, head turning. The sound of pleasure came from deep in my chest, my thighs strained wider as i locked tight on the muscles inside. I wanted to taste You, wanted to have You know how hungry You had made me.
The sounds of pleasure not held back for I was so caught up, lost in the feel of You against my lips, tongue, sliding slowly forward, then back, head turning gently. Again and again i drew my mouth over You, hands raking down Your ass. My stance changing just a bit, pushing up higher in the kneel, slowly taking You cock deep, deeper, seeming to stop for a heartbeat, two, then pressing further.

Slowly feeling You slide past the gag reflex, Your cock pressing to the back of my throat, holding there. Testing my ability to take You further. Slowly pulling back sucking hungrily and letting my tongue press the underside of Your cock. Looking up needing to taste myself on You, holding Your eyes as my fingers slid down between my thighs, sliding my hand down and pressing upward, eyes rolling back as i squeezed my cunt. That hand came up and slid over your cock smearing You in my own wetness, before hungrily following the path my hand took with a hot hungry desire.

The pleasure I felt at your instant obedience to my commands transcended, just, the sensations of your warm eager mouth around my cock. The mental pleasure was lasting, I knew the physical would be fleeting by comparison but wanted it, and you nevertheless. My eyes slitted closed as I reveled in the sensation of your lips and tongue as you expertly used them on my cock. I was unable to prevent a moan of pleasure escaping as I gripped your hair and held your head still for a few moments. Long enough to begin to use your mouth, to fuck it as I intended to fuck you. When that would be I had yet to decide, for now I would allow you to satisfy me with your mouth. "Mmmmm my god slut, you are up there, you are amongst the best cocksuckers I have known" grinning to myself as I wondered if this would spur you on to greater efforts to satisfy me. My eyes opened again and I stared at myself in the mirror for a moment, wondered how I had come to be here then shook my head a little and started slightly as I saw the door ajar and an eye peeking around the edge,no, two eyes .. at different levels .. two people watching you and me .. two people and I had only half expected one.

I tugged at your hair pulling your mouth from my cock .. the sucking noise and mew of disappointment made me smile as I leant and spoke softly "we have company slut , look at the door " I watched and waited to see if you closed your dress, ready to stop you if you tried. I half turned and smiled , crooked a finger "come in, don't be shy "

The feel of your cock heavy and silken against my lips, the taste of You, the scent of Your body. With darkeyes closed, all that mattered was You. Hearing Your sounds of pleasures made my own body throb. Feeling the gentleness as You petted me made me feel amazing. I was so wet when my hand slid between my thighs, so slick, that leaning back to paint You was a sight. Your cock glistened in the bright light as my hand opened and slid up the underside only to curl above the crown and smear downward.

Peeking up at You before stroking to the root of Your cock, pulling it towards my mouth. Lashes lifting, bright eyes sparkling with pleasure before they closed once more and i tasted myself on You. It was then i felt Your grip in my hair, then i balanced my weight and felt You take control, felt You fucking my mouth, feeling the spit pool and tease the corner of my lips. The whimpers were of need, reaching down a hand slid over my mound, and curled around it. Not entering, just long fingers curling around and cupping my cunt. Held tight the longest finger was just at the edge of the ring of my ass and my hips slowly, not ever wanting this throb to end.

It was just You and I. And then it wasn't. Feeling Your hand grip and lift my head. Looking up at You with eyes laden with passion, the pupils dilated, my senses only on You. Lips parted, not understanding as my tongue traced my bottom lip slowly and i begged in a deep husky whisper, "please Master."

Seeing Your attention drawn away, and FINALLY your words registered. Hearing You address them, and invite them in. My hand slid from Your thigh to Your ass, my head lowered to Your hip and turned toward the door. Eyes slowly closing and opening as i waited to see who it was. My thoughts lost, centered on You, i just looked toward the pair at the door.

The door slammed as the two watchers pulled away and I chuckled when I heard their rapid footsteps fading down the corridor. I turned to you and smiled again, the hand still in your hair, the silken feel of it making me want to both stroke it gently, combing my fingers slowly through it, and tighten my grip, watch your eyes roll back as you succumbed to the pressure of my control. I chose the latter, my hand sliding up a fraction then closing into a fist in your hair. I watched and my cock throbbed as I saw your reaction, head rolling back, eyes glazing, mouth dropping open until I was supporting you, keeping you upright on your knees beside me with the strength of my fist in your hair.

I looked around the room quickly, the light bright and glaring still, the mirrors, the hard polished surfaces, perfect for what I wished but for the lack of privacy. A quick glance at the door and a shrug, it mattered little unless police were called so I looked back down at your face, tugged on your hair to arouse you from your lethargy and whispered "Masters cock needs to fuck a slut, and you are the one I choose" tugged your hair to lift you to your feet and pressed you back against the bench pulling your dress wide as I moved both hands to your hips and lifted you to sit on the hard, cold benchtop.

As I stepped between your thighs and my hands dropped to rest on them, I drew a deep breath, smelled the slut about to be impaled on my cock hot and ready for me and looked down to see the distance between my cock and your cunt close to the breadth of one of the scant short pubic hairs on your mound. I looked up again then raised my hands to slide around your waist and pull you that last tenth of an inch onto my cock.

As the door slammed and the footsteps retreating were heard, one small hand slid again up the back of Your thigh. Sliding higher caressing Your ass through the slacks as my head turned into Your hip and long lashes lowered. Fingers stroking and squeezing that hard muscled cheek, then sliding lower, pressing between Your thighs.

The feeling of Your hand tangling in my hair, the half opened eyes as we just seemed to pause, and a soft smile tugged at my lips as i lifted my head to look at You. As Your eyes met mine I knew, and it was like being struck by lightning. The message raced from my brain to my breasts, feeling as if they swelled with arousal, down to my belly and the flash flood and clench of my pussy was involuntary. The moan broke from my lips at the same moment Your fist tightened. Your words reached me, and i felt another change.

Oh hell yeah, looking up at You as You tugged me to my feet, leaning foward so that my body brushed against Yours as You pressed my ass to the bench. Leaning back as i watched You step between my thighs, felt Your grip on them. Braced on one elbow, i watched Your face as my one hand slid down my belly, boldly, brazenly, my fingers slid over the swollen outer lips, lower still. Then pulling them back upward, my long nails peeled the outer lips back, revealing the swollen, wet lighter pink. Even so far as stroking myself, smearing the clear shining need over my lips.

God i was smiling, suddenly bold and wicked. As Your hands moved and gripped my waist, tugging my ass to the edge of the bench, i lifted one long leg, then slid it, high heel and all over Your shoulder. The softness of my calf sliding against Your ear, my body opening wider, nothing hidden. My other hand then reached down, and curled around Your cock, stroking it slowly, smearing the drops of precum down Your shaft. Another stroke and i smeared my palm over the crown. Eyes meeting Yours, my palm wet with the taste of You, i held Your eyes as i slowly licked my palm clean savoring the taste of You.

It was that moment that i felt Your cock touch me, and pushing upward i looked into Your eyes and then down between my thighs, watching..whispering softly. "oh Fuck Master." The leg over Your shoulder suddenly began to tremble and i could do nothing to stop it, the knee bending drawing me closer to Your hips.

I turned My face to lick then kiss your calf, the swollen throbbing, needy head of My cock thick and glistening with the precum you smeared over it and the juice from your wet fingers where it nestled against the lips of your cunt. I watched fascinated as you licked your hand clean then pushed My hips slowly forward, slowly … oh so slowly .. teasingly … sliding the head of My cock into your wide open almost grasping cunt. Pulling back until just the tip nestled inside you then looking down and sliding a finger along the shaft and inside you to wet the fingertip, then to My mouth, licking the finger like a slut licks her Masters cock.

Suddenly, no change of expression, no warning, I thrust hard with My hips, the head and entire shaft of My cock disappearing inside you as we watched, I allowed one small gasp of lust to escape then one hand slid under your ass go caress an ass cheek while the other slid up your leg to your calf to hold it against My mouth as I turned and licked then gently bit the muscled flesh. Held you in this position as I began to thrust with My hips, full length slow strokes of My cock sliding out until it almost dropped from your cunt then back until My balls rested on your ass, again and again with a steady, even, slow, rhythm. The hand under your ass slipping further, until your ass cheek was in My palm and My fingers were nudging and pressing against the rim of your ass.

It was one of those moments, eyes held almost in fascination as You moved forward, feeling the broad tip of Your cock nestling between the swollen shiney lips of my cunt. Watching You press forward and feeling the spreading of the swollen lips, taking what I ached for You to have. The finger, watching with curiousity as You slid it beside Your cock and then, oh christ, watching You bring the taste to Your lips. a whispered 'fuck.' My head fell back for that instant and thats when You lunged.

Crying out as my body took all that You could give, nerve endings screamed as Your cock bounced off my cervix, only to still, pressed tight. Head whipping foward as my hands slid to the end of the bench and gripped it. Looking down to see You buried inside me, the muscles flexed, my pussy caressed, my body hummed with need. Clenched the muscles began to lock and my legs to tremble as You began to move.

Holding onto the edge of the bench as You begin to move, my own hips arching and pressing as You move. Feeling the tightening and a sound escaped as Your hand slid to my ass, knowing how much that turned me on. how much i loved the grip. "Fuck" the word a whispered prayer. One minute my muscles tensed seeming to try to pull You in faster, harder, deeper. In the next instant i softened as Your full length caressed the inside of me, and i never wanted it to end. Feeling the touch of Your fingers against the tight ring of my ass and arching, pressing into it.

My hands slid under your ass together, the fingertips of the long centre fingers touching at the ring of you ass … held you up and open for My sliding cock as the rhythm increased and My eyes gazed steadily into yours. I was no longer as interested in the spectacle of My cock impaling you, now My interest centered back on your eyes, on how you reacted to each quickening thrust of cock into cunt, what your eyes told Me as I fucked you harder , thrust deeper.

The slap of My hips on your thighs, the jarring feel of My balls slapping on your ass, the way your nipples engorged and your breasts swelled, the rapid puckering and relaxing of your ass, the small moans and groans escaping your lips. The sounds and sights of pure animal lust, of fucking for its own sake and no other. I was enraptured, entranced and had to tighten My grip on your ass, move one hand to an engorged nipple and pull, tug, squeeze to pull Myself back, to regain the slight control I felt slipping. I smiled, grinned, My square white teeth showing between My drawn back lips as the grin became a snarl, a guttural feral sound deep in My chest issued over which I had no control, needed none.

I bent you back by simply leaning forward, My hands moving to cover yours where they gripped the edge of the bench as I increased again, the pace of our fucking. SLAMMING My cock as deep as your cervix allowed before almost bouncing out and POUNDING back in again, until I felt a spasm, looked at your eyes and saw a glaze, looked down to where we were joined at cock and cunt and saw a fresh flood of clear white juice coating My cock.

In a heartbeat everything changed again. You pulled me back from the tease line and drew me in deep with you. Your strokes steady at first, my hips tipping forward then back as You led the dance. My eyes had been closed lost in the overwhelming ache that You fed. When my long lashes lifted, i was caught in your gaze. Seeing your lips draw back, Your jaw tighten and i tried to move with You. Arching my back pressing into the grip of Your hands, stroking my ass with each movement, i felt it start.

It was a tightening, an uncontrollable tensing of my muscles, in reaction i stroked your cock, walls tightening like a velvet fist around You. And then You increased and i felt my jaw tighten, "fuck Master." The sound a low drawn whimper deep in my chest. Feeling the sudden tug and pull on my nipple and my legs starting to move restlessly, unable to stop them. The grip changed once more and i lifted my hands to the wall behind me, flat on my back now, as i pushed HARD back into you feeling You bounce off me.

My shoulders rolling up, belly tightening and then it was a scream and i felt turned inside out, swore the force of it would push Your cock from me. But you kept on, even as i felt the wetness slide into the curve of my ass and Your grip tightening, reaching up, my nails raked Your chest…lifting up even as You pounded, and lapping gently at your nipple before catching it with my teeth, grazing it.

My eyes squeezed shut at the touch of your tongue on My nipple. you had found Me out, instinctively located My soft spot and the juice in My balls screamed for release at that touch on My most sensitive of points. Rammed My cock deep into your slick silken walls and spurted, the thick creamy cum squirting with force from the tip of My cock. My eyes still squinted tight as My hands on your hips held them like a vise, pulled you onto My cock and dragged them away again as I filled you with the lust I felt for this woman I had known for less than an hour. I grunted, deep feral grunts as My cum poured into your cunt. Then the tide slowed, a final shudder and My head rolled back on My shoulders then My eyes opened again. My head dropped to watch the cum coating My cock, lifted again to look into the glazed lustfilled eyes of the woman impaled on it ... your eyes.

I moved My hands at last, slid them up your perspiration slick sides, under your arms then around your back then hugged you to My chest. I was certain you could feel My heart pounding still, slowing but still thudding in My chest. I moved the hands slowly and comfortingly on your back, a gentle stroking motion of the palms and fingers over the muscles then I slid the hands lower to cup the swell of your ass cheeks again. Leant back enough to be able to see your face and smiled ... spoke quietly though it seemed loud and echoing in the room " you are very very good slut, I am so pleased you agreed to meet Me" My softening cock still inside you as I spoke


2007-01-01 18:44:07
good. too long, but good. wonder what would happen if I tried it?


2006-08-16 01:47:01
Stupid as hell. Way too confusing.


2006-08-07 20:03:16
holy fuck!
fantastic. more please


2006-07-30 03:29:47
fuckin brilliant. more please


2006-07-29 22:12:07
Your literary style is captivating, seems so wasted when the desire by most readers is for raw, mud wallowing, unrealistic sexual contacy,

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