Wow last summer was so weird...but I have to admit I was glad that it all happened...even though it happened so quickly. My parent's left for Puerto Rico for the summer...and that left me, my dog(princess) and the house all alone...meaning *PARTY!!*
I'm Nicole, only 15 years old and yeah a virgin...alot of people call me a tease cause I wear skirts alot...its not my fault I have a body. I'm about 5'2...light brown hair...hazel eyes...a nice ass...firm little body...and everyone says that I’m super cute...but one day at the mall I guess alot of things changed.

*Hey doll face,* I waved to my best friend Amber, *what u shopping for?*

*Hey sweetie pie,* we called each other names cause we had something a long time ago, *party clothes of course, isn't the party this Saturday?*

*O damn that's like in 1 day...OMG what was I thinking!!*

Amber giggled a little bit, *wow u forgot about your own party...sweetie u got some problems...HELLO we did the list like yesterday...or were u to busy dreaming about Luis...oooohhhh....aaaaaawwwww*

*Shut up's not my fault that he got like super fine...I mean he's been my best friend since like what...birth??!!*

We both sat down, *Girl he was always fine,* giggles, *so u and my brother huh...aawww…u 2 would have such cute babies,* I shoved her a little bit, *well I mean come on u love wearing skirts so much lets go in here...I saw the most cutest little outfit that has (Luis come and get me) written all over it*

We both ran into the store...and found a really cute outfit for me... it was a mini skirt and a really cute tube mini skirt and the tube top was black but with baby blue that spelt ANGEL.
Luis was a 16 year old guy...hazel dreamy short hair...muscular...and the best thing...he actually was funny, smart...and can talk about almost everything with me....every guy wanted to be and yet every girl wanted to fuck him...he wasn't a virgin I knew that cause he brought girls to his house almost alot...which got me a little afraid when I went to the movies with Amber and he was there looking so0o cute....but he like never took his eyes off me and winked at me...I guess then I knew I wanted a little more then a friendship...even though he never had a girlfriend longer then 4 months.


The day of the party was here...I called Amber...and she found out that Luis was going to be a little late...but asked about heart stopped, I swear. It was around 5 p.m., so I took a shower...shaved every bit of my body and got ready. After putting on my mini skirt and tube top I couldn’t decide to wear panties or not, but this feeling in my tummy said not to, so I just wore nothing.
Finally, Amber came in screaming. *Hell yeah girl, u ready??!!*She grabbed me and pulled me to the living room.

*Ok ok…calm down Amber its just one little party.* I sat down on my couch.

*Little party,* she gave me a bewildered look, *girl half the school is coming.*

I was totally shocked that I dropped on the floor, *U told me that it was just a few people…how am I suppose to get Luis alone if half the people he dated are going to be there…I mean what if Brooke is there…u know she can’t stand me!!*

*Sweetie look, u r super beautiful…my brother is in love with u…now stop whining and help me put this fiesta together girl!!*

It took us only 10 minutes to get everything together...putting chips, dips, drinks, even going to the basement and getting every bit of liquor I could ever imagine. After about an hour my house was filled with people I only saw once or twice, and yet Luis still didn’t come.

Amber grabbed me and brought me to the center of the dance floor, *what’s wrong sweetie???*

I wrapped my arms around her neck and she put hers on my waist, which reminded us both of the magical pool day, *you brother isn’t even here yet and it’s like almost midnight.*

Amber kissed me on my lips for no reason and I felt the greatest sense of relief in the world, *he’ll be here I promise,* she grabbed my ass and felt my bare ass, *Nikki are u like wearing nothing underneath that little thing??*

I blushed, shook my head up and down, just then Luis came in, I smiled, *I did it for him.*

He walked over to me and said *what’s up lil sis, mind if I cut in for a lil bit?* Amber kissed my cheek.

*Ok yeah sure…I got to find Chris you know me and him had a connection at the mall…and he might get lucky tonight…u just talk care of her for me big bro.*

I wrapped my arms around Luis’ neck he put his on my waist and pulled me a little closer to him. *u look really cute tonight* he smiled at me.

I giggled, *thanks…I kinda did it for u…I mean I don’t know what it is but I’m like really really falling for u…I hope that doesn’t seem stupid*

He kissed me smooth on my lips and grabbed my ass, I giggled, *u know I was hoping u would say that…u want to do something special…I mean u did throw this party…I think the party planner deserves a celebration don’t u?* He kissed me again…but Brooke a girl that always hated me and Luis’ ex-girl came by me.

*AAWW look at this lil hoe…thinking she all bad cause she throws some whack ass party…bitch u don’t deserve him…u always was a tease and u always guna be a hoe!!*

I ran up stairs crying, Amber came over to Brooke. *Bitch y u gota be jealous of my girl for…just cuz u sell urself for a nickel don’t mean nuttin!* and BOOM she punched Brooke to the floor. Luis grabbed Amber, *Yo u know what u just did?*

*yeah but u know what u should do? Get your happy ass up there and treat my baby right, I can handle this bitch.* Luis ran up to my room and Amber told everyone to keep on dancing.


Luis sat next to me and put his arm around me. *Hey how u feeling?*

I whipped my eyes *I guess I’m ok, but Brooke is probably right, what if everyone does call me a hoe and all that other stuff?*

He looked me in the eye, *Naw it’s not true…I probably should have told u this when I started getting these feelings but I love u, I always have, I was just a lil stupid never to say it.* He kissed me and I guess I got a lil bit to excited but I didn’t say anything back I just wrapped my arms around him, kept sucking on his tongue and got a really huge tingle in my stomach.

*Your still a virgin right?*

*Yeah…why is that bad?

*Naw, I just don’t want to hurt u*

*Baby shut up* He slowly put me on my bed and gave me a lil hicky on my neck while rubbing my bare pussy. He kissed me again and took off my tube top…mmm sucking on my nipples got me so turned on I started moaning like I was alone in the whole house, I wanted to scream but I didn’t know what he would think. He kiss me from my tits to my belly, around my belly-button, to my inner thighs and slowly licked from the bottom of my pussy to the top, I moaned so hard that he didn’t stop.
I came 4 times just by time eating me out and kept moaning like nothing was wrong. I rolled my hands through his hair and told him to stop. *Now I think it’s my turn don’t u think?*

He got up and I went to the floor on my knees, I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants, *wow,* and I was in total shock when I saw how big he was, I was a lil scared that he might hurt me but I aint care as much.
I lick from his balls to the head of his dick…licking the shaft I heard him moan and it turned me on a lot. Finally I put his dick in my mouth and rolled my tongue around inside and hearing him moan I kept going and going already tasting his precum, he grabbed my hair and used it to his advantage he kept putting my head n and out and I felt good about it. He shot a load n my mouth but I spit it back on his dick and with my hand slowly jacked his cock off and stood up.
He fingered all the way inside my pussy and put his finger towards my mouth I got to taste my sweet juices. He picked me up and put me on the bed and gave me a long deep kiss. He went to his pants and pulled out a condom, I sat up grabbed it and put it on him and it got him even more turned on because he kissed me again and sucked my tongue so good. He finally put his dick inside me and I’m not going to lie it hurt for a good minute but I wrapped my legs around him and just moved around and got use to it.

*You ready baby?* He said to me as he kissed me again and again.

I couldn’t say anything but I just nodded my head. He started going in and out deeper and a little faster and I couldn’t help but to moan louder and louder. I must’ve came more then 5 times in the first 10 minutes of him just fucking my lil tight pussy. Every time he tried to get his dick out my legs were right their behind him so I could push him back. Seeing his sweaty body against mine I kept moaning, screaming his name not to stop.

*AWW shit baby I’m going to cum* I pulled him towards me and made out with him as he kept fucking and fucking me. Finally I felt the condom go super hot and with that I came again and again. He turned me over this time with me on top but I just laid their on top of him kissing him. After 5 minutes of being on top of him we both got up and went to my bathroom for a shower.

We were in the shower for about 10 minutes the hot water hitting us and the steam just going all over. He wrapped his arms around my waist and we made out once more. *Nikki I should’ve just said this along time ago, probably when I first started feeling these things for you.*

*What is it?* I stood close to him feeling his dick touch my pussy.

*Would u be my girlfriend?* Him just saying that I didn’t know what to say. So I gave him a tongue kiss and he sucked on my tongue so good.

*What do u think?* We both smiled and made out in the shower half the night.


I hope for who eva read this fi they leave commecnt goood bad or i said i am sorta a writer but my passion is sex stories iono y. Tell me if u think i should do a part 2...or maybe nikki and amber...jsut leave anything id apperticate it.

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